Thriller Paradise

Thriller Paradise TP

Author: San Tian Liang Jiao

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335 South Park (10) 3 months ago

Translator: LonelytreeEditor: Millman97

"I'm surprised to meet you in such circumstances…" The man walked out from the dust and. "Feng Bujue."
When he was addressed thusly, Feng Bujue knew that something was wrong. A normal NPC would not know what the player was called before the player offered their name, and even slightly stronger bosses like Billy would normally refer to players as 'travelers from another world'. Only NPCs that could infiltrate the psychological world or Anomalies could get such information like one's game ID. Of course, in this virtual world, the so-called physic power was merely a manipulation or investigation of the set of data that made up the players.
"No wonder you are one of the players closely followed by Zero…" The figure walked out from the dust cloud, and his eyes were glowing with floating data as he assessed Feng Bujue. "Your data looks very interesting."
This man's animation was different from the paper-cut animation of the characters around him. This was the world of South Park, but he h

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