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1466 Lin Xuan Comes Out Of Closed-Door Cultivation 3 months ago

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Lin Huang had taken no more than half an hour to settle the matter with the Union Government. Now, he rushed back to Wanbao City without delay.
When he returned to the hotel, both Lin Xin and the Witch were not in the room.
After deploying a wave of Divine Telekinesis, he located the two ladies at a nearby commercial district shopping for clothes while drinking milk tea. He hesitated slightly for a moment, then decided not to disturb the two ladies and their shopping.
Leaving the hotel, he walked straight into a nearby café, ordered a cup of black coffee, and sat down to look up the news and browse social platforms.
Although the Union Government had banned all news about the Peaceful Ocean three days ago, it was still the most talked-about matter online and its popularity had yet to die down.
Around midday, Lin Huang looked at the time. "It's almost 12, the two girls should be about done with their shopping."
Using Divine Telekinesis again, he discovered the two ladies trying on

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