A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You

A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You ABSCAY

Author: Ye Fei Ye

4.36 (1,345 ratings)

18 He and I Could Never Happen (8) 4yr

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At that thought, Lin Ya couldn't help but shoot a glance at Ji Yi with an ice-cold expression in her eyes.
Throughout dinner, Li Da spoke eloquently and for almost the entire time.
His conversation topics were mostly centered around He Jichen's glory days in senior high school.
As they continued to chatter away, Li Da suddenly remembered that he didn't have He Jichen's contact details yet the meal was almost over. He turned his head towards He Jichen, who hadn't really spoken during dinner, and said, "Chen Ge, I almost forgot. I forgot to leave you with my contact details. Do you have WeChat? Let's add each other as friends; then I'll send you my number."
He Jichen reached for his phone and tapped the phone screen, then handed it to Li Da.
Li Da took the phone and scanned the screen with his.
Just as he was about to hand it back to He Jichen, Tang Huahua timidly said, "He Xuezhang, can I add you on WeChat too?"
Li Da instinctively looked over at He Jichen, who gave a gentle nod. Then, he handed the phone in his hand to Tang Huahua.
Tang Huahua cheerfully got up and scanned He Jichen's QR code for WeChat. Upon seeing this, Bo He also added He Jichen on WeChat. Lin Ya had He

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