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  • A Slave To My Vengeful Lover

    A Slave To My Vengeful Lover



    [Warning: This noval features Mature Content]She wanted love, but he wanted revenge!"Okay.., Thanks for saving me.."(I said, and turned around to leave his room)Mark: "It's better, If You Remove Your Undergarments"..(A sudden shrill electrified my body when I heard those words. I turn around to look at him. He is just doing his work on his laptop very casually. I didn't respond and turn to reach the door.)Mark: "Your wound will heal soon, so..."Anna: "Okay..."(What I just say? Did I actually agree to remove my undergarments?It's embarrassed me.I just rush out of his room in a hurry, but when I unintentionally imagine his words, my heart starts racing.)_________Anna is devastated when her best friend Ria dies mysteriously. Whereas Mark, who is Ria's older brother wants to find the culprits, who are responsible for Ria's death....Both Anna and Mark teams up to find the facts regarding Ria's case but they don't know that they fall in love to eachother...They feel like they can't live without eachother...On one fine day, both of them confess their love to eachother and their relationship leads to marriage... However, there are secrets behind Ria's death that will threaten the fragile romance blossoming between Anna and Mark and it leads Anna to be his slave...Mark wants to take strong revenge on Anna by entering into Slave aggrement...But Anna always trusts that love always Wins over revenge, so she always enjoys his sexual intense punishments out of love towards him...But to his surprise, he starts to find himself falling in love with Anna again. Revenge Wins?or Love Wins..?No matter how many fights you may get into, if you truly love someone it should never matter in the end...Love Always Blossom...Follow the book for further details...Hope you will enjoy it..._______In the first 100 chapters Mark behaviour is a kind of Pervert and tease Anna in all possible ways...After 100 chapters, he realised his love towards her and started giving values to her wishes, He replaced Anna's nightmares with dreams, Anna's worries with happiness, and her fears with love...(Just bear his pervert behaviour of first 100 chapters and see how he will change step by step towards Anna...)_______Anna's wish: I wish to wake up everyday to the feel of your breath on my neck...The warmth of your lips on my skin...The sound of your heart beating with mine... ---------- Once, you were my salvation My light My peace Now, you are my prison My captor My king Your once warm eyes, Are now, cold as ice... You once took my heart in both hands, Calling me the finest in all the lands... But now your stone cold, dagger-like stare, Makes me want to run away like a startled hare I’m no pet to be kept, No exotic beast to be bound... Even with all this rage against you that I hold, What am I to do except do as I am told... {By SOL (beloved reader)} -----------Special Thanks to my content editor, ISLINDA, Who supported me in all the possible ways...I am blessed to find you as my CE...and as always a special thanks to Webnoval for giving me such a Great platform by pooling of readers and authors...And a special Thanks to my beloved readers for supporting...And a special Thanks to the co authors who always supported me and teach me many lessons..._______ Join Anna and Mark in there sweet Revenge journey of Love and compassion...Please buy me a coffee at https://ko-fi.com/annamark

  • Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

    Losing Money to Be a Tycoon


    I really just want to lose money! T_T Best boss ever, prodigy of the business world, genius creator, visionary of the century. These are the descriptions used for Pei Qian, President of Tengda Corporation. Ever since his rebirth, Pei Qian finds himself in possession of a system that rewards him if he manages to lose money. Instantly, a brilliant idea comes to mind — making crappy games! "If the game flops, all my investment cost will be lost!" "How difficult can it be to lose money?" Indeed... how difficult can it be? ------------------------------------------------------------ This book is highly popular in China and has set off a new trend. Webnovel has very high expectations for this book and has gotten the author to refine the first chapter as an exclusive for global readers. We hope everyone will enjoy reading it.

  • Sold to a Prince!

    Sold to a Prince!



    In the land of magic and beasts, Sylvia was betrayed by her family and sold off as a slave. She was expecting the worst, but fortunately, it was a handsome prince who had ‘bought’ her! Who doesn’t love a charming, benevolent, and kind prince, not to mention ridiculously handsome? But, little did Sylvia know that the charming handsome prince was no angel but rather a devil in disguise! The calm, kind and good-hearted Sylvia found herself slowly changing under the devil's influence but worst of all, she found herself becoming more and more addicted to the two-faced devil who harbored dark and dangerous secrets. But could she ever fully trust the shameless devil? Or was he just one of the many who desired her hidden powers? Let the games begin! ....................... Excerpt: "Are you getting ready for your engagement, my sweet kitten?" The devil's familiar voice drawled, making Sylvia's entire body tingle with an unfathomable need. She gazed into his dark coal black eyes, lost within them, as he rubbed her lips with his thumb. This man... This man in front of her alone had the power to make her knees weak and her heart crumble. "Heh. Being silent, are we?" The devil chuckled, his hand moving away from her lips to the back of her head. He clutched a handful of her soft silver hair and pulled her closer to him, capturing her lips with his. Sylvia snapped out of her trance and commanded her body to push the devil away but her traitorous body only yearned for him more and she wrapped her hands around his neck instead. The devil's lips curved upwards, his grin widening in satisfaction. His hand then moved down to her gorgeous engagement gown laced with diamonds and rubies which came undone as soon as he touched. The laces, the veil, the flowers, the jewelry, everything was ripped to shreds, leaving behind only herself. An entire morning spent on getting ready and dressing up gone to waste just like that! "You!" Sylvia glared at the shameless devil angrily. She had given him an inch but he went for the mile! She pushed him away with all the force that she could muster, pinning him against the wall, imprisoning his rude mannerless hands. "Heh? Why are you angry, my darling? Aren't I helping you? Why waste your time attending the meaningless engagement, when you already know that you belong to me and me alone?" "Go to hell! Who said I belong to you! I belong to no one." "Is that so?" The devil leaned forward, gently knocking his forehead with hers. "Shall I leave then...?" He whispered, his warm breath caressing her cheeks. Sylvia's face instantly reddened as she couldn't resist the devil's sweet temptations anymore... She gave into the man's wicked allure and pressed her lips over his, stopping his mouth from taunting her and teasing her any further. ....................... Instagram: yolohy_webnovel Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/yolohy Discord: https://discord.gg/5CvPuX6M88

  • Mated To A Special Omega

    Mated To A Special Omega



    Werewolf book :{BL} Completed Levi Whitlock is a male Omega, But he has a heart of an alpha and is even stronger. Levi despises one thing which is Alphas . Levi is not like any other male omega who usually stay inside their houses waiting for their mates. Levi is an adventurous person who likes to explore new places such as mountains , caves, and forests . He is not scared of anything . Levi also hates the fact that he is just a weak omega who can get pregnant . And the most important thing is that Levi is able to not submit to anyone , even to his own father Henry Whitlock !! What if one day Levi finds out that his fated mate is Lucas Dawson , who is also a True blood alpha . Will Levi submit to his fated mate ? Will he even accept him as his mate ? Will he forget his hatred towards alphas ? Will he accept the idea of getting pregnant ? _____________________ " What is a beautiful omega like you doing here in the woods alone ? " -The alpha in a rut - " Levi Whitlock your messenger to hell" -Levi Whitlock to the alpha in a rut - ****** "If you just gave up and started looking for your mate, you would have studied what you wanted while your mate was going to run the companies. But you are so stubborn and cold and don't even try to accept your rank, you have to realize that you are just an OMEGA. You were born to obey your Alphas and submit to them." - Henry Whitlock- "Levi Whitlock does not submit to anyone! Understand it as you wish Mr. Alpha! I listen to you SOMETIMES just because you are the Alpha who put his sperm inside MY father's womb." -Levi Whitlock - ****** " You're my alpha and I am your Omega and I am on your bed and ready to give you my virginity and I'm telling you to put your pups inside of me !" -Levi Whitlock to Lucas Dawson _____________________ {{word count : 60,000 - 65,000}} BOYXBOY Mpreg Book cover by me





    “Aku rasa, kita tidak bisa melakukan ‘itu’ dulu, karena kau masih dalam tahap pemulihan…” Hailee menjawab ragu- ragu, berusaha mencari alasan yang masuk akal untuk situasinya sekarang. “Bulsh*t,” Ramon merutuk dan turun dari tempat tidur mereka yang luar biasa mewah. Dengan langkah tidak sabar, pria itu menghampiri Hailee, seperti pemburu yang akan menangkap buruannya. “Aku akan buktikan kalau aku baik- baik saja. Lebih dari baik.” Dia menegaskan kata terakhirnya sambil tersenyum penuh arti. “…” Ugh! *** Hailee mendapati dirinya telah dijual oleh kakak tirinya, Aileen, setelah kematian kedua orang tua mereka dalam sebuah perampokan. Namun, pada malam di mana seharusnya Hailee melayani lelaki bajingan yang telah memenangkannya dalam lelang, Hailee berhasil kabur dengan membunuhnya. Kini, Hailee berada dalam pengejaran dan harus melarikan diri dari kota tersebut untuk menghindari pengejaran kaki tangan pria yang telah dia bunuh. Di dalam pengejaran itu, Hailee tidak sengaja bertemu dengan Ramon yang tengah sekarat akibat kecelakaan yang dialaminya. Untuk menghindari orang- orang yang mengejarnya, Hailee berpura- pura menjadi Giana, wanita yang selama ini Ramon sembunyikan dari mata publik. Masalah bertambah rumit ketika Ramon tersadar dan dia tidak mengingat apapun. Hailee tentu saja dapat memanfaatkan ini dan terus berpura- pura menjadi Giana, tapi sampai kapan? Dan bagaimana dengan Giana yang asli? ************************ Update setiap hari Pkl. 13.00 wib. ************************ Meet me on Instagram @Jikan_yo_tomare Disclaimer : cover picture from pinterest.com Check out my other stories: **PURPLE DUSK TILL DAWN: dearest through the time –Indonesia- **The Story of Dusk -Indonesia- **Cinta sang Monster **ABSQUATULATE

  • Destined to be a Black Pen

    Destined to be a Black Pen



    When Russel Ferrer celebrated his early accomplishments as a writer, he was suddenly hit by a car and died on the spot. Russel was full of regrets for not finishing the last chapter of his best-selling book series. Using the last strength that he had, Russel wished for a miracle to happen and let him write his story for the last time. Gian Cres Val, the youngest son of Marquis Cres Val, has a weak and feeble body. He can't be a promising leader just like his father or be like his brother who is the leader of Red Tiger Knights. He can only stay inside their mansion most of the time and read all the books displayed in their library. But what they didn't know was that Gian has a secret. Gian Cres Val had traveled back in time. Gian now has the knowledge of what will happen in the future. And with the help of the Goddess of Destiny and Fate, Gian will possess a mysterious pen that can communicate with him. Returning in time, Gian plans to change the fate of his family. Reincarnated as a pen, Russel plans to write his novels again and make sure to write its ending. Bond with a twist of fate, Russel and Gian will help each other to accomplish what they need to do.

  • Dare To Love A Dragon

    Dare To Love A Dragon



    [ #Gold Winner WPC 173] Alexander the prince of Arimelari was cursed by a witch as a child to live as a half-dragon and half-human. He would turn into a dragon by day and human by night. This was due to magic being outlawed by his father and witches being killed. The royal physicians have tried all but he can't be cured unless he breaks the curse. The only way to break the curse is by the hands of the person who is destined to kill him. According to the very witch who cursed him, his bane had the mark of the moon and the sun and the day they met will be the beginning of the countdown to his death. The King made sure that every child born with a birthmark of the moon or sun was killed. But will he be able to protect his son from his fate when it is written to come true and who will Alexander's bane be? **** Francis a young man who lives with his mother and sister is the sole provider in his family. He is a hunter and he tries to provide everything his family needs. But when his mother falls ill sick with an unknown disease he must raise money to get her treated. When the prince asks him for his hand in return for his mother's treatment he accepts. Will he be able to live with the prince and love him for who he is? And what happens when he turns out to be Alexander's bane. Cover by Tisha D and credit goes to the owner. Will remove if asked to.

  • Evolution: A Warlock's Rise To Power

    Evolution: A Warlock's Rise To Power



    His life changes when he discovers a unique magic and suddenly becomes a direct subordinate of a false god in a popular VRMMO. He becomes one of the few who can sell warlock spells and abilities to other players and NPCs. With a territory to rule he has to constantly get stronger and develop his own strength if he wants to stay on top.This is a VRMMO story about a warlock who makes a place for himself in a virtual world by becoming an "arms dealer". He sells shadow magic, mental magic, and his own unique ethereal magic to earn more power from his patron. There is some action, a bit of comedy, a pinch of world building, and a splash of romance. Join Lucan on his rise to power as he develops while adventuring through the many realms inside the game "Evolution".discord: https://discord.gg/qyyysTsSx8****************************************************************The cover work was created by freshtyan57

  • Rebirth to have a happy life

    Rebirth to have a happy life



    This is the story about self-discovery, self-accepting, and self-improvement. After getting the chance to go back in time, she wanted to live happily and protect her loved ones. With the system, her journey of self-improvement to help the people who are in need starts. But why did she meet this handsome man wherever she goes, is this destiny? Disclaimer: English is not my native language. Also, this story has romance, but it is very slow-paced. Also, some chapters are about her past life and her character development. This story is something which I wanted to write for the time being so please give it try. Thank you The cover does not belong to me, will be removed if the owner wanted.

  • To Be or Not To Be A Family

    To Be or Not To Be A Family



    [NOTICE: THE STORY IS COMPLETED] Ashma never knew her father. Her mother and maternal granddad are the only family she knows. She hates her father as he left her mother after she became pregnant out of wedlock. But her mother made sure that she grows up into an independent woman. She is a world-renowned fashion designer. Suddenly she gets news of another family of her fathers as her half-sister seeks her out. Everyone in the new family loves her except her paternal grandfather. He hates her as she is an illegitimate child and would cause a scandal if the word of her existence comes out. She hates him as he destroyed her mother’s life, and he ordered his son to leave her mother forever. They go toe to toe at every turn. Who will win the familial war? Will they ever learn to love each other? Will Ashma accept her new family or reject their love?

  • Mated To A Vampire

    Mated To A Vampire


    Alpha Axel has just lost his Luna to the Vampire King,he craves for revenge but he can't help but feel lonely sometimes. One day everything changes when the moon goddess (His best friend),takes pity on him and decided to give him a new Luna,one who matches his character,and the only lady fit for this job turns out to be Sydney,the daughter of the Vampire King.How in the world does Selena expect Alpha Axel to accept Sydney as his mate?.Will he learn to forgive her father's crime and accept her or will he make her life miserably as payback for the murder of his previous mate?,let's find out........

  • 100 Ways to Solve a Murder

    100 Ways to Solve a Murder



    Levi Jackson is a brilliant criminal psychologist with a knack for reading people. He uses his twisted genius in making a name for his private detective agency ‘Jackson Detectives’ with the business motto of "No case is too insignificant, as long as you're willing to pay."Presented with the case of a missing accountant, he is forced to seek the help of Guy’s Hospital resident genius, and Director of Forensics, Dr. Sam Gray.Join them in their adventure in solving different crimes and pissing people off along the way. ........Disclaimer:(Please note that I do not own the cover art; it was created using canva app. Should this be yours, I'll gladly remove it upon request.) IG:https://www.instagram.com/vanlauredel/discord: https://discord.gg/ppNn947

  • To Be a Demon Prince

    To Be a Demon Prince



    Accused of being a terrorist, Montana Mills had been driven out of his home. Seeking vengeance, he ran to an organization to train and hunt down the person who stole his identity. However, things take a turn for the worse when the person ends up being a witch. Witch… they are the people who received powers from demons in exchange for helping the demons propagate sins. Rendering the normal weapons useless against their kind, the witches only have a few fears. Montana Mills is just an ordinary person who summoned a demon for a hellhound; he has no idea he would be on a path to fully embrace the dark magic just for his personal gain. However, his handler, Belphegor, has more plans for him. Using his sudden spark of vindication, Belphegor wage a war against the master of the terrorist—his own brother at arms, Satan. Gaining the support of more and more Princes of Hell, Montana gets pit against one of them. Stakes rise, and even his forgotten past is unearthed. Embracing a new name to propel his goals forward, Montana willingly enters the world of demons… and even vied to replace the Demon Prince of Wrath himself. ... "So it all came to this. You and me, finally standing face-to-face." A wide, menacing grin spread on Satan's face as he looked down at the approaching witch. "Tell me, Montana Mills... how was your descent to Hell?" "Worth the wait." Montana lifted his left arm and curled his fingers, blue flames blazing to turn it into a four-fingered claw. "Since you're looking forward to meeting me, I take it as you getting ready to fall by my hands." Satan only got up from the throne and dropped the goblet at the side as his humongous bat-like wings slowly spread behind him, casting a shadow that ate up the entire width of the chamber. He raised both hands as if downplaying the witch's words. "You really think you can kill me now?" Montana crouched down and summoned the blue flames to embrace his body as a silhouette of a hellhound emerged around him. "I do." Boom! He dashed towards the demon prince at the speed of sound and swung down his claw. Satan only laughed out as he summoned bones to cover his arms and block the attack. A loud sound and a brutal shockwave followed and rippled through the air as Montana's claw struck against Satan's arm. With their eyes getting at the same level, Satan returned the glare that Montana gave him. However, Montana grinned as well as his dark eyes lit up brightly in blue fire. "Do you really think I can't take your place as a demon prince?" ... This is a work of fiction. All similarities to events and people are coincidental.





    “Don’t you just look so ravishing?” she teased the young ger as a smile hung on her face. “Y-you……………” the young ger failed to let out a single word as he looked at the shameless fermar who happened to be his partner with a flushed face. “Can’t you see that he is so shy, Lord husband?” a silky female voice chipped in with a giggle and more of them followed suit. “We should let the youngest feel comfortable otherwise he will run away before the honeymoon phase comes to an end!” “Do you think that after receiving **** from our Lord husband, any one of us will just pack up and leave?” There was laughter in the room, the harmony in the room was overwhelming and even the young ger who had just been teased was finally at ease. Who can escape the clutches of a foxy, sly fermar like Alita? Growing up in a new world, a new era where things weren’t like before. After the apocalypse that destroyed the earth and reduce it to nothing, the interstellar era began. Growing up on a small star gig enough to be a small city, Alita had a huge dream to go and live on Eartha, the new Earth after the apocalypse, marry a lot of wives, have a stadium filled with kids, and above all, let her family live in comfort. And the opportunity to make that dream true was given to her when she finally …………………………………………..

  • Naruto Shippuden: Pilgrimage

    Naruto Shippuden: Pilgrimage


    (This is the first thing I'm writing so please don't be too harsh with the constructive criticism.)Ths follows a fan of the Naruto shippuden anime when he finds a video on YouTube about interesting game about the anime, the game was a walk through of the entire Naruto shippuden anime but not from the perspective of the canonical characters but a original player character allowing nearly limitless RP potential for the player and that the game is currently on early access.After seeing the video he told his friends and sent them the link only for them to find a rickroll, seeing the responses from his friends he downloaded the game to show them the game, seeing the download time he drew what he wanted his character to look like and went to sleep waiting for it to finish downloading.When our protagonist woke up from his slumber he realized that he was in a terrible situation when he saw a shrouded figure looming over him with red eyes and a blade and at that point he knew that his life would either end or it would never be the same ever again.(I own none of the Naruto shippuden characters that will be in this novel as this is in no way supplementaly related to the story as this is a fan made piece of media.)

  • Pilgrimage to the East

    Pilgrimage to the East

  • Back to the 80s to Raise a Wolfy Boyfriend

    Back to the 80s to Raise a Wolfy Boyfriend


    After death, Gu Jin realized the child, whom she had fed only once in the past, was the only person who gave her proper burial and avenged her by any means. Once she’s reborn, she found him when he was being bullied. And despite objections, Gu Jin took this malnourished child under her care with help from the dimension in her possession. However, never did she expect she would lead him astray... Many years later, Gu Jin can’t help gritting her teeth as she is watching the elegant and handsome man on TV. He has grown up to be a successful and powerful businessman who is outwardly kind but inwardly ruthless. Most unexpectedly, he has turned into a man who is domineering and protective of her.

  • Sold To A Frigid CEO

    Sold To A Frigid CEO


    Lilly Rose is the only heir of Morgan’s—a world-famous fashion boutique. She was set to live a luxurious life, but that was until her father sold her to a man ten years older than her a day after her 18th birthday to save his business from bankruptcy. However, her misfortune doesn’t seem to be that bad when she finds out that her future husband is the hottest bachelor in town. If only he finds her attractive and not just a spoiled child.

  • Introspective Pilgrimage

    Introspective Pilgrimage


    dont mind this story idk what i was doing lol

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