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  • Just A Simple Waiter

    Just A Simple Waiter

    Evan is a 23 year old waiter working at a small coffeeshop named " at Ellie's ". He's a bored lonely young adult looking for some way to kill the king of boredom , that has decided to hit him with his spell, to bore him for life. That is until a troubled looking man enters the shop and won't stop annoying him. Sadly his wish was granted and now he learns to regret it dearly. And the only reason is : the boy decides it would be fun to come around every day and enjoy being a brat for a couple hours. What will happen when visits turn into hangouts, and hangouts turn into overnight hangs, and those turn into much much more.....Enjoy a lighthearted romance novel, where each of our main characters have secrets and drama hidden somewhere in the past where no one wants to look back.Important: I DO NOT own the cover of this book. The rights go it's respectful owner!

  • Meeting You Is My Simple Happiness

    Meeting You Is My Simple Happiness


    With her fiancé reneging on their promise to marry, Ye Mu marries a man who is destined to be destitute for three generations in a moment of desperation! But unbeknownst to her... She has married into a prestigious aristocratic family! From then on, Ye Mu’s filming career becomes smooth-sailing; her husband also loves her dearly. Crowned with countless glories, she smiles. “Marrying him was the luckiest thing in my life.” While that man who stands at the top of the world replies, “Being able to marry her was the most valuable decision that I have ever made.”

  • TAG


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  • Tag game

    Tag game

    Horor dan Thriller ACTION

    jebakan hidup

  • The Red Tag

    The Red Tag

    War&Military ACTION R18

  • Tag


  • Soul Tag System

    Soul Tag System

  • A Simple Discourse

    A Simple Discourse

    "Playing with fire is my forte, Tequila.""Watching you burn is my wet dream, Batman.""You say otherwise, but you want revenge. I can help you bring everyone involved to their knees.""You speak like you were not the catalyst. This is not what I came here to talk about.""Ah, but this is what you truly want. You can have your revenge on everyone- myself included, and in return I possess your body.""Such a simple discourse, such steep price. I love it, let's dance."~~Tequila Wilson is beautiful, smart, witty and absolutely hot. She knows this and she doesn't hesitate to flaunt it. She holds grudges and the elite have wronged her. Her fall from grace was less than graceful and though she isn't actively seeking revenge, she would not mind playing Aaron's game and seeing them all burn for their betrayal.Aaron Fletcher is dared to bed an estranged friend turned school's mysterious siren. He sets about to do just that. It should be easy. Charm her, fuck her, leave her. But Aaron would soon learn that nothing is easy with the enigma that is Tequila Wilson. Not this version of her at least. As perfect as she seems, Aaron finds she battles a few demons and is ever ready to play with fire.The typical cliché with a bit of drama. Stolen kisses, drunken confessions, heartbreaks and history thrown in, these two personalities are bound to clash in the worst way.Love might find a way in, but that is if they survive the crash.

  • A Simple Truth

    A Simple Truth

    Shy and private, Charlie Labrecque has lived a lie for most of his adult life, choosing to marry a woman and father a child rather than come out of the closet. But now that he is divorced and sees his young son only half the year, he decides it is time to start being honest with himself. And his friends. Starting with his best friend, openly gay Bryce Hanson.<br><br>Bryce responds with his encouragement and promises to be Charlie's training wheels through the difficult transition. But now that both men feel like they can be honest with each other, new desires are found, and new truths are spoken ...

  • A Simple Charm

    A Simple Charm

    In 1934, life in Brookburn, Indiana, is quiet, simple, and peaceful, but young dreamer Levi Beckerman yearns for more. When the carnival shows up for the Fourth of July, he’s entranced by its many temptations. None is more seductive than the charismatic barker, Sebastian Gustineau.<br><br>Seb’s been a part of the carnival for almost a decade. Once, it provided him the escape he needed from a life he thought he didn’t want, but now, he craves things it can never offer. Flitting from dusty town to dusty town, he loses himself in pretty dalliances. Levi seems like the perfect distraction, until a single conversation convinces him that preserving Levi’s innocence and way of life is more important than his momentary satisfaction.<br><br>However, his plan to discourage Levi goes horribly wrong. When Levi’s family is threatened, Levi fights to protect them, doing what he can to hide the secrets he’s sheltered his entire life. The only person he trusts is Seb. He just isn’t sure if the growing bond between them is enough to save them all.

  • Tag you're it

    Tag you're it

  • The Assassin With A Dog Tag

    The Assassin With A Dog Tag


    They say that things get easier over time but does it really? Daemyn Hades has had the worst life in his so called pack. His father, the "alpha" was supposed to give Daemyn the alpha title once Daemyn had turned eighteen but instead, he lowered Daemyn's rank to "Omega". The pack treat him like trash and he is forbidden to shift. The alpha doesn't want to let go of the title so he doesn't feed his son, he doesn't let him hunt, exercise or even shower. No, Daemyn has to find a way to do all of that AND the pack chores as well. All he wants to do is meet his mate and escape, but what happens when his father meets her first? What happens when his mate turns out to be something he didn't want, but knew he needed?"If you don't fight for what you want, then don't cry for what you could've had" That's her motto. Pluto Orion's I mean. Pluto used to have a life that one could only dream for, and now that's all that's left of it. Dreams. She is an alphas daughter, a packs Luna and an Assassin by heart, body and soul. She scraped up the pieces of her falling pack and built them. She created and molded the perfect pack, the perfect assassins and they would stop at nothing to do what their alpha wants. When she is hurt, they're pulsating in pain. When they are mad, she's infuriated. The pack lives and breathes like one big family, so why does she feel as if she's missing something even though that void was filled a long time ago?

  • A Girl with Price Tag

    A Girl with Price Tag

    When Livian Sandoval had her fake burial for the sake of her family name and lost the stranger's baby that she's carried for eight months, she decided to stay away from her father's fangs and claws.Five years later, she's now living on her own and had to work as a model with her father's artists agency just to have an update and to see her grandfather even in the distance. In an unexpected incident, she will meet a little boy who will change her life.

  • Love Without A Price Tag

    Love Without A Price Tag


    As it is said “True friends are families which you can select” and friendship is the only family which one chooses. Kriti chooses Neha as her family and her best friend. She moved to M.K.University in Bangalore because of her best friend Neha. Kriti being from a middle class family, the girl who prioritised her studies over all other things except Basketball meets the University topper and the crush of the University Aviraj Verma. Since life is unpredictable, at the first meet Aviraj falls for Kriti before he could confess his love to her, his childhood friend Riya appeared before him. Will he able to make his confess his love to her or the love he felt for her will always remain as a memory in his heart and mind. The surprise visit made Kriti’s life dark.

  • Tag Game

    Tag Game

    The Strongest Will Survive

  • A Simple Tale

    A Simple Tale

    It's about three guys. Two of the guys like the other guys sister, uh oh.

  • a simple girl

    a simple girl

  • It Started with A Wrong Tag

    It Started with A Wrong Tag

  • Tag! Your It!

    Tag! Your It!

    One day while walking home, a little boy appears in front of Kami tagging him, a boy who he cant hear his name.

  • A Simple Room

    A Simple Room