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  • The Ability Steal System

    The Ability Steal System



    Felix was one of the best elite special ops soldier in the world and now he is reincarnated as a bookkeeper with a trash ability in a Esper filled world which thrives on the rule of the strong prey on the weak, when he is give a nameless book by a mysterious stranger, he gains a system and finds out that his supposed trash ability is actually a powerful ability above the SSS rank so now he is determined to find out the truth about the parents he never knew and on the way he meets powerful people and the mysterious stranger who introduces him to a whole new world of adventure and danger.This is my second novel so forgive me for any mistakes and If you like this book then read my other book, "The Strongest Esper".

  • Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

    Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

    Contemporary Romance BABY CHEATS SPATIAL


    When she woke up, she had transmigrated into An Jiuyue, a woman living with two young children on a mountain after her husband abandoned her. She was pushed to the ground, and now, there was a bloody wound on her head. With only a handful of rice left in the rice bag, she had relied on digging wild vegetables to satisfy their hunger every day. Her children were so often starved that they were all skin and bones. On top of that, a wicked woman threatened her to sell her son! If she refused, the woman would snatch him away forcefully. But An Jiuyue took a deep breath, revealed her sharp claws, beat the woman up, and threw her out of the house. She could show the woman she was not to be messed with! They were out of rice and vegetables now, but she was not afraid. Acquiring food using her spatial abilities was as easy as curling her fingers! Moreover, her spatial abilities were unlimited, and her medical skills did not deteriorate. She could no doubt earn money and raise her children well! As for her ex-husband… The prince, who had returned from the battlefield, smiled maliciously. "My beloved concubine, please calm down. I brought back a mountain of gold from the battlefield as a gift for you and our children."

  • Stealing Spree

    Stealing Spree


    Note: There's no magic in this novel. This was previously in the Realistic Fiction genre but it's not included in the choices. So I picked the closest one to it.Onoda Ruki is just your ordinary high school student. He strived for being the Classmate A who's unimportant to the story.Despite being the Classmate A. Onoda has a secret desire which he always had ever since young and that was to steal each and every girl from their guy.Join him as he entered his high school days as he conquer and steal every girl he sets his eyes on. And along the way, the growth in his character and those around him.TAGS: Netori, Romance, R-18, Harem, School Lifehttps://discord.gg/BWBWUrU*I do not own the cover photo. I will take it out if requested.*DISCLAIMERThis is a work of fiction.All names, characters, places, and events are products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious way. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.Moreover, the ages of the characters appearing in this fiction are 18 and above.

  • My Special Ability is Perfect Replication

    My Special Ability is Perfect Replication


    After transmigrating to this world where spiritual energy is revived, I realized that it’s a world rampaged by Direbeasts. But what is most exciting is that humans with special abilities do exist! It’s awesome to witness control of thunder and fire, titan’s transformation, limb regeneration, teleportation, telepathy, precognition and many more. And guess what? I have them all.

  • Transmigrated as side character, i will steal all the heroines

    Transmigrated as side character, i will steal all the heroines



    Ray, a super nerd virgin otaku student was transmigrated into a game based on galge."Ding, please prevent the main heroines from falling in love with the protagonistRewards: Elementary Cooking skills.Penalty: The host will lose his house and all his property."Wait, WHAT THE HECK!!!I don't want all of this, please return me to my old world!!"Ding, It was indicated that the host wants to reject the mission. Reject the mission and immediately gain the penalty Y/N"NOOOOOOOO, What in the seven hell has I did to ever deserve this thing!!!Follow the journey of Ray and the absurdity of the system in this story.Other tags:Beast taming, School life, R-18, MILF, Weak to strong, Yandere, Evolution, Annoying system, Super annoying system, Super super annoying system don't complain you have been warned.I don't own the cover.Hi everyone, I have created a poll in chapter 40, please feel free to join if you have any ideas or Spirit beast you wanna see in this story ^_^. I know I can't make everyone happy, but I'll try my best, and thank you to everyone who has supported this story.Discord: https://discord.gg/henXAtbX

  • The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All

    The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All



    # food # dailyfamilylife Su Binglan was known to be the most awful woman in Suteng Village. She spent money to buy a beautiful slave and had him marry into her family, but physically and verbally abused him every day. The new Su Binglan who transmigrated over learned that this slave was a descendant of a family of generals. The courageous warriors in his family had sacrificed themselves, leaving only him alive. Seeing the man covered in wounds, Su Binglan decided to spoil her husband. Blessed with incredible luck, equipped with a spatial spirit spring and possessing divine medical skills, she led the entire village on a journey to gain wealth. She became everyone’s lucky star. The weather was dry with no sign of rain. The crops were about to die from this drought, but with a snap of her fingers, rain immediately started pouring. Despite the villagers’ painstaking efforts, their harvest amount was low. She presented them premium seeds and helped everyone achieve great harvest. Poison? Fractured limbs? Not to worry. She could use her medical skills to cure them all. Whichever mountain she entered, the treasures inside seemed to call out to her, begging her to take them home. Their food culture wasn’t as advanced. She casually made a few dishes and started a new food trend. The man who dotes on her and protects her: Darling, I’ll give you whatever you want. All the villagers: Binglan, you’re our village’s lucky star. Don’t let anyone take you away. Her brothers: Our sister is the priority. We will get you whatever you want. [Group pampering + multiple identities + a kingdom building story with no awful characters + strong female lead + sweet story about pampering her husband]

  • Ability Stealing System

    Ability Stealing System


  • Monster Pet Evolution

    Monster Pet Evolution



    Three years ago, the animals and plants on Earth underwent crazy and unexplainable changes that included transformations, reversions, and the addition of otherworldly species. And it was the start of a brand-new type of profession in the new generation of humanity - Monster Trainers, people who specialized in taming monsters. On his 18th birthday, the protagonist of the story, Gao Peng, suddenly received the ability of being able to see the attribute data frame of monsters. With his ability, he aspired to become the strongest monster trainer that ever lived while looking for a method to revive his parents!

  • My System: An Evolved Computer I Made With My Unique Ability—

    My System: An Evolved Computer I Made With My Unique Ability—



    WPC #206 contestant The Hero Age— circa 3113 ad. An age where humans have developed superpowers such as superspeed, superstrength, and every cliche superhero power there is. But not everyone awakened superhero powers. A tad 1% of the population were unawakened and Satoshi is one of them... or so he thought. It all started when he wished for a System-like ability in front of a retro computer, which in turn granted it the power of the System. What Satoshi didn't know is that he holds the power to transform/evolve animals and inanimate objects. How will Satoshi's life evolve after this newfound power? Will he finally be the very best like no one ever was? tags: action, adventure, modern, comedy, system, zerotohero, weaktostrongmc, parody Disclaimer: Photo for the book cover is not mine but all edits are mine.

  • Godly Model Creator

    Godly Model Creator



    The arrival of origin ability era. Many berserk beasts spawned. Humans with superpowers blooming like mushrooms. Su Hao is just an ordinary 3rd year high school student who had mastered a lowly grade origin ability named “Model analysis”. However, when he was creating a character model in his mind by analyzing the opposing side’s ability, a crazy idea echoed in his mind. What would happen if he creates a model of the entire world? This would imply that he… would be like a God, controlling the world!

  • Priceless Baby's Super Daddy

    Priceless Baby's Super Daddy

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    "He is the entertainment king who is in charge of everything. Been single for years, he had zero scandal. One day, a woman and a girl turned his life upside down. The little cutie held him tight, not letting go. ""Handsome uncle, you look very much like the daddy I have lost for many years!"" Huo Yunshen felt depressed. “Me? Daddy?!” The little cutie proudly pulled her mommy over, ""Mommy, I have found a long-term meal ticket for you, handsome and gullible."" Xu Xiyan smiled at the elegant man. Recalling the accident five years ago, his face sank. ""How dare you steal my DNA?"" She laughed. ""Not steal, just borrow!"" The man took her in his arms and warned in a dangerous tone, ""Woman, should I get what’s mine back, with interest?"" She stood on her toes. ""Yeah, how about another baby?"""

  • Stealing The Wife's First Kiss

    Stealing The Wife's First Kiss



    A tragedy struck Wenceslas family 22 years ago. A noble family no one would fail to recognise throughout the country. They owned wealth which would not run out to be inherited through generations. To save the next heir, the oldest nobleman of Wenceslas set a strategy for years. He prepared a wife for his grandson. The only heir who suffered from a strange disease. By promising him with the abundant wealth, Lesmana, the very loyal aide, was given most non sense and fist tight agreement to marry off one of his daughters to the heir. The purpose was for a guinea pig and an experiment in seeking the cure of their last heir. The experiment had to be a success nor the family would be left without any descendant at all. “Hendra, stop it! You hurt my lips!”. The man with blue eyes looked drowned, puzzled. His mind seemed wandering. “Dont come closed...! Aruna was trying to grab anything she could reach. She grasped goose feathers scattered on the white sheet and threw them to that devil with angelic face who was moving slowly to her. “Hendra, you are scary!” “Yiu scare me!” “Hendra!!” “argh, let me go!” He had turned into a blue eyed devil, staring at her and pushing her body. That girl fell on that super king sized bed on her face, the bed looked so spacious with white sheet and goose feathers here and there. While he was closing his satanic eyes, he was begging for something ... Could Aruna’s wish to become a widow and return to her house happened over time, or would her heart melt for the CEO? Enjoy the story of Aruna, CEO Hendra and Solois Damar in 'Stealing The Wife's First Kiss' ____________________________ *** Follow My Book Dear ^^ *** Tale Of The Half-Blood Wizard Once A CEO Wife Mr CEO's Beloved Wife ____________________________ #Top 3 novels in Indonesian #Original title: Aruna's first kiss (Ciuman Pertama Aruna) ************************ Updates every day at (GMT-8) 08.00 AM ************************ #Meet me on instragram: bluehadyan #Discord : bluehadyan#7481 #Translator: Wanda

  • Master of the End Times

    Master of the End Times


    The age of darkness has arrived. When the rift to an unknown plane suddenly appeared on Earth, monsters invaded, beasts mutated while humans, the once-dominant species fell to the bottom of the food chain. A hundred years later, three of the greatest classes evolve amongst humans: ability users, ancient warriors, and gunslingers. Qin Feng, an orphan of this dark age was tormented just as he awakened his pinnacle level of special ability, barely surviving for ten years in the post-apocalyptic world. Hence, he was reborn...

  • Life of a Villain

    Life of a Villain



    Our lives are based on lies. Historically, heroes were supposed to be the role models we looked up to, but were they? Some of them steal other people's fiancées, murder people to make a point, and so on. If these are the heroes, then who was the villain? Does being killed by a hero make someone a villain? Has anyone had the experience of living the life of a villain? Were they truly the villains we were led to believe they were? Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/ARvRowAG7vHGdKNLTkxiJYLui3lx-dzTzeITNFVhXA-XA46gUs4Z1S8/

  • Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities

    Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities

    Eastern Fantasy MYSTERY EASTERN


    "Lin Yi transmigrated into the world of Xianxia and found himself bound with a Supreme Downloading System. For a man who could not be more ordinary, he began his trip to the pinnacle of life. While everyone else worked hard to cultivate, all he needed was to press a button to download it! Be it superior cultivating manuals, superior physiques, spiritual treasures, or elixirs, all Lin Yi needed to do was press download and they would be his. Lin Yi was exasperated. It was not like he did not want to work hard, but the system itself was just too great!"

  • Stacking My Abilities

    Stacking My Abilities



    Jeff Norman cut down a mist monster. [Your physique has increased!] [You gained a new ability: Blessing of Wind!] [You gained Passive Ability: Aura Vision!] Before knowing it, Jeff had already accumulated pages of abilities. Turned out, these abilities could stack on top of each other, without limit. Detection range. Damage reduction. Maximum health. Regeneration speed. Movement speed. Reaction speed. Physical strength... Jeff: "Guys. I know I'm a bit invincible. But this is totally normal interaction. Please don't report." *** Story Type: You've read about reincarnation, transmigration, world hopping... But have you ever read a story about parallel transmigration? Imagine transmigrating into multiple worlds... at the same time! I haven't seen any story of this type on this site. This might be a fresh experience for you. *** Other names for this story: [Stacking My Abilities (Censored)], [Stacking My Passives Starting From Today], [My Isekai Clones], [Me, Human, From Earth], [I Have Unlimited Passive Abilities!], [Regarding that time when I got transmigrated into many otherworlds at once], [Me and myselves in my Chat Space]

  • The Lucky Wife Reborn In the 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability

    The Lucky Wife Reborn In the 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability



    # endoftheyear Ji Yuanyuan was the type of person who would ruin a nicely dealt hand. She could have led a carefree life under her family and ex-husband’s protection. Alas, for the sake of a scum named Zhao Tianhua, she caused her mother to die an aggrieved death, her eldest brother to die in a foreign land, and her second brother to be run over by a car and had his head disembodied. She herself even died from childbirth in a shabby house at the countryside, and her baby was strangled to death by Zhao Tianhua. It was right before her death that she learned that her quiet ex-husband almost went mad searching for her. Ji Yuanyuan was reborn back into the 90s era with extreme luck and a mysterious spatial ability. Since then, Ji Yuanyuan would find money on the ground, boars would run into trees on their own if she was lost in the wild, and her investments would all be successful… When the b*stard scum, Zhao Tianhua approached her again, Ji Yuanyuan kicked him away and latched onto her ex-husband’s leg instead. “Sir, please protect me.”

  • The Forgotten Ability

    The Forgotten Ability


    As a young woman Adair Fox enters the civilization test, the most difficult test in the entirety of the Galactic Empire, in hopes of achieving that highest of honors and finally becoming eligible to meet her parents. During the test Adair acts out of desperation and uses a dangerous ritual to save her people, only to get betrayed by them shortly after. Unfortunately not only does Adair fail the test, but she also finds herself trapped in a void for thousands of years until she eventually meets up with another being. She makes a deal with the Reincarnation Machine, which allows her to go back in time and become a sorceress.

  • Stealing the Heavens

    Stealing the Heavens



    He who steals a hook gets hanged as a crook; he who steals a kingdom becomes a duke. Those who steal the world and the hearts of the people become a Divine Immortal. The Dao of the universe is boundless, and the will of mortals is limitless. Follow me and watch how I alone use my hands to steal the heavens! Translator's synopsis: An unexpected discovery in Machu Picchu has transported a young professional thief from Earth to a world filled with mystical powers and evil plots. With his beloved teacher and best friend killed during the calamity, his only goal is to become stronger, so that he can take revenge for them.This is a novel filled with politics, the struggle for power, evil beauties, and of course, Divine Immortals. *Warning: Erotic scenes inside...

  • The Deadly Hitwoman: A Lady With Special Abilities

    The Deadly Hitwoman: A Lady With Special Abilities


    When Han Jing, a hitwoman with special abilities, transformed into the nasty and arrogant Lady Han, she used her privilege to be domineering to the max!! Her fiancé despised her and provoked her repeatedly so she broke off the engagement! She then got married to her fiancé’s uncle while pregnant so she could mock her fiancé and make him call her 'aunt'! Since she died in her lifetime because she fell into someone’s trap, she would allow no one to change her destiny anymore, not even god! She would destroy anyone who attempted to tear her down! She would put everyone under her heel and live according to her wishes! However, can anyone please tell her whose baby is in her belly?!