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  • Abused


    Fantasy ROMANCE

    He was a witness in bullying, but never said a word. He knew he was in love with her, yet he never got the chance to tell her. He was a witness of his parents death, but he chose to leave. He felt like he could have saved and the three of them but simply chose not to. Now he is 26 and lives alone with the guilt surrounding him. But his life will change in one morning, where he will wake up in 2009, as his 16 year old-self and live his horrific past all over again. He has one last chance and limited time. Will he be able to change the future and save the love of his life and his parents? Will he be able to change everything?



  • abused


  • The Abused Luna's Comeback

    The Abused Luna's Comeback


    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] She was the most unpopular female wolf in the New Moon Pack, as lowly as a blade of grass. Eight years ago, her mother went missing, her father was killed, and her entire pack was exterminated. Thus, she had been demoted to the lowest servant level by her father's murderer. For eight years, she had been beaten, cursed, and starved, but she kept her identity a secret. This year, she turned eighteen years old. He was the alpha of the largest werewolf pack in all of America and shone like the sun. With his perfectly sculpted face and a tremendous amount of money, no werewolf didn't know his name, and he was the dream lover of every woman. Everything seemed perfect, except for the fact that he didn't have a mate yet. This year, he turned twenty-six years old. What kind of spark or conflict would there be when they meet by chance? “Rose, I can give you everything you want. In exchange, you have to be mine.” “Alpha, the truth is, I'm—” "Oh, Jesus f*cking Christ! Now, you will never escape me, my Luna.

  • The abused and the abuser

    The abused and the abuser

  • Abused By Boyfriend

    Abused By Boyfriend


    Harmony is a 19 year old girl stuck in a abusive relationship with James who is 21 years old. She gets out of the relationship just to get into a even more dangerous one. What would happen if James comes back?

  • Abused and Mute

    Abused and Mute

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    My name is Kat. I live with my step-mom and dad. I haven't spoken to anyone since the day my mom left.

  • The Abused Luna

    The Abused Luna


    "I know alpha that you do not wish to have me as your mate so you can go ahead and reject me" I cut him off feeling brave I once felt before my life became a nightmare. His eyes were big as saucers as he stared at me in amazement and there was a flick of anger clearly visible in his eyes oh no I'm so dead but this ends ones and for all. "I Avy Grace daughter of Jacob Grace hereby reject you, Zander Black alpha of crescent moon pack as my mate" "You will hear me out first" I nodded my head as he commanded using his alpha tone "I will not accept your rejection and I'm definitely not rejecting you understood Avy Grace" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avy Grace was just a third in commands daughter. A respectable wolf in her pack. But things started to change after a mysterious rouge attack which took her parents away and turned her life into a nightmare. Zander Black a soon to be Alpha of Crescent moon pack. Ever since he was young he despised the wolves who seemed like a threat to his pack. Avy is not an exception either as he torments her to no limits as a revenge of his mother's death. What would happen when The Moon Goddess decides to mate hem together? Read to find out.

  • The Abused 

    The Abused QUEEN

  • The Abused Human

    The Abused Human

  • The abused luna

    The abused luna

    Fantasy Romance WEREWOLF

  • Abused By Their Parents

    Abused By Their Parents


    Hello, Salam, Shalom  First of all this column is FICTITIOUS but do not stop on this word. And this is the first time I've written a column so don't hesitate to give your opinion.  Bismillah  03h, I am awakened by slaps. By who ? My so-called "father".  Michel “my father”: BITCH GO WAKE UP YOUR FUCKING LITTLE BROTHER AND GET DOWN IMMEDIATELY.  And suddenly I get up with a start by my so-called mother who had just thrown a bucket of water on me.  Lisa “my mother”: Bitch, get up, I told you.  Me: OH IT'S GOOD YOU THOUGHT YOU TOO MUCH THAT LIFE WAS A KIWI, YOU HIT ME WHEN YOU WANT, YOU INSULT ME WHEN YOU WANT! BUT GET OUT OF THERE AND YOU DONT HAVE TO TOUCH MY LITTLE BROTHER.

  • The Abused

    The Abused

    Teen ROMANCE

    Hailey is a new girl joining ABC highschool. She meets lots of people. The school is quite different from her old school. She meets new people that helps her in understanding who a true friend is.Come on a journey with Hailey on how she fights and the people who fights along with her to end discrimination against the weak in her school.

  • His abused Mate

    His abused Mate

  • Devil's Abused Angel

    Devil's Abused Angel


    Kai has had a hard life, his mom hates him and he is bullied everyday. Everyone in town hates him for being gay. Although life has only given him lemons, he still tries to be cheerful at every turn.Lucifer is the king of hell. He is bored with his life, he wants something to excite him. One day as he goes up to Earth to torture some unsuspecting humans. What he doesn't expect to find while he's there is his snap. Follow them on their bitter sweet love story.

  • The Alpha's Abused Mate

    The Alpha's Abused Mate


    Haley was only 15 when the Alpha from the Black Flame Pack, Jason Klein, attacked the pack she belonged to. The Red Fang Pack's Alpha, Thomas, was killed after witnessing the brutal slaughter of his wife, Sera. Beta Adam has always blamed Haley and her family for not doing enough to save the Leaders of the pack, even though her entire family died.Now when the Alpha's son, Xavier, comes of age Haley no longer has to be threatened. Xavier is her mate. As the Luna she no longer has to suffer, she finds she has the strength to overcome anything. Follow her on her journey through betrayal and danger, love and joy. And hey, who said just because her family's dead she can't see them? Thats what magic's for, right?

  • The Abused and Neglected Prodigy

    The Abused and Neglected Prodigy

    Martial Arts ROMANCE NARUTO

  • Diary of an abused wife

    Diary of an abused wife


    She stared into the little window in her room.She gazed on as she saw people going about their lives freely and she couldn't help but wonder if she could ever be free. She sighed and looked down to her hands that were bound by tight ropes that were connected to the bed frame.She was still sitting there, just where HE left her this morning to starve just like every other day.The mere memory of what she goes through everyday gives her that chilling sensation down her back and she couldn't help the sourness she felt but then again she was used to it.She kept wondering what if she never accepted his apology for every single time that he hit her whilst they were dating then it probably wouldn't have come to this. Regret filled her soul immensely.She was brought back to reality by the loud bang of the door , which was a sign that HE was back. Her tormentor .Her worst nightmare .Her downfall.Her regret.Her biggest mistake .Her so called husband . Come with me as I portray the story of Kameela.P.s-This is just a figment of my many imaginations not a real life story.As-salamu alaykum.

  • Abused girl

    Abused girl


  • The Alphas Used And Abused Mate

    The Alphas Used And Abused Mate

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18

    This is the story of Ophelia. A beautiful and kind girl who was always abused by her uncle after he blamed her for his sister, Ophelias mother.