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  • The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

    The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

    Magical Realism URBAN


    "The world's top ten conglomerates had joined forces to create a programme where the crew had quietly evacuated all the people from a city, leaving behind only Raymond and his family, who were kept in the dark. Their purpose was to see this child, who had emerged from the slums of America, get humiliated. The whole world wanted to see this young man named Raymond make a fool of himself, and through what Raymond had done, and all of his doings, they wanted to decry the poor for being short of ambitions. Early the next morning, the show officially began. When Raymond noticed that the world outside was overly and strangely quiet, and when he had determined that all of humanity had disappeared. Just then, the survival aid system was activated, and the system notified Raymond: In a month's time, there will be a huge meteorite hitting the planet, and it is going to cause great destruction. Raymond: What the hell??? Then what should he do? The System responded: I'll help you build a space battleship so that you can escape from Earth! ""Oh my God, he has single-handedly created the Heavenly Eye System, and he is even thinking of creating nuclear-powered engines..."""

  • Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World

    Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World


    Kirby Jon transmigrates to a parallel spacetime and is chosen to act as a bank robber in an exercise. Kirby Jon, who has obtained the God-level acting system, would receive a generous reward if he can act as a robber and attain an S-level score. Thus, in an exercise that everyone thought would be patronizing, Kirby Jon runs circles around the police using his high IQ. The police attack again and again but are taken down time and time again. The exercise lasts for more than two days. Kirby Jon's high IQ skills shocks the entire country. In an instant, many banks and police stations invite Kirby Jon to participate in exercises with him as a robber to prove their security. However, none of them succeed in capturing Kirby Jon. At the same time, the world's top banks also invited this high IQ robber…

  • Act 1:
Night Rabbit

    Act 1: Night Rabbit


    In a world rules by humans, civilisations have emerged and crumbled giving rise to new inventions and technology. things that people of the past could only dream of. But with such advancements came a change in the way the world worked. while on the surface not much has changed while in the criminal underworld they are making use of a new species. a breed of human originaly created to be used in wars have now been bred and used as pawns and puppets of some of the richest and most influential people.This story follows the life of Shiro he is one such human who was subjected to genetic mutation and experiments. however he is unlike the rest of his kind he is not controlled by the rich and powerful instead they fear him.Join him in discovering the limits of his powers as he builds his own team of unique individuals.____________________-------------------____________________Join the discord anyone is available to help with cover art please Contact me via the discord so we can discuss.

  • Remember me
Act 1

    Remember me Act 1

  • The Roommate 1

    The Roommate 1



    Arissa berpikir kalau ia baru saja membuat sebuah kesalahan besar dengan menandatangani kontrak tinggal setahun dengan seorang maniak seks. Teman satu kontrakannya, Cristan dengan santainya selalu membawa wanita yang berbeda setiap malam untuk menjadi penghangat tempat tidurnya dan Arissa harus menahan derita untuk selalu menyumbat telinganya yang memerah akibat desahan dan erangan erotis yang harus ia dengar setiap malam. Masalahnya, ia baru saja pindah dan mendapat pekerjaan jadi ia tidak mungkin untuk langsung mencari tempat tinggal baru kan? Belum lagi, ia juga harus membantu mengirim uang bulanan ke panti asuhan dan anak tunggalnya. Hhh... Walaupun si maniak seks itu berwajah sangat menarik dengan tubuh yang luar biasa sempurna, Arissa harus bertahan untuk menuntaskan kontrak tempat tinggal sementaranya dan segera pindah secepat mungkin...

  • Hado - Act 1: The Crisis Within (Temporary On-Hold)

    Hado - Act 1: The Crisis Within (Temporary On-Hold)

    As both population and pollution was getting out of hand, it was no doubt that the world itself was decaying. Leaders from across nations had devised a "world and life" on space. Climate change itself was slowly rotting the earth. Building space colonies called "Brethens", humanity was able to venture across space. Then came the dreaded Black Christmas. Meteorites started to bombard the planet as the entire Earth's was covered from black smoke from the view in space. Unfortunately, majority of the people who remained died. Aenids (spacenoids who adapted life in outside Earth) were restricted to enter the earth's surface, same as those who remained are not allowed to leave the planet itself. Unknown to those who remained, strangely developed a strange ability they named as "Hado". These came from the compounds caused by the rotted meteorites, after being exposed in the earth's air. Decades had, the Aenids started to return to earth, creating boundaries against the Noeis, the survivors of the Black Christmas. Forming such descrimination and mischief, Noeis were mostly regarded as slaves, workers and nomads. The story starts off on Meguia Maxist, a daughter of an Aenid and a Noei, discovering his roots after being left in a junkyard. Follow her journey as she unravels a grave secret about Hado, the tyranny of the Aenids, and her destiny to save all living races.

  • The Final Act

    The Final Act



    What happens when a vampire joins a coven of witches?Chosen as the vampire to continue their tradition, Evelina journeyed to the capital with a goal of observing her prey, planning her strike. It was her destiny to be there, her destiny to bathe in the most delicious type of blood amongst all.What she did not expect was that she will find more of acting affairs than just bloodlusting because, bat's shriek, she just joined a theatre troupe! And with witches as actors? It was for her plans, she swear!Until it became more to her than just a mere stepping stone.Soon she must decide if her new found relations, the people she began treasuring, held more importance than the honor and respect she must get from her kind.-*-EXCERPT FROM THE THIRD CHAPTER:It wasn't supposed to be like this.She joined them in their laughter, more mockingly than real. "Pardon but have I missed the joke?"The protagonist beside her chuckled, moving closer to whisper. "Darling, we don't accept just anyone. Especially not a minx who thinks that she could get anything with just a twirl of her hair."-*-GOLD TIER WINNER OF WFP #11DISCORD: Vampi#0843Instagram: @youarejannBook Cover by: @ryadozeBuy me coffee (?) at:

  • Godson quote 1(Adam's act)

    Godson quote 1(Adam's act)

  • Double Act

    Double Act

    Sean Stirling isn’t having a good day. Hearing snide comments on a photoshoot, he storms off, not caring that he looks every inch a celebrity throwing a tantrum. Things get worse when he falls on the ice-covered street. As a car comes barreling toward him, there’s nothing he can do to prevent his fate.<br><br>Luckily, Emerson Willis is there to save the day.<br><br>Emerson pushes the man from the street, then gets bamboozled into accompanying the stranger to the hospital. After Emerson sees himself on television, he realizes the man he saved is a pop star.<br><br>Now, Sean is smitten and eager to thank his rescuer. Emerson, whose mind is still spinning, can’t tell what to think about the sudden attention. Can the musician convince Emerson they’re made for each other? Or will Emerson dismiss it all as the passing fancy of a rich and famous man?

  • Caught In The Act

    Caught In The Act

    When Jenny caught her husband cheating, her world came crumbling down. Her seemingly perfect life shattered before her eyes. She and Charles didn't have the perfect marriage but she never thought he would find solace in the arms of another woman. Jenny was broken, she felt betrayed, angry and lost. Charles never meant to hurt his wife or betray their Marital vows but the deed has been done and his home and marriage is now broken but he's determined to make amends and win back his wife before it's too late. Will she ever forgive him for what he has done? Can they find their way back to each other or is all hope lost for them to ever be together again.

  • SCP : On Act

    SCP : On Act

    All SCP Summations plus a short reenactment.

  • Act of Faith

    Act of Faith


  • An Act of Generosity

    An Act of Generosity

    Is sex enough? Can it evolve into love, or will a generous act return to kick Rob where it hurts?<br><br>Robert may be gay, but he's a responsible adult and a dedicated businessman. He hesitates to hire Lee, the man who's applied for the position of PA at his firm, knowing how hard it will be to deny his attraction to the younger man. What's worse, his business partner's pressing Robert to rent a room to the new hire.<br><br>But Lee hasn't been entirely honest with his new employers. He's trying to unravel the mysteries of his past, but instead, he falls for Robert.<br><br>Lee knows Robert has feelings for him, but can he get the proper English gentleman to admit they might share more than lust? And what will happen when Robert discovers they share a past?

  • Love act

    Love act

    Jeon Seulbi is a normal 18 year old girl who dreams of becoming a actress. She is kind and sweet. Seulbi hates love and are broken from her past and are a bit cold hearted. Lee minkyu is 18 year old boy. He is a actor. His mother is Seulbis mother best friend. He is smart and kind. He is silent but are open like a book. When he gets angry he acts stubborn. One day the both of them are forced to marry each other. How will they live with each other?Would they’re romance be real or is it all a act?

  • The Last Act

    The Last Act


    It all happened so fast.Humanity thought that monsters didn't exist.Humanity thought that Hope would be the last thing to die.Reality proving the impossible possible.It all happened way too fast.My name is John Blaze and this is Humanity's Last Act....( I'm a college student, so don't expect to have a consistent flow of chapters. )( English is not my first or even second language, so expect some grammatical errors. )



    Contemporary Romance R18 CEO BADBOY ENEMIESTOLOVERS

    Cecilia is secretly still in love with Mark, the lover she once abandoned for a revenge mission. Mark secretly still has a crush on Cecilia, even though the grudge in his heart can't be extinguished. They have a unique relationship: they both try to hurt each other but still desire each other. Amid complicated family conflicts, power struggles, the shadows of death, the intrigue of a love triangle, will Cecilia and Mark's love story finally unite? Or maybe they just got carried away by desire?

  • Act & Luck

    Act & Luck

  • Cultivation act

    Cultivation act

  • Perpetual Act

    Perpetual Act

  • The Blood Act

    The Blood Act


    King Salvatore de Orlok Drusilla created an Act that allowed vampires, werewolves,humans and other night crawlers to sustain themselves but some creatures found a better way to feed.

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