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  • Fantasy Simulator

    Fantasy Simulator


    After dying, Chen Heng finds that he has transmigrated to an alternate reality: everything is the same, except the world is now a Wuxia world heavily influenced by martial arts! Not only this, he discovers that he has a Fantasy Simulator, from which he obtains rewards that make him incredibly powerful in his new reality as well. Martial arts, immortal cultivation, and overpowered abilities--all of this begins from a single simulation!

  • The Reign Of Blood (fantasy, action, romance)

    The Reign Of Blood (fantasy, action, romance)


    "My mortal bride, desiring you is like an addictive drug. I hate you so much that sometimes it's hard for me to breathe. So free me from this ugly obsession. Kiss me until I'm sick of it." ----------------------------------------------- Whisked away to a kingdom of monsters and dark magic, Nikita discovers that her abductor, his face obscured by a jeweled mask is hiding far more than what his piercing scarlet eyes would suggest. He's not just a stranger. He is prince Caius: the youngest and wickedest son of the high Yokai king. He's immortal, he's beautiful, he's cruel and most of all, he despises her. But to win a place in the new kingdom she's in, she must defy him-and face the consequences. Driven by the hunger to gain power and survive on her own, Nikita dives into the art of war and palace politics. As she becomes more deeply embroiled in uncovering the adamantine power and the darkest secrets of the imperial courts, she can't seem to ignore her growing fascination for the ruthless prince. As much as she hates him and his cruelty, complicated feelings seem to be invading her heart. Like a moth to a flame, she is unable to resist his world of heady seductive glamour, power, and dangerous lies. Yet like the dark intrigues bewitching her, very little is what it appears-Caius included. [A love so forbidden it was unspeakable. But who would have ever thought that an angel would fall for a demon] (This is a retelling of Hades and Persephone's tale with a twist of Japanese mythology) **This novel is perfect for fans of 'A Court Of Roses And Thorns' and 'The Cruel Prince'**

  • Short stories, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance,Action, Reality, Detective.

    Short stories, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance,Action, Reality, Detective.

  • Accidental Romance

    Accidental Romance



    **Cover photo does not belong to me. (From the author of bad things in-house)**Ann Peters, a poor orphan, finds herself in love with CEO Wang Tae-joon, a man who everyone believes is far beyond her reach, she decides that only the deity can help her get him. She becomes even more desperate when she finds out that he is getting married to the billionaire daughter, Jiang Grace who is very mannerless and arrogant. Her desperate cry for help causes the deity to move in her favor and so after a brief accident both Ann and Grace wakes up in different hospitals to find out that they now occupy different bodies. Grace finds herself in Ann's body, and Ann finds herself in Grace's body. Ann goes home with the billionaire family and has to adjust to being the billionaire's daughter and automatically Wang Tae-joon's Fiancee. Tae-joon observes this new Grace in surprise as she is nothing like his arrogant fiancee, the lady before him represents everything he has ever wanted in a woman yet he is too scared to believe her when she professes her love to him. His fiancee never loved him and the only reason they were getting married was for a merger between both companies. Chairman Jiang finds out about the soul swap and instructs Ann to keep it a secret from everyone else, including his knowledge of it. As he wants his arrogant daughter to learn humility through this process. Grace on the other hand returns home with Mrs Shu, Ann's benefactor and finds out that a difficult life awaits her. Grace finds herself falling in love with Ann's cousin, Brad Carter who shows up in search of Ann. What happens to everyone and their relationships when the soul swap takes place again and both ladies return to their original place?**PS: Cover photo does not belong to me. (From the author of bad things in-house)**

  • Chaotic Romance (BL)

    Chaotic Romance (BL)

    Azarel Lancaster, a billionaire's gay son was forced by his father into marriage for an unknown reason. The only good thing was that he could choose his own spouse and who is better than the perfectly proud gold digger Evren Frazer that could anger his father to death for that position? Watch as the two enter a Contract Marriage that leads into a Chaotic Romance between the two of them!

  • fantasy romance

    fantasy romance

  • Fantasy Romance ?

    Fantasy Romance ?


    Rose Princess: female teen with red eyes and pink hair.Red rose: male teen with purple eyes and red hair.White rose: male teen with blue eyes and purple hair.Black rose: male teen with red eyes and black hair.Blue rose: male teen with yellow eyes and blue/ purple hair.Yellow rose: male teen with green eyes and blonde / yellow hair.

  • Purple Romance

    Purple Romance

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY FIRSTLOVE


    "This is a dream. Since it is a dream, let me at least savour it a little more''."If you are done checking me out, can I open my eyes now? Is hard pretending to be asleep when you keep touching me like that, Miss Lee''. Ad-Din said and opened his eyes.Maria Portia Lee graduated at the top of her class in the University at the age of 22 years and landed her first job as a teacher at a prestigious senior high school in their town. On her first day, she found herself falling for a final year student boy. Been a novice at love, coupled with family problems she decides to ignore the feelings that only grew stronger by the day. An unfortunate accident leaves Maria Portia Lee running to another city and her teaching license revoked. After 8 years, Maria didn't expect that the first person she would meet after returning to Cosmos town will be the same boy she used to love and there was just one problem, he wasn't a boy anymore but a man, a man that still made her heart to feel a lot of emotions and the worse part was, he was now her boss. Their roles have been exchanged totally. Ad-Din finally found the woman he had waited for, for 8 years and wasn't about to let anyone get in his way of making her his woman. Will their love story continue from where they left off? Will they be able to find happiness this time around? Purple Romance II Paige Payin is juggling between her school and work as a Queen in part-time working with good star ratings but the time she has left is used to fantasizes about her crush but all that changes when she meets bad boy Jordan Attoh and soon their bickering turns into something more but will their new found feelings stand the test of time when the culprit of all Paige's predicament turns out to be Jordan's own Father's selfishness? This book contains series of different love stories that stand the test of time. PS: Book cover does not belong to me. All credits go to the original owner.Please add this lovely book to your library and support me with power stones.catch me on discord, let's chat: @Purplebride #4135.

  • Masterpiece (A Fantasy Romance)

    Masterpiece (A Fantasy Romance)


    What happens when an abused werewolf princess is fated to a mysterious vampire prince?I'll tell you what. A whole shit load of drama and betrayal. ~~~Growing up, Bree Danvers was groomed for the role as queen. Everything she did was planned out for her. How to dress, how to smile, which meeting she had to go to, which person she couldn't talk to... all this and more yet, she never complained. She did everything as expected, to a point where she felt like she couldn't control her own life. Everything changed the day her father signs her off to another powerful alpha and her younger brother destined to rule instead of her. Unable to believe how messed up her life is, she decides she has had enough and runs away with her friend and personal guard, Liam Weston. Together, they settle down and join a local academy to have some sense of normalcy only they didn't expect the place to be crawling with vampires and one particular one seems to catch Bree's attention. So called king of the academy himself, Roman. With a bounty on her head and her identity to cover up, Bree and Roman are in for a rollercoaster of events. Especially when Roman figures Bree is his beloved.

  • With This Ring (FANTASY ROMANCE)

    With This Ring (FANTASY ROMANCE)


    A prince existing in 1890 Hades Alexander asserted his boundless love to a woman. They were both came from a prosperous domain family and were planning to consolidate their land. Til day comes, their contender came getting the wife of the prince. King Helios wants his wife and they will stop the battle only if Prince Hades gives his wife. No one wins the war without dying.Prince Hades died and vowed to return and live in the immortality and find his wife.

  • My Fantasy Romance

    My Fantasy Romance

  • Unnamed Fantasy Romance

    Unnamed Fantasy Romance

  • Ephemeral (fantasy,romance)

    Ephemeral (fantasy,romance)


  • No Romance, Please

    No Romance, Please



    Fate or accident? I don't know what it was. It played a cruel trick in my life and one day, I was not living anymore. I died! I got transmigrated into my favourite novel, ‘Romance, Please’! Ok, I agree that it's not a good title but still, I love the story. In the book universe, I pretended to be a princess, started to live in the palace, and even got my very own platinum tiara. I lived much better than in my previous life. But I had to pay the price... The book I loved the most wanted me dead, just for the sake of another character’s development. I had to die in two years, again for the story to progress. Should I wait and watch for the plot to kill me? That's not me! I just chose to rewrite the novel from scratch, together with the villain! Plot twist, No Romance, Please!!! ************************************************************ Warning: This book is a romance!!!

  • My Ghostly Romance

    My Ghostly Romance



    (MATURE CONTENT) *Strictly NO RAPE* Meet, Yang Mi, a powerful thousand year old female ghost whose favorite hobby is to stalk the innocent and handsome detective, Kaisar, who wanted nothing but to have her exorcised and vanish from his life. However, after he accidentally shot her and turned into a human, she demanded him to take responsibility. With no other choice, he gave in to her every whims. With the two of them living under the same roof, will love between a human and a ghost begin to bloom?



  • THE SCHOOL OF DERE (Tagalog Romance-Action Story)

    THE SCHOOL OF DERE (Tagalog Romance-Action Story)


    "If any harm were to befall on her, prepare yourself to get a taste of this world's damnation."-Typhoon Boniface

  • Homesick (Bl Fantasy Romance)

    Homesick (Bl Fantasy Romance)


    Ive posted this on Wattpad on the account Oddly-W1cked. Don't copy, dont use. Some chapters may be out here before its placed on Wattpad.Ever been homesick before? Well, im sick of home. I was so sick of it. I run away that day. I shouldn't have done that. All I want is for these memories to go away. I started running. I was running till the feeling that my lungs where bleeding. Untill I bumped into a tall, pale boy in an allyway.Nathaneal is a small werewolf. He has been mentally abused by the people he cared about. That was mostly his pack. Each time they replaced him for some vampire. And so he run away. But of course you can't be free if you walk into somone as pale as him...This is a story about love between two boys so you can leave if you dont like LGBTQIA stuff or if your uncomfortable with the topic. This will be my main focus right now. Ill try to make a chapter every 2 weeks. You may spam me if you want a chapter.Rating's and Comment are very much appreciated!! No smut! It may be a bit smutty though. (As in kissing and cuddling)Ill warn you for sure if theres something like a sensitive topic in the chapter. Just ask me.Thanks for my beta reader, Cecil with helping me with this story!(Update on that there dead, but Ill keep them in for a reminder)

  • The Eye Of The Storm (A Fantasy Romance Novel)

    The Eye Of The Storm (A Fantasy Romance Novel)



    When Ayra Sylvahnna was summoned by the president of Foxerall at the bewitching hour of a stormy night, she realised it was the dreadful beginning of a dark end. When an A-rank mission entailing the capture of a vicious demon was assigned to them, Ayra Sylvahnna knew this was going to be very different from her other missions. War and love will clash with each other. Trust and betrayal will face each other. And Ayra must be prepared for all of it. A journey encompassing around three wizards, who find themselves amidst a deadly storm of unfathomable power, cryptic prophecies, dead kings and lost queens, fight against death itself. A chronicle of friendship, love, happiness and betrayal that revolves around three powerful and fierce-hearted wizards who each have a story to tell.Note: This is a slow burn romance so don't expect them to kiss at chapter ten or something. It's gonna take time but I promise you, the journey will be sweet :3

  • I Became Villain in Action Romance novel *dropped

    I Became Villain in Action Romance novel *dropped


    Just A consept I want to write but than I Can't Write because of lack of Story and emotions.

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