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  • Spirit Actor

    Spirit Actor

    Qui Xie, a famous leading actor who wowed millions, has died. However, he did not go to heaven. He became a spirit, unseen by all except for Aki, an actress who just entered the industry. She, a nervous wreck, sees him, and faints. Waking up, with Qui looking down on her, she asks meekly, “Wh-who a-are y-you?” “I’m Qui Xie.” Realizing that she’s seeing a famous recently dead actor, she faints again. Fast forward... Aki and Qui Xie make a deal. She will help him figure out why he’s a ghost, and he will help her with her acting skills. Follow these two on their journey while meeting others on the way and aiming for the top of the film industry! And also solving Qui Xie’s problem, he wants to be in a living body too...

  • The Legendary Actor

    The Legendary Actor



    After getting the final relief from his past sufferings, Chu Jiashu was given a second chance when he found himself in the body of an infant from an aristocratic family of Hall. Now, nothing is going to stop him from achieving his long-cherished dream of acting. Enter Renly Hall, a Hollywood miracle of 21st century.Note from the translator - from me, that is. "Honestly, I get frustrated too much when I look at countless subpar novels being translated day after day. So much human resources wasted. I kinda get what Qidian International is doing, but it is just, I can't bear the notion of having so many wonderful novels that belong to the Chinese platform to be left in the dust. English-speaking community should know of the existence of such brilliant works, and more so, they should enjoy them. The novel is by a Chinese dude "Qiqi Jia D Mao Mao", whatever that might mean, who wrote several showbiz novels (he is probably the best at what he is doing). It is not my work, I'm just a dude who, with the help of two free machine translators (DeepL and good ol' Google), can show you a hidden gem. Wait, you said machine translators? Sadly, yes. I can't speak Chinese at all, but fortunately, this novel is structured in a machine-translation-friendly way, like really so. Most of the time context is saved. I'm just polishing the edges with my superb (not really) editing skills, so you all chaps have a splendid experience with this good staff indeed. Actually, you can go and read machine translation or just wait for my updates. Up to you dudes and dudies. And then I go away...blewb, blewb, blewb, blewb, blewb....."P.S."I am a knife for a hire. So the managers of the site can employ me for this novel, but please don't remove it. Oh, please, I'm begging you on my knees. You guys won't even think of translating this novel, and here I am "translating" it for free,.... well for the time being, that is mwahahaha!"P.S. for P.S.This novel does not contain the following:Harem, definitely not NTR, stupid characters, NTR again (God, I hate NTR (secretly beating the meat for a one in hentai))But this novel contains:Great storyline, relatable characters, realistic situations, very fun moments as well as tear jerking ones (so much so, you will find your throat hella sore from crying all the time), surprise after surprise for the decisions that author went with.You will have a good time indeedWARNING! READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!

  • The Obsessed Actor

    The Obsessed Actor

    Jason Myers a sinfully handsome , talented and successful actor who doesn't believe in having relationships even though all the other female actresses throw themselves at him. What will happen when the 27 year old crosses paths with a newbie in the industry? Will he fall in love with her?Alicia Beckett a beautiful, talented but really unlucky girl who dreamed of becoming an actress and a singer since she was a kid, but when she got a small role in a small Tv show it turned out to be a miserable failure. When the 18 year old finally got a big break with the "KING" of the industry what will happen? Will she become successful or will it turn out to be yet another failure for her? Will her life be the same after knowing the KING?

  • The Best Actor !

    The Best Actor !


    Never had been before the Best Actor been won by the same person for consecutive three years but was achieved by Felix. But there is a secret that no one knows..Felix was a girl.

  • Mated to an Actor

    Mated to an Actor


    An outrageously shocking love story.Read at your own risk.



    Harin hanya ingin hidup mandiri tanpa ada tekanan dari papanya. Ia tidak pernah membayangkan akan bertemu dengan artis papan atas Kang Hyun jae yang terkenal dingin bahkan tinggal di apartemen pria itu.Kang Hyun jae ternyata adalah kakak kandung sahabatnya Sean yang sudah enam tahun tidak pernah datang ke Indonesia.Pertemuan pertama mereka sungguh memalukan. Hyun jae tiba-tiba menyentuh... pokoknya itu hal yang sangat memalukan bagi Harin.Seiring berjalannya waktu, keduanya mulai saling mencintai sampai pria lain datang dan mengaku sebagai tunangan Harin.

  • Back Off, the Best Actor is Mine

    Back Off, the Best Actor is Mine


    In Serene’s past life, she gave up her dream for her beloved—only for him to cheat on her, leaving her with a broken heart and a dead child. Given a second chance, Serene is determined to take revenge on all who wronged her, starting with developing the career that should’ve taken off if it weren’t for her wretched ex-husband. This time, she will be the screenwriter of her own life! When fate pushes her to meet the hunky actor, Damon Wilson, sparks inevitably fly. Together, can she and the prince of the silver screen rise above their enemies? — “You built me back up Serene,” Damon whispered into my ear, his lips grazing down my ear lobe to the nape of my neck. His hand cupped my breast, massaging my past heartbreak away. “Damon, you did it all by yourself,” I uttered, releasing a slight moan as his mouth cascaded down to my chest. “It doesn't matter. All I know is I'm yours, forever.” Back Off, the Best Actor is Mine is created by Bella Gold, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • Actor Love

    Actor Love

  • romance of an actor

    romance of an actor

    Magical Realism ROMANCE CAMPUS

    A wonderful love story about an actor falling in love with a college student. It tells about the obstacles that they need to face in their relationship

  • The Actor Extraordinaire

    The Actor Extraordinaire


    ENGLISH TRANSLATION Updates: regularly Status In COO: 83 Chapters (Completed) Author: 漫漫何其多, Man Man He Qi Duo Summary: "Fresh meat" Jiang Chi - to get closer to his unrequited love, an actor extraordinaire - did everything to join Ye Lan's filming project, even if it meant he would not get paid. Note: 影帝, literally means "movie king". Used for famous and accomplished actors. The actress equivalent is 影后, meaning "movie queen". 小鲜肉, literally means "young, fresh meat". Used for young, rising actors with good looks (who often star in more commercial-oriented films.) The actress equivalent is 小花, meaning "fresh flower" Notes: I am not a native Chinese speaker so if there's any mistakes pls excuse me. Hope u enjoy!! Unauthorized non-commercial translation

  • My Actor Mate

    My Actor Mate

  • World Class Actor

    World Class Actor


    The career of Atlas, a world-renowned artist, is destroyed by accusations of "rape". Even though he was able to clear his name, the slander and media attention ruined his career. Having lost everything, the hurt and betrayed Atlas does the unthinkable and ends his own life. But to his surprise, after hearing the bang of his pistol and everything goes dark. He isn't dead. Please note that the cover image does not belong to me if the creator would like me to take it down... Please contact me.Important information: There is no system... But there is a System interface. This means he can’t use the commonly used method of leveling up via experience points, there’s also no shop or quest... Nothing like that. He can just see his stats in numerical value that’s all.I haven't been able to focus on the novel because of school, but I should be able to get a few chapters out a week. No promises. Any feedback will be highly appreciated as this is my first time writing.If there are any writing errors or something is structured wrong please let me know. With all that being said, I thank you for giving this a chance.

  • My Psycho Actor

    My Psycho Actor

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18 MAFIA

    She was once the Daydream which is now a renowned Nightmare to begin with....He was once the child filled with innocence and love for his family which is now nothing but a Casanova who loves to fool around...........................................................Jen Lim, a Psychologist, owning her own Hospital Chain, the eldest Daughter of the great Lim Family, the grand daughter of Albert Lim and the daughter of Stevenson Albert Lim, the geniuses of Business Industry. Ruling Empire was always Lim's in the Business World, the country's whole economy works just because of them. She was the Daughter Of a Medical Prodigy Joanne Wills, A genes filled with nothing but beauty and intelligence. But....Even if she was born in a Family like Lim's...she was nothing but an Ice Log, looks like a harmless Sheep, a goddess will be less to describe her Beauty....But Love was not in her agenda....Hate for her eyes no one was trustworthy unless or until that person was from the main Branch of Lim Family. She was Brutal, Dangerous and the Reincarnation of the Satan will be the correct phrase to describe her true self. Dan Lee, an Idol, the man who has a dangerously handsome face, ruling Billions of Fan's hearts. He with his flirty and jolly personality has won infinite hearts yet he just loves to play around. Born in a Family filled with Money and a name as Superior as Lim's was a blessing in curse to him. Blessed to have everything he wants...yet a curse too....for losing his mother because of his family's name. He played around with girls, a man with a seductive smile on his face to capture everyone's heart. Being a Casanova wasn't something bad in his eyes...this is what he thought...But Dan was not something easy she may think of him...he himself was a MYSTERY.................................................................................."Mr. Lee please get yourself out or else my Guards are very bad in listening they will throw you out from here even before you try to complain to them."Dan who was sitting on his VVIP Ward's bed smirked at her response. With a Swish her hand snaked around her small petite waist and he pulled her towards him making her sit on his lap, her eyes grew wide in shock and anger both. Leaving no room for an Argument with the Ice Queen he captured her Lips and kissed her without any warning. Her hands made their way to slap his chest but his strong hands held her slim wrists tightly pulling her hands towards his neck for support. He kissed her Strawberry like red lips with passion and lust. Biting them slowly, nibbling and sucking her plump lips trying his best to make her feel best. his surprise she responded to his kiss ...her First Kiss.....................................................................................The Novel is an original work of the author.The following cover was taken from Pinterest, the editing on it was done by the author only. The Novel features mystery, romance, drama, action and Love.HOPE YOU ENJOY THE NOVEL YOUR SINCERELYGURUBABY

  • supreme god of actor

    supreme god of actor

  • My Husband Is An Actor

    My Husband Is An Actor

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE R18

    Min Young(27) seorang CEO perusahaan fashion terbesar di Korea. Ia adalah anak dari seorang pengusaha SAMSUNG. Min Young terpaksa menikahi Hyun Bin(30) seorang Aktor dan CEO Vest Entertaiment. Hyun Bin menikahi Min Young bukan karena atas dasar cinta, tetapi ada yang Ia rahasiakan. Pernikahan mereka juga rahasia, publik tidak mengetahui bahwa Aktor mereka telah menikah.Setelah pernikahan mereka, kehidupan mereka tampak sama. Mereka tinggal terpisah sama seperti sebelum mereka menikah. Tetapi ada kejadian yang membuat mereka harus tinggal bersama. Min Young berusaha agar Hyun Bin mencintainya tetapi di satu sisi, Hyun Bin menjalin hubungan dengan seorang Aktris setelah pernikahan mereka.Bagaimana nasib pernikahan mereka? Akankah Hyun Bin mencintai Min Young dan meninggalkan selingkuhannya?Atau Hyun Bin akan meninggalkan Min Young demi selingkuhannya?ENJOY READING!DON'T FORGET TO VOTE AND COMMENT!

  • Actors


    Teen ROMANCE

    a story about an actor who's also a famous celebrity. Tough having all he fame he's still so lonely and needs a friend or a girlfriend in his life. He meets his old best friend's son and they got in touch with each other from that one incident. Over time they realized that they were meant to be and were officially together.

  • The Musician and The Actor (BL)

    The Musician and The Actor (BL)

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18 BL

    Ohm is a member of a boy and in Thailand who has a secret relationship with Jin- an actor in television BL dramas. Neither are out and neither are allowed to express their love with each other. But the pressures of fandom become too much to handle.

  • My Boyfriend Is A Actor

    My Boyfriend Is A Actor

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    Seoarang dokter asal dari indonesia melanjutkan kan studi nya di negara China, dan bertemu dengan seorang Aktor china

  • Best Actor Wants To Stay With Me

    Best Actor Wants To Stay With Me


    At the movie premiere, a curious reporter notices the marks on Xia Siyu’s neck. “What’s that?” Xia Siyu flicks her hair carelessly. “A mosquito bit me.” After returning home, Bo Yan pins her against the wall, his voice teasing yet dangerous. “A mosquito? Do I need to bite you again?” Xia Siyu gains weight easily and is always fat shamed with words like being “as fat as a pregnant woman”. One day, she is mocked so harshly that she appears on the top searches. While everyone thinks of it as another joke, the movie star, Bo Yan, replies unexpectedly, “Thank you for your well wishes! Our baby is already three months old.”

  • I am actor and director

    I am actor and director

    I want to be hero

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