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  • The Adapter's System

    The Adapter's System



    In the year 2053, earth was struck with a mana surge from a failed scientific project, causing great magical calamities and mutations. The supernatural became the natural, magic became the norm. Advanced Civilisation had become extinct. While suffering through the invasion of races and the aggression of monsters originated from the mutation of animals. With this society who has progressed into the supernatural, how would a Young talentless man, with no power or magic, be able to survive? What if, one day, he had a fortunate encounter with a system, a system which could not only adapt but evolve. Would he remain weak and powerless? Or would he adapt and become something… Bigger? Power stone objectives till the end of march: 200 Power stones / 2 extra chapters 400 Power stones / 3 Extra chapters 600 Power stones / 4 Extra chapters Collection Goals: 500 Collections : 1 Extra chapter 1000 Collections: 2 Extra chapters 2000 Collections: 3 Extra Chapters

  • Ghost Teller (adapted)

    Ghost Teller (adapted)

    *This is an adaption from the Webtoon 'Ghost Teller' created by QTT. Please support the creator on Webtoon as well.You think your ghost stories are scary? Try listening to these stories from the ghosts themselves.

  • Adaptation


    Pepper writes stories that span the gamut from humorous to heartfelt, however the common theme is crossing boundaries. Pepper's unique stories often tackle taboo topics such as mental illness and homelessness. Readers will find themselves questioning their own sense of right and wrong, attraction and desire. In addition to writing, the author is also an artist, an introverted recluse, a self proclaimed empath and a foodie. Pepper Pace can be contacted at: Carmella was still a teen when the Motherships first appeared dotting the skies over the Earth. For years the world tried to normalize while the silent Motherships hovered. And then THEY arrived, promising that they meant no harm. But within ten years eighty percent of the world’s population would be wiped out. Including everyone that Carmella loved. The ‘blobs’ took those that survived to another planet called Earth Two. But Carmella was an Earthling and she would kill the hated monsters that had destroyed her world before she would allow them to take her. Carmella settled into a lonely existence on the now desolate earth—all alone except for her wolf. And then she sees it hiding, watching her—maybe to capture her and remove her from the only thing that she can still call her own--her world. But Bilal is not like the other Centaurians. He is fully aware that he will never be like the humans that he’s grown up with. Earth is the only home he knows and he feels that he is just as much an Earthling as any human. Shunned by his own kind, Bilal travels the Earth trying to capture an essence of the life that he could never be a part of and a world that would never accept him. When he sees the black woman living all alone his curiosity gets the best of him. He cannot stop himself from watching her, and secretly growing more attached to the human. Bilal’s quest to become human brings him to a decision that will forever change the course of human-kind. In an attempt to ease the woman's loneliness--or perhaps a need to recreate himself, Bilal impregnates the woman with his Alien DNA.

  • Adaptation


    Fantasy ACTION

    Ray woke up only knowing his name and that he could slowly adapt. in an unknown environment seeming to change at random. -Note guys I do have dyslexia so sorry for mess ups and spelling mistakes I also suck at capitulation and punctuation.



    Martial Arts ACTION

    The tardigrade is known as one of the most resistant animals on the planet. It has survived the harshest conditions known to man, found living in mud volcanoes, in frozen lakes and in the empty vacuum of space. But the reason for this isn't some amazing superpower that makes it impossible to kill. It's the ability to adapt, to change, and to thrive.




    Rose is raised in an experimental military lab trained to be a weapon and a genius in all subjects, she can adapt at inhuman rates. She's s kept on top security and surveillance. If or when she escapes will she be able to live the ordinary life she has always dreamed of?

  • Absolute Adaptation

    Absolute Adaptation


    The Earth has started with the awakening process after a concentration of energy reaches its core the earth has no choice but to evolve the life forms on the planet.Many will die, but those who prevail became the new world order and ruled this new world where the weak die and the strong survive. [Assimilating living beings to the Earth System] [The Milky Way Initiated with the process of evolution all life forms in the Galaxy without exception will be able to unlock their innate power depending on their affinity] [Grow strong or perish the choice is yours]

  • Age of Adaptation

    Age of Adaptation


    [ i don't know who is the artist but if you know him/her please tell me or if you are the person] A data-loving young man from Earth has an accident that transports him to a dark land filled with terrifying creatures and magical powers. Fortunately for him, he has a Biological Assistance Chip to ease his path. However, things in this bizarre and strange world are not always as they seem, and, though it is a tremendous asset, the chip doesn’t always work as expected. With all of the crazy creatures and magical mayhem around him, one can only wonder what the future holds for this young man

  • Adapting Ability

    Adapting Ability

    Lloyd found a baby on a cave in Mount Everest. The baby is a member of a likely wealthy and influential family because the baby has already an ability. What intriguing is that it also has body-heating sort of ability like Lloyd. See the life and adventure of Lloyd's adopted child.

  • Adaptive Learner

    Adaptive Learner

    When the world is destroyed by nuclear explosions on January 17th, 2022, everybody died. With the earth gone many were given the choice of choosing a server, or queueing for a new one. This is the story of one boy's life in a newly queued server.You can also find this story on Royal Road

  • Lost In adaptation

    Lost In adaptation

    Magical Realism COMEDY



  • The first adapter

    The first adapter

  • Perfect Adaptability

    Perfect Adaptability



  • Adapting To The Apocalypse

    Adapting To The Apocalypse


    The world of Arkendol is one full of magic and mystery, where deadly beasts lurk in the darkness, and powerful races rule the lands.Yet while kingdoms prosper, and peace prevails, a sinister force darkens the horizon. Known simply as the Lost, their only desire is to bring forth the destruction of the world. A complete and utter apocalypse. In a distant nation beneath the rule of humans, lived a young man by the name of Lucas Infell. Born into this world of magic and mystery with a broken core, his days were spent completing the tedious quests other Adventurers ignored, all in order to provide for his younger sister.Alas, all that changed the day his town was overrun by an army of Fawnsrot Orks, led by one of the Seven Lost. Within the hour they razed his town to the ground, and left him as the last sole survivor.The next time he woke, he found himself in the company of a man, whose past was even more mysterious than his ability.Beneath his guidance, Lucas learned to awaken the power trapped within him, and set off on a journey for revenge.But will he be able to handle the responsibilities and expectations that come from going against the Lost?Especially when his strange new ability draws the attention of those in power, and leaves them either in awe... or fear.

  • Adaptative Soul (Longchinchin)

    Adaptative Soul (Longchinchin)


    La vida cambió para este chico. La vida tomó un rumbo inesperado, por lo cual, se tuvo que adaptar obligatoriamente a esos cambios. De hecho, no solo adaptarse. También... dominar, estos cambios. Esta es una novela, que si bien es original, salió completamente de la nada. Soy Longchinchin, y estoy escribiendo esta novela, cuando tengo tiempo. Trataré de ser lo más posible certero con los géneros de la misma, así que si quieres saber de qué se trata, puedes confiar completamente en esos géneros o etiquetas que tendrá la novela. Soy un chico que cuando me da una idea, la exploto, por lo que espero escribir todo este libro hasta el punto en el que mi mente está pensando en este momento, pero también vivo en este mundo secular y tengo problemas seculares como todos los demás. Y sobretodo, no soy chino, así que no esperes miles y miles de capítulos como estos suelen hacer, esos chinos son unos genios, pero están locos, en mi opinión. También, la novela está escrita en español, pero si solo sabes leerla en inglés, te recomiendo usar el traductor de google del navegador chrome para esto, puesto que mi escritura, como puedes ver, no es nada complicada, y sencilla de traducir. Lo que evita que hayan errores a la hora de leer. Dios te bendiga. Eso es todo. ********************************************** Life changed for this boy. Life took an unexpected turn, for which, it was necessary to adapt to those changes. In fact, not just adapt. Also... master, those changes. This is a novel that, while original, came completely out of nowhere. I am Longchinchin, and I am writing this novel, when I have time. I will try to be as accurate as possible with the genres of it, so if you want to know what it is about, you can completely trust those genres or labels that the novel will have. I'm a guy that when i have an idea, I blow it up, so I hope to write this whole book to the point where my mind is thinking right now, but I also live in this secular world and have secular problems just like everyone else. And above all, I'm not Chinese, so don't expect thousands and thousands of chapters like these usually do, those Chinese are geniuses, but they are crazy, in my opinion. Also, the novel is written in Spanish, but if you only know how to read it in English, I recommend you use the google translator of the chrome browser for this, since my writing, as you can see, is not complicated at all, and easy to translate. This prevents errors when reading. God bless you. That's it.

  • Reborn: Anime world: DxD

    Reborn: Anime world: DxD


    This is a story of an ordinary man, who was some how, able to become lucky and roam different world with cheats. while saving the unfortunate ladies form their unwanted or unneeded faith, while completing task given by God.The worlds he will be traveling are1. High School DxD.2. One Piece.3. Fairy Tail.4. Narutoetc. Release rate will be 5 chapter per week with at least 1.5k to 2k words.

  • Transformers: Adapt

    Transformers: Adapt


    Leo but everyone called him hornet. He never knew why but he enjoyed the name. He was dying on his sofa but he felt no pain he could just tell it was his time. He mutter to him self” if I come back I wanna be able to adapt to be the best”/-/-// Later after waking up he found him self in a new world in a desert and his body was fully metal

  • Adaptation from Earth

    Adaptation from Earth


    Transmigrated into a world of magic whose body of a failure noble. His family was all he had in his previous world, but now, will it be the same? Will he be able to adapt to this new environment? Thus, join Floyde Wolfe in his journey to becoming the Apex of all mages where magic isn't hereditary. Join him and feel the hardships he'll take, and the pain of losing someone in great conflicts.Being a wielder of magic takes one, but to be one takes all. Make way for the World of magic, because this is just the beginning.******************Authors note:JOIN ME IN MY DISCORD, wait, Nevermind, I don't have one. Just read the book. It won't disappoint you, but maybe a little. ;))

  • Naruto Anime System

    Naruto Anime System

    A Man who only know how to pit others, cross into the Uzumaki Naruto, with the strongest system to create the strongest harem. Keke ~ ~ said wrong, to create the strongest Hokage. An otaku: “Wait, let me see what this daily task is, um, very simple, kick the 3rd Hokage’s ass. Well, I admit that you can pit me, Hokage ass is not something a common man can kick. Or, even if you kicked, can the ANBU ninja let me go? God, who will save me.” A system: “I am God.” A otaku: “……….” “You see, I am going to do it. Isn’t it just kicking someone ass? What’s the big deal? After 18 years, Laozi will be a hero.”

  • How to Adapt.

    How to Adapt.