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  • The Adapter's System

    The Adapter's System



    In the year 2053, earth was struck with a mana surge from a failed scientific project, causing great magical calamities and mutations. The supernatural became the natural, magic became the norm. Advanced Civilisation had become extinct. While suffering through the invasion of races and the aggression of monsters originated from the mutation of animals. With this society who has progressed into the supernatural, how would a Young talentless man, with no power or magic, be able to survive? What if, one day, he had a fortunate encounter with a system, a system which could not only adapt but evolve. Would he remain weak and powerless? Or would he adapt and become something… Bigger? Power stone objectives till the end of march: 200 Power stones / 2 extra chapters 400 Power stones / 3 Extra chapters 600 Power stones / 4 Extra chapters Collection Goals: 500 Collections : 1 Extra chapter 1000 Collections: 2 Extra chapters 2000 Collections: 3 Extra Chapters

  • Transmigrating to the 80s to Become Stepmom to Five Bigwigs

    Transmigrating to the 80s to Become Stepmom to Five Bigwigs


    Mu Jingzhe transmigrates into a book filled with sweet, doting love to become the useless supporting character who serves as a foil to the female lead. She also becomes the stepmom of five kids to her recently deceased husband. The five children are the sort that was bound to grow up to become villainous bigwigs. Right now though, these five bigwigs are still pitiful little kids. After weighing the pros and cons, Mu Jingzhe decides to stay for the time being to take care of them, only hoping that they wouldn't seek revenge on her in the future. Unexpectedly, when she is about to leave, the five bigwigs cling to her and refuse to let her go. —— A long time later, her supposedly dead husband, Shao Qihai, returns. The terrifying business bigshot, Shao Dong: "Thanks, Mommy." The famous author-and-media mogul, Shao Xi: "Mommy helped me." The academic genius who two top universities are fighting over, Shao Nan: "Mommy, help me choose.” The youngest winner of the Best Actress Award, Shao Bei: “Love Mommy the most.” The globally-renowned musician, Shao Zhong: “This is for Mommy.” ...... The five children only recognize their mother and have zero thoughts about their father. Their father's dear brother and old rival turn into his rival in love, waiting to abduct his wife home. Shao Qihai: Hm?!! I'm not dead yet. I'm alive, and I'm back!

  • Drama, Drama, Drama

    Drama, Drama, Drama

  • Reborn To Love

    Reborn To Love



    “So, what do you want?” He Xinyan quickly glanced up into Gu Yechen’s face and frowned. Why did he look so familiar? Where did she see him before? “I want you.” “. . .” Well, that was direct. He Xinyan opened her mouth to speak but she couldn’t form the right words. “Let's make a deal. You become my girlfriend and you can ask for anything in return.” “Anything?” He Xinyan repeated. Gu Yechen nodded his head, “Anything.” He Xinyan thought about what could help her but realized that there wasn’t much she needed as of now. However, she would definitely need support in the future. There were many things she couldn’t do by herself, but Gu Yechen would definitely be able to do. “How long would this deal last?” Gu Yechen leaned back against the couch casually, “However long I feel like.” “And. . . that is about how long?” “Forever.” --- He Xinyan’s life was in ruins. After being cheated on by her fiance, her life went downhill as she lived under endless rumors and hate comments. Her stepsister framed her for things she never did, her fiance betrayed her, and her father kicked her out of the house for being an unfilial daughter. At the lowest point of her life, she died. . . A car accident killed her, and also brought her back to eight years ago, before everything started going downhill. With a second chance, He Xinyan was determined to take back what was rightfully hers and also take revenge on those who hurt her in the past. He Xinyan thought that she was already prepared for all the lies and secrets from her past, but she realizes that her first life was only a joke as more secrets get uncovered. In her twisted life and story, He Xinyan couldn’t possibly defeat everyone’s schemes and achieve her goals by herself. Through an unexpected encounter, she met Gu Yechen, the cold and powerful CEO of the Gu Corporation. With a powerful and cunning man protecting and helping her this time around, He Xinyan was certain that her second chance would be successful! However, success doesn’t come easily. . . --- Note ~ No rape and no major misunderstandings Update: 1 to 2 chapters daily This is an original story by me and not a translation. The picture in the cover is not mine. Credits to the owner :) Join my discord server: Author’s Instagram: helemon_author

  • Ghost Teller (adapted)

    Ghost Teller (adapted)

    *This is an adaption from the Webtoon 'Ghost Teller' created by QTT. Please support the creator on Webtoon as well.You think your ghost stories are scary? Try listening to these stories from the ghosts themselves.

  • Adaptation


    Fantasy ACTION

    Ray woke up only knowing his name and that he could slowly adapt. in an unknown environment seeming to change at random. -Note guys I do have dyslexia so sorry for mess ups and spelling mistakes I also suck at capitulation and punctuation.

  • Adaptation


    Pepper writes stories that span the gamut from humorous to heartfelt, however the common theme is crossing boundaries. Pepper's unique stories often tackle taboo topics such as mental illness and homelessness. Readers will find themselves questioning their own sense of right and wrong, attraction and desire. In addition to writing, the author is also an artist, an introverted recluse, a self proclaimed empath and a foodie. Pepper Pace can be contacted at: Carmella was still a teen when the Motherships first appeared dotting the skies over the Earth. For years the world tried to normalize while the silent Motherships hovered. And then THEY arrived, promising that they meant no harm. But within ten years eighty percent of the world’s population would be wiped out. Including everyone that Carmella loved. The ‘blobs’ took those that survived to another planet called Earth Two. But Carmella was an Earthling and she would kill the hated monsters that had destroyed her world before she would allow them to take her. Carmella settled into a lonely existence on the now desolate earth—all alone except for her wolf. And then she sees it hiding, watching her—maybe to capture her and remove her from the only thing that she can still call her own--her world. But Bilal is not like the other Centaurians. He is fully aware that he will never be like the humans that he’s grown up with. Earth is the only home he knows and he feels that he is just as much an Earthling as any human. Shunned by his own kind, Bilal travels the Earth trying to capture an essence of the life that he could never be a part of and a world that would never accept him. When he sees the black woman living all alone his curiosity gets the best of him. He cannot stop himself from watching her, and secretly growing more attached to the human. Bilal’s quest to become human brings him to a decision that will forever change the course of human-kind. In an attempt to ease the woman's loneliness--or perhaps a need to recreate himself, Bilal impregnates the woman with his Alien DNA.



    Martial Arts ACTION

    The tardigrade is known as one of the most resistant animals on the planet. It has survived the harshest conditions known to man, found living in mud volcanoes, in frozen lakes and in the empty vacuum of space. But the reason for this isn't some amazing superpower that makes it impossible to kill. It's the ability to adapt, to change, and to thrive.

  • The Drama

    The Drama


    The Auxiliary Volume will have better descriptions of the stories.Each Volume will be a different story.Volume 1: Our Darkest Truth- 18th century drama. Family, murders, riches, questionable decisions, and a group that story evolves around.Volume 2: The Aging woman- A woman who can never fully die, nor live. Bea is a cursed widow. If she loves, she grows older. If she hates she becomes younger. She must live in equilibrium. But how can she when life hurdles things and people at you?Volume 3: The mad Painter's son- A story about abuse, healing and the frustrations. A boy dealing with a lot who ends up falling in love.Volume 4: The Road to you- Is about a man and a woman forced to forget each other. Their love is powerful enough that they get flashes of memories and feelings. The broken couple go on the search for each other.




    Rose is raised in an experimental military lab trained to be a weapon and a genius in all subjects, she can adapt at inhuman rates. She's s kept on top security and surveillance. If or when she escapes will she be able to live the ordinary life she has always dreamed of?

  • His Drama Queen

    His Drama Queen

    My name is Julencia. I am 19 year olds old and I live in Suriname. My hobbies are writing, reading, and watching movies. I’m a college student and I’m majoring in Advanced Management. Nicole Vargas. Spoiled, rich, smart, and melodramatic. She graduated Fashion Design in Brazil and was the daughter of a well known artist and the CEO of 'The Vargas' hotel and casino chains. She could get anything she wants at just the snap of her fingers. Even her career. But she didn't. And she wouldn't take advantage of her parents position in society. In fact, she wanted to be successful on her own. But her father didn't want to let her go all the way to New York where she could fulfill her dreams. For him, she was still a little girl. Ethan Gray. Insanely handsome and a mouthwatering specimen. Ethan Gray graduated Business Administration at the London Business School in England. After he graduated he took over his uncle's business and instantly became the richest and youngest CEO in England. After so many years he returned back to Brazil to visit his parents and attend the yearly elite ball. After that he would go to New York to expand his business and would stay there for a year. But, things turned a little bit different. He didn't went to New York alone. Instead, he had the daughter of Santiago Vargas with him. The most annoying, dramatic, but absolutely beautiful girl he had ever met. He couldn't stand her tantrums and drama. And she wasn't willing to change just for him. After all, he was just the guy that was suppose to watch over her. A hot, sexy as sin guy.

  • Absolute Adaptation

    Absolute Adaptation


    The Earth has started with the awakening process after a concentration of energy reaches its core the earth has no choice but to evolve the life forms on the planet.Many will die, but those who prevail became the new world order and ruled this new world where the weak die and the strong survive. [Assimilating living beings to the Earth System] [The Milky Way Initiated with the process of evolution all life forms in the Galaxy without exception will be able to unlock their innate power depending on their affinity] [Grow strong or perish the choice is yours]




    Pahlawan sepak bola yang sedang naik daun, Comal Martin, membuat salam Maria suatu malam di ruang ganti perguruan tinggi yang menghasilkan tujuh hari terpanas dan terseksi dalam masa mudanya. Namun, gangguan setelah drama itu membuatnya menyembunyikan masa lalunya dan mengubur masa depannya di dasar botol. Meskipun Comal tampaknya memiliki segalanya, penampilan bisa menipu, terutama ketika Kamu terjebak terlalu jauh di dalam masa lalumu sehingga Kamu tidak dapat melihat jalan keluar. Ketika sepuluh tahun menjalani gaya hidup jalur cepat yang diharapkannya membuatnya bertunangan dengan pacar supermodel Indonesia yang manipulatif, dia memutuskan sudah waktunya untuk membuat drama baru. Joel Mondy seorang diri membangun gym pemandu sorak all-star terbesar di dunia, didorong oleh kebutuhan untuk melupakan pertemuan yang mengubah hidup dengan quarterback tampan satu dekade lalu. Reputasinya sebagai pelatih yang sangat bagus, pebisnis yang keras dalam segala hal, dan pengusaha yang pintar membuatnya dihormati di dunia pemandu sorak yang kompetitif. Ketika Joel mengetahui rencana mantan kekasihnya untuk menikah, hatinya meledak dan tekadnya yang ditempatkan dengan hati-hati jatuh tanpa alas untuk menyerap kejutan. Bisakah pelarian pulaunya membantunya untuk akhirnya melepaskan masa lalu dan memajukan hidupnya?

  • Confessions of a Drama Queen

    Confessions of a Drama Queen


    It had never crossed her mind, that Mandy Gilbert, would live in her imaginary life when the boy she had a crush on since primary school, Justin Bedington, chose her to be his wife. Mandy knew Justin for as long as she remembered. She was only able to look at him through an untouchable wall known as ‘reality’. Justin is crazy rich, the son of a CEO in a multi-billion company in the U.S. Being surrounded by countless pretty girls, selected as head of the Student Council, brilliant, a social butterfly, and a highly dedicated person he was, didn’t make Justin got easily overwhelmed by that. Though he lived in a world full of loving gaze in any where he went, he gave zero care in it—even when almost half of the girls on this planet were head over heels in him. But who knew, his final choice was Mandy. Since their dramatic and ridiculous meeting, Justin thought that girl is amusing, funny, and known as a trouble maker girl who often gets over-dramatic at school. Justin first encountered her at a party, and from then on, he knew that this girl is one of a kind, so he chose her to be his wife. But who thought Mandy would live her new life in peace? The Drama Queen faced countless dilemmas revolving around Justin; from his sexy assistant, a gorgeous widow next to their house, and also, an obsessed teenager. Mandy couldn’t stand all the girls’ hysteria every time they were around him. Adding to that, the trust that was given by Justin, made Mandy feel as if she was ignored and invisible. In Mandy’s little mind, marrying someone of her dream would lead her to a life full of happiness—as seen in fairy tales. However, marriage life wasn’t as good as she thought. Problems after problems appeared unexpectedly. Starting from Justin’s anger toward Mandy who ruined the most important event in his life, being shunned by her best friend due to misunderstanding, to the revenge carried out by her school friends that put Mandy in danger. Mandy only had her journal—the only thing she could write her feelings, lies, and all the secrets. So, how did the drama queen overcome the problems she faced and admitted all the biggest secrets that separated Mandy from her loved ones?

  • Sex Drama

    Sex Drama

  • indianesia drama

    indianesia drama

  • 86: The Drama

    86: The Drama

    Bela Diri MYSTERY




  • Drama island

    Drama island

  • Age of Adaptation

    Age of Adaptation


    [ i don't know who is the artist but if you know him/her please tell me or if you are the person] A data-loving young man from Earth has an accident that transports him to a dark land filled with terrifying creatures and magical powers. Fortunately for him, he has a Biological Assistance Chip to ease his path. However, things in this bizarre and strange world are not always as they seem, and, though it is a tremendous asset, the chip doesn’t always work as expected. With all of the crazy creatures and magical mayhem around him, one can only wonder what the future holds for this young man