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  • The Adventures Of The Young Master

    The Adventures Of The Young Master


    Jin Rou, the youngest Celestial King, was being restricted to go outside by his father for some reasons. Thus, Jin Rou was fed up.Tags:OPMC, Comedy, Cold-bloodedMC, NoRomanceYET, SuperHandsomeMCAnd so, he made his 'Grand Plan' of running away.

  • Guild of Adventurers

    Guild of Adventurers

    Probably many were interested in the question - how do immortal beings spend their leisure time, whose strength is not limited by physical laws? How to prove to others as immortal and powerful that you are the most worthy of the most worthy?Welcome to the Royal Rumble, friends! A sort of survival casino, where the players are the honorable gods! It is also worth noting that bets are accepted exclusively in the form of planets, and sometimes even entire star systems! Each player chooses his “pawn”, which will play in a special playing field. One goal - to pump and survive! But what to do if a regular guy from Earth speaks against a strong ogre, a sly elf and a tenacious zoomorph? Without special abilities and any abilities, he is sent to the most real meat grinder, where dragons, horrible monsters and bloodthirsty Kings rule the ball. Oh, and not sweet to have GG ...

  • Adventure of Adventurers

    Adventure of Adventurers

    Realistic Fiction ADVENTURE MYSTERY

    This is 2nd volume of the series,and translated.So will update previous volume soon.(as a one book including this content)Translate this book in my spare time.

  • An Adventurers Path

    An Adventurers Path


  • The World of Adventurers

    The World of Adventurers

    Fumiko Akazawa. A sixteen year old girl who became the leader of her father's yakuza group four years ago due to his assassination by a rival group named Kabane. She has been plotting a plan for revenge ever since that day. However, while carrying out her plan, she finds herself near death from a bullet shot by the same man who killed her father. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself in a world that she doesn't recognize.

  • The Adventurers Guild

    The Adventurers Guild

    Fantasy COMEDY

    Two brothers travel the world searching for something unknown, but there seems to be something else going on? And why does everyone know our names???

  • Journey of Adventurers

    Journey of Adventurers

    Every life have their own story. Every encounter have their way to create a story. It is a story from a world called Endia. Where the joy and sorrow being shared one another.

  • The Unlikely Adventurers

    The Unlikely Adventurers

    Fantasy MAGIC

  • The Adventurers Of Toriand

    The Adventurers Of Toriand

    Fantasy Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

    In an open vast world, the land named "Toriand" contains much magical events and traditions that never dies ever since the beginning of it's creation. Somewhere in toriand, in a small city named "bihame" lived a girl named Rozu, she's quite an explorer not to mention an adventurer at heart, and she plans to venture off and witness the beauties of Toriand with her own eyes one day, but along the way, not too long in her journey, she'll meet someone who'll be accompanying her for a lifetime.

  • Reincarnator's Adventures

    Reincarnator's Adventures


    A man from Earth died after getting laid off from his company. He woke up only to find that he has been reincarnated. Follow his journey and his adventure/miss-adventure in this bright new world. ====== I'm a rookie author so please forgive me for any grammar mistakes. I'll try to keep it simple as English is not my primary language. Constructive reviews and comments are appreciated Cover by my friend,

  • The world of Adventurers

    The world of Adventurers

  • Glacio Drogon Adventurers

    Glacio Drogon Adventurers


    Earth has changed. Monsters have mutated and started to takeover human cities.A mysterious voice spoke to everyone about the Ender’s selections which could save human on Earth from annihilation and strengthen them in the cities created by them. Humans learned to activate their bloodlines and use it to fight against the monsters.In this changed world, Long Fan who hasn’t awoken with any bloodline, gets an unexpected chance to walk towards the path of becoming the most powerful human being.-------------------------------------------------- Daily release: 1 chapter,Weekend - 2 chapters

  • Adventurers Beware

    Adventurers Beware


    I woke up in a damp cave with a system notification saying that I was now the proud new owner of my very own dungeon! The catch is that I'm a Living Armor and all I have is a rusty iron helmet.

  • Adventurers Online

    Adventurers Online


    A world-wide VRMMO game called "Adventurers Online" has been released on 31st May 2025. Only 1,000 players get to buy the first copyrights and Fumiya Akihiro is one of them.He is also one of the 100 beta testers who played on 12th December 2024. He has got a companion in the early game but after his companion died in reality, he realized that he needs to find new teammates. P/S: I'm not good at writing but still, hope you enjoy.{\__/}( • - •)/> >

  • The Cosmic Adventurers

    The Cosmic Adventurers


    The thirty-fifth century, an unprecedented space jump of mankind. Humans, driven by the thirst for expansion, settled in a significant part of the galaxy, but it was not easy - a lot happened during this turbulent time. The Great Interstellar War and the invasion of the Gray Overseers are in the past, the main crises have been overcome, connections with other space civilizations have been established, and the stellar areas of people have been in relative peace and tranquility for the eighth century, people are mainly engaged in peaceful development of new star systems, if conflicts occur anywhere, they can be quickly extinguished. Alas, nothing lasts forever. On one of the remote planets of the New Area, a young colonist finds a device that surprised with extremely unusual effects. Even experts do not know about its origin and purpose. He decides to solve the mystery at all costs, this gives him great opportunities in his hands and completely changes his quiet life as a colonist to unprecedented space adventures!...But, the situation in the galaxy is much less stable than it seems to ordinary people, and the emergence of a new uncontrolled force may doom the largest interstellar states to a new extremely dangerous conflict...This is my translation of the book from Russian. Chapters will be added as they are written. The purpose of this translation is to eliminate the shortcomings of categorically incorrect, distorting the meaning of the machine translation text. English is not my native language, so there will probably be a lot of mistakes in the book that I won't notice. I understand this and I ask you to forgive me in advance. But even amateur manual translation will be much better than pure machine translation without correction. If you have any questions, suggestions, notes- write in the comments.

  • Cross Heart Adventurers

    Cross Heart Adventurers


    In an age where adventuring is the biggest profession, Paolo G. Rigards has set out on an adventure to become the greatest adventurer on a promise he had with his childhood friend.Alongside his newly acquired crew, he goes on an adventure of a lifetime, collating ranks, building rivalries and angering every pillar at the top of the world.Join Paolo as he causes trouble around the world alongside his crew, the Cross Heart Adventurers.

  • The Worst Adventurers Alive

    The Worst Adventurers Alive


    Please note that this is my first book, so please excuse any mistakes.Gethurpo is a magical world, the strongest mages lead the government, the strongest warriors lead the army, and the rogues run the black market. Three adventurers decide they want to set out and get stronger... but soon find out they are the weakest adventurers alive.

  • Adventurers Academy for Aristocrats

    Adventurers Academy for Aristocrats



    Tom is your everyday happy go lucky guy. he has but one goal in life. Spend ancestral money. Live comfortably. however all his goals come to screeching halt when he signed his first beast taming contract. Initially assumed utterly useless, he realizes the beast he tamed is exactly like him... so overpowered in support attributes.. that normal is impossible task.Some times, LAZY Meets CRAZY, and rest is HISTORY.. ֍-----------֎-----------֎Discord : miuhozukiI answer questions on Discord, and post character pictures, location profiles and relevant content to story on instagram.

  • Cosmic Adventurers (Космические Детективы)

    Cosmic Adventurers (Космические Детективы)

    This is the Russian version of the book. Link to the English version (it is still incomplete, I am still translating)Аннотация:Тридцать пятый век, небывалый космический прыжок человечества. Люди, ведомые жаждой экспансии, расселились по значительной части галактики, но это далось нелегким путем- многое случилось за это неспокойное время. Отгремела Великая Межзвездная Война и нашествие Серых Надзирателей, основные кризисы преодолены, налажены связи с другими космическими цивилизациями, и звездные ареалы людей вот уже восьмой век пребывают в относительном мире и спокойствии, люди заняты в основном мирным развитием и освоением новых звездных систем, если где и случаются конфликты, их быстро удается погасить. Увы, ничто не длится вечно. На одной из отдаленных планет Нового Ареала молодой колонист находит некое устройство, удивившее крайне необычными эффектами. О его происхождении и назначении не знают даже специалисты. Он решает во что бы то ни стало разгадать тайну, это дает ему в руки великие возможности и полностью меняет его тихую жизнь колониста на небывалые космические приключения!...Но, ситуация в галактике куда менее стабильна, чем кажется обывателям, и появление новой неподконтрольной силы может обречь крупнейшие межзвездные государства на новый, крайне опасный конфликт...