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  • New Age Of Summoners

    New Age Of Summoners



    #Silver prize winner in the Webnovel Spirity awards Spring 2020My other books:-Talent Swallowing Hero. Sovereign of the firmaments.My Cultivation System. Ajax was an orphan who survives a massacre along with his friends but unfortunately gets separated from them. Fortunately, after a turn of events, he successfully gains a system which helps him increase his cultivation, but doesn't know what it is called. But he knows one thing for sure, this system is very powerful and helpful in taking his revenge. "Whoever you are, I am gonna find you", Ajax mumbled himself with a disgruntled expression. In a world where Summoning of an elemental spirit is done through a dream when they are 15 years old, Ajax with the help of a system and his summoned spirits sets out on a journey to seek revenge against the mastermind behind the massacre. Discord link:- Id:- vinay_raj_16Support me at Patreon PayPal

  • Future Progression

    Future Progression

    Contemporary Romance MYSTERY


    Well well well ! Everyone knows about hypnosis or past life regression as it’s termed, taking one through past life journey tapping into ones sub conscious. The events identified during these sessions may be connected with current life events. But do you know if it works other way round. Trust me it does. The female protagonist Rachael in this story gets an opportunity to try the future progression.Less than 10 days leading to new year and in the New Year eve party strange events take place and she gets connected to people she never met. Is her destiny tied with these events. She is also given flashes of her own life and finds it very strange. So hop on people and let’s put on Rachael’s shoes and see where her choices lead to. Well after a happy ending or was it a really happy ending to Rachael after she found her brother (Novel - Finding Ray), Did things look peaceful or did it not? Connect with me on Discord: amateur_author_wnCopyright ©️2020 by Amateur_Author

  • Goblin: Unchained Progression

    Goblin: Unchained Progression


    A goblin wakes up, his mind numb from the boredom he faces in his daily life. Wake up, hunt, eat, breed, sleep, repeat. The knowledge that nothing will ever amount to anything unless he got up and changes everything. Now, he will use anything he can to become something. To be publish on royal road as 'To become somthing'

  • Rapid progression

    Rapid progression


    "I have been humble but all they did was try to take advantage of me. Well no more mister nice guy"Saito transmigrated to a whole new world that is quite medival with a touch of futuristic elements, its a world where ppl are born with special abilities mostly related to the four elements, with a few exeptionsSaito's story begins

  • Age of Gods: Thousand Folds System

    Age of Gods: Thousand Folds System



    Sullo was transmigrated to a world of High Gods. The people living in the world could light the God flame by condensing their believers' faith to expand their divine realm, forming their own religion to become a High God. The divine realm could be grown indefinitely by having more followers and absorbing their faith. A follower's strength was closely tied to the gods they followed as well. However, unlike other gods, Sullo had a unique thousand-fold amplification system that made everything grow at a thousand times their original speed. A normal tree spirit had evolved into a World Tree that would expand his divine domain. A normal water snake had evolved into an ouroboros that would protect his divine domain. A normal behemoth had evolved into a golden behemoth that would lead the attack on other domains. A normal angel had evolved into a 12-winged archangel that would gladly sacrifice for their god. A normal elf had evolved into an elf queen that could heal anything… Years later, as the other gods were still waging wars to gain control of the gnomes and dwarves, Sullo’s followers were already as powerful as other gods.

  • The Nanotech Progression

    The Nanotech Progression


    Niftheim, a world that contains 15 different continents. Each with unique people with their own abilities that could rival gods. From the draconic people to the Murim people and their qi abilities. But in the center of the 15 continents, there were normal humans on the Earth continent. So fragile and weak that the other continents could easily conquer. But due to a universal rule set in stone. Earth was safe but after centuries of trading with the other continents, In the Year 2635, humans finally invented "Nano Technology". But who shall reign victorious?

  • Soul Progression

    Soul Progression


    It happened so suddenly… I was walking with some friends on our way to get something to eat and in just a few moments I was gone. The moment flashes in my mind… my friend took one wrong step and began stumbling into the road, as I leapt forward to try to desperately pull her out of the way of the incoming truck… she… suddenly changed stances jumped back out of the road essentially breaking my ankles, leaving me thrown off by her sudden quick movements to stumble into the incoming traffic. As I tried to regain my footing to get out of the way, it all went black. I felt like facepalming myself out of embarrassment in the darkness… all of my plans for the future, all of my efforts until this point just to go out in such an embarrassing way… speaking of… “Where am I?” A tall, burly, man stands before me with a serious expression on his face and continues to say with a hearty voice “You are at the pearly gates, my friend. After your… er… unfortunate accident your time on Earth has come to an end.” When I finally landed, I felt myself enclosed in some kind of container. I tried to open my eyes but nothing happened, I could only feel a comfortable warmth that enveloped me entirely. “Did I somehow end up back up in some different area of Heaven or whatever that was?” “No this feels a little different, but—” I began to feel extremely drowsy. The combination of warmth and comfort was coddling me to sleep, everything was beginning to feel fuzzy… “What does it matter where I am? What does it matter who I am?” my consciousness began to drift… and my memories began to slip away… “No…wait!” Suddenly I felt my whole body being moved and felt a cool rush of air all around me, the warmth and comfort I had been in was gone and the sudden exposure to cool air caused me to cry out. I felt as if something was holding me and wrapped me in some kind of fabric, I tried to move but felt myself with little energy and no power and struggled to force my eyes open seeing a beautiful brunette woman with bright brown eyes looking down at me. I no longer felt the pull at my memories, I didn’t know who she was but for some reason in her embrace, I felt secure and quickly fell into a deep sleep.“Well, I’m a baby right now anyway, and this body is definitely influencing my mind, so this has got to be excusable… isn’t it?” At that moment, an interface appeared before my eyes: Soul Progression activated: [Name: XXXXXX] [Race: Human] [Status: Wet] [Attributes: Strength 0.15, Constitution: 5, Vitality: 3, Agility: 0.25, XXXXX: X] [Abilities: [Soul Progression], [Steady], [Quirky Stomach], [Cosmic Whiplash], [Structured Mind], [XXXX XXXXXXXX]].

  • Dark Blood Age

    Dark Blood Age


    Chu Yunsheng, an ordinary white-collar worker one day discovered his family heirloom book shined a bizarre light by accident. Out of curiosity, he tried to study the heirloom book. After studying for a long time, he still only understood a few symbols written in the book. However, he was shocked when he figured out what messages the book tried to tell him: The sun will disappear, humanity will be doomed... He tried to spread the message but no one believed him; his family and friends even tried to take him to see the psychiatrist. Eventually, he gave up telling anyone but prepared for the apocalypse in secret... Until one day, the sun really disappeared… our discord channel is

  • Age of Adventure

    Age of Adventure



    "Kingdoms may fall and fail, but I do not."In the virtual game Brave World, the heroes fought their wars and Kings hold their kingdom.Heroes, warriors, knight roamed the expansive vast land of Brave World.People praised the game to be realistic but is it really a game?As there is a secret in the real world that is hidden from the rest of the world, there is also secret in the virtual world.Enter Daniel. A young bright man who decided to enter the game to help his family and trying to make a living by playing gameThe story tells of his life, his tribulation, his failure and his triumph. It is in Brave World he began to shine. It is the story of his legend, and how he became known as the greatest strategist in Brave World.PS: I also wrote Age of Heroes, Song of Heroes and Lord Shadow.

  • Dawn- An age of Darkness

    Dawn- An age of Darkness



    ~In a world where death is everywhere and the gods do nothing, living is hardly a blessing. The dark realm- the gods call this world. One day or rather one night, a young man- Daarc Green, finds himself stranded in the middle of a forest. He is hunted by goblins and then the undead. But wasn't he in his room all this time? And why would these things come after his life? Things didn't make sense but he marched deeper into the forest and met a statue of an angel. Will he survive to tell the tale?~ The cover isn't mine. Support kirinottk (original artist) CH size 1.2k~1.9 (depends on context) present tense= internal monologue You can follow me on twitter@nr_yet Or on Instagram @nr_yet1208 Or perhaps join my Discord Server and have a blast talking about novels? Ps. Everything is just fiction.

  • The Wolf of a Dark Age

    The Wolf of a Dark Age



    Ren Lei is the fourth son of a minor noble family and the son of a concubine to boot. Being born a cripple, the only thing he has is beauty; beauty that caused him much suffering growing up in a house where no-one loved him. As if that wasn't enough, he was about to be sold off in a political marriage to a woman who had everything he didn't, the Princess of the Ether Cloud City, full of not only beauty but with immense talent in profound cultivation. Refusing to submit to his fate, as a final act of rebellion, in a desperate bit to retake what little control he had over his own life, he chooses to consume poison and commit suicide. However, the fates are not so kind to those that would try to change it. He survives but suffers from a strange condition that causes his soul to separate from his body. As he slowly loses the constrains of a physical body, he is forced to look at himself more closely and recognise who he truly is. Not only must he struggle against the destiny devised for him but also his true nature: a calamity whose howl will wipe the slate of an era clean, ushering in a new dark age. i know the title sounds like it was written by a 14 year old edgelord but the story ain't like that lol, i promise. at least give it a try

  • Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles)

    Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles)



    Arial is a soldier in the Human resistance against the Demonkind. After the destruction of the resistance he was given a chance to undo the past mistake.Join as Arial went back in time and prepare to save his family and the world of humans against the Demons.**************************************Other synopsisTales of great heroes that fight dragons and demons, stories of evil monster and cruel men and cunning woman, of great heroes fighting great wars, the stories of their noble life and tragic death stretched across the stars, a thousand, and a thousand more, and a thousand more, glimmers of their battles, of hope and love and their strugglesHow much stories, how many battles were fought, won or lost ?They call it the Age of Heroes

  • Master of none

    Master of none



    Everyone has a system they just need to meet hidden conditions to unlock it. A blacksmith system may unlock after a human walks by a forge. A master mage may unlock a system after attempting to control the mana in their body. Even something as simple as kicking a rock at a bucket can unlock the marksman system a unique system allowing for perfect accuracy. But what happens when someone reaches the age of fifteen and hasn’t unlocked their system? Walker is about to find out, time is ticking and he doesn’t want to live out his life as an ordinary human; he has dreams you know!******My first ever story please leave plenty of comments so I can adapt and learn as I writeThe first chapters may be shorter but the length is improving as I write.Editing is in progressTo see recent updates remember to clear que regularly

  • The Ascension Age

    The Ascension Age



    (This book has been Cancelled)The Big Bang! It's the phenomenon known for being responsible for the Universe's birth. Except for those who were religious fanatics, most people had already come to at least partially accept this theory. As years passed, more proof that the Big Bang was the phenomenon that gave birth to the Universe continued to appear. At some point, religions ceased to exist as the claims of science simply couldn't be refuted anymore. Humanity had finally accepted as a whole that in this Universe, such a thing as gods didn't exist... or did they?However, humanity would soon find out that the Big Bang was just part one. That infinitesimally small point where the Big Bang originated... was still there! The Second Big Bang, which had a purpose unlike the first one, was about to begin.

  • Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

    Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction



    Five hundred years into the future, animals and plants had mutated into powerful beasts which endangered the human species. To deal with the situation, the Federal government decided to build academies dedicated to mecha piloting. It marked the beginning of the Mecha Age. With the help of the mechas, humans would gain the power to fight on equal terms with the beasts. Years later, Peter was recruited by one of the mecha academies. He thought that would be his path to become a successful pilot. However, due to some circumstances, he was only able to choose another course… The Genetic Warrior course. As the world was invested in mechas, everyone knew that there was no future for a Genetic Warrior. The basic concept the circled around Earth was that a human could never defeat a beast without the mecha’s help. Fortunately, Peter managed to activate a special Divine-Grade Genetic Extraction System. “Ding! Ant genes detected. Extraction in progress…” “Ding! Extraction successful. Your strength has been increased by 100 times.” “Ding! Grasshopper genes detected. Extraction in progress…” “Ding! Extraction successful. Your leaping ability has been increased by 100 times.” “Ding! Eagle genes detected. Extraction in progress…” “Ding! Extraction successful. Your vision has been increased by 100 times.” “Ding! Thunder God genes detected. Extraction in progress…” On that fateful day, a mighty Genetic Warrior was born. He was able to deflect a missile with his flesh and punch a hole in any mecha. He could even destroy a whole planet if he wanted to.

  • My World Traveling System: The Harbinger of Death

    My World Traveling System: The Harbinger of Death



    After being hit by thunder while sleeping with his phone, Frank awakened to his Ability, being revealed to a new world of wonders and dangers and countless other Worlds filled with Chaos through his World Traveling System! He discovered that Earth wasn't as he had thought it to be. What he always believed to be fiction was real. People with Abilities existed everywhere. Powerful entities controlled the entire world behind the scenes. Dungeons covered the world and Monsters roamed freely, bringing chaos behind the facade of a peaceful society. However, Frank will not only have to face the dangers of his homeworld, but the unpredictable ones of countless others... He has no choice, as he has been bestowed the Title of World Traveler! Accompany Frank on his journey to grow as a person, to save his homeworld, and to conquer the multiverse! This is a novel with a main character with emotions that develops more as the story advances, it is not about a lifeless drone that mindlessly kill things without any actual plot nor character progression! In this novel Frank slowly changes, from a World Traveler to a World Conqueror! From a common man to someone who carves his way through challenges or enemies! This novel is character progression at its finest, make sure to read up to the latest free chapter and tell me what you think! (You won't be dissapointed if you reach this far) Join the Discord:

  • In- Progress

    In- Progress


  • Infinite Progression - Unrivaled Talent!

    Infinite Progression - Unrivaled Talent!


  • Age of Cosmic Exploration

    Age of Cosmic Exploration

    Sci-fi ADVENTURE


    Endless sky and infinite space, the cosmos isn’t some paradise waiting to be found, it is full of darkness and danger, death and terror of the great unknown. However, for that glittering swath of blue, we have no fear! For the longevity of men, we have no regrets! Nothing shall stand in our way because it is finally our time, our age! The age of cosmos exploration!

  • ?(In Progress)

    ?(In Progress)


    After an accident, Michael Grey Ravenson, found his world had changes. Hero and villain had exist with various power! Even more so, he realized some of the hero and villain in mcu and dcu had really appeared! Only that the story line was different as it coexist with each other.Just like any other typical novel with a system interface, he was granted a system that allowed him to create his own superpower! But of course, power didn't just come to him out of nowhere.. he need to complete a task given to him by the system first.To become powerful, you need to train like one![Note: I do not strongly follow the background story of the dc and marvel character ]