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  • The Alchemists

    The Alchemists



    [COMPLETED] Volume 1: CASPAR THE ALCHEMIST The Alchemist clan leader was a 438-year-old womanizer who was never in love, until one day he met the only woman who was not impressed by his good looks and massive wealth. Fueled by rejection, he decided that he must have this woman no matter what. And for once in his life, he had to woo a woman. It was no easy feat because this woman only cared about working hard and making money. Volume 2 HE WAS THE MAN WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO What happened when an immortal didn't know that he was an immortal? He was born during WWII and after his 40th birthday, he realized that he still looked like he was in his twenties. Then, 60th, 80th, and 90th birthday came and he still looked like in his twenties...? So he thought, maybe... maybe he was a freak, a victim of some crazy human experimentation during Hitler time... He was a broken man who grew up hating humans. All he wanted to do was rule the world and decide who got to live. SHE WAS THE PRECIOUS DAUGHTER OF THE IMMORTAL ALCHEMIST CLAN LEADER. She was always in danger. Twice she was saved by a handsome young man with a scary dragon tattoo on his right chest. Years after the second rescue, she swore to find the man and make him marry her even though he was just a regular human! (Ssshh.... she didn't know he was not a regular human) What will happen when two immortals met and fell in love, each thinking that the other was a regular human? When one wanted to rule the world and destroy humankind, while the other was taught to be kind? THIS BOOK HAS 4 DIFFERENT STORIES. They are connected, but you can read them as standalone. 1. Caspar The Alchemist (chapter 1-252) 2. Aleksis & Prince Siegfried (chapter 253-579) 3. Secret Identity (chapter 580-856) 4. Side stories (chapter 857 - present) Volume 1 has fluffy romance, Volume 2 has action/adventure, Volume 3 has comedy READ MY OTHER BOOKS: - The King's Wife Is The Alpha's Mate - ONGOING - The Cursed Prince - COMPLETED - The Cursed King - COMPLETED - Finding Stardust - COMPLETED - The Prince Who Cannot Fall In Love - COMPLETED - Till Death Do Us Part - COMPLETED I DON'T DO SLOW BURNS. My stories NEVER have rape or overbearing/scummy male leads, so rest assured you won't find them here. They're all doting husbands who would either give you dog food every day.. or diabetes for being too sweet. BUY ME COFFEE? Discord server:

  • Me! The Strongest Alchemist!

    Me! The Strongest Alchemist!



    # swords and magic This is a world of swords and magic. Here, sorcerers and knights are well established, while alchemists and forge smiths are revered by the Empire. Mas transmigrated from Earth to this world and became an apprentice alchemist. This was a very noble status, a brilliant alchemist could command the respect of any major city. Mas was also proud of his own position. But he didn’t expect that his teacher was actually a huge fraudster, who used subpar alchemy products to trick the Royal Capital. When they came knocking on the door fuming with killing intent, Mas’s teacher Wosk had already run away. While Mas, who was his student, was left behind to deal with this mess. If Mas was unable to hand up alchemy products that are powerful enough, he would be burnt alive by the people of the Great Empire. Just then, he finally awakened the God-tier Alchemist System and received the Creator’s Alchemy Station. On this station, any monster could be created. [Obsidian Gargoyle], [Lightning Naga], [Iron Golem], [Granite Golem], [Puppet Dragon], [Laval Titan]...... One after another legendary alchemy creatures were born in the hands of Mas, and he gradually gained the title of the God of Alchemy!

  • The Alchemists: Cinta Abadi

    The Alchemists: Cinta Abadi



    Finland adalah gadis paling kesepian di dunia, yang harus berani menghadapi dunia yang sulit di Singapura sendirian setelah lulus dari universitas dengan beasiswa.Setelah dibesarkan sebagai anak yatim dalam kemiskinan di pinggiran Jakarta dan selalu dibully gadis-gadis kaya di sekolahnya, ia sangat kuat membentengi dirinya agar tidak disakiti oleh orang lain. Secara kebetulan, Finland bertemu Caspar, seorang alchemist generasi kedua yang telah hidup selama 438 tahun dan sebenarnya abadi. Caspar telah menumpuk kekayaan, pengetahuan, dan kesempurnaan di dalam hidupnya (yang sangat panjang). Ia tidak pernah jatuh cinta dan bergonta-ganti kekasih sebulan sekali, sampai akhirnya karma membalas Caspar ketika dia bertemu satu-satunya gadis yang tidak peduli pada ketampanannya dan kekayaannya yang luar biasa, dan pada gilirannya membuatnya jatuh cinta setengah mati.Copyright: @2019 Missrealitybites***Follow FB Page "Missrealitybites" untuk ngobrol dengan saya tentang novel-novel saya:1. The Alchemists2. Kisah Cinta Ludwina & Andrea3. Katerina4. Glass Heart : Kojiro - Nana5. 1912-19326. Altair & Vega7. Pangeran Yang Dikutuk8. Finding Stardust / Putri Dari Akkadia: Cinta Setinggi Langit Dan BintangLihat visual novel ini di Instagram @casparthealchemistInstagram @missrealitybites

  • The Alchemist

    The Alchemist

    Hidup Leo berubah semenjak ia menyelinap ke tempat penyimpanan batu uji. Semua impiannya pupus hari itu juga. Dan sebulan setelahnya tepat dihari pengujian, Leo mendapatkan statistik yang sangat buruk. Sama persis dengan apa yang ia lihat sebulan sebelumnya. Hal itu membuat anak laki-laki yang baru dua bulan ini berusia 13 tahun itu melarikan diri dari kotanya. Ia meninggalkan semuanya, keluarga, teman, bersama dengan kenangan yang pernah ia alami. Ditengah pelariannya, Leo mempelajari hal-hal baru yang selama ini tidak pernah ia lihat. Banyak rintangan yang ia temui sampai pada akhirnya anak laki-laki itu bertemu seseorang yang mengajarkan ilmu untuk merubah hidupnya.

  • Death Alchemist

    Death Alchemist


    Shiryu the violet dragon! Lost his parent and his lovely sister to a car accident at the age of twelve, he battles depression until he found hope in THE TOWER OF BABEL.A 100 leveled dungeon tower that appeared on earth over five thousand years ago and legends say that anyone capable of clearing the highest floor will be grant any wish.Shiryu trained desperately as he fought and cleared all the different levels until finally with a stroke of luck he clears the final hurdle and got his wish!But what if we get our wish, and it's not enough?..with the help of the Saint God of death and the Book of Babel Shiryu transmigrated to another world and got his lifelong wish of uniting with his family once more, but sadly this world was under the threat of extinction.He receives a mission to grow strong enough to confront the invasion in merely fifty years and save the world or face true death!. The mission seemed impossible but thankfully he had the most Book of Babel! an ancient book of God's with magnificent uses.Shiryu discovers that only with his strength can he protect his family and loved ones, and he grows stronger as he confronts the threat to his new-found happiness.And with enough strength even if the sky was falling he would be able to block all for his family,if Buddha threatens his family then slay Buddha, if demons come then slay demons and if God's come then slay God's with brute strength simple as that!I do not take credit for the cover, I found it on Pinterest and I'm willing to take it down if the creators wants me to.

  • Reincarnated As Alchemist

    Reincarnated As Alchemist

    A young adult was returning from his workplace. He was looking into the distance as he reminded himself of his boring day with the old game as his last lifeline against that boredom.But, unknown to him, he was caught in an incident which caused his demise. The bus he was riding was buried by a collapsing building when a sudden earthquake occurred. The next time he opened his eyes, he is reincarnated to a world of magic as an infant named Ren Concerto. However, one by one strange things started to happen to him after he got reincarnated. Starting from an unknown game like system announcement and awakening of strange abilities. And for some reason, he received an enmity of the church and was given the Class which was deemed as useless.

  • The Iron Alchemist

    The Iron Alchemist


    When young Boone Rigger is pulled into the most fierce Gunslinger Tournament in the country, he must find the courage to kill, or be buried six feet underground.Chapters Daily

  • Secretary/Alchemist



    Ophelia or Ophy by her best friend was any average jane, plain as day. Working as a secretary for years had an accident and transported to another world of fantasy. She became mage out of necessity and became successful in her adventure. It all stop when she met the ‘Hero’, and died in the process. When she woke up again, she was in a hospital. She found out she was in a coma for 5 days only. She was so mortified, she passed out. She was physically the same but in her mind she was a 5,000 year old mage. Armed with knowledge and skill, she found out she could still used her power. She wanted to build her empire again in her current life time. Being pursued by her boss, and also by the Hero!? Join her romantic adventure of two life times on how she deals with deadlines and saving the world at the same time.

  • The Studious Alchemist

    The Studious Alchemist

    Video Games VIDEOGAME

    Jack Nox is about to get evicted from his apartment. He doesn’t have a job, mainly because he doesn’t want to end up as a dead end office worker, and sets his eyes on a new Vr game, Battle World.This is the story of a poor boy trying to get some cash. Literally just for the cash. Who cares about relationships?(This is my first time writing so please be gentle with me. My ego might not be able to handle it!)

  • The Green Alchemist

    The Green Alchemist


    Xiao Hua, an 18-year-old doctor with a strong research ability, was offered a shelter and protection from the zombie apocalypse. As a lone woman during the last days, she received disdain and malicious intents, yet she was capable of standing against them with her reputation as a core member of the 'research team'.Unfortunately, even as an essential key, she was backstabbed. Her research was stolen, her reputation was destroyed and while humanity sang praises for those who stole her research, she was killed by those whom she tried to save. Her unwillingness and her despair perhaps had a strange appeal to the heavens that she was given a new life in a new world. From then, she became Li Xue, the girl who grew up in the Misty Forests among the Spirit Beasts and at the end of her life was called the Green Alchemist.-----"Yan'er, why there's a 'green' with the alchemist? Wouldn't something like 'Shadow Doctor' or 'Red Alchemist' be better to hear?""Miss, just like how 'Hovering Ghosts' sounds good to ears because we are used to say it like that. Once people start using 'Green Alchemist', you too would feel it all normal and good.""It's strange.""Just like you, miss.""..."

  • The Great Alchemist

    The Great Alchemist

    This is a story of a boy who lead his life to become a great alchemist and a warrior.

  • The Vengeful alchemist

    The Vengeful alchemist

  • White Alchemist

    White Alchemist


    In a world where magical creatures and humans live side by side, the profession of Alchemist has come into light, special humans who are able to control the mana within them and perform fantastical feats, they could terraform the earth and summon oceans at will, it is the most respected and distinguished profession in the world, entire schools were built, dedicated to the learning and teaching of the art of alchemy as it was every child's dream to become an alchemist.Earl White, having lost both his parents who were the one of the strongest alchemists in the world, is left to be taken care of by his grandfather, he enrolls into an alchemy school in hopes of becoming the greatest alchemist just like his parents, but there's a problem, he is unable to perform Alchemy, this makes him get bullied and ridiculed at his school making life even harder.Earl eventually stumbles upon a strange book which grants him a system along with the ability to perform Alchemy, he is filled with joy at first, but his joy soon becomes short lived as a system message appears Infront of him[Your Soul energy depletes][You must consume life energy in the next 12 hours][Your soul energy continues to deplete]Having been living a normal life, he is now suddenly thrust into a world of death, deception, tough choices, betrayal and murder, for the sake of his and his new found friends sake, he will need to kill and consume the life energy of others, and complete other tasks to become stronger, all in his quest to eventually become the strongest alchemist, however the life of an alchemist isn't a pretty one, as he learns through the deadly secrets of the Alchemy world, while he battles the ORA, grief and sorrow along with mystery, are all things that follow him in his path wherever he goes, he will have to grow with his friends and rise up to the challenges that lie ahead of him.Dive into the captivating world of alchemists, discover all the characters, adversary, obstacles and challenges Earl encounters on his path to become the strongest Alchemist, what sort of tough decisions will he make, who can be trust, and what type of enemies will he encounter?, well what are you waiting for?, start reading.

  • The Greatest Alchemist

    The Greatest Alchemist

  • MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist

    MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist



    For the sake of his family, Ren embarked on the popular VRMMORPG, COVENANT, that used real-time in-game currency. But being a mediocre player who only knows how to gather information, he was put in a supporting role. As the game explodes in popularity and every multibillion-dollar company invested in the game, things have turned for the worse for Ren. Due to the amount of information he gathered, the cheats, secrets, quests, and bugs he discovered, he was silent in fear of selling the information to the other guilds. But given a second chance, he went back in time when his father was still alive and COVENANT was just in its starting phase. This time . . . he wouldn’t be that guy on the side who gathered information from day in and day out for ten years. Equipped with the games knowledge he accumulated, he will become . . . an Alchemist! Chrono Mage? Djin Master? Summoner? Necromancer? Chaos Lord? What good are those? Sure they’re powerful and rare classes and sought after by guilds, but it’s the alchemist who forged artifacts and concocts rare items and potions that gets the most coins at the end of the day! It was better than being a blacksmith or a crafter! Plus, he could use all sorts of magic without limit to race and class! It was the ultimate class! And no one even knows it!

  • The Lord of Alchemist

    The Lord of Alchemist


    INFINITY merupakan game MMORPG yang sukses mengguncang dunia. Tidak diragukan lagi, baru saja peluncuran pertama sudah lebih dari 2 juta pemain yang bermain di game tersebut. Tak hanya fitur menarik yang diberikan, game ini pun dapat menghasilkan uang yang sangat fantastis.Jerdy merupakan salah satu dari 2 juta pemain yang mencoba keberuntungannya bermain game tersebut untuk dapat mendapatkan uang. Dengan pengetahuan yang ia punya, akan kah Jerdy dapat mencapai impiannya?

  • Undying Alchemist

    Undying Alchemist



    Sebian reached the peak of his world, only to be banished from it by the so-called god. Stripped of his cultivation, he was thrown bare and naked to another world, with nothing but his vast knowledge.Making use of the handy curses that the fake god gave him, Sebian will regain his title as the strongest alchemist to ever (always) live!

  • Alchemist System

    Alchemist System

    Jack Was Poor His Mother Worked Hard He Always Gets Bullied At School The Only Thing That Kept Him Going Is His Girlfriend She Was The Gentle Beautiful Girl Until She Dumped Him For The School Most Handsome Guy He Cried Thinking What To Do Until He Heard A Voice. "Beep Installing System 2% 17% 28% 56% 87% 99% 100% Installed Alchemist System"

  • Cheating Alchemist

    Cheating Alchemist

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