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  • Alien Mate

    Alien Mate

    They’re big, they’re blue, and they’re taking earthling females as mates. Alien Mate 1: Diana is ironing her underwear when the hottest blue babe in the galaxy appears in her living room—naked. Abducted, decontaminated and dressed like a harem girl, she’s been chosen to become the alien’s mate. Alien Mate 2: Maya's been raised to believe in extra-terrestrials and when she saves a sexy blue one from drowning, she can't resist taking him home-and into her bed. Alien Mate 3: Abducted by a hunky blue alien, researcher and admitted geek Penny is eager to study his mating habits—in the flesh. She’d like to blame her illogical affection for him on hormones, but the erotic remedy just heightens her chemical imbalance. From the sands of white Mexico, to the Xamian home planet, and the vast galaxy in between, three different tales of alien love with a large dose of humor and pleasurable probing. Alien Mate is created by Eve Langlais, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Alien Evolution System

    Alien Evolution System



    Consume and evolve to become the strongest. The Collector, an alien warrior on a mission to absorb all life, transmigrates to a world of fantasy and magic. However, a battle with a god forces it to begin its journey as nothing more than a weak grub. Used to fighting against spaceships and machines, the Collector must now navigate its strange new world where instead of dealing with bullets and aircraft, it must now face magic and dragons. It must evolve from the weakest of the weak, the lowest of the low, and become strong, stronger than anything on the planet whether it be a knight, monster, or the very gods themselves. ===Foreword===Evolution/Non-Human/Unique MC: If you like evolution based novels and nonhuman MCs, then you've come to the right place. The whole novel will be about consuming creatures and their bloodlines and evolving. The MC is also not the average isekai'd by truck average dude in most transmigration stories, it is an alien monster from the very beginning if that interests you any. Cold/Ruthless/Villain - Anti-Hero MC: If you like MCs that are on the colder and more ruthless side, the MC does not operate by conventional human morals and starts off as a villain and will be a questionable anti-hero at best.Slow Pace: Like my other novel on this site, this novel will have a slow pace compared to other works. Hopefully, this will enhance your experience as a reader with description rich, vivid and engaging fight scenes and environments. The slow pace will also contribute to fleshing out a significantly developed world as well as setting up for plot events that will have relevance throughout the entire novel.'===Discord Link=== free to pop in anytime to ask questions!

  • Alien?




  • Not An Alien

    Not An Alien

    Sci-fi Romance ADVENTURE

    Lina, who was entered society far earlier than any of her predecessors, becomes a highly educated Starian citizen. Unsure of what her future holds, she starts to question her society, as well as her purpose. After asking forbidden questions about the vast world that awaits her, Lina is shunned and disregarded by the Starian Elders. She winds up in a strange and dangerous place that she knows as quadrant 11874- Earth. What will she discover in this strange new world? Will she find love? Success? Fame? Will she ever find her way home, or will she succumb to the pleasures of this planet?

  • the alien

    the alien


    this is just a test run, nothing to see here yet

  • There Will Be Aliens

    There Will Be Aliens

    Carlo Russo is having the worst day. Not only has he lost his job, caught his boyfriend cheating, and had one too many shots with his best friend Grace, now he’s seeing aliens too. Big, black, tail-equipped aliens. After a futile struggle, he and Grace find themselves on a spaceship leaving Earth.<br><br>Zenon Scoreceds Qhainqons doesn’t know what it is about the earthling male. Their mission is to bring back ten females in hopes of them being able to provide their planet with children, but he wants the male. What he’s going to do with the male, he doesn’t know, but he’s claiming him as his payment for going on the mission.<br><br>Carlo doesn’t approve of kidnapping, but the aliens aren’t too bad, and once the language chip is installed, he finds it entertaining to talk to them. Zen in particular. They’re standoffish and never show any emotion, but Carlo has no problem cuddling up next to Zen at night.<br><br>All Zenon wants is to spend time with Carlo, but it’s his job to get them all home in one piece. Will he be able to keep Carlo safe from all the dangers lurking along the trip? He has to because Carlo is his, and he’s not letting him go.

  • Sleeper Alien

    Sleeper Alien


    How far would you go for plain entertainment? In the rush of boredom, a group of young aliens from different races have the same odd idea. The Heist of an entire planet. The target? A small developing planet called Earth. This particular globe of blue and greenish-brown has one fantastic trait. Corruption runs as deep as a virus, a parasite that leeches off society until the bitter end. Taking it over should be easy. But what happens when those aliens with different reasons and goals have to work together to get a slice of the pie, especially when a third party decides to get involved? -------------------- A/N: The cover is not mine.

  • Alien woman

    Alien woman

  • ALIEN | BL

    ALIEN | BL


    ALIEN joined Kalon’s Demise, a game uprising in popularity. He met JUKEBOX, who event became his in-game husband. Alien’s parents enrolled him into a private boarding school that didn't allow personal devices besides the necessary ones. So, Alien disappeared from the game for a while...Three years later, Alien suddenly returns and JUKEBOX had been playing all along.___SLOW UPDATES!!!TWITTER: @ANTI_FORTHELOVEINSTAGRAM: @anti_forthelove

  • earth alien

    earth alien

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


  • my alien

    my alien

    A boy on a adventure that he doesn't know he's on.A man sworn to protect the boy the moment he saw the himWhat will happen next? Read to find out!

  • Terrestrial Alien: Life as an Alien from Earth

    Terrestrial Alien: Life as an Alien from Earth

    A young child is taken to a foreign land not by choice but by chance and he thrives until he faces a major dilemma which will push his limits beyond imagination

  • taken by the alien

    taken by the alien




    Es di sebuah benua Antartika telah mencair dan mengikis 10% daratan di sebagian kutub selatan. Jika es di kutub magnet selatan bumi ini meleleh dan mulai menenggelamkan daratan, maka sekelompok penghuni kutub termasuk pinguin dan para penduduknya akan kehilangan daerah tempat tinggalnya. Tiada waktu bagi mereka untuk mengungsi mengarungi samudera karena jarak jangkauannya cukup jauh, namun ada hal tersendiri yang membuat mereka ingin kembali ke tanah airnya. Sebagian besar orang di dunia ini yang mengetahui hal itu juga menyerukan sejumlah donasi dan mengerahkan pasukan bantuan untuk membantu mengembalikan daratan di kutub.Dengan pakaian aneh dan helm bertanduk beberapa kelompok yang mengaku alien ini mulai menjajah bumi. Tentu saja, ini semua adalah ulah mereka!! Saat itu ada anak ajaib yang bertarung di garis depan untuk mengusir mereka, menyelamatkan bumi dari keterpurukan.Akhirnya seorang kesatria berpedang yang menggunakan elemen es ini, harus berperang dengan segenap kekuatannya untuk mengembalikan kestabilan dunia.



    Staci Valun, hotshot detective for the Intergalactic Federacy, finds an unusual number of bombs planted near their office after they discovered scandalous government secrets.Against their better judgment, they have to accept a place in the witness protection program. That includes an annoying guard, Mr. Zebra, following his every step, and living on a new planet. To their dismay, at the dead-end of the universe, full of noisy creatures.Earth may not be ready for the high-tech alien duo in hiding. And Staci would prefer fighting a horde of bloodthirsty monsters than cope with their new identity. Especially since they are forbidden by Mr. Zebra to get involved in any criminal cases during the program.Staci Valun, now Wayne Griffin, has to decide - commit a federal crime to protect creatures his race sees as primitive animals, or lie down and die like a dog?

  • The OlD ALIEN

    The OlD ALIEN

  • Alien Apocalypse

    Alien Apocalypse

    When the Winters return to their house after 5 years, they discover a strange creature living and breeding in their basement. But when the creature is disturbed, it causes chaos throughout the city with many dying. Will the creatures ever be controlled or will they take over the city?

  • The Alien singer

    The Alien singer

    Lark or Larknavo is an alien who crashed down on earth searching for a place to go he accendently went on stage with sing Casey Potter one of the most famous singers in their time what happened next Who knows

  • Alien Orders

    Alien Orders


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