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  • The Alliance Marriage Went Wrong

    The Alliance Marriage Went Wrong



    "Whoever insult the Jerivians is insulting my fiancee and insulting my fiancee is insulting me." * * * An alliance marriage was arranged between two rival Kingdoms - Qalagon and Jerivia. The agreement was that the Crown Prince of Qalagon will marry the Princess of Jerivia. But due to an assassination attempt, the Princess of Jerivia was in a coma just weeks before the wedding. If the alliance marriage fails, then what awaits the two Kingdoms was an unprepared war. The female Army Commander of Jerivia Kingdom was tasked to take on the identity of the Princess and fulfil the alliance marriage. As such, the infamous Commander of Jerivia, Iria Alewine disguised herself as the Princess and meet the aloof yet powerful Crown Prince of Qalagon, Arin Helev..... "No less than three months and no more than six months. We need just that, Commander Iria. Stay at Qalagon as the Crown Prince's wife during that and when you come back, you will lead the soldiers to fight the Qalagons." This was the original plan but what will happen if an unlikely romance sparked between the two? Will Commander Iria be able to follow the original plan? Rivalry of the two Kingdoms Palace Politics Palace Romance Friendship and Betrayal With all mentioned above taking place, read the story to see how the alliance marriage went wrong! ------- *Excerpt* "Don't you still understand?" The words escaped her lips before she could even realize. Then she met his gaze - calm yet sincere. It only made her felt the pressure more. "You should distance yourself from me unless you want to get hurt." She made a deliberate paused before she said, "I'm not someone who is capable of loving you." He still maintained that calm demeanor and she felt helpless. For the first time, she wished to know what he had on mind! However... "You can say anything you want, Iria. But you can't lie to yourself." "..." The Commander's face turned pale in the blink of an eye! What did he just say?  Iria Alewine quickly took a look at her own heart. She realized that the walls she built in order to not let anyone in were close to crumbling! The walls were already weakened by the holes that were drilled from the exterior, slowly yet continuously. Then she realized one thing. He was telling the truth!  ------------------- Disclaimer: I do not own the cover photo. It is uploaded from another source and all rights credited to the real owner...

  • Global Descent: 100×Reward

    Global Descent: 100×Reward


    The entire globe has transmigrated overnight! In countries filled with billions of zombies, killing zombies, chopping down trees, mining, building, and blowing up haunted houses are means to obtain survival resources. Lin Ye has awakened a 100×Reward talent, and he received a hundredfold of any reward received. Newbie Gift Pack: an ax, two loaves of bread, three bottles of water 100×Reward (selectable) 1) 100 axes, 200 loaves of bread, 300 bottles of water 2) a Desert Eagle, 2 pounds of beef, 3 liters of Red Bull With the construction of the bunker completed, the reward of four native workers becomes… 100×Reward (selectable) 1) 400 beginner native workers 2) 4 intermediate native workers When the camp is completed, a Ranger becomes: 100×Reward (selectable) 1) 100 female Rangers 2) an Elemental Ranger From then on, Forestry was invincible. While others are still mining and fighting zombies for survival, he has already led Death and the Titan army in attacks against cities. When others start to form an alliance to resist the zombie horde, he has already broken through the haunted house headquarters in China and stormed his way into hell.




    Alliance roams around the life of three powerful women living in the mafia land called the Coterie City. A dangerous situation happened during the night of it's hundredth foundation day, that will make the three women encounter people outside of their domain. Their unexpected interaction with the other domains will be an unforgettable escapade that could lead their life into a masked turn of events.

  • The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

    The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World



    She, Xue Fanxin, a famous medical genius in the 21st century, had transmigrated into the body of the dumb daughter of the Grand Duke. As her ugliness faded away, her stunning beauty, her dazzling radiance, shocked the world like a rising phoenix. He was Ye Jiushang, the mysterious and unfathomable Ninth Imperial Uncle. He was cold, domineering, and two-faced. On a certain day, he discovered an interesting little thing out of boredom. From then on, he began his endless pursuit of his wife. This was the alliance of the strong. In this world where the strong preyed on the weak and the strong fought for power, she swore that she would never be moved easily. However, she did not expect him to strike hard and fast into her heart time and time again, along with her body. "Why did you choose me? Can't those beautiful and obedient girls satisfy you?" she demanded, pointing her sword at him. "That's right. They can't fill my lonely heart. Meanwhile, as long as I'm with you, I can overturn the world!"

  • The Alliance

    The Alliance


    Lilliana Russo, the eldest principessa of the Russo family, is now obliged to marry the most malevolent Don in New York City. Here, he rules like a king, and whoever opposes him meets a gruesome end. She wanted to run away and never look back like her cowardly mother did, but that had resulted in the most devastating feud between two of the most powerful Mafia families. No, she couldn’t let history repeat itself.______Vincenzo Salvatore wasn’t looking for love in this marriage. This was just an agreement to make peace with the Russos, as his grandmother had wished just before she drew her last breath. He conducted himself as a man of honor and even if he didn’t love his future wife, he would still respect this marriage. ______“I-I have three conditions that I would like to put forward before this marriage takes place.” Lilly slowly lifted her eyes to meet his scorching gaze that seemed to burn into her skin. “Speak.” The deep calm in his voice made her shudder.She took a deep breath and straightened her back to appear confident. “First, I want to continue working as a doctor after the wedding. Second, after our marriage, we will sleep in separate rooms until I am ready to sleep with you, and third, I am not having a baby with you until I want to.” She breathlessly listed out, and nervously twisted the ring latched on the chain she wore. The corner of his devious lips tilted upwards and a flicker of amusement danced in his intense, whiskey-colored eyes. He leaned back on the antique sofa and brooded over what she said.Silence prevailed, so did the urge to take back her conditions and escape from his overbearing presence.“First and third, agreed.” He answered in an unsettling calm. “What about the second?” She questioned.“You are my wife. We WILL share the same room.” She wanted to open her mouth and object when he abruptly got up from his seat, immobilizing her objections. Her heart thudded rapidly as he closed the space between them, his enormous stature shadowing her petite form. His gaze had her locked in place and she failed to notice his hand reaching out to lift her chin. He neared to her face, his breath fanned against her cheek. “Or do you think I won’t be able to stop myself around you? If you do, you think too highly of yourself, Dr. Russo.”She gulped, growing thirsty for something she didn’t know for what. When his touch left her face, she understood what for. ‘Oh god, how am I going to survive alongside this devil?!’_______________________STATUS: Going through a SERIOUS editing phase. (This book is strictly 18+. If you're sensitive to gore, violence, and some strong sexual themes, then this book isn't for you. This is a mafia romance, so please don't expect everything to be rainbows and sunshine. And please don't come at me in the reviews saying it was too damn gory. Because it is. And I warned you guys.) The cover is NOT mine. Credit goes to the original artist.Enjoy. ;)




  • Alliance


    Contemporary Romance SYSTEM

    Yessy lives in a society where everything is considered "equal" and where a society makes your decision for crucial things. Required to wear certain things and behave a certain way is where she doesn't agree. You can't tell anyone what you're thinking because any moment, you could be betrayed. What happens when she forms an alliance with her assigned partner and tries to overthrow the government as well as finding out what's behind that closed wall they have around their state?

  • Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

    Married To The Cruel Crown Prince



    Han Sheng Li is the Crown Prince of the Great Han kingdom. Since the age of fourteen, he mostly went to the wars with his father, Han Wenji, the great emperor of the Han Kingdom. He's the most favored child of his father but, is the cruelest and ruthless among all of his seven half brothers. An-Ying Lili, who is known for her kindness and beauty, is the princess of Juyan City. She could not see her family die at the hands of Han Sheng Li so agreed with the marriage alliance which was put forward by the Emperor of Han. ~~~~“I heard you are the kindest woman in the entire Han Kingdom but, it seems opposite to me. You want me to die!!” The Crown Prince astonishingly said, keeping his icy gaze intact on the woman on his bed. “Cruel people are not worthy of anyone’s kindness,” the Crown princess pronounced sternly. The crown prince chuckled. “Kindest is the one who whimpers in pain. Are you ready for undergoing that pain with this cruel man?” Crown prince asked, slightly tilting his head, and a smirk formed on his lips.Leaning closer to Ying Lili's ear, Sheng Li whispered, "Never expect love from this evil and cruel man. Feed this in your mind- 'You will never warm my bed.' Remember this memorable wedding night, my dear Crown Princess."~~~~~~Thanks to "LydiaF" for proofreading the chapters for me. Thanks to My CE for this amazing Title suggestion and cover edits.The book won WSA NOMINATION 2021, thanks to my lovely readers.Follow me on Instagram- @rayoflight_pcy

  • Alliance of the Undead

    Alliance of the Undead


    Its been over a century since the sudden outbreak of an unknown virus, a disease that had dominated the world. Even at the brink of extinction, mankind had managed to stay alive until this very day. Vermont, a teenage soldier regained his consciousness only to find himself in a desolated neighborhood with half of his organ ripped off. He should be dead, that much is true, but somehow, he isn't.Given a second chance on this foreign planet with an artificial intelligence as a guide, Vermont who had escaped death most impossibly might just be the key to winning the century-old war between humans and monster zombies._____________________________Note:The so-called artificial intelligence or system that was mentioned above will not be the main focus of this story.So for many, you won't be seeing a lot of leveling up. The artificial intelligence is more like an assistant to help him accomplish his given goal.

  • Hero Alliance

    Hero Alliance

    Fantasi ACTION ANIME

    Author : Arz - Seirozero - ShiroikajiS.E.I.D. (State Extranormal Investigation and Defense) sebuah organisasi swasta yang menangani berbagai hal-hal diluar kendali manusia menghadapi ancaman dari luar angkasa, yang mengharuskan organisasi itu mengumpulkan orang-orang terpilih dengan kemampuan unik.

  • Mistaken Alliance

    Mistaken Alliance


    Neil Hope and company must salvage the Earth from alien forces, but at what cost?

  • Inhuman Alliance

    Inhuman Alliance


    In the world of Galaxia, the kingdom of Shinshu has established a binding decree, all inhuman monsters shall be cast out and never interact with humans. Any that do shall die on sight. The beasts and monsters all desired fairness and equality, but didn’t have the power to defeat the oppressive mages. One young mage had went against it, and was kicked out of the kingdom and left for dead. In the wild he was found by a young orc boy who dragged him to their home, and now he has his newest partner in the battle for the inhuman races

  • The Alliance Chronicles

    The Alliance Chronicles


    The saga of the fall and rebirth of The Migichinan Alliance.

  • An Unexpected Alliance

    An Unexpected Alliance


    Two seemingly opposite people meet, will they grow to hate each other or love each other?Almost having nothing in common other than an immediate attraction to the other.Will he corrupt her, or will she save him?This is a story about my character and a friends character. Will include harsh language, mention of murder, drugs, abuse, lemon+fluff, and i'm very bad at writing!you can email me at for any recommendations and/or concerns!Will update regularly (every 2-3 days)

  • Strangers: Alliance

    Strangers: Alliance


    She stands in front of me only a few feet away, she scoffs at my comment. Her beautiful brown eyes, so daring, so deep. Her shape, perfect curves in perfect places... Her scent lingering around me."You wish." What? Oh yeah, I maintain my schooled face and focus on my words. "Huh- maybe." My sarcasm earns a small frown, I turn around and start heading toward my place; she can watch me all she wants, I don't mind. "No apology? " her voice is strong and pulls me to a stop, if I hadn't heard her voice a second time I could have managed to leave without looking back, now...

  • Readers Alliance

    Readers Alliance

    Hello, there this novel is about the discussion of Authors and Readers, Post your favorite books or fanfiction in comments for us the READERS to read it. Also can post your novels...........Have a good day

  • Unlikely Alliance

    Unlikely Alliance

  • Alliance of Hunters

    Alliance of Hunters

    Atonia Continent. A place ruled by the strong Aura Immortals. On this continent, there exists a special occupation: hunter. With demonic beasts fervently attacking villages and cities in Atonia, as well as the threat of outside invaders, it is the paramount duty of hunters to defend the continent and its inhabitants. Following the death of the Aura Monarch thousands of years ago, the most powerful warriors joined forces and formed an organisation with the sole purpose of recruiting hunters and defending the continent. Today, it is known as the Alliance of Hunters.Anselm is a young warrior from the Kingdom of Ocidan. Abandoned by his parents at a young age and left in Maplemond Village, he swore to become a powerful warrior and uncover the truth behind why his parents left him. One day, he fought against a mighty Ghost Ape and nearly lost his life, but at that moment before his death, the ring that he always wore suddenly flashed an azure light as he was transported inside. From there, Anselm’s path to becoming an ultimate warrior began.Join him on his journey and witness the rise of a new legend, one powerful enough to rival the Aura Monarch. This is the mythical tale of Anselm Dreamsworn.

  • Marriage Alliance

    Marriage Alliance

    When faced with family and love what will Samantha choose? Will she choose the one who has always loved her without any expectations? ..orWill she choose the one whom she loves but has no confidence whether that love will be reciprocated? ...orWill she choose the one who rescued her but demands a payment in return?. orWill she leave all of them and go on a journey to find herself?..orIs there someone who is already with her only for her?

  • Blood Alliance

    Blood Alliance

    danger lurks for dark, the beauty fell for danger,light became dark,Hot as hell, her fury, lit up the dark,the dark storm is coming combining with beauty of light,soon whole worldwill know, the power of light, the light is to win yet soon the winner going to lose, dark may be the end but does light ends? his only want -herHer only hatred -himhis only desire -killHer only desire -save Two different world combining, what will happen will she be saved or death is the last step? peep in.