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    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 HAREM MYSTERY KILLER

    The burning passion of lust tainted her innocence as she ventures into a world of desire and submissiveness.

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  • The alter

    The alter

    25 years ago, a meteor with unknown origin suddenly appeared and was heading straight to the earth at unbelievable speed. Luckily, because of its pace the rockwith the size of 1/8 smaller than the earth deconstruct and disperse few light years away from the earth. ' The massive false alarm. ' what they called it afterwards but little they know, it wasn't done. Few weeks later after that, the meteor that deconstructed into molecular level landed on the earth and since then, the world was never the same. They thought it was nothing until few finally noticed it after a short time. super-strength, super-speed and abilities that doesn't have names yet like creating water out of nothing. That's where the meteor got its name, ' The alter ' the cause of reformation of the world. 25 years later, many things change like security, occupations and even the owner of the title ' god ' but especially entertainment. Join Nono on his journey to save his brother by participating on the dangerous event everyone called entertainment. ' The God's game. '

  • Alter Ego: His Sultry Lover

    Alter Ego: His Sultry Lover



    [COMPLETED] [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "We could be louder," he whispered in a raspy voice. She shook with need and was about to turn when he clucked his tongue. "Ah, ah, ah, don't do that. I'll see you later, little girl." And with that, he vanished. - - - - Cage was at the top of the world: the emperor of the film industry. But it is truly lonely at the top. Surrounded by staff members who want him to work to his bones and no one to lean on, Cage turns to gaming. In such dire times, he stumbles across a mysterious female gamer who leaves him speechless and aroused at the same time. Graphic designer and fangirl extraordinaire, Katherine, finds a gamer who outshines her. In this world there was someone like this? All she can do is acknowledge his brilliance. [Take my bow, Senpai. You have eaten my gold.] But why does this message sound so… provocative? A series of lecherous conversations turn into something deeper, until one day the two fall irrevocably in love with each other. “Hey, let’s fall in love...” Follow them as they traverse through life and the hardships that are thrown at them. Who knows, maybe us single dogs can learn a thing or two. - - - - - "My little loli likes to watch? What a naughty little girl." She was embarrassed that she was caught and mortified by the voice of the man she recognized as ‘him’. What was he doing here? She started to turn around, but he grasped her shoulder so she couldn't move. "No, let's watch." His breath was at her ear, fire lapping at her nerves, singeing and burning her insides, making a pleasant feeling erupt in her stomach. His arm snaked around her shoulder and grabbed her hand while his other hand slid down to her sides until it rested on her hip. He was not pressing himself into her, but she felt completely engulfed by him. She knew she should scream, or stomp on his foot, but all she could do was listen to his breathing escalate as his thumb rubbed her shoulder, putting her in a stupor. She thought she heard him sniff her hair and his lips lightly grazed her ears as he whispered. "Don't miss the show because of me, little girl." Her eyes flickered back to the couple in the car, and she let out a whimper as she saw the man pull at the woman's hair, baring her beck to him, inviting his mouth to lick and suck. She felt ‘him’ close the gap between them, his hard body pressed up against hers, his arms tightly holding her. There was no mistaking what she felt on her lower back and she closed her eyes in delight.- - - - -Read my other works: 1. Cornered by the CEO - Complete2. Autopsy of a Mind - Complete3. The Story of Blood and Roses - Complete 4. Phoenix in the Moonlight - HiatusStory Discord: Instagram: @sunscar9

  • Alter Ego

    Alter Ego

    Agatha Beatrice adalah anak dari pasangan Adelia dan Devano yang mempunyai penyakit mental yaitu alter ego selalu membuat orang tuanya kesusahan untuk mengontrol emosi Sang anakBerbagai macam cara mereka lakukan agar bisa menghilangkan sosok alter ego dari tubuh AgathaTapi ternyata, Agatha hanya butuh...

  • alter gilgamesh

    alter gilgamesh


  • Alter heavens

    Alter heavens


    yin & yang, dark & light , good & evilUnder my name shall become one.when GOD and DEVIL becomes one..I am god and I am devil IAM ETERNAL THE DEVILGOD SOVEREIGN let the endless chaos cycle begin...An Earthling comes into contact with the alter of heavens to seek answers. will he get the answer what he wants, will he change the dante as he begins on the destiny to seek the truth of his identity and reach the apex of all creations......Many thing might not make sense until you know everything...lack of knowledge is a main bug in this universe

  • Crimson alter

    Crimson alter

  • Alter The Chronicle

    Alter The Chronicle

    Di awal tahun abad 22, dunia sudah mengalami kemajuan pesat dengan teknologi canggih yang disebut dengan era "Revolusi Akhir".Seorang pemuda berusia 23 tahun telah berputus asa, selama 3 tahun ini ia sama sekali belum mendapatkan pekerjaan yang layak. Hingga akhirnya ia memutuskan untuk mengakhiri hidupnya disebuah jembatan. Saat ingin menjatuhkan badannya, tiba - tiba ia diselamatkan oleh seorang pria dewasa dan memberikannya sebuah amplop yang berisi sepucuk surat dan uang dengan nominal yang cukup tinggi.Surat tersebut tertulis undangan untuk menjadi relawan percobaan yang dilakukan oleh lab AITex yang terletak di Tokyo, Jepang. Rakha menerima tawaran tersebut dan mengikuti percobaan yang dilakukan oleh beberapa ilmuwan. Percobaan tersebut berhasil dan Rakha kembali menjadi seorang bayi di sebuah dunia yang dipenuhi oleh kekuatan dan konflik.Rakha mengulang kembali kehidupannya disebuah dunia yang mereka sebut "Dunia Paralel" -----> BELUM DIREVISI

  • Alter Resonance

    Alter Resonance

  • Marvel Alter

    Marvel Alter



  • Alter Destiny

    Alter Destiny


    After getting into an accidental death, Jia finds herself a system from Space-Time Bureau and becomes a tasker. Her job is to travel through planes and change the lives of the people who had fates worse than the cannon fodders, of unknown passersby who quietly died in their corners.

  • The alter universe

    The alter universe

    Contemporary Romance WEREWOLF ALPHA

    life is never simple. everyone has mess to own . some learn to live with it and some challenge... so was it for the orphan sisters ... they had it all ...abuse , struggle, hardwork ...nothing helped but they never gave up ..just when life made more sense ...when they thought things could change, fate played a cruel joke on them all again ...but this time even dragging into a magical mist which they thought exists only in fairy tales...what would they do...!? '' MEN IN THE SHINNING ARMOURS DONOT EXISIST IN REAL LIFE . WE ONLY GET A SWORD AND THE CHOICE IS WHETHER WE PICK IT UP FOR OURSELVES OR NOT" its going to take a drastic change at the mid beware if you don't like turns

  • Alter World

    Alter World


    It was another dream, "I will save everyone".Conquering the world as a god himself, he grew weary of his time. For each night, brought forth more and more death. Reincarnation after reincarnation, but, forever unable to even save the world.He slept once again, but this time, the ebbs of time led him to a world, unknown, reminiscent to his dreams. Dying at the exact moment reminding of his eternal torment.The world restarted once again, his soul reincarnated to a different world once more. Will he able to save it or remain, forever, trapped in this eclipse of eternal madness?

  • VRMMO: Alter Online

    VRMMO: Alter Online



    Gods, dragons, demons, and devils - Many races lay within a land of another world far from reality. In a world where many sought after power, a burning desire that runs deep into one's nature: A stage had been set. Alter Online: A Virtual Reality that had one day caught the attention of a young man—Mark, who has long been trying his best to earn a living. Having been invited by his friend, Mark's journey into the game to rid himself of the burden of the poor - But what he had been looking forward to was but a whimsical dream. it wasn't so simple as that. The world of Arcadia - A battlefield. Mark who had only wanted to peacefully earn his upkeep was forced into the tides of battle. To protect his loved ones, Mark—with his martial arts will sweep through the arrogance of his foes. Showing them of the true works of the game. ... Countless armies stood in the vast lands all carrying their weapons, sweating and gulping their saliva's as they stared at the lone figure standing in front of them. Mark the figure that has been feared by all players and his enemies gazed at the armies, "You want to take me down? then come!" With a condescending smirk, Mark charged forward. "Let's dance!" (On Hiatus, I am swamped with work and has no time to write, probably will be back next year)

  • Alter Return Path

    Alter Return Path


    OTHER TAGS: TIME TRAVEL, YANDERE!!!! My mother was traumatized after my father killed her parents. My own family killed the girl I loved the most. I was executed on the guillotine for what I did. Until I finally found out that her death was due to the king's brother's conspiracy. I used a forbidden technique in anger and brought him to death with me. But then something I never imagined happened to me. Character image reference can be seen on my Discord server. ---- Warning: This Novel is only FICTION, don't compare it with the real world. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grammar might be a bad thing in this novel but bear with it. If you are looking for Harem Yandere, sorry not All Harems here Yandere. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [English is not my first language, so please forgive me if there are any wrong words] [The image above is not mine. If the owner doesn't want me to use it, you can tell me and I will change it.]

  • Alter (VOLUME 1)

    Alter (VOLUME 1)


    After witnessed the death of her best friend, Audrey decided to take investigation to her own hands as she tries to uncover her school full of supernatural occurance and unknown mystery. With her special ability to see the unknown entity, Audrey start to discover something that open a new perspective towards SMK Ayo Maju. Will she be able to find the cause of her best friend's death and save other students from these strange entity?

  • Alter-Native



    Kaizen is an Off-grid kid who lives in the slums of Japan, but something is off with his parents, something tragic happens to Kaizen and his off to discover a whole new mystery and uncover the real truth that unleashes his true potentialI will be posting this story on as Dojo