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  • Ambiguous


    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE COMEDY

    The most important thing you need to own your love is the bravery to take a step forward.Do you have what it takes?

  • Ambiguous Relationship

    Ambiguous Relationship

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY


    He is handsome, arrogant and is of the elite class. Being straightforward and brave, she shamelessly pursued him, sending him gifts, flowers and tried to get close to him. She was humiliated when his staff gossiped about her and retreated. Then he rejected her and told her they could only be friends. She avoided him but no matter how much she tried, they frequently cross paths.Suddenly one day he told her. "I want to be your boyfriend."What a mess! ! !Review: This is one of the few novels that I always come back to read, the character development is one of the best I've come across in genre, the characters are realistic, the relationship is realistic, no unnecessary angst...the female lead's growth through the story is amazing, she starts off in a bubble of sorts where she sort of absorbed in her own world, the bubble burst (pretty quickly) and she goes through one of those periods in life where it feels the world is against you and it just seemed like your life is spiraling downwards...she grows exponentially after this and matures a lot, all the while building an interesting friendship with the male lead...the leads are witty, funny, practical and their conversations are just so interesting...that I keep coming back. Please Read!!STORY CREDIT:  Credit for the story goes to the original wonderful author, Ming Yue Ting Feng...The translation is by me, MiraiSaesang!~~And If you have the wonderful urge to ever buy me a coffee. Here are the gateways and some love ʕづ•ᴥ•ʔづ♡♡♡ Thank you so much!! (✿^з^)☆

  • Ambiguous lover

    Ambiguous lover

    Seoyeon: thanks for the flowers. it's so beautiful. Taesung:hmm..kiss me then.. Seoyeon:..... Kuro: Master and milady please be considerate on my existence over here. Kuro pleaded with teary eyes and clasped his two hands together. His usual pose to get sympathy. Taesung: I care.. Seoyeon and Kuro were both stunned then sighed. Seoyeon who accidentally met with a silver haired mysterious man fall in love with each other however one after another unexpected catastrophe befalls upon her and all people that knows him. is it just a coincidence or else a curse? one day due to love he will have to leave her. Their romance story filled with fantasy has started...

  • Ambiguous Love

    Ambiguous Love

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE

    aku merasa tak berhak untuk menikah dengannya yang begitu sempurna. tapi aku mencintainya.....

  • Very Pure and Ambiguous

    Very Pure and Ambiguous


    He died on the wedding of the girl he had a crush on, after a long and successful career. After convincing Yama to send him back to the world, he decides to fix the areas in which his life went wrong. Realizing the lack of love and romance in his past life, he sets out to conquer the hearts of various women.PSI do not own this novelI just want to save this novel from oblivion since I always saw the "So Pure, So Flirtatious" but no VPAA novel associated with, because this novel is its Prequel.

  • One Last System

    One Last System



    Scorned by the world he was born in, Arthur had no other choice but to learn how to deal with it. Yet, just as his hard work and dedication were about to pay off, the hate towards his origins brought him to his death. But that wasn't his fate. His future wasn't supposed to end with his head cracking against the edge of the stairs. His bloodline could not die as that would be against the wish of the universe itself. Thrown to another world, he found himself in a situation where the skills and craft he honed would be no longer of use. His patience, his creativity, his logical thinking were no longer in demand in a world where strength reigned supreme. Or was it? "My system is overpowered. I'm not shameless enough to deny it." "Scores of women and slaves all around? Those are the wishes of a naive kid, not mine." "Lower the price of those apples by a quarter and we will have a deal!" "Dear, stop, I cannot hold any longer!" Jump in and follow Arthur's adventures as he proves that even the illogical world of sword and cultivation has its own rules. Laws, that one can learn, laws, that Arthur sets off to use to his own advantage! **** This novel will have some comedic elements, but it won't be the core of the story. I also won't hold back any punches when it comes to dark humor, heavy elements or morally ambiguous aspects. If you are looking for a fckboy/edgelord/cliche, then his novel is not for you. Discord:

  • Ambience of Ambiguity

    Ambience of Ambiguity


    Vine is concerned when her siblings drop in her state with their own agenda. Despite the general obligation of running away from their mother.Not long, they are discovered....again but by different set of people. They separate leaving to different countries with these people hot on their heels.Vine ends up in Poland nevertheless framed in a scandal getting imprisoned. With the help of an inmate, they escape becoming Europe's most wanted. They go to the one place she had no idea to dread. Her county of half origin. There she meets the unexpected, expected and unrealistic.A Mafia empire headed by the one and only Sarita Rathore. Her goddamn grandmother! Looking for an heiress.~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`

  • Roscoe Ambiguity!

    Roscoe Ambiguity!


    Glizoline valentino is thrusted into a world beyond what he's capable of comprehending when his Uncle asks if he wants to join his team to stop a great evil.

  • Ambigu (Senja Terakhir)

    Ambigu (Senja Terakhir)

    Seperti labirin, sulit menemukan titik temu jika kau telah masuk ke dalamnya. Menerka-nerka kemungkinan apa yang akan terjadi jika suatu saat terjadi hal yang tak kau inginkan. Hanya bermain dalam pikiran, tanpa tahu titik terang.

  • Ambiguity's Definitions

    Ambiguity's Definitions

    Fantasy DARK

    Deep within the society there exists the subconscious of the human world, it heavily influences everything from the background and no one seems to know it. They deal with many people, many, many people, doesn't matter if they are philanthropists, the kindest of the kind, or demons that ravish themselves in selfish delight. They deal with the mind, or as many know in this world, The Human Condition.

  • Ambiguous Date with Handsome High School Boy

    Ambiguous Date with Handsome High School Boy

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    "Do you wanna go with me to watch some Lion Dance?" He asked with a slight trace of smile on his handsome face. "Huh?" Startled, I responded unconciously, not quite sure if I hear his question correctly. "Three times and we are even then" He said that with unchanging expression on his face.

  • Joker Vol.1: Wake up ambiguous devil

    Joker Vol.1: Wake up ambiguous devil


    When the king dies, his power-hungry brother locks up the princess and rightful heir to the throne so he can become king, afraid someone will find out what he did, he hires the best assassin he can find, unaware that he has just started a succesion of events, that will mean his end. Bringin up upon him, the unstopable assassin fueled by chaos, the one that will and can do anything, Joker.

  • The eSports King’s Crush

    The eSports King’s Crush


    Three years ago, when Sovereign Union disbanded, gaming genius Mo Bei laid low and went into seclusion. Three years later, she returns with a concealed name, disguised as a man. Despite being scorned and loathed, she ultimately reascends to the thone, causing a sensation in the entire nation! Handsome but aloof, pursued by countless fans, he was the famous King of the eSports scene. Dark Flares' Captain, who was known for his looks, was even more famous for his ambiguous playing style. * When she first joined the team, he told her, “Know your place. Do not try to have inordinate ambitions.” Subsequently, when her identity was exposed, he looked up from his seat at the table and stood up gradually. “Are you thinking of deserting me after marrying me in the game? Hmm?” Sequel to National School Prince Is A Girl! Mo Bei is the disciple of NSPG's Almighty Qin. Join him as he too becomes one!

  • Mr. Nian, Your Wife Refuses To Be The Substitute

    Mr. Nian, Your Wife Refuses To Be The Substitute

    Contemporary Romance SWEETLOVE RICHFAMILY


    A mysterious car accident caused her to be bedridden for three years. After Ning Qing woke up, she learned two things. One was that her elder twin sister had died in a car accident three years ago. The other was that she had already married someone. Her husband was Nian Lie, the eldest son of the Yan family who owned the biggest conglomerate in Yan City. He treated her as a substitute for her elder sister. While he put her through torture, he would tell her that he loved her with reddened eyes. Initially, Ning Qing wanted to divorce him, but later on, she indulged in his ambiguous love. Until she stood outside the wedding venue where he was about to marry another woman. Her heart was dead. Nothing was worth holding back anymore. She wanted to escape, but she was unwilling to let him live the rest of his life peacefully. Hence, under the reporters' flashing lights, she stepped onto the bridge and jumped off with her nearly due baby…

  • Killer Stilettos

    Killer Stilettos


    (Editing/Re-writing) Scarlett Jones. One of the world's top supermodels, fashion guru, style creator, designer and business icon is a hard-minded feminist who had to crawl her way from the bottom, right to the very top of the food chain. Feminism doesn't define men as useless, but Scarlett's principles definitely labels them as such. But when on a hot, Friday afternoon in Rome, the Pantheon seems to reveal more secrets than Apollodorus hid in its tombs and obelisk's and Jean Haverton springs up from nowhere, Scarlett is sent spiraling down a past long forgotten-or not? Secrets are out in the air, danger looms fervently and even more secrets brew. But also, something long dead is awakened and it doesn't seem to want to go back to being dead. Love. Will Scarlett believe Jean's ambiguous explanations? Or will she fly right back to Paris and bury that meeting along with Raphael's remains underneath his tomb?

  • CEO’S Love For His Personal Assistant

    CEO’S Love For His Personal Assistant


    Everyone knows that assistant Becky Scarlett is always beside her CEO, but not much is known about his wife’s surname is Scarlett. Last straw that breaks the camel’s back. It eventually comes out that they are already divorced. When she resigns to end this ambiguous relationship, her CEO says — We can divorce. But resign, impossible!! They have been married for 8 years, but he is an idiot who doesn’t know how to express his feelings, while she has low self-esteem and confidence. It was difficult for her to live an unhappy life. She thinks that her love will be fruitless, inferior and unworthy of him, which makes her constantly torment herself and force herself to support fatigue well under pressure. But her love for him is a bottomless well and nothing’s gonna change her love for him. All those low self-esteem and sufferings are just because she is heavily indebted to him. She thinks he’s still really stuck on his first love, Susan. For those reasons, she thinks their marriage is fake. Therefore, she scrapes together enough money to pay the debts off and divorces her CEO. Their divorce is a wake-up call to her CEO, causing him to buck his ideas up and try to get her back. Although he gives her his freedom, he still wants to follow her and marry her once again. WSA THEME: CEO

  • Nafsuku Canduku

    Nafsuku Canduku

    +18.....Novel ini bercertita tentang Dita yang masih duduk di kelas tiga SMA yang berusaha mencari jati dirinya. Dita adalah pemeran utama yang merupakan murid pindahan dari salah satu sekolah di pulau Bali. Di sekolah yang baru, Dita untuk pertama kali menemukan seorang sahabat yang dapat mengerti dirinya selain mamanya.Keterlibatan dita dengan cinta yang ambigu membuat dia semakin bingung dengan dirinya. Dita yang tidak bisa mengontrol hasrat saat bersama dengan sahabatnya membuat dia semakin hilang akal, karena sahabatnya juga adalah seorang perempuan.Dita selalu berusaha untuk meyakinkan bahwa dirinya adalah perempuan normal.banyak cerita yang akan dita alami saat berada di Pulau yang sangat indah itu. tidak hanya berhasil menemukan jati dirinya yang sebenarnya, dia juga bahkan bertemu dengan masa lalu yang sudah berusaha dia lupakan sejak lama..penasaran dengan ceritanya, ayo ikuti dan dukung novel yang berjudul "Nafsuku Canduku" ini ya...Salam,Aprii_Ritonga

  • Tales of demons and gods : My life in a barbaric world

    Tales of demons and gods : My life in a barbaric world

    Fantasy R18 HAREM REBIRTH

    From the colossal St. Ancestral Mountain range, a valley can be seen.On the valley stood Barberic City where woman are sold like cattle and children are turned into warriors.A man has been rebirth here. He doesn't know who he is but he does having memories of living in the 21st century and reading about the story he seems to have been sent to. Follow his adventures as he is torn between good and evil in a world where the morals and beliefs are different from what he think he knows.----------------------------------------SI/OCWarning :Moral ambiguityProfanitySexual ContentDisclaimer :I don't own TDG nor the other great works that I mention. This story is purely fictional and is written for entertainment.

  • [BL]Love Beyond Eternity: Reborn for you

    [BL]Love Beyond Eternity: Reborn for you


    [MATURE CONTENT ALERT]"He-Hey, how can you see me? You are a human, and you mustn't notice a grim reaper!" He shrieked in anxiousness. Dae Hyuk smirked. "Ooops, but I think my unique eyes captured you." .... Lee Dae Hyuk, a good-looking, jovial detective desperately wanted to find out the truth behind his mother's mysterious death. However, he has an ambiguous supernatural ability which makes him stand out among the rest. ... Kang Yeon Shin, a handsome yet clumsy grim reaper residing on earth leads the humans to the afterlife. He has been atoning for his grave sin he committed in his past life by working as the guide of souls. ... But love is entirely unpredictable, so is life. What will be the turn of events awaited for them when destiny intervenes and brings them together? Can infinite passion blossom between two totally opposite people obliterating their obstacles in their journey of love?

  • Zero's Familiar is a Raven

    Zero's Familiar is a Raven


    Steven Smith, a pretentious senior high school boy who died at a class shooting is now living the magical life of a young boy named, Ravein.Living in an alternate Potterverse. He decided to live his new life to the fullest with no worries.Studying and learning all there is the Wizarding World has to offer. He became the best student of his year at Hogwarts.With the plethora of magical skills in his arsenal combined with his innovative modern mind, he turned himself into a rich and powerful man.But on one particular night, when his experimental Summoning Ritual went awry and exploded. An ambiguous green portal appeared that sucked him into the endless void, only to be transported into yet another world.A world of magic that's not quite the same. Where strange familiars are summoned and annoying nobles rule the 'lowly' peasants.Join Steven on his new life as he becomes 'Familiar' with a pinkhead. From dead, to wizard, to becoming a 'Familiar' of 'Zero'. What could possibly go wrong?____________________________________Harry Potter x The Familiar of Zero CROSSOVER!Note: English is not my first language. So please do be lenient and correct me if I'm wrong. Enjoy~!