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    Arabella bomtez a poor widow lives in Sancity with her baby she just had early this year. Her husband 'LUCAS' died three years ago while she was still pregnant for her son 'LEON'. Everything about Arabella bomtez redefined perfection,she was also sexually attractive and well-endowed.She was also smart,multitalented,brave and strong. She was well educated(management in bachelor degree)in her early twenties, she finished in Zoe's and later joined Harvard with an excellent result she once belonged to the high society. Then she fell in love with a low life and eloped with him because her parents didn't like him and was arranging a marriage for her with the son of the Somali family, top three richest family in the city, while the bomtez were also among of the top three richest family. But,then she fell in love with her young handsome driver who was employed for her,he had terminal cancer that he or the girl falling for him didn't know about,he looked healthy and strong so nobody were convinced that he was sick. After luca died it looked like the whole world was on her shoulders she decided to shamelessly return to her family and didn't know she was pregnant at that time. The next day on her way to the bomtez mansion she saw on the news that the family together with her younger brother who she loved dearly (she couldn't believe any of this it was a dream that someone needs slap her to wake up from) died on a plane crash from a vacation in south Africa. On her way to see if it was really true at the bomtez mansion and if it was really true she needed to be strong to claim their properties. Before she arrived her evil uncle's and family members who were well aware Arabella was no longer part of the family were allready at the mansion they threw her out with her stuff and the family pictures they had together,she couldn't go to the Somali she knew they will know for sure she was there for the money she was tired of crying allready, her eyes all swollen. she felt so frustrated,remembering how she was treated in her father's house made tears flow like river from her eyes.she couldn't believe her parents and her beloved brother was gone she recalled happy memories of them,it made more tears flow from her eyes. The pride of the bomtez, heir to the bomtez was on the street with looking haggard and tattered,she knew she has no one to turn to she knew she had those friends because her daddy had the money they won't listen to their story even if she tried. she was lucky they invited her to pay her family their last respect,she wanted to take revenge but she had nothing,the only hope she had was her true friend who lived in the slums,Annabelle was her only hope.After a year past she had her son allready. She met a guy Mr.leonel who she accidentally poured juice on where she worked part time,The handsome man who was well known as a devil couldn't do anything because of her over whelming looks he let it slide he taught he was only sexually attracted to her, he didn't believe in love at first sight so he couldn't believe he was deeply in love with her allready,f. For the first time in his life he found a woman attractive, can this be because he has celibrate for too long, and his hormones are acting up. leonel Amoli is a marine engineer and a CEO of a Hotel,who has the both multibillion companies both in California and Canada here.The multibillionaire and Arabella were now together miraculously,he promised Arabella marriage on a condition he saw her qualities,he saw her status in education,he heard her story and sensed she was desperate. What will be that condition he laid for her?? Are you curious?? Why dont we find

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