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  • The God of my Madness

    The God of my Madness

    He is done with these games.He is done with himself.He is done with it all.He will rise to the top.He will become the god of gods.He is The God of madness~My first book so it is total shit. Leave all constructive criticism in the comments.

  • Misery and Anger

    Misery and Anger


    Love in rock bottoms is not much of love, plain bread and cracked hands deformed it and turned it to a sin that couldn’t be interceded with a prayer! In there, love is a child selling cigarettes on the sidewalk, love is a little girl walking barefoot, love is an old man who was consumed by thinking of the woman who, if not for poverty, would’ve been his wife, love is a wife who her husband left her without a goodbye note, love in there is a young man stealing his mother’s money to get out on a date.

  • God's anger

    God's anger

    Monica kau



    isang babaeng inulanan ng sobrang kamalasan ang mapupuno na.isusumpa nya ang mga taong sobra nyang pinagkatiwalaan.lumipas ang 200years na nasa loob lang sila ng naglahong palasyo.bawat gabing dumaan ay pare parehas silang lumuluha at nakakaramdam ng sobrang bigat sa kani-kanilang dibdib.hanggang sa isilang muli ang prinsesa sa katauhan ng isang dalaga.gaya ng nasa sumpa sya ay magbabalik muli kung saan nag simula ang lahat.ang lugar na iyon ay may daan papasok ngunit walang daan palabas.iisa lang ang paraan para mabali ang sumpa at makalaya sila. yun ay ang magbalik ang sakit sa puso ni Amara at ang mapatawad silakailangang maalala nya ang lahat at kapag naalala na nya ito ay sya ang mag didesisyon kung magpapatawad na sya o hindi.

  • Draconic Anger

    Draconic Anger


    An ancient dragon that sought eternal rest in death, but all his desires were shattered as he regained consciousness within what he assumed was an egg. Now back to the life he is trying to make sense of it, as in his previous life he lost everything. He will take revenge on those creatures that destroyed his life, he would never fall back into his same mistakes.

  • Departed anger

    Departed anger

  • Anger Management

    Anger Management

  • City Of Anger

    City Of Anger

    Kota yang dimana segala masalahnya diselesaikan dengan marah. Tapi, ada seorang pemuda yang menolak ajaran itu. Dan diapun berusaha agar semua orang dapat menyelesaikan masalah dengan damai bukan dengan cara marah. Akankah ia berhasil?

  • The Ultimate Weapon: Anger

    The Ultimate Weapon: Anger


    BrokenShatteredDespairedThose are the words that describe the life of a young man, a young man who has gone through hell over and over again. Let it be from abuse from his parents or their constant yelling, his life was horrible.The only kind of sanctuary that he had was surprisingly school, the only place where people actually cared about him. But, that didn't change one thing, that his life was the representation of hell!Finally reaching the breaking point, he finally finds some kind of tranquillity through his own death as he could finally leave the world he hated so much. Now, he could rest in peace...But, fate has its way of screwing you over! He finds himself transported to a completely different world where everything he had come to know isn't really there, how will he cope with this situation?Well, he'll find a way. But, there is one thing he knows...Anger is his only weapon!P.S: This story will have some pretty dark themes.

  • Anger And Revenge

    Anger And Revenge

    Tells about Natasyah's life journey during college and about her problems, such as problems with love, family, friends and her life.How is the continuation of the story of Natasyah, can he pass it all, and how did he pass the test after test that God gave him? Let's read the story.

  • The Anger Within

    The Anger Within

    Chris finds that his world finds him as his world leaves him. And the anger within finds a place in his life, to rattle his life and his families...

  • Of Anger and Justice

    Of Anger and Justice

    "I fought for you. Bled for you. Made miracles for you. And all I got in return was a knife in my back!"Betrayed by his King, Jon Everheart is prepared to do whatever it takes to upset the balance. With his new body, he makes new legends for a new world order.Author's note:2500+ words/chapter so far. Let me know if you like my style of writing. Throw some powerstones to encourage me or help me tweak the story in the comments!

  • Decimandria: Fangs of Anger

    Decimandria: Fangs of Anger


    After years of battles and fighting, a summit is held to broker peace between vampires and a pack of werewolves. A way to finally end the suffering and form allies. However, disaster strikes when the entire summit is massacred by mysterious forces. All talk of peace is shelved as both werewolves and vampires are thirsty for each other's blood again, blaming the other for the genocide.But the slaughter of his kind has drawn the attention of the most powerful vampire of all; Valek Valentine...

  • Within The Flames Of Anger

    Within The Flames Of Anger


    "I can never love and I won't even try to love. Once you have experienced the pain of it, you automatically shut it down, despise it. So, Felicia, I can never fall in love with you."Fire has different colours. Emotions have different sides.Felicia Francis. An 18-year-old woman, that doesn't seem to realize her worth. After growing up in the home of her uncle and aunt, she strives to live a life she wants, in the way she wants.When the company her parents worked hard to build runs into debt because of her uncle and his families continuous lavish lives, she is made to marry the cold, expressionless, 25-year-old CEO, Alexander Stills. Face unknown to the majority of the world. Cold, ruthless, cunning and uncaring. That's Alexander Stills. he man who every girl instantly wants the moment they lay their eyes on him.After getting into an arranged marriage that both parties are unhappy about, Felicia learns things of her partner only to find that there is a climax in his personality. His uncontrolled anger along with a past that turns him away from even thinking about love in any way. Author: Ramata Maguiraga

  • ADMC: Anger draws my Claws

    ADMC: Anger draws my Claws


    this is the world of earth were no one stayed in the darkness of night from the dawn of man vampire and werewolf kind have bathed the world in human blood reducing their number and setting them on the lowest of food chains scarcely they hid from the new apex life forms. The earth is a raging mutation of what we perceived because of the Lycan and vampire genes the plants wild life and land scape turned to hell on earth where it's a all out fight between the calculating uncaring vampires or the wild hearty were wolf. the lead of our story is the young 18 year old Akela Plaugeheart that live for her small tribe in the dessert of were Australia would be but worry not she won't stay in one place for long.

  • (On hiatus) Do Not Anger the Black Cat

    (On hiatus) Do Not Anger the Black Cat

    Fantasy Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

    Shi’an glanced at the man who was lying on the ground, half-dead. Then, he lifted his head and looked into his sister's eyes. With a wry smile, he asked, “Don’t you know what ‘low-key’ means?”Mo’an raised an eyebrow. “He’s not dead. It’s a pretty good start?”Shi’an felt his mouth twitching. It hadn’t been long since their arrival at the military academy, and this little sister of his already stirred up trouble. “Then, do you remember that you promised mom to hide your ability and keep it below average?” Tilting her head, Mo’an mumbled, “But I didn’t use much force to bring him down. Anyway, he was just terribly weak.”“Weak or not, that was still a high-ranking officer.”“He was?”“Yes.”“Oh...” Mo’an bit her lips, sneaking a glance at the half-dead officer. There were only two things she had to be careful of, and yet she already screwed one.First, she had to stay low-key and not draw attention to her. Otherwise, the army certainly wouldn’t let her go home after her military service ended, not with her monstrous potential.Second, she had to hide her gender. If someone discovered that she was a girl pretending to be a boy, she and her tribe would have to pay a heavy price. After all, the tribal chief’s daughter had to be sent to the Emperor’s courtyard, not to the military!

  • anger issues ~ corbyn besson

    anger issues ~ corbyn besson

  • anger made him alone

    anger made him alone

    we all doesn't think twice before we do something,we even lost our relationship because of our anger ...i don't say y'all to be numb come let's see a small story