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  • animation




    This is the wonderful book that I have published

  • World Of Animation

    World Of Animation


    Dunia impian para manusia yang tidak betah dengan dunia aslinya.Dunia yang membuat apapun, di manapun, dan kapanpun sesuatu itu bisa terjadi.Dunia yang tidak pernah dianggap nyata.Hari ini, Choi Jina, membuktikan bahwa dunia animasi itu nyata keberadaanya. Di umurnya yang ke 18 tahun, ia berpindah dimensi.Apakah yang akan terjadi? yuk simak ceritanya

  • Animation movie!!!

    Animation movie!!!

    Dear sir i have got animated movie for you for the prize Project title - true friendship Brief synopsis - facebook link of animation movie - Website- Twitter- Dheerajfilms1 Instagram-dfilms_ animation Directors name- dheeraj Writers name - dheeraj Keycast name - scoopy - the dog Project title - animation Generes- animation movie Runtime- 10 mins Completion date- 21/5/2/2021 Production budget 7000usd Country of origin india Country of filming india First time film making yes Language- animation Film color - blue Shooting format - digital blue My phone number is 91 country code india followed by prefix 0 then my mobile number- 8375982083 Address - house number 123, apartment anand kunj , location vikas puri, new delhi , india , postal code - 110018 Hope you enjoy the film!!! Regards Dheeraj dheerajawasthimscit@gmail

  • Re:Animation


    Whisked away from his home, Hoshiro Kawasaki embarks on a journey to save the world of Sorhalon from the attacks of the Demon Lord. Hoshiro's particular gift is to animate things that he can draw. Our hero will, with grit and determination, triumph over trials and tribulations. He will face his own fears and shadows and grow as a result. Light hearted yet pensive, this novel will take you to a world that expands and explores the imagination. Will Hoshiro save the land and become the Hero of the Prophecy? Re:Animation is created by Ordin K. Cambel, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • Reborn: Anime world: DxD

    Reborn: Anime world: DxD


    This is a story of an ordinary man, who was some how, able to become lucky and roam different world with cheats. while saving the unfortunate ladies form their unwanted or unneeded faith, while completing task given by God.The worlds he will be traveling are1. High School DxD.2. One Piece.3. Fairy Tail.4. Narutoetc. Release rate will be 5 chapter per week with at least 1.5k to 2k words.

  • Anime/Cultivation System

    Anime/Cultivation System



    Kareem Valentine died on earth committing the heroic deed of saving a puppy. After his death, he meant The One True God who grated him several wishes. Being transmigrated into the world of cultivation where men can shatter mountains and split oceans. Watch as our protagonist transform from on Ant into a Dragon going from weak to strong sometimes traveling anime worlds all with the help of his Anime/Cultivation system."Tang Ho! You might be a combat master but in front of me your skills are so so""Demon King Xuebec! In front of my army, yours is truly lacking""Heaven's! Throw lightning at me one more time and see if I don't deflect it back"I HAVE LONG SURPASSED THE HEAVEN'S!First time Arthur I'm writing this for fun if you like it thank you for the support. If you don't then I hope you find a better novel. You can always move on to find something batter no need for hating.[The system doesn't become on anime/cultivation system until chapter 26. Why because I didn't think of this when I just started writing it and now I did so I did some editing to the story and fixed up grammar errors and fusing the systems make it easier for me to write.][ I do not own the cover it's Inuyasha's father. The main character looks exactly like the cover. The cultivation stages are from Library of Heaven's path which belongs to the author of library of heavens path.]

  • Naruto Anime System

    Naruto Anime System

    A Man who only know how to pit others, cross into the Uzumaki Naruto, with the strongest system to create the strongest harem. Keke ~ ~ said wrong, to create the strongest Hokage. An otaku: “Wait, let me see what this daily task is, um, very simple, kick the 3rd Hokage’s ass. Well, I admit that you can pit me, Hokage ass is not something a common man can kick. Or, even if you kicked, can the ANBU ninja let me go? God, who will save me.” A system: “I am God.” A otaku: “……….” “You see, I am going to do it. Isn’t it just kicking someone ass? What’s the big deal? After 18 years, Laozi will be a hero.”



  • Violence in The Anime World

    Violence in The Anime World


  • The Upgrade/ Sect/ Anime System

    The Upgrade/ Sect/ Anime System

    Fantasy SYSTEM


    The protagonist is killed by his parent. After dying he gets reincarnated with an upgrade system that upgrades anything related to him. To get his revenge on his 'parents' he upgrades the talent that killed him, into something with limitless growth rate. "Goes in other animes" My reasons for why you shouldn't read the story. I'm not good at writing so don't bother about this story if you want top quality novel. English is my second language I post the moment i finish the story I write whatever comes to my mind when i write a chapter. I'm 14 years old

  • the Anime Dreams : Naruto

    the Anime Dreams : Naruto

    Fantasi NARUTO

    Edward hyden seorang remaja yang memiliki kelebihan , yaitu dia memiliki kemampuan untuk mengingat apapun dengan jelas baik itu hal yang menyenangkan ataupun hal yang mengerikan . kemampuan ini diketahui oleh Edward sendiri sejak dia berumur 10 tahun danm banyak hal yang membuatnya trauma karena kemampuannya untuk mengingat , dan saat SMP Edward mulai mengenal apa itu anime dan dari sinilah trauma Edward mulai berkurang , dan Edward juga mulai mengetahui cara agar dia tidak terserang mimpi buruk yang berujung trauma. yaitu dengan membayangkan anime yang baru dia tonton tetapi Edward sempat bingung karena setiap kali dia membayangkan anime yang dia tonton maka dia juga akan bermimpi sama seperti apa yang dia bayangkan. note: ini adalah fan-fiction , saya tidak memiliki dan bukan yang membuat Naruto maupun emiya shirou di fanfiction ini jadi jangan anggap kalau fanfiction ini adalah cannon

  • anime multiverse system DXD

    anime multiverse system DXD


    A simple multiverse novel / FANFICTIONAbyssal and his heram travel through the multiverse for a quest to dominate and stand above all the strongest in each universe in the multiverse on there Adventures through the MULTIVERSE AND ALTERNATE UNIVERSE LIKE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS......This fanfic/novel is for fun and also my first fanfic/novel so yea our mc got the power but it’s limited but goes on a Journey To acquire new New powers and ideas on how to use said powers the mc has the body that is equal to big red but does not have the power to back it up or any idea how to use the power in anyways and has to travel the multiverse to learn and acquire new power BASICALLY OUR MC GOT PLOT ARMOR TO NOT DIE BECAUSE HE HAS THE BODY OF A cockroach LOLOLOLOL BUT NO POWER TO FIGHT BACK WILL ARE MC LOSS THOSE AROUND IN A STRUGGLE TO GET STRONGER OR WILL HE BE ABLE TO BE CREATIVE WITH HIS ABILITY AND SKILLS TO BACK UP HIM SELF UP WHEN HE FIGHTS HIS Enemies…

  • Animal Farm *_*

    Animal Farm *_*

    Old Major, a prize-winning boar, gathers the animals of the Manor Farm for a meeting in the big barn. He tells them of a dream he has had in which all animals live together with no human beings to oppress or control them. He tells the animals that they must work toward such a paradise and teaches them a song called “Beasts of England,” in which his dream vision is lyrically described. The animals greet Major’s vision with great enthusiasm. When he dies only three nights after the meeting, three younger pigs—Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer—formulate his main principles into a philosophy called Animalism. Late one night, the animals manage to defeat the farmer, Mr. Jones, in a battle, running him off the land. They rename the property Animal Farm and dedicate themselves to achieving Major’s dream. The cart-horse Boxer devotes himself to the cause with particular zeal, committing his great strength to the prosperity of the farm and adopting as a personal maxim the affirmation “I will work harder.”------------------------- This is a repost of: Animal Farm, which is a satirical allegorical novella. Written by George Orwell. The book tells the story of a group of farm animals who rebel against their human farmer, hoping to create a society where the animals can be equal, free, and happy. Ultimately, the rebellion is betrayed, and the farm ends up in a state as bad as it was before, under the dictatorship of a pig named Napoleon. I don't own any rights to the novel, translation, and cover photo. Nor I do make any money of this translation. Credits to the real author.

  • Multiverse template anime system

    Multiverse template anime system


    A teen name yami ( which is a male ) has died by the Lengendary god sneeze but it was on accident then the god composited by giving him 5 wishes

  • Charlotte (Anime)

    Charlotte (Anime)

    Magical Realism ADVENTURE

  • Unlimited Anime Works

    Unlimited Anime Works

    After picking up a phone on the streets, Feng Yuchen was sent to the world of High School of the Death.He,along with 100 people, have to travel through various worlds, fight and solve quests in order to survive. Whoever dies in that world, would be teleported back to the real world without memories of what happened before and die in an accident one year later.This is not my own novel, I just translate this novel!!!!!!!

  • Anime fantasy system-One Piece edition

    Anime fantasy system-One Piece edition


    Waking up in his favorite anime world... Paul begins his journey with a anime system.

  • Animals


    In the future deep space travel is a regular occurrence. After completing a mission to take supplies to Earth 2, or Genesis as the colonists call it, something goes horribly wrong with the space shuttle returning Adam Evans and his crew mates to Earth. The shuttle crashes and Adam and Jason survive, but the Earth they return to has changed greatly.<br><br>When tragedy strikes, leaving Adam on his own, he finds the paradise surrounding him has an increasingly darker side. He assumes he can outsmart it, beat it. The product of a lost past, where men and speech are free, he rebels against the rules restricting him. But is he just setting himself up for failure, for pain and misery? Can he ever hope to outwit the powers that be?<br><br>Then he meets River Boy, the only person in a village full of dirty, animalistic villagers with whom he connects. There is something intelligent about River Boy. Something civilized about him. Yet is Adam’s growing closeness to River Boy going to save him from himself? Or will his stubbornness, his rebelliousness, cost him more than he is able to pay?

  • Acting Anime Cool System

    Acting Anime Cool System

    this novel was deleted by the owner sadly and the only copy is on wattpad in a different language so I'm translating it her to English for all the people the love this novel. i take no credit for this novl i just want t everyone to enjoy ome of the novels that i love an that make me have sends a chill down my spine with excitement.

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