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  • Annabeth Elliot

    Annabeth Elliot

    Annabeth Elliot just moved to Santa Rosa, California, with her family, who they had hoped for a new change, but what happens when Anna's parents choose the creepiest house that once belonged to her great grandparents, called Nightshade Manor. As Anna goes behind her house and sees a cemetery deep in the woods behind the house, she decides to explore only to not see anything behind the mysterious fog, as the fog drifts away Anna sees a little girl and a boy her age standing there almost dead like, reaching out towards her.What will Anna do?Will she run for her life, or will she see what the ghost like figures want?Read to find out!

  • PARANORMAL CASE (The Red Shoes Of Annabeth Allison)

    PARANORMAL CASE (The Red Shoes Of Annabeth Allison)

    Horor dan Thriller HOROR

    [The first series of paranormal cases evellyn matthew]•SHORT STORY•••••Akan di Revisi Setelah TAMAT •••••••"Banyak kasus yang pernah kutangani, namun kasus inilah yang membuatku bahkan ingin berhenti dari pekerjaan yang selama ini aku keluti selama hampir 20 tahun. Mengapa kasus ini menjadi yang paling sulit?".-Evellyn Matthew."aku berharap apa yang terjadi padaku, tidak akan terjadi pada orang lain."-Annabeth Allison.

  • Percy Jackson Fanfiction!
Annabeth comes to Goode High School

    Percy Jackson Fanfiction! Annabeth comes to Goode High School

  • What do I do now

    What do I do now

    Sci-fi Romance APOCALYPSE

    Follow a family as they try their hardest to get through something that they can only describe as a zombie apocalypse.

  • Darks Past

    Darks Past


    One night changed my whole life and it all pages the price.

  • Waves of Love

    Waves of Love


    Krystal has always had the same route: get up, school, work, hang with friends. Her small town life changes when a rude, but incredibly handsome boy shows up at her work. She doesn’t realize yet, but he is responsible for changing the life of her and her friends for better or for worse.Author’s Note:Please be advised that there are some mature themes in this novel. I’m still writing this novel. Hope you enjoy it!Author’s Note #2:I actually have more of it written on Wattpad, as I have found that it is slightly less complicated to write there( though I do like this app). PLEASEEEEEEE-check me out there >.< and you can finish the story there. My Info:Annabeth BoganIt is still called “Waves of Love”Thank you so muchhhhh^-^Let me know what you guess is going to happen next in the comments. It means the world to me. Love you all

  • Love Luna

    Love Luna

  • Passion Under The Stars

    Passion Under The Stars

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE SMUT

  • la forme de la voix

    la forme de la voix


    J'ai fait une erreur en dérangeant Annabeth

  • The Codependency Competition - A Percabeth Fanfic

    The Codependency Competition - A Percabeth Fanfic


    One day, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are accused of being too dependent on one another. Believing this to be untrue, Percy and Annabeth set out to prove their accusers wrong. The perfect opportunity arrises when Annabeth transfers to Goode, where nobody but Paul knows about their relationship. Acting their usual selves, Percy and Annabeth decide to make their challenge into a competition: to see how long they can go without anybody from school discovering their relationship. The only question is, how long can they REALLY survive without the comfort of the other? (this is a fanfic but it wouldn't let me edit to say it is)



    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE KILLER MAFIA


    Romance + Criminal(25+):::Banyak yang mengatakan, Jika Annabeth Heller adalah seorang malaikat cantik yang sengaja diturunkan Tuhan untuk tinggal di bumi. Dia selalu tampak sempurna, bahkan banyak juga yang mengaguminya tanpa henti.Tapi, kenyataannya itu hanyalah penampakkannya saja yang dia perlihatkan kepada semua orang yang mengenalnya. Kind of Psyco?Exactly YES!Tidak ada satupun orang di luar sana yang mengetahui seutuhnya siapa wanita itu. Kecuali, mereka yang menjadi bagian besar dari The Order Of Two Red Eyes. The Order Of Two Red Eyes? Who are they?Setidaknya, itu adalah nama dari sebuah organisasi besar rahasia, yang dipimpin langsung oleh seorang pria mengerikan yang sangat mengagumi Annabeth Heller. Namanya, Mark Corbin. Ya. Dia adalah pria yang mengerikan yang dimaksud. Sangat mengerikan, tak berempati, namun hanya bisa merasakan empati besar kepada Annabeth Heller. Dia mencintai Annabeth Heller.Ya. Itulah kenyataan yang sebenarnya. Namun, mereka lupa. Semua kegilaan yang mereka lakukan, tidak mungkin tidak ada balasannya. Itulah Karma.Setidaknya, karma itu datang dari seseorang yang tak terduga, dan sangat pintar untuk membuat skenario besar di kehidupan nyata.

  • Last_Light



    WARNING- This story contains: Strong Language, Abuse, Sexual Assault, Offensive Terms and Violence. Please don't read if any of these trigger you! This story takes place in a world where human know about the werewolf species and have started hunting them down to use as pets, slaves and maids. ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ Annabeth is an average female werewolf. Her and her mother lived like every other werewolf, always on the run, stayed within the woods, never shifting during daylight, all the normal things werewolves did to survive. It had always been just the two since Annabeth's father had been killed when humans raided their pack, killing all who didn't go willingly. Annabeth and her mother managed to run off before they were inevitably caught. Annabeth is later on bought by a cruel man named Ryan. Ryan bought Annabeth as a pet and maid so he treats her a such. He doesn't treat her with well but she's better off than most werewolves are. Ryan takes Annabeth back to the pet shop he got her from in search of a breeder for her when they're attacked by a pack of werewolves. All the imprisoned werewolves, including Annabeth, are taken back to the territory of the pack that had attacked. There, despite being rescued Annabeth is abused and mistreated by one of the higher ups until a certain someone intervenes. ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ This is my first (fully dedicated to complete and publish) book so I hope y'all enjoy it. If you have any questions about the book, feel free to email me at

  • Or So I Thought

    Or So I Thought

    Teen ROMANCE

    Do you know Percy Jackson? Have you watched the movie? Or better yet, have you read the series? Hi. My name is Nicole Ferrer. And I really love the Percy Jackson series. I have always admired how Percy loved Annabeth. How Percy fell into Tartarus just to be with Annabeth. Percy loved Annabeth so much, he was willing to hold the sky for her and to be with her even in chaos. I wanted the same for myself. I wanted to be Annabeth and find myself a Percy. I want a love so pure and true, it's not self-seeking but there's "together" involved in every sentence. When I met Ranier, I had never been so sure. He was my Percy and I was his Annabeth. Or so I thought.

  • The story of Lukercy/Percy & Luke!!!

    The story of Lukercy/Percy & Luke!!!


    I love the percy jackson books and I am Percy's twin and he is betrayed for real and percy and luke are dating and there are different ships too like Annabeth and Piper, Jason and April, Frank and Hazel, Nico and reyna, and I am with Leo valdez. P.S (Please rate the story and there is more coming soon!!!)

  • Chains of Despair

    Chains of Despair


    Annabeth, age 23, commonly known by her alias, 'The Mistress of Despair' due to her atrociousness, finds herself in peril as a mysterious figure, out of the blues, teleports into her house and defeats her in battle. She is taken back to her time of birth, watching her mother die under mysterious circumstances after delivering every time she is reborn. With her father getting poisoned by his new wife whenever she reaches the age of 6, the only ones she can depend on her either herself or her cunning overpowered uncle, Lord Canning.Despite her new chance to redo her past, she chooses to grow more sinister in order to gain greater power to defeat the mysterious man in this new life. To her dismay, he crushes her in an almost similar fashion once again, triggering another rebirth. Despite her best efforts to defeat the mysterious man, her constant defeat finally leads to a nervous breakdown. The Mistress of Despair experiences what true despair really is.In her darkest moment, she meets a man, a slave on the run, with whom she starts to build a better life. The happiness is short lived as her past keeps coming back to break her time after time, rebirth after rebirth.Join Annabeth, on her journey to become a better person; in her endeavors to regain her sanity; in her pursuit of happiness and love; and in her struggles to break free from the chains of despair.***"I'm a skinny person and can't take those 'big chunks' you're talking about, why don't you have them instead since you're already fat?!" the skinny man teased."Watch your tongue Ollie! I'm only trying to be nice to you since you look undernourished!" Lord Brodie the fat man retorted.***Given her past atrocities in her life, it was almost hypocritical for Annabeth to call someone else a witch or a b*tch but what's a little hypocrisy going to matter to someone who killed children too simply out of fear that they would try to get revenge on her since she had killed their parents.***"If you're going to make an entrance, make it a dramatic one,""If you can't make it dramatic then don't make an entrance at all."***"I'm not saying getting broken is okay, but it's something that can happen to anyone. What matters is what you do with those broken pieces afterwards."" No matter how many times you break, I will pick up those pieces for you. Even if it breaks me every time to see you in pain, I will still pick up your pieces.And even if I have to force them, I will make sure they stick together. So that you may be whole again."***Don't forget to add the book to your collections so that you may see updated chapters when I upload them.P.S.: Feedback, comments, reviews and gifts are welcome.P.P.S: Power stones are welcome too.P.P.P.S? (Really?): Especially power stones. :PP.P.P.P.S (I swear it's the last one): If you're a beginner writer too, comment the title of your book so that I can provide a review and some feedback. Maybe even a shiny new Power Stone...

  • The shape of voice

    The shape of voice


    I did a mistake of troubling Annabeth

  • the conqueror,the hunter

    the conqueror,the hunter

    Historical Romance ROMANCE ACTION HAREM

    Annabeth,the heir to the throne.Though she had everything,beauty,enormous wealth and swordsmanship which excels all the continents.Felt empty.............So,she decided to collect men with looks and talent.

  • Snow   H47

    Snow H47

    Annabeth couldn't take anymore of her life at home, runs away into the forest surrounding her town. At the point where she is ready to give up she finds a cabin sitting in the snow. Zachariah has enjoyed a peaceful life in the woods. One night he comes home to find a young woman collapsed on his cabin floor. Annabeth has secrets that could force Zachariah to send her back. Zachariah is quickly catching feelings for his Snow. Will he send her back when he finds out about her secrets? Will he always be there to save her?



    Annabeth is a demigod but she does not know that. She got adopted by a man called Mr. Cruise in a Demigod school. She felt piercing pains in her head and deafening sounds and when it happens things break and people get hurt. She tries to control her powers but she can't. Knowing her sorrow and inability to control her power mutants try to take advantage of her. Will darkness have a victory over light...Read to find out.