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  • Aristocracy



    People live in a society where humanity is classified into two categories. One is those people who are normal, and only have the ability that most humans can do. And then there is this other category, people who are special with abnormally extraordinary talents. They are those who have the potential to change the world. People crave glory, and they will do everything to obtain their selfish desires even if it means destroying the lives of the people who have nothing to do with them. This is the story of Kiyoko Sasaki, a young girl blessed with a trait that only she possesses. A talent that makes her special than anyone else. An individual who is seen by the people who are normal as someone different. In this horrifying world where hierarchy determines the lives of every human being, what will be the fate of this young girl?

  • My Adventure And Reincarnated to a Aristocracy: and become Apostle!!

    My Adventure And Reincarnated to a Aristocracy: and become Apostle!!


    Yaiba Mio, our main character who got killed by a stranger when he tried to protect his mom and his little brother, reincarnated into Fukuba Hanes Shino as the Second son in the world of sword and magic. Fukiba Hanes Shino who being given so many protection from the gods and hide his unbelievable status from his family.This is the story of MC who wanted to become an adventurer and see the beautiful world.I'm amateur writer with not-good on creating a story so any constructive criticism I appreciate your own story or if this not your type of story please move to other story you like and do not complain.





    Arianna had no idea that her new life would be loaded with so much baggage, secrets, and horror when she found herself living the life of the affluent and famous. She was alone in a world that was nothing like the one she had known and grown up in. She needed to find a way out, and happily, she was aided by a system that will transform her into an entity that will be worshiped by everybody. Arianna was privileged, pampered, and never lacked anything because she was born into a noble family and was a member of the aristocracy. Others, including her cousin, became envious of her and plotted against her as a result. Arianna will be forced to demonstrate her intelligence as she transforms concepts into genuine wonders in order to defeat her foes, converting her from a pheasant to a phoenix. Arianna will be driven to fight against a power of immense evil in order to battle for what she believes in and for the person she loves so deeply. Will Arianna be able to accomplish the goals she set for herself at the start and become the virtuous wife she was groomed to be? Will she mature and become the person she set out to be? Will she be able to defeat her formidable foe?

  • The Kiss Of Deception

    The Kiss Of Deception


    Callum Facci's life motto used to become powerful, a little bit more powerful and all more powerful.  Then he, he met a beautiful and young painter (His greatest rival in disguise)  His life motto was quickly changed to:  Making Calliope Wilding his wife!  …  Callum Facci: Would you like to go out with me? Calliope Wilding: What for?  Callum Facci: For coffee or a meal? Calliope Wilding: Sorry, I like homemade food the best.  Dense Calliope– 1, All-wise Callum– 0 … Even though Callum knew his Duchess was dense, but she was his, no objections allowed! __ This story is about a woman who found love when she least expected. She is a duchess who had been on run for a year. [Tags: Beautiful Female Lead, Charming Protagonist, Couple Growth, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests,  Female Protagonist,  Handsome Male Lead, Heartwarming Inferiority Complex,  Love Interest Falls in Love First, Marriage,  Slow Romance Strong Love Interests, Unconditional Love, Wealthy Love interests, Aristocracy, Politics, Business Management.] … Mature Content ahead.  No Rape or Cheating.  This story is set in the same world as the book 'THe Villain' It is a part of the series 'dark horses' but can be read as a standalone.  …  My Other works: The Typhoon's dangerous wife (Ongoing with 350+ chapters) THe Villain (Ongoing with 200+ Chapters) Unscrupulous Enchantress: the ex wife has returned. (Ongoing) 

  • Allure Of The Night

    Allure Of The Night



    [Mature Content] The body of a mermaid is a vault of treasures. Their tears formed the most splendid of pearls, their exquisite blood a euphoric drug for vampires, their luscious hair woven into the finest of silk, and their tender meat sought after by werewolves more than Heaven’s ambrosia. The creatures of night mingled within human society, fleeced in the wool of aristocracy, veiled in their portrayed innocence and nobility, their savagery continued to predate on the weak and powerless. Genevieve Barlow, Eve for short, was an exceptionally strange young lady. She had an alluring and beguiling nature, where for her twenty-four year old self had barely changed in appearance since her eighteenth birthday. She had fooled the administration and had gotten a degree so that she could have a better life. Most odd of all was that Eve had a secret she shared with no one. She enters the house of Moriarty, not just to earn but also to find answers on what happened to her mother nearly two decades ago. Unfortunately, things do not always proceed as one planned. Despite her cautious nature and desire to stay out of sight, a cold pair of eyes falls on her, that soon refuses to leave her out of sight.

  • Rebirth Of The Noble Mage Behind The Scenes

    Rebirth Of The Noble Mage Behind The Scenes


    After making preparations for transmigration into the VR world "Mystical Era", the previous veteran player Xia Yuan becomes an NPC, and is even made the fourth son of the Duke of the Empire! Already prepared for a boring aristocratic life, he never expects that the era has totally changed! As the last obstacle, his family has been labelled as a villain by the new aristocracy and will soon be crushed by history! Xia Yuan has no choice but to gradually strengthen his own power according to his knowledge of the game's history. Lost treasures, forbidden ancient weapons, secrets of immortality, forgotten epics... With one's own strength, save the world! Change fate! Rise from the ashes! ... The knight swears, the mage sings, and the dragon spreads its wings! Pursue magic and truth, and control the fate of yourself and the era! Stand in the clouds, above the floating city and the throne of the sky! The bell rings, and the signs finally appeared. -It’s time for the stars to align-

  • A Vampire's Promise

    A Vampire's Promise

    Being born half-human and half-vampire, Mia Rivera didn't understand how extraordinary her life was until she met Sol Montgomery, a pure-blood vampire seen as a prince among the vampire aristocracy. He awakened another side of her and dragged her into a world she once tried to escape. Now, she lived in his house as his personal assistant. She had two choices: fight against her inherent nature as a vampire… or give into it. I held his hand as I opened my legs and straddled his lap. A gasp left him when I ran my nose along where his pulse point would have been. "Yes, Dad… yes, I am listening." Ha. Now you know what it feels like. A light squeak left me when he pinched my side, but that only proved detrimental to him. I jostled in his lap, and he let out a puff of air at the sudden movement. Sol's large hand was placed over my hip to still me, and he gave me a dangerous look. A Vampire's Promise is created by Bella Gold, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • His Masked Knight

    His Masked Knight


    "It is futile" Duke Allen spoke, his amber eyes glinting with unwavering arrogance. "How dare you!?" the crude looking bandit growled as he took another spare dagger. "Don't bother" a sharp, clear-cut voice slashed his thoughts. "My my Edgar, you are frightening the poor soul. Look, he is not bothering to attack with his dagger" Duke chuckled, lacing his words with superiority. It only took a slash to paint the gravel and the ground with bright red. The ground also witnessed a 'thump' and a rolling head. "Wipe that cocky smirk off. It's repulsive" the knight spat out, his eyes were filled with fury at the aloofness exhibited by his master. What would have happened if I were late? "That's not how you speak with your Master, but that's okay.." Duke said, closing the distance between him and his knight. "After all, you are" he slightly bent himself to whisper in the ear of his knight "my one-and-only Edgar Radford" his hiss sent sharp tingles through the knight's body. A rush of rosy hue brightened his white cheeks accompanied by a slight throbbing. *****Aristocracy, a privileged class holding hereditary titles. The class of the most powerful members of society. The ton or rather the Aristocracy retains notable title-holders. Among them is Allen Barnhart Ferdinand, the Duke of Alterimers. Commonly called "The Rapacious Eagle". When this Eagle decides to deracinate the rats, he rules out a need for a knight. When Edgar Radford proves to be potential knight, Allen chooses him. Mireille Isabelle Martin, the youngest daughter of Count Martin, witnesses her mother's murder at a young age, sworn to retaliate- Mireille bequeaths her old self to become Edgar Radford. Will being chosen by the Rapacious Eagle help her in her path? Or will she become a prey to the Eagle? When fate entangled their past, will they solve the mysteries it evokes?Disclaimer: This story is a pure work of fiction and any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence or vain expectatin.

  • My Magical Harem System

    My Magical Harem System



    With a stab to his heart, a young man chasing his love nearly left the world forever and unbeknownst to everyone, someone else almost took his place. Blessed with the holy mission of creating a powerful harem by the God of Lust, watch as the man dumped by his girlfriend, Ardor Flame, ventures across the lands of the Mystic World and beyond to fulfill his purpose and attain his freedom! Of course, if his harem members find out he’s unfaithful to them, it’s GAME OVER! When love and magic collide, see how a Mortal struggles to make an indelible mark that sets him apart from anyone else. You can read up to 15 chapters in advance + other benefits here - Join the Discord server (Link - to Vote on the Polls and influence the plot, see updates made to published chapters, and more info. Bonus Chapter Mission: 50 Power Stones = 1 Chapter Go for it! Some Useful Info: 1. Word Count per chap ~1500+ depending on the plot. 2. MC will NOT become a cheating bastard. 3. There will be no explicit smut in the story. Anything explicitly sexual, gore, or anything above PG-13 will be marked with a warning at the beginning of a chapter. Please remind me on discord if I miss marking a chapter. 4. There will be nothing like netorare, rape, and other stuff that'll disgust people in general. Let me know if you feel something shouldn't be there, and I'll either remove it or add a warning. 5. This is not a typical harem novel where the main character bangs chicks left and right from the beginning, but you will still get a proper harem in this novel as you follow along the MC. 6. This novel almost equally focuses on magic and harem. 7. There won’t be any info dumps in the story. 8. If you're looking for quality, and an author who actually cares about giving his readers a premium fantasy experience, choose this. Tags: Action, Adventure, Anti-Hero Lead, Adult, Aristocracy, Ecchi, Harem, High Fantasy, Magic, Male Lead, Martial Arts, Multiple Lead Characters, Reader Interactive, Ruthless Protagonist, Romance, R-18, System, Strategy, Supernatural, Slaves, War, Weak to Strong I do not own the cover, I only made edits to it. The artist can contact me to take it down or give credit.

  • Rebirth of Poisoned Empress

    Rebirth of Poisoned Empress


    DescriptionShen Liang was beautiful and cold like jade, he was extremely cruel to his enemy. Pei Yuanxun who killed his whole family in his childhood was handsome and unruly, but he hold thousands Iron Guards in his hand. This was a story about two people, accidentally intertwined in their hunger for revenge. Shen Liang who was reborn again, he wouldn’t held back, blood will be paid by blood. No one will have peaceful life until he drown all his enemy.Associated Names 权门毒后Author颜若优雅TagsAncient Times Aristocracy Black Belly Childcare Doting Love Interests Empires Familial Love Handsome Male Lead Medical Knowledge Mpreg Pregnancy Reincarnation Revenge R*pe Schemes And Conspiracies Second Chance S*xual Abuse Time Skip Torture Tragic Past Transmigration Twins Wars

  • Lips on the Tip of a Knife

    Lips on the Tip of a Knife


    The Mad Dog of the Empire, Arne, the strongest knight ever.She is forced to marry at the torch of her parents.“If you don’t like your husband, you have to kill him and come back.”But nobody ever told me that my husband was so handsome?“You’re like glass, so I’m afraid to have you broken.”Besides, my husband treats me like fragile ceramics.Arne, who is not weak at all, and her obsessed husband Cassian.A narrowly illusory romance where misunderstandings and misunderstandings overlap!UPDATES ON FRIDAYS&SATURDAYS**************************ASSOCIATED NAMES: 칼끝에 입술TYPE: Web Novel (KR)GENRE: Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Josei; Romance; ShoujoTAGS: Aristocracy; Arranged Marriage; Beautiful Female Lead; Comedic Undertone; Devoted Love Interests; Doting Love Interests; Enemies Become Lovers; European Ambience; Female Protagonist; Handsome Male Lead; Kind Love Interests; Knights; Male Yandere; Misunderstandings; Power Couple; Sword And Magic; Sword Wielder; Tomboyish Female LeadLANGUAGE: Korean (translated to English)AUTHOR(S): 윤슬ARTIST(S): Pig Cake; 돼지케이크ORIGINAL PUBLISHER: NaverINFRORMATION FROM NovelUpdates**************************TRANSLATED BY Gracie_Star(ME) [w/ G.translate]PLEASE SUPPORT THE ACTUAL AUTHOR AT NAVER.

  • I wanted to aim for a slow life while pioneering my territory.

    I wanted to aim for a slow life while pioneering my territory.


    Title: I wanted to enjoy a slow life while cultivating my territory with my secret gift [crafting skills], so I pretended to be incompetent on purpose and was banished to the frontier!"Even the eldest son can't stand it! Now I'm free!"Resto was born as the eldest son of an earl family in a powerful kingdom. He was forced to study various things necessary for the aristocratic society in order to become the successor because he was the eldest son, and he was fed up with such education and the world of aristocracy and wanted to escape from this position somehow.When his stepmother begins to plot against him to make his half-brother the heir, Resto is expelled from the Count's family, just as he had hoped. He had planned to live a slow life in a remote territory with his S-class gift [Crafting Skill], He was given a huge island in the farthest corner of the country, where he was supposed to live a slow life in a remote territory.He and his trusted advisors began to develop a territory to live comfortably, but the island, isolated from the outside world, was full of surprises and boredom.~This is a pioneering story of a kind-hearted and strongest lord who uses the strongest gift and solves everything with [crafting] ~.

  • British Super Civil Servants

    British Super Civil Servants

    History HISTORICAL

    The World War II has come to an end, but the decline of the British Empire has just begun. The United States and the Soviet Union are looking forward to the glorious years in the future and know that the falling aristocracy is not their own obstacle."I don't agree with them, but it's not all bad to dismantle British India first."

  • siren



    Lady Freya Audrey Barbara Rosalyn Bedford, the only child and heir to the Duke of Bedford seems to have it all, a prominent title with lots of fortune. However, not all that glitters is gold. This young heiress must balance English aristocracy, complicated family dynamics and even love while trying to make it through her grandmother's Christmas ball.

  • How do I delete shit?

    How do I delete shit?


    This novel is about the trials and tribulations of our main character, Paul, as he is vacuumed into nowhere and everywhere, aka, another planet with all the reincarnation stuff.

  • YEP, I'M GOD. [Dropped]

    YEP, I'M GOD. [Dropped]

    A boy who becomes an OverPowered MC...Roaming around from the Marvel to DC, beating Hulk and one-punching Superman, from Strike The Blood! to Bleach, meeting soul king and having fun with girls and enjoying an silent evening in the apocalypse with surrounding zombies....Follow his journey as he completes his wishes and his mission...Tags:Alchemy, Apocalypse, Aristocracy, Artifacts, Carefree Protagonist, Crafting, Demons, Determined Protagonist, Dragons, Dungeons, Dwarfs, Elves, Game Elements, God Protagonist, God-Non Human Relationship, Healers, Hiding True Abilities, Immortals, Level System, Magic, Maids, Male Protagonist, Military, Monsters, Nobles, Overpowered Protagonist, Polygamy, Protagonist Strong From The Start, Protective Protagonist, R-18, Rape, Rebirth, Shameless Protagonist, Slaves, Slice of life, Special Abilities, Spiritual Powers, Transmigration, Transported to Another World, Underestimated Protagonist, Warlords, Wars, World Travel, Zombies.

  • His Masked Knight

    His Masked Knight


    ********This book is ongoing under the same name, His Masked Knight, but under a different account. So, plz move on to the other book, u can find it by searching for the name*********Aristocracy, a privileged class holding hereditary titles. The class of the most powerful members of a society .The ton or rather the Aristocracy retains notable title-holders. Among them is Allen Barnhart Ferdinand, the Duke of Alterimers. Commonly called "The Rapacious Eagle". When this Eagle decides to deracinate the rats, he rules out a need for a knight. When Edgar Radford proves to be potential knight, Allen chooses him. Does the Eagle really need a defender? Or is the defender just another prey for the Eagle?Mireille Isabelle Martin, the youngest daughter of Count Martin, witnesses her mother's murder at a young age, sworn to retaliate- Mireille bequeaths her old self to become Edgar Radford. Will being chosen by the Rapacious Eagle help her in her path? Or will she become a prey to the Eagle?

  • Wilderclime Aureal University

    Wilderclime Aureal University

    This is a tale about a friendship and war. The battle of the Elites. The Heiress's war is about to begin.adorationenmitydreadbetrayalReputationforgivenessWho is the real one?Who is the betrayer?Who will emerge victorious from the war raging inside this university?What is the mystery that has been kept hidden?It's up to you to figure it out.Wilderclime Aureal University welcomes you.A haven for the aristocracy______Sterces_dnihebseil

  • Ammake Empire: Jesara's Story

    Ammake Empire: Jesara's Story


    Everything on Earth changed for the better when the Ammake Empire stepped in. People are healthier. Countries are profiting. The very Earth has begun to rejuvenate with the help of alien technology that has finally ended our dependence on damaging fuels. For one young woman in particular, however, life is about to get a bit more complicated. The man that her mother married is a Maliik to the Empire and his past has now drug her into the games of the Aristocracy.

  • The Fate Of The Damned

    The Fate Of The Damned

    Life after the Great Awakening had changed drastically for humans.Now, vampires ruled what little was left of human society as we knew it.Free to make their own rules, they thrived in the chaos they created. Every 200 years, power dynamic would switch from Human Supremacy to Vampire Supremacy, as agreed after the Blood War ended, but the rise of certain Aristocracy members put that agreement at risk.How many secrets can one keep from their own race in order to save it?

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