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  • Arrogant Husband

    Arrogant Husband

    Realitas Magis ROMANCE R18


    Saga adalah pria dewasa yang mapan dan seorang bos. Mempunyai gemerlap harta dan takhta. Namun, ia masih belum mempunyai seorang pendamping hidup, wanita yang akan bersamanya kelak membangun bahtera rumah tangga. Saga sangat menginginkan Alisa, wanita yang berhasil meluluhkan hatinya dan berniat akan mempersunting Alisa sesegera mungkin. Alih-alih menerima cinta dari Saga, Alisa malah mencampakkan pria itu, yang membuat Saga tak terima dikatai seperti itu oleh Alisa. Jelas saja, Saga marah besar dan berniat akan membalas dendam padanya. Dengan merebut kesucian Alisa, maka babak baru dalam kehidupan mereka pun dimulai. Apakah Saga akan sepenuhnya mendapatkan hati Alisa? Atau justru, dirinya dibenci oleh sang wanita?Ig : anggun_marimar1997

  • My Arrogant Alpha

    My Arrogant Alpha



    Alpha Axel Ash is a destroyer. He's a savage and a dangerous werewolf. Undefeated, the wars have turned him into a monster, feared by most. He likes to kill the weak and those who dare to harm his pack. For years, he thought the moon goddess has punished him by not giving him a mate, his life forever left in misery. Cassie is the Alphas daughter. For years, she had seen the war that destroyed her pack and killed hundreds of innocent lives. Warriors died on the battlefield, never returning home. To stop the war from further destruction, her father sets out to offer a truce to the enemy pack. But the infamous Alpha Axel requested for something else — his daughter’s hand in marriage. Axel Ash my Alpha gazes down at her with a bunk expression, his eyes roaming all over her body. Cassie squeezed in her legs, her mind aware that she is only wearing a shirt with nothing underneath. “You’re wearing my shirt,” he states deeply and she sees his eyes flicker down to look at her chest. “I-I couldn’t find a-any comfortable c-clothes,” she stutters, taking a few steps back. He growls at the distance she put between us, coming closer at her with a look of disapproval. She gulps just as she bumped against the wall, locked in between him and the hard surface. Why does he smell so good? “Don’t hide from me,” he growls, finally standing tall before her with dominance and demanding obedience. “N-No,” she says stubbornly, gripping her shirt and bringing it up at him. His eyes darken as he grabs her wrists and holds them above her head. Shocked, she gasp and her shirt raises up her waist, showing him the full view of her bare body. She whimper as he stares down at her with lust. Axel Ash drew closer, gently tucking the rose behind her ear. The floral scent perfumed every breath, Cassie took as he brushed his thumb lightly over her lips sending a shiver down to her spine. Axel Ash smirked feeling his effect on her, " “If I knew showing you the pool would get you na**d I’d have done so this morning,” he said, pushing the hair off his face The attraction between us is very convenient, you know? She was immediately out of the reverie, "Convenient!" His gaze darkened, "Of course, how could it not be convenient for me to feel desire for what's mine?" "Calling me cute is nice. Calling me hot is great. But don't you dare call me yours. I am not a thing to own." She said fire blazing in her eyes and wriggled in his hold to get free. Smirking, he pulled her even closer. His voice got thicker than she had ever heard, "That's where you are wrong, sweetheart. I am an Addict and you are my Drug." Alpha Knox Is a good friend of Alpha King Axel Ash.

  • be arrogant

    be arrogant

  • Married With My Arrogant Friend

    Married With My Arrogant Friend

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY


    Gavriel Wijaya, putra pertama kebanggaan keluarga Wijaya pulang setelah sepuluh tahun menyelesaikan pendidikan dan membangun perusahaannya di New York sana. Pulang dengan sifat dan sikap berbeda 180°, Gavriel kembali ingin menggapai cintanya, cinta sahabatnya__Queeneira. Cinta yang belum sempat ia genggam, saat ia harus memikirkan pendidikan dan karirnya. Sedangkan Queeneira, yang terlanjur patah hati ditinggal selama itu sudah tidak ingin untuk berhubungan lagi dengan sahabatnya__Gavriel Wijaya. Lalu, bagaimana cara Gavriel untuk mendapatkan cinta Queeneira kembali, mampukah Gavriel menggengam cintanya, saat Queeneira sendiri sudah tidak ingin dekat dengannya. Ikuti kisah perjalanan dan bagaimana Gavriel mengambil hati sahabatnya kembali.

  • My Friend’s Arrogant Brother

    My Friend’s Arrogant Brother



    Maya Alva is beautiful and smart but despite her intelligence she fell in love with her friend's twin brother who loves hurting her feelings. From grade four to High School Adonis was her only crush even though he was arrogant. Adonis Gabriel Buenavista Monleon in short Adonis Monleon came from a rich clan, he is handsome and has a strong sex appeal, since childhood he has shown that he will never like her because she came from a poor family. But everything changed when Maya slapped him in the face with great force. One night the long-awaited dream of Maya happened, Adonis Monleon kissed her under the starry night at the terrace of the Monleon’s mansion. It was a magical kiss but Adonis crushed and broke her heart later that night by kissing another girl. That is why Maya hates him, and she promised herself to do everything she can to forget the only man she loves since childhood, but why can’t she forget about her first kiss? How can she resists him, the moment they met again on the summer after she graduated from High School? Can Maya stop her own heart from falling for Adonis over and over again? And stick to her promise to totally forget Adonis? Can Adonis win over the heart of Maya after he left her with a broken heart and soul? _____________________________________________ My Friend’s Artogant Brother Book 2: Falling For My Best Friend’s Brother Lisa Montesclaro is always in the shadow of her beautiful friend, Maya, and to watch her best friend got hurt by her first and only love, Adonis, she promised herself never to get involved with someone like him. Still, she became one when she found herself falling for Maya’s elder brother Benedict. Because Lisa has had no boyfriend since birth, she wants to experience her first kiss with Maya’s brother, and she made a decision to confess to Ben one night on the terrace of the Hernandez mansion. Still, she became frustrated when he turned her down when she confessed her feelings towards him. And Lisa made a vow never to make herself look like a fool again in front of Ben. Benedict Hernandez is hot and handsome and one of the most eligible men in San Antonio, where the wealthiest family in the entire country live. When her sister's best friend confessed her feelings towards him, he hated himself for turning her down, since he knew Lisa is a sweet young woman, but because the first love has broken his heart, he made a vow never to fall in love again. Benedict tried his best to stay away from Lisa as possible, but how can he resists Lisa’s charm when he always sees her around in their estate wearing sexy dresses and a beautiful smile on her face? Then because of a prize they won together during a wedding they both attended, their attraction towards each other will be tested. Can Lisa stop herself from falling for him more the moment they spend one week vacation on the La Trinidad Island? Can Benedict finally let go of his past and give himself a chance to fall in love again? Please join Lisa and Benedict as they journey together in finding true love. Thank you to all readers! Please support my other books entitled: Princess Malia’s Secret Falling In Love With Miracle The Heartbreaker CEO Is My Ex Loving Madeline The Powerful Dragon Witch (WSA Entry 2021) The CEO’s Perfect Mistake (WSA Entry 2021) The Alpha And His Beautiful Monster You Can’t Buy My Love

  • My Boss Is So Arrogant

    My Boss Is So Arrogant



    "Marry me!!" Rose stared at the person who was sitting infront of her crossing his long legs.She gripped the fabrics of her dress.Her nails were digging into her soft flesh but she was not concerned about it at all.If she was some other girl,no wonder she would be very happy and consider herself lucky but she very well knew the person infront of her was not less than a devil. "What if I don't agree?Will you kill me?" Rose said coldly staring directly at his charming grey eyes without any fear in her voice. The next moment,she discovered he was very close to her.His long slender finger started stroking her face giving her a shudder down her spine, "You will...Because you have no choice sweetheart.." He mumbled in her ears.. ****************************************** Meet Rose Wesley.... Her beautiful face,kind nature and sweet appearance will surely charm you.Recently she graduated from business school.Unfortunately on the day of her farewell party she offended an arrogant man.But when she went for an interview, she discovered that her boss was someone that she already met.Fate made her met with the man she offended before. He is Kelvin Kyle,CEO of Kyle corporation.Number one business tycoon who is considered to be the most dangerous,ruthless and powerful figure in the country.And as expected he started making things difficult for her in different aspects. Would ever be their hatred for each other converted into love or any conspiracy???? What will happen when she comes to know the true face and motive of Kelvin!!!! Things will be more complicated when an Italian Mafia boss will head over heels for her. Also a hidden enemy who will blackmail her with her buried secret that she kept hidden from the world for years.... Life is very difficult when you are unaware about your surrounding.Specially a bunch of enemies... Things are not always like that we see through our eyes.Sometimes it's very difficult to identify who is the villain and who is the hero....... Will her life change for welfare or become more difficult??? [Currently I am editing the chapters.There may be few mistakes,spelling and grammatical errors, in the book.Please ignore my mistakes until I am done and support my book :-)]

  • Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant

    Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant

    Contemporary Romance CEO ARRANGEDMARRIAGE


    A SEQUEL of CONTRACTUALLY MARRIED *Arrianna Angela/Rian and Alexander Jonathan/Alex *Sophia Ysabelle/Sophia/Belle and Daniel/Dani ~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~ Sophia Ysabelle, 26 years old, accepted the life-changing deal of marrying the famous billionaire, Daniel Kelley, not for his money but for his name. They have different reasons for marrying each other. Daniel needs a woman to pretend as his wife to get the biggest investment for their company, that will lead them to the top-grossing company in the whole state of California. While Sophia needs someone 'powerful' on her back while still seeking justice for what happened to her in the past. But there is a big problem between the two of them, they couldn't stand alone in one place facing each other. Daniel is a cold and arrogant billionaire with a smile as precious as a diamond, and who already put her under his judgement from the very first time they met. And Sophia is a stubborn yet resilient woman who never backs down from anyone's judgement, not even from her future husband's rudeness. But in the end, will she tell him her real reason for marrying him? When he finds out the truth, will he continue to judge her? Will he be able to protect her from her dark past or he will just remain cold and arrogant husband towards her? "Never judge someone without knowing the whole story. You may think you understand, but you don't" *Rian* ~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~

  • Jodoh Arrogant

    Jodoh Arrogant

    Jenny Arletta, wanita cantik dan berkelas. Sayangnya, kisah percintaannya tak secantik parasnya. Dia begitu dibenci oleh tunangannya sendiri karena suatu hal di masa lalu.Namun, Jenny masih tetap gigih dalam memperjuangkan cinta yang awalnya di dasari oleh perjodohan.Nicholas Jackliem adalah tunangan dari Jenny. Dia merupakan CEO muda yang digandrungi oleh para kaum Hawa.Dia begitu kejam pada Jenny. Menginginkan wanita itu menderita. Nicholas sangat senang membuat Jenny menderita, sampai menjadikan wanita itu sebagai sekretarisnya.Menjadi boss yang begitu kejam dan semena-mena terhadap Jenny. Namun, Jenny tetap berusaha sabar dan ikhlas menerima semuanya.Sampai, suatu keadaan di mana sikap Nicholas benar-benar membuat Jenny berada di titik terendah. Hal ini sukses membuat Jenny menyerah dan pergi dari kehidupan Aland dengan membawa sesuatu berharga dari lelaki itu.

  • Married To The Arrogant Billionaire

    Married To The Arrogant Billionaire

    Kelvin Alexander the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company is a Heartthrob who has money, fame, and power, etc, he is arrogant and despises and treats women like rags as he thinks they are all after his money.  Lillian Carson William an intelligent, beautiful, and hardworking non-nonsense young woman that can stand up for her right no matter the situation or person involved.  He is arrogant: she hates arrogant men He like being in control: she hates been controlled  He hates women: she hates men that are full of themselves. He is rude: she is feisty  What will go wrong when they are both bound together by a deal. Will there be a clash of love or a clash of war. Or will they be able to resist the Great attraction pull between the two of them? Read to find out in this heartwarming romance.



    Being a mermaid and living among the humans while trying to hide your secret is so difficult right?. Especially when you fell in love with a billionaire who already has a supposed fianceé and she vow to find out your secret and expose you. Would you prefer staying and letting her expose your secret or going back to the ocean where you were not accepted by your people? This is the situation Melissa a young beautiful mermaid who fell in love with a human found herself in.

  • The Arrogant Boss

    The Arrogant Boss


    Damian Alfanro (32 years old) is a young, sexy, arrogant, and handsome CEO of Billionaire. The most beautiful gift, but not with his behavior that is very cruel and does not care about anything. Owned some very successful companies. However, behind all of this, there was something they didn't know about Damian.Angelita Aurellia (24 years) is a secretary from Damian who has a beautiful face, innocent, calm, but careless. Kpop world, crazy about Korean Oppa. The girl who is usually called Angel has a pretty sanctuary background. However, he always worked hard to do his best. Always be patient with bosses who are notoriously pedophile or cruel.Not only a very rich young CEO and a beautiful and smart secretary. However, a smattering of dark past turns into a grudge that makes Angel fall into his trap. Drowning in the darkness of a world he had never felt before.What about the grudge embedded in Angel's heart? Will it run as smoothly at the start? While reality continued to surface, who exactly was Damian?

  • arrogant officer

    arrogant officer

  • The arrogant CEO

    The arrogant CEO

    Steve Jake, the CEO of Jake's limited was well known for his lavish way of living,he was also know as a loveless man, since he left highschool he never dated a lady. though he was the richest guy in the whole city.He soon encountered a lady who was gonna change his life, Her name is Claire. she was from a middle class family,after loosing her mum to a fatal accident when she was still a minor,she lives alone with her step mum and sister.Her dad was in the marines and barely comes home, her step mum always made her life terrible anytime Claire's dad was away but always act nice anytime he's around, Claire has tried numerous times to tell his dad about it but he always ignored her.She later left home in search of a job, she got a job in Jake's house as a cleaner, Jake hatred for women made him detest her seriously.As the story goes on, Jake started having strange feelings for his maid, he tried to control himself as much as possible buy failed He fell in love with her and they later got married, but all these didn't happen without them facing a big challenge first..

  • Arrogant System

    Arrogant System


    Lin Fang, our protagonist's name is Lin Fang, thank you.

  • Mr Arrogant

    Mr Arrogant

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

    Meet Liza and meet King. The two are very opposite from each other and can’t stand each other. Read on to find out;will they end up falling in love?will they continue to avoid each other?

  • arrogant boss

    arrogant boss

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    Alena Elviana Arenda seorang wanita berumur 18 tahun harus mengalami nasib yang sangat buruk, orang tua nya yang membenci nya lebih memilih kakak tiri nya dari pada anak kandung nya sendiri.ia harus diusir dari rumah nya sendiri karena di tuduh membunuh kakak tiri nya semua orang menghianati nya bahkan tunangan yang ia cintai lebih memilih kakak nya.karena kakak nya Alena dianggap semua orang sebagai benalu di keluarga nya hanya kakek Alena lah yang selalu menyayangi nya.kakek nya seorang jenderal di kota D membuat ia memiliki musuh di sekitar nya, tetapi setelah kejadian yang menimpa kakek nya yang membuat ia harus meregang nyawa sendiri karena pembunuhan yang direncanakan dan membuat Alena merubah sifat nya menjadi lebih dingin dari sebelum nya.'setelah apa yang mereka lakukan terhadap ku dan kakek, aku pasti akan membalas kalian semua.' Alena Elviana Arenda.________________________________________"kenapa kau selalu mengikuti ku berhenti lah melakukan hal yang tidak berguna??.""tidak akan.""bisakah kau berhenti mencari ku dan mengganggu hidup ku??.""aku tidak akan meninggalkan mu sendiri bahkan jika kau bersembunyi aku tetap akan menemukan mu karena kau milik ku dan seterus nya akan seperti itu."_______________________________________

  • Arrogant Knight

    Arrogant Knight

    Sebuah kisah dimana seorang anak yang berada di dunia sihir tetapi tidak memiliki sihir. apa yang menunggunya? dan apa misteri yang membuatnya tidak memiliki sihir? baca terus Arrogant Knight!!

  • Arrogant love

    Arrogant love

  • Prince Arrogant

    Prince Arrogant


    When she assumed that she was finally free, there she was, the last soul she wanted to see. She fled and ran, but she comprehended that she would fail as the men in black were essentially catching up with her. She looks behind but instantly stares before her again when she knocks over someone. Heyy!!! What the hell are you doing?? He said to her in irritation. Catching a glimpse of her sweating and shaking, he knew something was wrong.Suspectly, he glances at where she was looking and catches sight of men running to them.Noticing how she was panicking, he grabs her hand, puts her in his car and tells the driver to start driving.DON'T COPY MY BOOK AS IT IS MINE!!!!Go to Goodnovel if you want to read this book!!Promise you will like it. :))))



    Percintaan Anak Muda ROMANCE ACTION

    Kisah seorang budak perempuan(Aira Farhana) yang selalu dihina dan dikeji waktu kecilnya,sehinggakan ramai tidak menyukainya dan membuangnya hinggalah hidupnya merana dan tidak berdaya untuk teruskan hidup.Tetapi dengan kejian dan hinaan diterima olehnya itu menjadi semangat baginya untuk berjaya.Tibalah pada suatu hari dia pun sudah meningkat dewasa dan telah berjaya menubuhkan sebuah hotel yang sangat mewah dan memiliki banyak kewangan dan harta.Tetapi dengan kekayaannya itu dia semakin angkuh dan sombong.Akibat keangkuhannya itu hotel yang dimiliki olehnya hampir bankrupt dan tibalah suatu hari dia telah menemui seorang lelaki(Zarif Farhan) yang bekerja dengannya sebagai seorang PA . Zarif selalu bersama dengannya walaupun tidak tahan dengan sikap "BOS" "CEREWET"nya itu.Dari mula penemuaan itu Zarif mula muncul sifat sayang dan cinta akan bosnya yang sombong dan angkuh itu.Nak tahu apa kesudahannya.#jangan lupa saksikan novel yg bertajuk BOSSKU (ARROGANT)