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  • Cultivation Through Artifacts

    Cultivation Through Artifacts



    [If you would, please check out my new novel, Lord of the Karmic Fate!] Died because of grief, reincarnated because of fate. Cal found himself in a world where dream was now reality and life meant survival! A world where cultivation existed and only the strong could survive! Follow him as he breaks through the unthinkable and reaches the heavens with nothing more but a power that lets him cultivate through Artifacts! ==================== Hello there! I hope you got intrigued by the synopsis or at least will give my book a chance and if you like it, I hope you will vote to help me! Naturally, your votes will be not in vain. First I want to reach 350 PS, so if we succeed with that, I will upload an extra chap! If God helps me and we surpass that by a huge margin I will write down more!:) Also, feel free to ask questions or write down if there is any mistakes, but please don't hate my book openly! Thank you! Also, my story starts slow, but it will get better I promise, just be patient! Join my Discord Server! *Cover is mine, hope you like it!:)*

  • Hunting Artifacts

    Hunting Artifacts

    There are 10 Artefacts imbued with magic, that the Kingdom of Tuwine plan to use for nefarious purposes...The entire struggles for possession of these Artefacts, and many nations have made plans for their retrieval.

  • The Shadow Artifacts

    The Shadow Artifacts

    The Artifacts in the box did it all. We thought it was lucky and a blessing but ohh how wrong we were.It opened our lives and spilled secrets we will never forget. We should have left it by the road, if only we knew....☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  • The Seven Cursed Artifacts

    The Seven Cursed Artifacts


    First time making a WN, i posted it here to see if someone actually reads/likes it

  • Lord of Mysteries

    Lord of Mysteries



    With the rising tide of steam power and machinery, who can come close to being a Beyonder? Shrouded in the fog of history and darkness, who or what is the lurking evil that murmurs into our ears? Waking up to be faced with a string of mysteries, Zhou Mingrui finds himself reincarnated as Klein Moretti in an alternate Victorian era world where he sees a world filled with machinery, cannons, dreadnoughts, airships, difference machines, as well as Potions, Divination, Hexes, Tarot Cards, Sealed Artifacts… The Light continues to shine but mystery has never gone far. Follow Klein as he finds himself entangled with the Churches of the world—both orthodox and unorthodox—while he slowly develops newfound powers thanks to the Beyonder potions. Like the corresponding tarot card, The Fool, which is numbered 0—a number of unlimited potential—this is the legend of "The Fool."



  • The Blood: Sacred Artifacts and Thrones

    The Blood: Sacred Artifacts and Thrones


    The Miao compulsion is passed down from the inside to the outside, and not from the women to the men. In order to get out of the family's control, the Black Miao woman used the art of skin-changing to change herself into a Western appearance and came to England. Robert Thomas, the master of the vampire family, took her in and renamed her Anneliese Jo Thomas. At a dinner party before receiving the Prince's certification, Anneliese accepted an impossible task - to find the twenty-seven sins of the Blood World. From then on, she bids farewell to the land of the ancient peoples and becomes a new member of the mysterious world of the Bloods, embarking on a journey from which there is no turning back with the mission granted by the Prince ......Translated with (free version)

  • Artifacts of a Time Once Lost

    Artifacts of a Time Once Lost


    Humanity was far different from the other elder races, such as the Elves, Dragons, Fey, and Dwarves, for they were not unified by our blood. Men were a race of people that sought to find an explanation for everything in their world and themselves. While other races banded together through their birth, creating racial empires, man was divided into many factions and cultures.When the dragons of old flocked under one king, humanity sought individuality. While the Elves focused on purity and ancestry, humanity sated their unending curiosity with the world. Man fought for love, passion, and a drive to grow, other races looked down upon them for fighting over such trivial causes.The other elder races chose to ignore humanity and stay within their domains. The Elves had legendary forests, the Dwarves had great mountains, the Dragons had vast nests, the Fey had the spirit realms. Humans were perceived as odd creatures, but short-lived and harmless.The view of humanity changed when man's curiosity drifted towards the domains of the other races. The Dragons welcomed humanity, for humans truly admired their beauty and power, awed by their titanic size. The Elves and Dwarves pushed humanity away, thinking them lesser beings. Humanity never quite found the land of the Fey.Because of the ignorance of the other elder races, humanity exploded in population. The only race to notice this boom, was the Dragons. Not wanting to be swept away by the tide of mankind, the Dragons vowed to eternally protect the tiny beings. Humanity and Dragons forever stayed deeply rooted within each other's societies and cultures.The Elves and Dwarves were not ready for the unification of the lesser race. Their arrogance was cowed by the unstoppable tide of man, destroyed by their ignorance.The first heroes of man obliterated all resistance. Dragon riders, mages, berserkers, knights, and fighters from all ends of the world brought siege to the kingdoms of the foolish 'old ones'. Nothing could match humanity's capacity for individual might, and humans were exponentially more populous than the stagnant numbers of the other elders. Nothing could stop them.When humanity rose as the victor over the empires of the old ones, the Elves and Dwarves were systematically eliminated or assimilated, eventually fading into obscurity. Arrogance, the downfall of what was once great. The young species, like the beast kind and spirit folk, joined humanity, being accepted with open arms.To celebrate the victory of humanity, the Kahn, king of the Dragons, forged 13 artifacts to forever seal humanity's rule. Taking 2000 years to complete, blessed by priests, enchanted by mages, marked by runescalds, treated by blacksmiths, and names by heroes, 9 swords were created. Along with the swords, four spheres were crafted, one representing each of the four base elements.But the Kahn failed for the same reason as the old ones, arrogance.Magic is wielded through emotion, thus magic has a personality of its own. Magic is not tamed but generously lends its power. With the amount of magic and emotion attached to the artifacts, they grew their own intelligence. The artifacts created avatars to cherish and care for themselves. The avatars became sperate intelligences, eternally bound to the artifact they wield. The Great Kahn thought he could subjugate this raw emotion, he was wrong.After learning of their purpose, the artifacts cast themselves out into the world, becoming legend. For they did not wish to be weapons of false judgment, power symbols for those that did not deserve their majesty.Our story begins a thousand years later, in the kingdom of Mesonia. We follow the avatar of Nightingale, the 9th sword.

  • Artifact Reading Inspector

    Artifact Reading Inspector


    The antique market that is filled with treasures and trash.And amongst these, Hyejin, the one who is trying to become the greatest inspector in the world.

  • Heroic Artifacts: The Legend of Nine World

    Heroic Artifacts: The Legend of Nine World

    Long time ago, Ainsworth was a world where gods and mortals walked along. Even if the later were only a species created, there was no discrimination between them. However, when something went off, the war simply broke out. And this war, which will be later known as the most tortuous battle in history... Till this day, gods never come down again, and the things was never the same again.Now, millenaries later, a young boy sets off to explore the world. Meanwhile, another finds himself in an unfamiliar place. However, unbeknown of this world keepers, an ancient evil spread his shadow waiting for his moment..;

  • Records of Endless War, Artifacts and Relics

    Records of Endless War, Artifacts and Relics

    A Life of a Historian known as Jun Quan who recorded thousands if not hundred thousands of battles, conflict and war has come to an end, leaving his detailed records of each death and slaughter, finds himself on a new world together with his written record and a historical system greeting him "Welcome my host, I shall assist you be the strongest while recording more conflicts." thus the start of new life and adventure of Jun Quan in his way to heaven.

  • The Artifact

    The Artifact

    Seong Winter is woken by a mysterious girl in a place he would never find himself... UNDER THE EARTH'S MANTLE!!!

  • I Can Extract Everything

    I Can Extract Everything



    [Alternative tittle: I Can Duplicate Everything]One day, a friend asked him, "Brother Qin, why aren't you cultivating?"Qin Yi smiled gently and said nothing.Cultivating?Why should I cultivate when I can extract Cultivation Points from you?With Cultivation Points, I can upgrade my cultivation base at any time.Not only Cultivating Points, but I can also extract your Spiritual Mind, Body Essence, Artifacts, Pills, Bloodline, Special Physique, and others.So, tell me, why should I cultivate?

  • MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist

    MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist



    For the sake of his family, Ren embarked on the popular VRMMORPG, COVENANT, that used real-time in-game currency. But being a mediocre player who only knows how to gather information, he was put in a supporting role. As the game explodes in popularity and every multibillion-dollar company invested in the game, things have turned for the worse for Ren. Due to the amount of information he gathered, the cheats, secrets, quests, and bugs he discovered, he was silent in fear of selling the information to the other guilds. But given a second chance, he went back in time when his father was still alive and COVENANT was just in its starting phase. This time . . . he wouldn’t be that guy on the side who gathered information from day in and day out for ten years. Equipped with the games knowledge he accumulated, he will become . . . an Alchemist! Chrono Mage? Djin Master? Summoner? Necromancer? Chaos Lord? What good are those? Sure they’re powerful and rare classes and sought after by guilds, but it’s the alchemist who forged artifacts and concocts rare items and potions that gets the most coins at the end of the day! It was better than being a blacksmith or a crafter! Plus, he could use all sorts of magic without limit to race and class! It was the ultimate class! And no one even knows it!

  • Ace Of Terrans

    Ace Of Terrans



    Loose cultivator Shi Lang gradually found himself in the realm of invincibility. However, when he finally tried to ascend to the higher realm, the spirit of the world was nearly exhausted. So, between his ascension to a new world or the well-being of his home, he chose the latter and sacrificed his life to save the world. Nobody knew what he gave up for the world, and he told no one. Although his sacrifice had gone unsung, there was still someone who witnessed everything. A treasured artifact he carried on his body preserved his soul and let it escape a tragic end. Eons passed. The human race stepped out from the age of cultivation into an age of stellar conquest. The spirit energy in the world was now scarce, but humans found other means to excel. In this highly-advanced time, Shi Lang's soul has found a chance to be reborn. What happens when an ancient cultivator that neared the level of a deity before his first death gets a second chance at life in the space age? ... PS: The cover does not belong to me, so do notify me if you own the copyrights and want this to be taken down. Thank you.

  • The Artifact Keeper

    The Artifact Keeper


    This story is set in a world of humans with supernatural abilities and magical artifacts. It is the year 2262 and 90% of humanity has been slaughtered. It has been 20 years since the Kannon started their mass murdering. No one knows why they are decreasing the world's population but a secret organization plans to put a stop to their endless attacks on humanity. Warren is a reckless teenager that wants to put an end to this war, however, he is powerless. Was he born without powers or will his power awaken in time before he faces some of the strongest warriors left alive?

  • Artifact of Endlessness

    Artifact of Endlessness

  • Artifact Arena

    Artifact Arena


    Four people awaken in a strange area, with no memory from their previous lives, no knowledge where they were there, and no idea why they were there.The four are forced to survive in this strange new world of artifacts, sorcery, survival, and danger as they try and uncover the truth behind the strange new world as well as escape it.This is an entry for NaNoWriMo 2020

  • Artifact Love

    Artifact Love

    Fantasy Romance VAMPIRE

    Samantha has found three artifacts that belong to the Royal Vampire family. The first day she obtained them her partner Rebecca tries to steal them. She gets away and makes her way to a safe place only to have the artifacts stolen from her on her way to meet the vampire elders. Or at least they believe they got all the artifacts. Once the Royal Vampires find out the situation they assigned the prince to help Samantha guard and retrife the artifacts that have been stolen.

  • Artifact Seeker

    Artifact Seeker


    In 2020, the whole world was in an uproar, the dimensional hole that appeared brought out many monsters and made humans panic. But it didn't last long, because suddenly many people woke up and became Hunters. After 10 years, humans began to stabilize. This is the story of a female student who transmigrates into a girl's body who must survive in that world.