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  • Second son( GoT/AsoiaF)

    Second son( GoT/AsoiaF)

  • Raider from the North(asoiaf)

    Raider from the North(asoiaf)


    Our main character was playing Videogameson his computer. And suddenly he was transported into another world in his avatar form. Then he learned that it's the dance of the dragon era.There will be tons of grammatical error and I don't own anything . it's belong to it's creatorGRRM. English is not my native language.

  • GAME OF THRONES / ASOIAF The Sarnori Restoration (OC SI)

    GAME OF THRONES / ASOIAF The Sarnori Restoration (OC SI)

  • Second Son (A GoT/Asoiaf fanfic)

    Second Son (A GoT/Asoiaf fanfic)

    Tales of what would have been if Roberts targaryen blood was a bit more assertive(OC mc with targaryen features)

  • Dropppppppdddddd



    note: I do not own any of these characters and this novel, all credit goes to their original authurs,companies and othersAlexander of Macedon died he thought he would drink with the gods but he was wrong he was met by someone claiming that the gods were fake. his dreamed crushed Alex didn't know what would happen the old man said he would go to a word a place where he could suffer also removing his memory's but the One has found pity and has given him three wishes and three attributes. read what happens this would take place in game of thrones the book seriesNOTE: I would not make this Mc powerful I am a very creative person and making him op would ruin this thing also I would not give him his memory's if you liked the great lions or surgebinder this would be good for you this is your one of a kind book what ever happens keep on reading even if it's boring your and u want to change it put those thoughts away. my character can change some stuff but very little will change for the plot cuz I want it to be close to the original asoiaf series. don't worry I'm not gonna make it like the prideful one lol nope like wtf twin lannister isn't dumb and alcohol business is good thinking but things aren't so good like if you say I would make a business and a few chapters later it's all well and good and your business is booming no! I will not make it like that I will make my character suffer I advise you please be prepared because the things that are gonna happen is so f.kcing brutal so yeah before I end this thing I will make it 200 chapters and my character will happen to come to westerns before joffreys name day tourneys I will add every single detail my character will not one punch the mountain or I will make my character op give you guys some advise learn everything about the mythical creatures in game of thrones because hell my character is gonna go and hunt thete asses down but he is gonna go through allot of adventures the growth character is gonna be good yoi will like him and his companions yhere will also be major plot twists as well and. I'm gonna make his character like this image here copy that and you will see... read the adventure of Alexander the slave ,the conquerer slayer of the monsters beyond..stick with this storie and will make a tale that will rival George rr Martin. lmao I'm just kidding but I have studied his writing so it might be similar but truth truth read this more support I get more I will focus but of you read this I swear on my life that you will enjoy from braavos to all the free cities and oh boy would you like the yi-ti arc that gonna be dope same with the battles in aren.... sorry carried away but read and I will promise you a talle better then any you have seen

  • Death and Rebirth

    Death and Rebirth


    A girl finds herself in another world and in another time, unexpected events happen . . . Asoiaf fanfic

  • Rise of The Magnars

    Rise of The Magnars


    Read as a man is reincarnated in a new universewatch as he chamges the entire game I do not own ASOIAF or GOT neither do i own the cover picture.

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