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  • The Legendary Assasin

    The Legendary Assasin


    It is was very hard to become assasin in early life , to become legendary Assasin is impossible but he made it possible . Natural disasters were killing people Super Assassin's were ruling in the Japanese cities .

  • Sable Assasin

    Sable Assasin


    Join Kurai Tanaka on his adventure in a world of chaos and destruction.

  • Dark Assasin

    Dark Assasin

    A kid who suddenly watches his family die and a twist of fate happens. He ends up riding the hardest, bumpiest road of life . The Asassination life.

  • Assasin Girl

    Assasin Girl


    Namanya Xin Xiao Yue.Gadis yang nampak 'biasa' namun sebenarnya luar biasa.Ketenangan dan kedinginan nya mampu membuat setiap laki-laki yang berada didekat nya membeku.Apalagi tatapan matanya yang tajam dan dingin...sangat cantik namun mengintimidasi.Masa lalu yang kelam membuatnya berubah.Sikap periang,aktif dan lucunya hilang bagaikan angin setelah kejadian keji itu.Dan karena kemampuan istimewa dan atas kasus berbahaya tingkat tinggi yang mampu diselesaikan nya dalam waktu dekat,dia diincar oleh berbagai organisasi militer dunia.Ada dari yang legal bahkan ilegal sekalipun...

  • The romantic assasin

    The romantic assasin

  • The Lonely Assasin

    The Lonely Assasin


    Kisah dari seorang pembunuh penyendiri Kirihara Yoshida, yang juga dalan terjadinya tragedi Malam Berdarah serta titik baru sejarah dunia. Perjalanan Kirihara sebagai siswa SMA sekaligus penjaga perdamaian dunia pun baru dimulai, Kirihara memiliki kepribadian yang cukup buruk juga seorang yang ceria namun ketika dia mengenakan penutup wajah dan membawa sebilah pedang Kirihara adalah sosok yang sadis dan tak kenal toleransi Ia akan membunuh siapapun yang dianggapnya mengancam.Kehidupan assasin Kirihara harus disembunyikan olehnya, selagi Ia menjadi siswa SMA. Hari pertama Kirihara adalah hari dimana Ia bertemu seorang gadis berparas cantik, berkulit putih dengan rambut panjang hitam bernama Reiko Takahashi.Reiko selalu bertengkar dengan Kirihara di hari-hari bersekolah mereka tetapi lama-kelamaan Reiko memiliki sebuah perasaan yang sulit dideskripsikan kepada Kirihara, namun sikap Reiko sering bertentangan dengan perasaannya karena sebuah gengsi, orang menuebutnya tsundere.Sama seperti Kirihara, Reiko pun memiliki rahasia yang harus dijaga. Reiko adalah seorang ninja assasin sama seperti Kirihara. Berbeda dengan Kirihara yang bergerak sendiri dalam setiap aksinya, Reiko bergerak bersama sebuah liga degan nama Liga Darah. Kirihara begerak sendiri bukan tanpa alasan, tetapi karena klannya telah dibantai oleh pasukan ninja klan bulan, Kirihara adalah satu-satunya yang selamat. Ketika Kirihara dan Reiko secara kebetulan bergabung dengan klub kendo sekolah Kirihara mulai menyadari siapa Reiko sebenarnya, demi menyembunyikan identitasnya dari Reiko, Kirihara berpura-pura tidak bisa ilmu pedang sama sekali.Kirihara juga mendapat banyak teman di kehidupan sekolahnya, memiliki banyak teman tentu merupakan hal baru bagi Kirihara karena kehidupan ninja nya yang bisa dibilang harus menyendiri. Kirihara dan Reiko kerap kali bertemu ketika mereka sedang beraksi sebagai ninja tapi Reiko tak pernah menyadarinya. Lalu bagaimana kisah cinta dan kehidupan ganda dari Kirihara? akankah Kirihara juga mencintai Reiko? atau justru akan berusaha saling membunuh dalam kehidupan ninjanya?

  • The Midnight Assasin

    The Midnight Assasin


    Emerelda, or also known as Princess Emerelda of Garlin, has one goal; to find and kill The Midnight Assassin. With her gift, she leaves her comfort life and sets out with nothing more but a sword, a few changes in her pockets, and her bravery. Then fate twists for her at night. After getting saved by a mysterious man whose name was Emmett Jackson, he claims to have valuable information on The Midnight Assassin, and a valuable gift he carries that could help her. Though the more she uncovers to find the Midnight Assassin, the more she realized how much danger Garlin is in.

  • Albino Assasin

    Albino Assasin

  • Assasin Alonne

    Assasin Alonne

    Esen was once a peaceful and prosper world full of beasts and humans who lived in harmony. However long ago, a great rift opened the way for monsters to invade Esen. The beasts that inhabited Esen were no match for the great monsters that had suddenly appeared. The rift soon closed and left humanity to defend themselves against the monsters. Humanity's greatest power was the power to adapt, and that power would save them once again. Hunters, humans with abnormal strength and spirit began to awaken within those who had reached the age of 21. Almost as if a gift from the Gods had been bestowed upon them. Those who were blessed and reborn as hunters got a status window and an innate skill. Innate skills gave the hunters tremendous powers that varied from person to person. Some could crack boulders like an egg and some could use their spirit to blast away their opponents. With these powers, the hunters killed the monsters in order to make a living. Now the cities of Esen are reliant on hunters for their economy to stay stable. They provided materials and knowledge, while the government provided money and equipment. In Edin, city quit far off from the rest but still quite large, talk of a different profession based off of killing stirred. The name Alonne often floated around in rumors and gossip. They were a folktale. A mythic assasin that would make anyone who saw him vanish. Never to be seen again. Alonne had just completed a job and was taking in the view of the full moon on top of a building, when suddenly a blue window pops up in front of his eyes, transforming into a beast and gaining his long awaited innate skill. [Evolution]

  • Princess and The assasin

    Princess and The assasin


    "The axe forgets, but the tree remembers." She said while pulling the sword on the Queen's chest. The blood kept dripping from the edge of the sword. "You better don't mess with my people or else i will kill you and your damn son." "Who would it be?" The Queen's voice filled the assembly hall. One of the servants suddenly barge in. "Your majesty, I'm so sorry, but you need to come with me. Someone barge in on his highness room and tied him up. The perpetrator left a message on his highness mouth." "You better watch your move. I'm just keeping my eyes on you. Stop provoking me or you will find your son head in the front gate of the palace. I will feed his head to the hungry crows and birds while his body, I will feed them to the hungry and poor people of this nation. I will shed his blood to quench the thirst of this nation." "The nation are still the same. It's still a hell for people to live in." "Prepare everything, I'm going back to the palace." She said while reading a book. "To pretend, Your highness?" One of her companion said mockingly. "I will save my people even they are in hell. I will let my mother rest in peace. I will let my father have a peaceful mind and sleep. I won't run away. I will face them. I have the five of you and I trust you." Her highness voice sounds miserably. "But your back and your hands, your higness!" Seo hwi sounds worried. He's on of my trusted protector. "It will be fine. We will start our journey before the break of dawn. Prepare the horses and sharpens our sword. Sell the palanquin and my royal things. Buy a commoner robe and arrow. Move!" I looked up the sky. "This will be the beginning of bloodbath."

  • The Assasin Expert

    The Assasin Expert

    Ye Tian Was A Captain of team Shadow Devil, But the team kicked him out and snatched his account, he started a brand new journey with his friend Ling Yu on a game called Reincarnation and snatch his glory backCheck out their journey from a newbie until they became the most dazzling players

  • The DumBEST Assasin

    The DumBEST Assasin




    In the year 2040 a retired assassin is once more called into action by the government for one final mission or is it?---------------------------------------------------------------------------this is my first novel ever so please bear with me and do correct me on my spelling mistakes and give helpful insight on the comment's

  • The Devourer and The Assasin.

    The Devourer and The Assasin.


    Gustavo is a huge saltwater crocodile who spent over 60 years in a zoo. He spent his days relaxing in a huge pool for himself, yet that all changed when the world ended. A virus from space wiped out over 60 percent of all life and the survivors evolved. Gustavo was freed by his handler and the two must work together to live in this dangerous new world.

  • The bride is an assasin

    The bride is an assasin

    Alexa Pedro's dream had always been to fall in love and leave her dark past behind but a week to her wedding she meets a handsome man who drags her back to the world of violence she struggled to leave

  • Loving an Assasin(Tagalog)

    Loving an Assasin(Tagalog)


  • The Shadow Assasin

    The Shadow Assasin


    Synopsis on progress

  • The Sergent and The Assasin

    The Sergent and The Assasin


    This is a story about how a young 19 year old man fell in love with a 26 year old cop.Read to find out how the story goes. WARNINGThis is a BxB story so if u don't like just leave.And there will be some sexual content....Anyway i hope u like the story.leave some comments^ω^

  • The Forgotten Assasin

    The Forgotten Assasin

    This is just a small project so I'm going to be taking some time to publish the chapters. Also, I am still a student have some exams going on which would make publishing chapters even slower but those who are willing to wait, this book is about a girl named Amber. She learns about her families origins and who she really is along wither her two best friends, willow and Jade, a mysterious Assasin, a sage, and her surprising undead squirrel, Mr nuts. Willow and Jade will also be having their own books in the future (if I ever have the time to make them). if you have any suggestions about the storyline, pls pls pleasssseeee text me. My discord tag is @Ashadow123#5566. I do not have Instagram or Facebook as of now but will be getting them by December (loooong time...I know). so I hope you enjoy the wait. I don't blame you if you find my chapters boring and call it quits on my book. it's totally fine with me. but those who stay, I thank you for waiting. Enjoy ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧