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  • Azula's Assistant

    Azula's Assistant


    Dragus Aramada is the premier game where players pilot robotic cyborg dragons for a galaxy at war. Players start as a cadet in the Dreyus Alliance that tries to maintain peace while holding back the Evil Shadow Kaimyra horde, but after graduating can rise in the Dragon fleet, become mercenaries or betray Dreyus for the Kaimyra (or will be after the next expansion). Welcoming players is sexy mechanic Azula Signor, who upgrades the robotic dragons in exchange for items, credits and missions. Azula is perfect in everyway: gorgeous body, super smart, and always there when the player needs her. Azula is even a major part of the game's advertising. However, everyone forgets about her Assistant Joe, a overweight clumsy low level mechanic who has a major crush on Azula. When the new expansion drops, Azula is kidnapped by a Kaimyra pilot and Joe joins the first squad of players who download the expansion to save his beloved Azula.

  • Powerful Peasant {Entrapta X Reader X Azula}

    Powerful Peasant {Entrapta X Reader X Azula}

  • the prince of beast

    the prince of beast

  • [BL] A Demonic Love

    [BL] A Demonic Love


    [PAUSED]Nineteen years ago, Prince Xavier vanished from The Kingdom Of Azkundane. Without any clues, Queen Azula and King Rohan searched the entire kingdom. Up to this day, they still haven't found any clues about the prince's whereabouts. Xavier who is now a college student starts to uncover the secrets of his past. As soon as he's about to find out the entire truth, he's magical teleported to Azkundane a world filled with demons, gods, and other magical creatures. But will he have what it takes to survive in such a different place? But most importantly who's the guy who he keeps dreaming about? (The beginning a little fast pace but I promise the journey will be long.) (Read on to find out) ---------------------------------------------------- This novel is BL - boys love This story has sex, blood, disgusting monsters, and objects as the story progress. If you like my story please add it to your library to get updates for when I release new chapters. Disclaimer: The novel cover doesn't belong to me. If your the author text me and I will take it down. Join my Instagram: @bl_lover

  • Ҽӏҽʍҽղե


  • Eres la luz de mi vida

    Eres la luz de mi vida

  • Daughter of a Count

    Daughter of a Count


    Freya Azula, a lost daughter of a count that lives in a slum. She survives the slaves kidnapping and later will become co-creator of a guild in the Empire. She masters assassinations and will monopolize the underworld in the shadows. The Guild she built has the most prestige in the continent that nobles, mercenaries, and other organization leaders dream of forming an alliance with or being part of their vast connections. Freya did not know her roots. She longs for her family, and now that she finally found them... A tragedy happened... Her family was massacred, and there was a rebellion that occurred in the empire... She needs to hunt down those who killed her lineage... They need to pay the price of taking the lives of her family...She will have revenge...They shall perish.The art cover is not mine.[soon on royal road]

  • La Princesa Del Fuego

    La Princesa Del Fuego

    Romance de fantasía ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE R18

    Azula, princesa de la nación del fuego, hija del señor del fuego Ozai, hermana del príncipe Zuko. es una pródigo del fuego control y una gran estratega pero tiene grandes problemas psicológicos porque ve a su madre como un fantasma y sin contar sus derrotas en su búsqueda por el avatar pero su límite llego el día en que ella fue nombrada señora del fuego pero ese mismo día fue derrotada por su hermano a quien consideraba inferior y fue encerrada en un manicomio para poder hacer que vuelva ser cuerda pero un chico al que ella casi mata el mismísimo avatar la va a intentar ayudar a que vuelva a ser una persona normal

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