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  • The Heiress Strikes Back

    The Heiress Strikes Back



    Sharon was an ordinary person, while her husband, Wallace Harris, was a promising and handsome man. His family was one of the most prestigious and wealthiest families in New York City. Being able to marry Wallace was an accident. Throughout their three years of marriage, Wallace had never slept with Sharon. His family also kept persuading him to divorce Sharon. It was the birthday party of the Harris family's old matriarch, and all youngsters of the Harris family had given the most expensive gifts possible to make the old lady happy—everyone but Sharon. She asked to borrow money from Madam Harris for the old housekeeper, Uncle Smith, as he had no money to pay for his medical treatment. But as expected, the Harris family humiliated her when she requested. "The Harris family has never had a poor relative like you. Don't you ever appear in front of me again! Wallace should've married Crystal. She's certainly a young lady who's worthy of marrying into our family!" said Madam Harris. "Please know your place and get out of here. Don't stay at our house anymore. How can Wallace's grandfather be so foolish to marry a poor, useless woman like you to my son?!" said June, Wallace's mother. "It's just a few million dollars, yet you're so poor that you need to borrow from our family. How can a woman like you deserve to be with Wallace? If it were Crystal, she definitely wouldn't have embarrassed us so much!" That night, Wallace handed Sharon a bank card, which contained millions of dollars. "The company is developing, so I don't have much cash. You can use this to help Uncle Smith." Facing the Harris family's hostility, Wallace stated, "Since I have married her, she is my responsibility. Regardless of her being rich or poor, Sharon is my wife." It wasn't until a stranger approached Sharon one day. Only then did Sharon know that she was the daughter of a top prestigious family, who was eligible to receive assets worth at least ten billion. She suddenly owned the largest company in New York and a bank card that contained hundreds of millions of 'pocket money.' In the blink of an eye, her identity had changed. She was no longer the poor daughter-in-law that wasn't favored by the Harris family. Instead, she had become the most prestigious person in New York!

  • Back In Time: I Choose To Love You

    Back In Time: I Choose To Love You



    # HUSBAND-CHASING Si Mi had been foolish in her past life. She aborted the child she had with her husband just so she could return to her first boyfriend, Fu Xing. Yet, Fu Xing had no intention of reconciling with her, and even ridiculed her for flattering herself. With that, Si Mi felt that she had been abandoned by the world. She wandered the streets dejectedly and was killed by a car that malfunctioned. As her soul floated in midair, she saw her stepsister secretly meeting up with the driver who killed her to give him a large sum of hush money. She even saw her stepmother, who had always doted on her, say, “That girl finally died. At least my efforts weren’t wasted in spoiling her to the point of being brainless and arrogant! My dear daughter, you can finally relax and be with Fu Xing now.” Finally, Si Mi saw her ex-husband attending her funeral, and then took revenge for her death. Her supposedly disfigured husband even removed his mask for the first time before her portrait. The man’s flawless appearance seemed to be a gift from the gods. Every inch of him was meticulously perfect, and he wasn’t as hideous as the rumors painted him to be. Then, Si Mi lost all senses. When she opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a bed naked while a man rammed into her from above. It was her husband, Fu Zhen! She had just attended her own funeral moments ago as a wandering soul, so why was she in Fu Zhen’s bed now and making love to him? It seems that Si Mi was reborn back to the time when she had just married her husband. During this time, she had yet to abort Fu Zhen’s child, and hadn’t yet fallen into her stepmother and stepsister’s scheme! What perplexed Si Mi even more was that she now possessed the power of telekinesis after being reborn. Splendid! She swore not to be toyed with anymore in this life. She would also take revenge! More importantly… she had to compensate Fu Zhen for what she owed him. She would give her best to this man who once loved her deeply.

  • Back For My Daughter

    Back For My Daughter



    Note: The story will have 2K + chapters, and all this happens within a time of 1 or 1.5 Years of the story, so the Story is bound to have a very slow pace. ______________________________ "Dad promises that I will be always there with you, my little baby." It was Ye Qian's promise to his child who was yet to be born. However, fate didn't seem to agree as it took his life in the form of an accident before he could see his little one's face. The promise that was made to his wife and daughter reverberated as he left the world, just two months before the child was born. He died, but his soul transmigrated to another body in a different realm. 5000 years of deliberate cultivation in the heavenly realm as a venerable, helped him to reveal the secrets that could pave way for his return to the mortal world. Finally, he achieved the ultimate power to break through the spatial tear and returned to earth. "Don't worry, my baby. Dad is on the way to meet you," He chanted as he confronted the tribulation. Even when earthly suppression depleted his cultivation, he frets not. All he wants is to meet his family and fulfil the word he once gave to his daughter and her mother. Let's accompany Ye Qian on his journey to search for his family and witness his efforts to keep his wife and daughter happy as he helps them to cultivate, for an eternity together. Join Ye Qian in a journey where he struggles against the norms of the world. ______________________________ This is the first book I am writing so please excuse the if there are any poor grammar skills. I'm slowly editing it but it takes time. Once you reach later chapters, the quality will get better. Hope you guys enjoy it. Author's Insta -> Discord channel ->



    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN BETRAYAL

    When the one you love is the one that hates you the most. The one you protect wants to ruin your life. All will be revealed when the mask is removed.

  • Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

    Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

    Fantasy Romance SYSTEM


    Xiao Rou, a girl growing up in a poor countryside family, found that she was actually the daughter of a wealthy couple, and her mother mistook another girl as her when she gave birth to her in hospital. She thought she would change from an ugly duckling to a noble swan and lived happily ever after with her real family, but the reality gave her a heavy blow. The girl, Xiao Jinning, who took her family, her fiancé and everything else from her, used every possible means to frame her up. She returned to her biological parents only to find her parents despised her but doted on Xiao Jinning. She was framed as a thief and expelled out of home. And then, she was hit by a car and stomped to death by Xiao Jinning. her tragic life was ended. Tang Xi, a real princess, the heiress of the powerful Empire Group, was murdered by her greedy relatives. When she opened her eyes again, she found she was in another girl’s body. She became Xiao Rou and had a magic system—008 in her body! With the help of 008, she began her journey of revenge. She would avenge poor Xiao Rou, punish the murderers of her, become the most popular star, and….make up with her true love---Qiao Liang.

  • Back Then, I Adored You

    Back Then, I Adored You


    Original name: Prince Charming's Next Door, finished. One day, she slept with him accidentally. Two month later, she found herself pregnant, so they got married with baby. “Mr. Gu, I like the dishes of this restaurant.” Then the chef of that restaurant was hired as theirs. “Mr. Gu, I like the bags of that brand.” Then the designer of that brand was employed exclusively for her. She thought of herself as a stranger to him after marriage as she had always been, but in fact he doted on her totally beyond her imagination. He would satisfy all her demands, except letting her find a job. She kind of got anxiously bored at home, so she sneaked out to find herself a job. However, whichever company she was hired by would go bankrupt somehow or other. Finally, she got to know it had been always him who had done mischief surreptitiously. She went to question him angrily, but he gave her a job with a smirky smile. The next day when she went to take the office with delight, she found her employee ID card on the desk said ‘Name: Qin Zhi’ai, Position: Wife of Gu Yusheng’.

  • Stabbed



    He came near me. I backed off but he came closer and closer and then pinned me against the wall. I tried to get rid of his hold but failed."What-t do-o you want-t ?" he was so close that I almost lost my breath. "Breathe," he whispered.********Everyday in her dream Rhododendron is haunted by a pair ocean eyes. She sees the same dream again and again and her dream starts to come to reality once a fairy visits her. As she comes face to face with her life's reality she finds herself in a place she would have never imagined in a million years. She then starts her search of the truth, of the reality and comes in face to face with the things that once betrayed her.

  • Young Miss Strike Back!

    Young Miss Strike Back!



    Death... That was all Lin Xiaoxiao got as she tried to walk down the red carpet at an awards show. Well, it should have been her death but when she woke from the darkness, she found her self in the body Xi Xiaoxiao. A girl who was the unwanted daughter of the Xi family. Beaten and enslaved, treated worse than an ant crawling on the ground. Lin Xiaoxiao promised she would get revenge on the Xi family for treating a little girl in such a horrific way. While taking back her title of top actress of the entertainment world at the same time! As an ex-top actress who can stop her? The one thing she did not count on was this devilish man who forced a kiss on her and whats worse is her body and soul cant resist him!"Little beauty how about you help me warm my bed tonight?""I told you a thousand times don't call me little beauty! As for warming your bed... Not happening.""Then how about I warm your bed then?""Mmm... This I can agree to. But after it is warm you will need to leave so I can go to bed. I'll be in the other room, take your time.""Then I will just warm your body Instead."".......Ah! Okay...."*Warning Sexual Content In Some Chapters*Check out my newest novel Phantasia: The Princess Knight Show your support and buy me a coffee! the new discord! on Twitter: on Instagram**Cover not mine! Only added the text to it! All rights to the original Artist.**

  • To Stab A Hubby

    To Stab A Hubby

    After spending ten years in a abusive realationship, Veronica who has already lost hope in her husband was now ready to advance to a new chapter of her life.Unfortunately, in order to do this, she required a stable source of income, a house, new friends, and let's not forget the most important requirement - A new husband.

  • Stab In The Dark

    Stab In The Dark

  • Stabbed Heart

    Stabbed Heart

  • My Hollywood Ex Boyfriend Wants Me Back

    My Hollywood Ex Boyfriend Wants Me Back



    KELLY: Crash is rich, famous, handsome, and he used to be mine. He convinced me he loved me, took my virginity, then he disappeared. No explanation. Only empty excuses. Now he's suddenly back. Does he really think I’m still that gullible girl he left a year ago? CRASH: Kelly is the love of my life. A year ago I lied to her--but it was to protect her. Now I know, I can't live without her. If I can just convince her to forgive me, maybe I can trust her with the real reasons we had to break up. When Kelly learns the real reason Crash broke up with her, will she forgive him? And even if she does, can their love survive the shark-infested waters of the music industry that almost destroyed them once before? CONTENT WARNING: Language, sexual situations, and sexual assault. Cover Image used under the Fair Use provision of Section 101, Copyright Law of the United States (please message author for attribution or change.)

  • Back Off, the Best Actor is Mine

    Back Off, the Best Actor is Mine


    In Serene’s past life, she gave up her dream for her beloved—only for him to cheat on her, leaving her with a broken heart and a dead child. Given a second chance, Serene is determined to take revenge on all who wronged her, starting with developing the career that should’ve taken off if it weren’t for her wretched ex-husband. This time, she will be the screenwriter of her own life! When fate pushes her to meet the hunky actor, Damon Wilson, sparks inevitably fly. Together, can she and the prince of the silver screen rise above their enemies? — “You built me back up Serene,” Damon whispered into my ear, his lips grazing down my ear lobe to the nape of my neck. His hand cupped my breast, massaging my past heartbreak away. “Damon, you did it all by yourself,” I uttered, releasing a slight moan as his mouth cascaded down to my chest. “It doesn't matter. All I know is I'm yours, forever.” Back Off, the Best Actor is Mine is created by Bella Gold, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • Stabbed Through The Heart

    Stabbed Through The Heart

    Nao, one of the most popular girl in school, has passed away. The killer has been identified as her then boyfriend, Vincent. However, the motivation behind her murder grows to be increasingly convoluted, as we explore the mysteries surrounding her death.

  • Sister, Back-off From MY MAN

    Sister, Back-off From MY MAN



    An extravagant wedding was taking place in South Korea, the eldest son of the Song family was getting married to the youngest daughter of the Lee family. “We are all gathered today to witness the marriage of Song Ji Hun and Lee Aera. I am duly authorised by law to solemnise marriages according to law of…” "Wow, what a beautiful view!" A breathtakingly beautiful woman, exclaimed loudly interrupting the ceremony. Every guest present there turned their attention towards the magnificent, beautiful voice when they saw her, their eyes widened in shock as if they were looking at a ghost. The woman they all believed to be dead, was now standing right in front of their eyes. She enjoyed their reactions after finally reaching the bride and the groom, the woman first looked at the bride and smiled, "Hey baby sis, are you that desperate for marriage that you would even marry a SECOND-HAND MAN?" Then the woman looked at the groom, and sweetly greeted him, "Hey Husband, long time no see" ... Lee Kiaraa and Lee Aera, are biological sisters but their relationship was so strained, they were worse than step-sisters. In a big conspiracy, which was unknown to Kiaraa, both her parents were killed. When she decided to dig deeper about it, there were attempts to take her life too. Left with no choice and forced by the circumstance, Lee Kiaraa fakes her death to secretly find her parents’ killer. Due to the sudden wedding announcement between her husband and her sister, Kiaraa’s plans are changed and she comes out of her hiding to reveal herself. ... WPC 199 - Gold Prize PS: This cover does not belong to me

  • Wanna Stab Something In The Dark?

    Wanna Stab Something In The Dark?


    She was once a wealthy girl but now, she's a college student in the morning and a cashier at a convenience store at night. “I can do anything as long as I can get money in return.” She responded to the man who was in front of her. “Are you sure you can do anything?” “I can as long as It's not Illegal and within my reach.” With her answer, the man in front of her lifted the corner of his lips and smiled. “Pretend to be my sister for a year and half.” She desperately needed money and she had no choice but to agree, pretending to be a sister seems to be easy for her. “My sister doesn't keep secrets or something right?” The young lad in front of her was nervous talking to her. He might have picked the wrong person instead. “I don't know?” She closed her mouth and smiled. “Wanna stab something in the dark?”

  • Back for Her

    Back for Her

    Everyone knew that Damon and Sky were best friends.But to Damon, she was his Baby girl. Always would be.Skylar's heart broke when Damon left for the army for 5 long years. But now he is back and he is Back for her. Sneak Peek" He was my first kiss, Damon, I can do whatever the hell I want"I shout angrily at him. My back was suddenly pinned to the wall, his fingers against the base of my throat." you and I both know that I was your first kiss baby girl, don't you ever forget that" he snarled angrily at me before storming down the hall, slamming the door behind him. Betrayal, lust, jealousy and desire all contribute to these two and their story.This book will contain Sexual scenes, Bad language and Violent scenes. This story is rated Mature and you should only read if you're 18 or over.

  • Back To The Marriage

    Back To The Marriage

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE R18


    Sandra merasakan pukulan bertubi-tubi saat Bara meletakan map berisi surat perceraian mereka. Tidak disangka secepat ini kenangan manis mereka harus berakhir. Kendati sudah menyiapkan jauh-jauh hari, Sandra masih saja belum rela. Cukup ia akui, jika bersama Bara-lah kebahagiaan itu ia kecap. Apalagi saat mengetahui ada sesosok mungil yang sedang tumbuh dalam rahimnya. Bara tak pernah menyangka, jika perceraian yang ia ajukan adalah awal dari penyesalan terdalamnya. Sandra lepas dari genggamannya. Saat menyadari kehadiran Sandra segalanya, ia malah melakukan hal konyol yang tak termaafkan. Sandra pergi dari hidupnya. Memilih mengakhiri penderitaan selama di sisi Bara. Sandranya telah lari. Tujuh tahun berselang. Dalam satu pesta yang cukup besar telah mempertemukan mereka kembali. Akankah mereka memilih mengikat pernikahan kembali? Atau justru telah bahagia dengan pasangan masing-masing?

  • The boys are back

    The boys are back


    Josie Bolton is an orphan with a terrible life. Her life starts to change when her best friends, her boys and the closest thing she has to brothers come back to town. Together, Josie and the three boys get into all sorts of adventures, from breaking her out of her home which was basically a hell hole to setting her up with her crush. Trust me, you don't wanna miss them fall in love, make new friends, deal with heartbreak, go on crazy adventures and lots more in this book where friendship and family come to play.

  • Doctor goes back to Joseon

    Doctor goes back to Joseon


    The undisputed greatest doctor in Korea, Baek Gang Hyuk.He falls back in time to Joseon after touching a strange painting*Munpia Novel*

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