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  • Love Again [Baekhyun]

    Love Again [Baekhyun]

  • Byun Baekhyun One-Shots.

    Byun Baekhyun One-Shots.

    Magical Realism ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY

  • In Love With Samchon

    In Love With Samchon


    Kisah seorang namja cantik nan seksi bernama park baekhyun yang memiliki paman angkat seorang yang bisa di bilang pedofil bernama park chanyeol. Orang tua baekhyun yang menyadari hubungan antara anak mereka dan pamannya yang sudah di level bucin itu pun lantas membuat penyataan palsu mengenai chanyeol. Tapi ketika sudah beranjak remaja, baekhyun tidak sengaja bertemu dengan paman kesayangannya itu di halte bus. Ia dan pamannya langsung berusaha menyembunyikan hubungan mereka dari orang tua baekhyun.Akankah mereka berdua berhasil mendapatkan restu dari keluarga mereka terutama orangtua baekhyun?Cover, art, and story by: pinkykyoong(⚠️) Mpreg, 18+, Mature, bxb, chanbaekStart: 05/08/20End: 10/12/20Makasih buat yang udah beri ulasan, dukungan, dan vote, love u♡

  • My Annoying Step Brother | Baekhyun FF

    My Annoying Step Brother | Baekhyun FF

    " I don't care, I'll make you fall for me. I'll make you mine...soon.. "–Byun Baekhyun–

  • Moon Light

Chanyeol,Jimin,dan Baekhyun

    Moon Light Chanyeol,Jimin,dan Baekhyun

  • The One Day Bet. (Baekhyun Fanfiction) Original

    The One Day Bet. (Baekhyun Fanfiction) Original


    It all started with a bet...Closed off Kim Siyeon is that dependable and hard-working student we all wish to be.Due to an incident in her past she despises all things love-related. Despite her friends wishes for her to date again, Siyeon refuses to open up her heart.This causes her friends to take serious action. They bet Siyeon can fall in love in a day, Siyeon confidently takes on their bet thinking that it was impossible for her to actually fall in love in a day, the reward being 100 dollars to the victor.Little did Siyeon know, this was all part of her friends plan.Will this bet lead her to her predestined one?Or will it all back fire?

  • Second Chance

    Second Chance EXO-BAEKHYUN FF

    Kim Jun Hee was comatose 6 months ago but when she wake up she didnt know who she was...Her parents are worried to her so when she was discharged in hospital...Her parents live in China for her safety...She continue her studies there...Until 1 year has passed...Jun Hee wants to see her brother Kim Junmyeon a.k.a Suho...And her parents agree on that...So they go back to seoul...but what if once she go back she will remember him?or them?once she go back there everything has changed...what will happen once she go back to her previous school?Is all students will be happy once they knew what happend to her?Will she able to forgive the person who broke her heart?Will she able to love him back?again...When she go back there she is not the nerd,ugly,weak girl they never met...cause Jun Hee has changed....she changed a be continued~Hope you guys will add this is your library and please vote!!❤❤Please comment if there is some errors in this story...Thank You!❤

  • thantophobia [chanbaek]

    thantophobia [chanbaek]

    WARNING!21+Terdapat kata-kata kasar, adegan dewasa dan kekerasan.!!! angstTernyata pertemuannya dengan bocah sialan itu berakhir pada sebuah hubungan.Awalnya hanya bertemu seminggu sekali di salah satu rumah makan. Tapi kini, satu hari saja tidak bertemu dengannya membuatku tidak semangat menjalani aktivitas."Maafkan aku, Baekhyun. Kau boleh membenciku."---CHANBAEK AREA!

  • Baekhyun is the chasing the man that doesn't even love him.

    Baekhyun is the chasing the man that doesn't even love him.

    Martial Arts ROMANCE ACTION R18

  • Spread on their Lips {Vkook}

    Spread on their Lips {Vkook}

    Fantasy MAFIA BTS

    [Bts SHIPs] [Gangs AU] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What happens when Kim Taehyung who didn't want to have anything to do with the shit that was Baekhyun's mafia affairs and only wished to have a normal campus life, got kidnapped mistakingly instead of his twin brother by his biggest enemy while the latter was having the time of his life with his new lover. -« So you are saying I've been working for you this whole time?» -« It was not really you, but physically yeah 100% so» It's everything and anything. It's dark and alluring. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ English is not my first language, nor my second so bear with me please ;w;

  • I'M Not A Gay

    I'M Not A Gay

    I'm Not A Gay! Case: Byun Baekhyun| Park Chanyeol | Irene | Jennie Genre : Romance Author : RAFXBACK And Cici Zulfiana Cover by Cici Zulfiana Wattpad Account : @Xiaoluhana Kuy langsung baca bagus lo jangan lupa habis baca tinggalkan jejak ya ehehe

  • Your my only love

    Your my only love

  • El mejor chat[Chat exo]

    El mejor chat[Chat exo]


    Baekhyun, being bored and alone at home, decides to make a group with his best friends. In this group you will find everything from a big party to having to go spy on a date.

  • The Mafia's Bride

    The Mafia's Bride

    Just like a nightmare, I discovered that I was betrothed to Korea's most deadly and cold hearted Mafia Boss Byun Baekhyun



    5 students are encouraged to apply for a part-time job. Chanyeol works at a toy store. Baekhyun works at a face product shop. Sehun works at the skateboarding store. Chen works at a coffee shop. And Kai, he's working at a photography place. They become best friends after they land in detention because of Sehun. What happens when they create a boy Group named 'Exo' ?[Season 1] (This is in Season Episode format)

  • Blooming Days

    Blooming Days

    Menikah tidak semudah itu, menikah butuh persiapan matang.Tapi itu tidak berlaku untuk Park Chanyeol, hanya karena memeluk tubuh Baekhyun semalaman, laki-laki itu memutuskan harus menjadikan Sahabatnya Baehyun sebagai istrinya




    At the year 2021, the world had been infiltrated with a deadly virus that turned people into flesh-eating monsters. The world that we know of had been destroyed as humanity crumbled into crisis and soon became endangered.Byun Baekhyun, a rebellious and strong willed teenager, he survived the initial wave. And now he had been trying to survive in the fucked up world, with his friends, Xi Luhan and Kim Taehyung.As their journey continued, Baekhyun stumbled into a trouble that could've led to his death if weren't only for Park Chanyeol who helped him.Along the way, the triad of friends joined Chanyeol's group as they tried to survive the zombie apocalypse altogether.At some point, Baekhyun came to an idea that his scientist father might have something to do with the worldwide plague and soon decided to find the truth.Truth be told, growing feelings started to bloom as both Baekhyun and Chanyeol's emotions danced like flames in the midst of the end of the world. And decided to save the left survivors under their wings.However, upon trying to find the truth for a chance of cure to save the humanity, he found out that the truth that he was looking for was just the tip of the iceberg.The truth he expected to know, led him questioning his existence. And who he really was.Because he found out that he was immune to the virus.The only person immune to the virus.***All rights reserved.

  • Mafia or CEO (ChanBaek) (BXB)

    Mafia or CEO (ChanBaek) (BXB)


    B x B don't like don't read!Baekhyun adalah anak dari suatu perusahaan terkaya di korea kedua setelah perusahaan park. Baekhyun anak yg baik, ramah, lucu dan imut. Park chanyeol adalah seorang ketua mafia dan seorang CEO terkaya di korea. Chanyeol org yg keras,kejam, mutlak, dan segala keinginnannya harus terpenuhi.Siapa sangka iya bertemu dengan baekhyun dan terobsesi ingin memilikinya yg ternyata...

  • To Call My Own

    To Call My Own


    DESCRIPTION:They always dreamed of bringing up a family of their own, but even though Chanyeol could give Baekhyun everything, he couldn't give Baekhyun a child.But Junmyeon could.~~~●Park Chanyeol - The husband that everyone dreams of. He loves his spouse so much that he's willing to give his other half anything and everything.●Byun Baekhyun - A simple,caring, loving spouse, who dreams of a happy home with his husband and, of course, a child to complete the family he always fancied.●Kim Junmyeon - Born with a golden spoon, he doesn't want to get attracted to anyone, thinking they might only be with him for his money. Now, he wants to splurge on a child, however. He wants to experience being a father, without the strings attached.

  • My Husband's Perfect Crime

    My Husband's Perfect Crime

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Byun Baekhyun is the typically ideal character with everything he has. The 28th years old man was captivating and dazzling with the brilliance of his brain. He was at his peak but have to be the Highschool Teacher because of the request of his father. Meet Jessica Park, half-blooded 18 years old girl who is in the final semester of high school. For some reason, Baekhyun was forced to married this adolescence....Jessica felt like she was peeling the onion. Baekhyun is like an onion. She needs to know one layer to know whats the next and Jessica always find a new surprising character from Baekhyun. While discovering the deepest layer, the girl wonders how could it relate to the major case and tragedy for the Korean government in the past? Byun Baekhyun was committed a perfect crime.