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  • The Band

    The Band

  • Band sekolah

    Band sekolah

    Arya Dia Harus berjuang bersama teman-temannya untuk membangkitkan Kejayaan Band mereka, tapi selalu saja ada masalah yang datang berturut-turut dari sebuah teror sampai perpecahan angota mereka,terlebih lagi mereka hanya di beri waktu 1 bulan. Selain itu tugas mereka juga harus selasai dalam waktu bersamaan.

  • Orphans Band

    Orphans Band

    Taking on a new name after being cast out from his village, Orphan accepts a mysterious Master who is searching for those like him. Joining his fellow cursed disciples he struggles to gain strength so that he will never be abandoned again, but the world will not let him rest in peace. Relying on his cursed bloodline, the path he walks will shock the multiverse. His power will change everything and the banner he raised would sweep aside all those he faced. Are you ready to join the Orphans Band?

  • anak band

    anak band


    Puji syukur kehadirat Allah SWT karena atas izin-Nyalah sehingga saya penulis dapat menyelesaikan judul yang sederhana ini saya sebagai manusia biasa yang tak lepas dari kesalahan, saya menyadari bahwa cerita ini sangat jauh dari kata sempurna maka dari itu saya mengharapkan kritik dan saran dari berbagai pihak demi kesempurnaan cerita ini semoga terhibur dengan cerita ini.

  • The Band Boys

    The Band Boys

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    Jadis is a normal school girl. Not popular, not so smart, not friendly, not sociable. Most of the time, she likes to stay quiet in the corner, headphones on, and a sheet of paper to draw. She doesn't like talking about rumors or gossiping about other people. Karlee is one hell of a pain in the ass. A problem child. He always gets into trouble and super badass. Jaz is a very creative and fun-loving type of guy. Happy-go-lucky, having more money and luxury in life, he doesn't care much about other people. Quite popular with girls.When all three of them meet, what will Jadis do to get along with two clashing bad boys? How will they become a group of musicians loving the same thing at the same time?Or loving the same person at the same time?.....

  • The Band in Love

    The Band in Love

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • The boy band

    The boy band



    Teen ROMANCE

    This is OUR story. Wanna ride a long road trip with us? Get in!------------------------------------------------She is funny, she is an extrovert, and she's eh! charm, simple and cute while she is adorably annoying!They are so different from each other. Different paths, different languages, different thoughts, different moods. But-Their paths collided ending up being best friends. Now, they've got each other. But-Will they stay like this forever? We are... The TMPR Band!| Warning : Strong language. |

  • Band darwaza

    Band darwaza

  • A Band of Magic

    A Band of Magic

  • Band on the road

    Band on the road

  • Black Boar Band

    Black Boar Band


    Devin Tenfingers just wanted to make enough money to live comfortably. That isn't so much to ask, is it?In a new land, across the sea from the Old World, the town of Mossglenn Depot is the only civilization in an untamed wilderness. Funded by private enterprise, Guilds and Contracts are the way of law. Devin created the Black Boar Band, his very own guild, to get moderately rich and make enough of a name for himself that people might pause on the streets when they see him. Unfortunately, many others had the exact same idea.During a disastrous Contract, Devin and his ragtag band of people find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy involving his hated rival, Bronn of Bronn's Buyable Blades. As they dig deeper into this conspiracy, they soon discover there is more to this land than anyone previously thought, or imagined. And perhaps they are not the first to inhabit it.Also available on Royal Road

  • My band boys

    My band boys

  • my band teacher

    my band teacher

  • The Band Hall Monster

    The Band Hall Monster

    I'm a sophomore in high school and I did something no band student should ever do, and saw something no band student should ever see. Now I carry this burden that can not be shared with anyone, not even the directors. Even if I did try I couldn't, not that they can do anything, y'know being dead and all.

  • Project Romance Band

    Project Romance Band


    Cerita ini bermula dari si Kurniadi yang sadar bahwa masa SMA akan mulai berakhir. Di penghujung kelas 3, Kurniadi berniat untuk mencari pacar. Dia menyukai seorang gadis bernama Leila. Seorang gadis paling pintar di sekolahan yang kebetulan dia sekelas dengannya. Dia berusaha untuk menarik hati si Leila ini dengan bantuan ASA (Ahmad Syukron AlJabar) dan Chaka (Cakra Hansetyo). Mereka bertiga berniat mau membuat sebuah Band untuk sebuah Pentas Seni di akhir semester 1 sebelum akhirnya mereka harus melaksanakan Ujian Nasional. Dengan latar belakang Asa seorang pemain Marawis, Asa sangat mahir dalam memainkan dan memukul Drum. Sedangkan Chaka, merupakan seorang gitaris SMA yang handal yang ingin sekali menggaet hati seorang wanita juga bernama Rahma. Terakhir Kurniadi yang merupakan seorang penulis puisi dengan nama pena Pangeran Sajak sekaligus pembaca puisi terkenal sewaktu SD.

  • Black Weather Band

    Black Weather Band

  • barbie and the music band

    barbie and the music band

    my story is about barbie and the music band is all about fun adventure music singing and dancing



  • Naughty Princess and the Band

    Naughty Princess and the Band

    [ The cold and domineering aura] [Calm and gentle personality] [Girl of the group] [Child-Like Immature character] The typical-timid out of this world Bai Shin Lin has transverse to a parallel historical world and the first thing that comes to her mind was to form her own boygroup. "why not create my own boyband! This world is as good as half dead without the lively music and awesome dance steps" upon declaring and realizing that it's not that easy, she struggles as to recruit her own members and to find the right tune of this world full of treachery and malice. *photo cover edited Previously titled ( princess prestige: boyband in another world)

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