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  • ♧In Fiance BBH♧

    ♧In Fiance BBH

    Seorang anak perempuan yang di jodohkan oleh orang tuanya. Dengan pria asal korea selatan yang terkenal. Rela membiarkan dirinya.

  • Babyboy BBH

    Babyboy BBH

    Sky have the moon like you are only mine Guan Xiaotong. Khani's king Luhan hunting a mountain and attack accident. When he wake up another world Icy novel land. How to he go this place? This story characters and name is written by author's imagination do not historical. All right reserved

  • Bring a Boyfriend home : Gift a husband to Sister

    Bring a Boyfriend home : Gift a husband to Sister

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY


    When Hei lin wakes up to open the door of her apartment, she gets a surprise with shock to see her baby sister along with a man and introduces him as her boyfriend. She was shocked but soon discovered that was one of her silly dreams.She laughed it off, thinking this dream will never get real, but the same day morning, her sister came and knocked their flat main door with the boyfriend.The little sister Hei Qing, announces that lin has to help to get her married to this boyfriend of hers.When she finally made everyone agree for the marriage her father along with old man Tang placed a condition in front of her.Here comes the twist of her life that she has to marry the big brother of her sister's husband. Hei lin doesn't want to get married but also doesn't want to become a hindrance to her sister's love life.What will she do now..?Will, she accepts the man as her husband, or will she reject him..,?The apathetic man is not at all interested in silly things like love and marriage.Will the man able to gain Hei lin's heart after what she had gone through in the past.A funny and romantic tale of two sisters with their beloved husbands

  • You Never Know [BBH's FF]

    You Never Know [BBH's FF]

  • Back on the Back of a Horse

    Back on the Back of a Horse

    At one point in time, Hailey Love was both a competitor and a trainer in the equestrian world. She was a veteran in the all-around show circuit, which included both Western and English disciplines, but new to training and showing her own horses in those competitions.After an unfortunate jumping accident at a high-level show jumping competition that resulted in the death of her beloved horse and partner and what could have been (and quite possibly escalate to be) a life-changing injury, she vowed to never show in that area of competition again. For a little more than seven months, Hailey completely disappeared from the eyes of the equestrian world, as both a trainer and a competitor. Eventually, Hailey returned to her home town, and home barn, to try to start over and heal from what remains of the wounds she suffered, whether they be physical or not. But what will occur when someone shocking appears before her, asking for her to train him for the upcoming show season?

  • Bound In Blissful Hell

    Bound In Blissful Hell

    Bound In Blissful HellThis is the reality of Olivia Hart when her brothers crazy prank went haywire.She ends up being pregnant by hell himself. With green eyes like fresh dew glinting in the sunlight, he made both men and women swoon at the sight of him no matter their sexual preferences. He's HELL on legs and she's bound to him

  • My Annoying Step Brother | Baekhyun FF

    My Annoying Step Brother | Baekhyun FF

    " I don't care, I'll make you fall for me. I'll make you mine...soon.. "–Byun Baekhyun–

  • Bewitched by Him

    Bewitched by Him


    The novel entitled "Bewitched by Him" begins in an epic comeback of a Filipino-American girl, Reissha Alfios to her beloved country—the Philippines. And at this moment, she has nothing to think about but to spend her time within for the rest of her life. Living with the land where her life started and always locked. Things who let her eyes pour, burst in tears and be in sorrow is that...disappointing her family—which she only wants to satisfy. She's the type of that girl who can give and sacrifice her happiness just to fulfil them, to make them proud. But her kindness and humbly personality would be tested by the decisional actions of her family. Where in, they already committed her to someone—Elijah Won Roberts, the son of their family friend and business partner which she'll meet the moment she landed in there. Alfios family keep on pushing her towards Elijah to think that they're perfect for each other and she'll never regret it once she was married to him. She tries, she always did but that man cannot afford to make her feel something unforgettable, something uneasy or sensational.While travelling in "Hacienda Roberts", where places have been surrounded by beautiful crops across the beach, she will meet a guy she never expected to be into. The guy who has a different status as theirs. She also remembers that the little boy she met years ago and that guy is only one. She closed her eyes whilst reminiscing those days when she first met him but haven't taken a chance to witness his face—the face of a captivating one. And instead of spending time knowing the one whom she committed, she's going to give it to someone named Kaizel Guervo. An orphan yet didn't experience any criticism from his beloved parents which he always made sure to have sufficient needs. Despite him having unfortunate life, he never gives up to keep on doing what he loves and to help others.From now on, she frequently went to that place to take a look towards Kai (Kaizel) and also prepare herself to approach him. And gradually falling deeply as time goes by. Just like what others say, "destiny will find its way to where it should go ", and that's what Reissha looking forward to. That destiny led her way to Kaizel, which she was born for. So she keeps on fighting to get his make him fall for her too. Little did she know, he already did since he saw Reissha's face then gotten to be under her spell. Eventually, their hearts become one, the admiration turned to a cute romantic story of two sailing people. For now, what's important to Reissha is them; their love, and what they have.However, the incidents in their past might be prone to breakdown what they have for now. It's so hard to deal with the situation and it will lead them to lose hope, to break each other's hearts. She has to choose, whether to face the consequences or to move forward and bury what they have. Maybe the situation jumps to the conclusion to defraud them, to let them mislead by the evilness, to forget the things they contribute and the time they spent for proof. And the purest love they have for each other. BUT WHATEVER THINGS WILL BE DONE IN LOVE, NOTHING CAN BE AGAINST WITH IT ESPECIALLY WHEN GOD IS THE CENTER. They will fight for their love and desires for what their heart screams. Precisely, they will face any challenges or obstacles in their story. Having faith and trust in not just with their love but the power in it granted by God. Then, two parallel lines began to coordinate. These two will collide and no matter what elements can off their guard and affect the process of collision, there's always a solution to have a great product. Simple as having a strong bond and connection between two substances. An experiment with only one theory—a happy ending. May our hearts flutter and touch in their undying love. Let our minds be filled with joy, thrills and inspiration as we witnessed how Reissha Alfios bewitched by him.

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