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  • Bella




    This story revolves around 2 self made CEO's of the corporate world. Amelia Black has earned the title of the ice queen by the staff and the media, by her deathly calm glares that could freeze anyone. And then there's Daniel Williams the Mr. Hotshot CEO, who is arrogant, smart and any woman's dream. But there's something they both are hiding , they are not what they seem to be. Amelia has had a dark past the one she cannot forget. Sparks fly when both of their paths cross. Egos clash and a war of dominance begins. But a trip to London changes it all. Passion bursts and mistakes are made. One drunk night changes it all for Amelia as secrets get unraveled. There's a prophecy linked to her past, will that come true?

  • [BELLA]



    "Tampan sekali wajahnya." "Dia beneran dosen?""Ha?! bodyguard?! yang bener aja pah!"Bella seorang aktris dan mahasiswa di jurusan manajemen tapi apa yang akan terjadi kalau pria tampan yang ternyata dosennya itu adalah bodyguardnya juga?

  • Bella...


    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE

  • Rindung Bella

    Rindung Bella

    Horor dan Thriller SCARY

    Bella nama nya, anak kecil perempuan blasteran Belanda Indonesia, beramput cokelat agak keriting sebahu. pertama Kali aku merasakan sosok anak kecil ini , aku merasakan kegelisahan Dan ketakutan yang sering mendatangi Ku. Perkataan dia pun terus mendengung dalam telinga Ku "aku sedih, aku butuh teman, aku ingin minta tolong, aku kesepian...".Terdengar jelas dalam kuping Ku. Aku merasa takut akan gangguan hal Itu. Bella, dia anak kecil perempuan blasteran yang butuh teman, yang selalu mengajak ku bermain bersama, tetapi aku tidak mau terlalu dekat dengan nya. Selalu aneh dalam hidupku saat aku kenal dengan sesosok anak perempuan kecil ini. Dia yang ingin menjaga ku , selalu ingin menjaga ku, dalam sedih dalam gundah , layaknya seorang adik yang membutuhkan kasih sayang Dari seorang kakak perempuan. "Jangan ganggu aku Bella". Ini adalah kisah Ku sendiri, kisah nyata yang aku alami sendiri tanpa ada rekayasa dan tambahan yang dilebih-lebihkan. Percaya tidak percaya itu pendirian kalian masing-masing, tapi ini yang aku alami kisah nyata yang selalu menghantui Ku.

  • Bella Dearest

    Bella Dearest

    It is said that evil isn't born and that it is made. Have you ever wondered what Bellatrix Lestrange was like before she was Lestrange? Well, here's your answer. Bellatrix Black, firstborn daughter of Cygnus Black III and Druella Rosier. Clever, Cunning, and Loyal. These three traits you can say somewhat highlighted the personality of the young Bellatrix. Always pushing to prove loyal to her parents and her pure-blood heritage, caused Bellatrix to believe that she should put anyone who wasn't pure blood, below her. That even included her own sister at some point. But right now, we're talking about the young Bellatrix when she was still the warrior she was named to be. Now, when Bellatrix was only eleven she had been accepted into Hogwarts. She was the first of her generation to attend, for her two sisters and her cousins were too young to attend. Since her family was an ancient pure blood family that meant that generations upon generations of Blacks had attended Hogwarts, but alas Bellatrix being Bellatrix thought that it was an adventure. The adventure of which would lead her to the dark side. #HPBookAwards

  • Alex and Bella

    Alex and Bella


    When Alex Rodriguez almost loses her life at a local pride parade, she knows she has to help her community with these issues. Even though she tries, how will she know if its enough? Her girlfriend Bella warns her of the dangers of becoming an advocate for LGBTQ+ people, nevertheless Alex persists. Soon enough Alex has a target on her back. Her life soon becomes a very dangerous place, and with these issues, will she survive?

  • Princess Bella

    Princess Bella

  • bella sofferenza

    bella sofferenza


    Larasati Revalina is a 22 year old teenager, she is a supermarket clerk as a cashier.Rio Dewanto is the CEO of his daddy's company.One night Laras was about to come home from her night shift work. She walked quickly so that he could reach her house not so late at night. However, unfortunately she experienced an incident that she did not expect. She experiences a rape that makes her wish that everything was a dream. She thought he was going to have a case of robbery or assault. This is beyond the limits of her thinking.She demands responsibility for what happened. But he got very bad treatment by his future mother-in-law. Married to the perpetrator who raped her. Her husband didn't think she wasn't there in every need of help. She was treated like a maid.However, a tragedy occurred which caused Rio Dewanto to be unable to let go. Rio's ex-lover who found out that Rio was married, was furious. He wants to kill Rio's wife and the baby in the womb Larasati. Hearing that Rio was furious and turned to vent his anger at The former, he accidentally killed so that he had to be in prison.After several months of Rio in prison, now he is finally out. Rio changed he started to love Laras. But Laras refused to return to Rio.

  • Bella rise

    Bella rise


    A 22-years-old dies with regrets however reincarnated as her Futanari Goddess Avatar. Now that he got a second chance, She going to live to the fullest. . . . ** Art work is not mine. if you want me to take it down please contact me**



    Romansa Kontemporer


    Perjuangan seorang ibu dalam mengandung hingga melahirkan tidaklah mudah. Hal ini yang dirasakan oleh Bella ketika berjuang sendirian, dari semenjak mengandung hingga proses melahirkan. Bella berjuang mempertaruhkan nyawa demi sang buah hati, dan menahan rasa sakit yang sangat luar biasa, tanpa adanya sang suami tercinta, baik dari keluarga ataupun kerabat lainnya. Meskipun begitu, Bella mampu melahirkan dengan begitu sempurna. Dengan melihat bayi yang sudah terlahir ke dunia, ini merupakan sebuah keberhasilan bagi Bella sebagai seorang ibu. "Kita akan hidup bahagia, meski tanpa adanya ayah kamu ya, Sayang. Ibu janji, Ibu akan berusaha menjadi yang terbaik Buat kamu."Begitulah kata - kata yang dilontarkan oleh wanita cantik itu seraya mendekap tubuh bayi yang mungil dan imut, dengan buliran bening membasahi kedua pipinya yang tiada henti.Mampukah Bella menjadi seorang ibu sekaligus ayah bagi sang buah hatinya? Lantas kemana suaminya, sehingga Bella bersikukuh ingin mengurus anak yang baru lahir dengan sendirian saja?Penasaran kan? ^^ Budayakan vote terlebih dahulu eheh ^,^

  • their fierce Bella✓

    their fierce Bella

  • Bella samella

    Bella samella

  • Bella sam

    Bella sam

  • Bella and Werewolf

    Bella and Werewolf

    Fantasy Romance TRAGEDY WEREWOLF

    Tells the story of a royal princess who helps a werewolf man to turn into a fully human.Bella is the girl's name. She helps Ad the werewolf who intends to end his curse. Bella's intention to return to the kingdom after twenty years of being in college was held back because she intended to help Adzriel become a whole human.Can they find the blue sword as God said? Or rather, Bella is trapped in the world of wolves?Because in truth, love doesn't always come where it should be. Plus, so many temptations and togetherness that they did during the journey to find the blue sword in the mountains I don't know what it's called.Can you?Find me on IG : Ainin_ain2



    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18

    "N-N-Nich... N-N-Nicholas" she hesitated, unsure what to say"Again, bella!" I dangerously whispered on her."Nicholas!" "That's right bella, don't forget my name. Got it?"ווווווווווווווווווווווווThey are contrast;He is High-keyShe is low-keyHe is playing aroundShe is keeping her goalHe is handsomeShe is gorgeousווווווווווווווווווווווווNicholas Valentini is a well-known Italian in several fields. He has younger twin siblings, and he bears a great deal of responsibility as one of the successors. He accomplished tons of success at the age of 25, particularly in the sphere of business. As a corporate magnate, though, having a good time is not a problem for him. Every month, he was in the headlines, rubbing elbows with celebrities such as models, Hollywood actresses, and others. Nick was not like other bachelors who were on the news every day and didn't care who they slept with; he exclusively slept with well-known ladies.. Summer Lemaire was born in the French city of Bordeaux. She is presently 23 years old and is one of their family's heirs. Summy has a brother who constantly looks out for her and loves her no matter what. Her life is almost perfect; she has all she requires in the palm of her hand. Many guys were drawn to her attractiveness and attempted to date her several times. Unfortunately, Summy is not interested any of them, she's only focusing on her career believing that her heart's wishes will be fulfilled.

  • The Courageous Bella

    The Courageous Bella

  • Bella Ciao

    Bella Ciao

    Contemporary Romance COMEDY

  • their fierce Bella

    their fierce Bella

  • Rei Bella

    Rei Bella