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  • Betrayal


    Fantasy Romance MAGIC BETRAYAL




    Have you ever had someone you loved more than anything betray you? Inseparable, triplets from different mothers, that's what they were. They grew up together, They always had each others backs. They loved each others more than normal blood related brothers do. Parents of each of them were proudly saying that they had three sons instead of one. But one day the unexpected happened, the unexpected that caused them to drift apart, they were no longer brothers, no longer friends, not even strangers. What did they become? What exactly caused them to become that way? Will they ever forgive each other? Will they ever go back to what they were?

  • Betrayal or love

    Betrayal or love

    "Ever played with yourself?"He asked and she blushed in embarrassment. She later gave a nod, answering his question.""I do. Whenever I want it""I've never made use of toys and neither have I gone way past my clit bud. My fingers do the job. I rub my clit till I orgasm and sometimes I watch pron alongside."" She answered shyly."

  • ***BETRAYAL***



    BETRAYAL is about Erica and Philip who met at a tender age and they loved each other ever since they were teenagers. In their adult life, Both Erica and Philip wanted to take Louis( Erica’s junior brother) to school to study and become a prominent person in future. Due to this they decided to steal money from Prince Richson the first son of Mr Richson a famous businessman and a billionaire. Will Erica succeed in stealing money from the Richsons? Also what will happen to Erica and Philip’s love story? Read to find out.

  • The betrayal

    The betrayal

    The betrayal of life has just begun so, take care

  • Betrayal.


  • Bestie Betrayal?

    Bestie Betrayal?

  • Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

    Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

    Contemporary Romance ACTION REVENGE BETRAYAL


    **Mature Content!**"I'm so sorry, Mr. Lawson, you can marry my daughter Marga but Sabrina is an exception.""Why? She's your daughter I thought you and my parents had already arranged this marriage. And I choose Sabrina. I won't marry anyone but Sabrina.""Then why Sabrina?""Let's say that Sabrina and I have a special thing back then," Gabriel said with a little smile. Ferdinand frowned and was curious. "Well, she might deny it."Sabrina Mondragon Alvarez – is a mute rich woman. She's an introvert and hated getting along with rich people who always talk about senseless stuff. She was bullied by socialite but never they knew that behind that innocent-looking woman hides a strong and powerful aura. Being quiet doesn't mean weak but is something more dangerous than anything. Silence would lead all of her enemies to one place that can also be called danger. Soon, she'll have them in the place that she's secretly reserving for those who made her life and family miserable. She said to be someone who can't speak not until he came and chose her to be his wife. Gabriel Lawson - a rich powerful tycoon with a strong background. He fell in love with the woman he had a one night stand with and chose her to be his wife. He would do anything for her. And for those people who hurt her--they must pay a thousand folds.BOOK 2 is here! Please follow for my next novel. Click the link below or just search for Arranged Marriage: Dangerous HeiressYou can follow me Discord @ TheIllusionist#4504

  • Pains of Betrayal

    Pains of Betrayal

    Everyone says he's a cripple, and her stepmother and stepsister couldn't let go of the least opportunity to rub it into her face that her arranged groom is just so-so. Aryana was ready to marry anyone, even a cripple, just so she leaves her father's house, a place that fills her with so much pain and hate. This hate drove her desire for revenge, and for her goal, she ended up with the richest man in town. How would Aryana feel when her cripple husband stands on his feet and carries her in a bridal style, in the full glare of all who once scorned herThe fight for justice begins with the union of Aryana, the genius accountant, and Aryan, the mathematics and business genius. What kind of empire would these two build?How would a selfish and egotistical childhood sweetheart feel to know that he does not even fit to be a speck of dust on the clothes of Aryana's husband?What happens when the hateful two-face step-sister turns three-sixty to develop unhealthy feelings for the man she always described as waste?Will Aryana find closure to the gruesome murder of her mother and three sisters? Would she find peace in her newfound home, or would her life be miserable like everyone expects? What then happens when the rejected stone becomes the cornerstone? ***"I Aryana Walker, will love you and you alone, nothing nor anyone will be allowed by me to come in between us. I respect your privacy and I will do my best to be the wife you deserve."“Aryana, you made a mistake…” Aryan pointed out that got everyone wondering what he was talking about. They had even forgotten it was the wedding of two different couples, but Aryana and Aryan had succeeded in stealing the show. “You're no longer Aryana Walker but rather, Aryana Carter”

  • IN-Betrayal


    Being a single mum is one of the toughest nightmare Kate has ever imagined going through."You look forward and never backward", they both choroused and they each gave themselves a pain lifting move forward Kate said.What!!! You mean you did this to the family you claim to love.This is a shame, and really incredible.Meet the silverstone family, Kate the mother with her four children,Benson,Billy,Juliet and Janet as they journey alongside with the betrayal.

  • Love Betrayal

    Love Betrayal


    I will no longer be uploading any more chapters due to the lack of readers and the amount of time I am working. I am currently uploading "The Soothsayer, please check it out!!

  • Brotherly Betrayal

    Brotherly Betrayal

    Cole was a prisoner aboard the AF-013 of the planet, Eunix in the galaxy Andromeda. His shirt first read, PRISONER-027 but he added AN INNOCENT before PRISONER. Blaze wasn't any ordinary sort of guard. He was well-armed, with a sword-tattooed neck, confirming he belonged from the Legion. After they find out a secret they both shared, will it change their fate or simply lead to one of then dying? Blaze has a bond. A bond which told him where Cole was. Why did he have this bond? Will Blaze use it for his benefit or for both?

  • Tempted Betrayal

    Tempted Betrayal


    Valencia Ambrose has her whole life planned ahead of her.1. Getting a good paying job ✔️2. Be her own boss; well we're working on that.3. Getting married to her boyfriend turned fiancee and having kids with him.Everything is perfect until Katherine Jones and Christian Silverio come into the picture.This is a story of temptation. A story about betrayal. A story about a forbidden relationship.'I love you''I love you too'. This was the third time in a row they had done it. At first, they felt guilty but now all the could think about was continuing with their forbidden relationship

  • Friends betrayal

    Friends betrayal



    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    Heather Sancha Falguera is already happy and contented with her boyfriend, Sean. But one day she lost connection with him, and that makes her frustrated. With an influence of her friend, Gayle. They went to a bar, and with that she made a mistake. That night, she was drunked. And that night, she married a guy named Deneb Zeus Cubian who happen to be her boyfriend's younger brother.

  • His Betrayal

    His Betrayal

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18

    My name is Sharlene. I am currently 18 years old. If you know me, my life is almost perfect. I have everything that girls wanted.-- I mean, not to brag but that's what they said. Even though I'm just simple, I pretty much have the looks, and pretty smart. I have a complete and happy family and we have a family business which makes us live a comfy life. And most especially, I have a boyfriend that loves me so much. Meet Jake. A handsome boy from my elementary days. Yes, we were childhood friends. Now, we've been together for almost 3 years now. And our relationship was almost perfect as well. He loved me so much and I loved him that much as well. Everything was perfect but not until one day came that broke my heart into pieces and I NEVER expected that to happen. Have you been betrayed? cheated on? or maybe a family member that cheated? Because I do. This is my story.

  • Love betrayal

    Love betrayal

    Love story

  • A Love Betrayal

    A Love Betrayal

    Aku melihat suamiku berjalan dengan seorang wanita. Seorang wanita cantik berambut panjang, menautkan tangannya ke lengan suamiku.Keduanya saling melempar senyum layaknya pasangan pengantin yang baru saja menikah.Siapakah dia?Ada hubungan apa dia dengan suamiku?Cerita ini hanya fiksi belaka.Dimohon bijak dalam berkomentar..

  • Betrayal of Love

    Betrayal of Love

    Sebuah keluarga yang berbahagia menjadi terpecah belah akibat perselingkuhan antara suaminya dengan pembantu rumah tangganya. Apakah keluarga mereka akan kembali seperti dulu?

  • Love and Betrayal

    Love and Betrayal

    'Ella was forced out relationship with Henry all because she is a servant, by Henry's family, they had to drug him to lure him in bed with woman in order to scare Ella away, let's find out if this love will last on not.