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  • Beverly.


    Clyde Dante A smart ass architect who always lock himself in his office working. He's a workaholic and that made him a really successful architect. He came to his bestfriend wedding and met this georgous woman who acknowledge herself as his bestfriend's ex-girlfriend. He stopped her before she can ruin his bestfriend's wedding. Beverly Carington Beautiful, sexy, smart and kinda evil. Since she got into college, she found a new part time job and it's ruin people's relationship. She needs money and her friend gave her a brilliant idea to make it. She always helps someone to ruin someone else's relationship.

  • adventures of Beverly

    adventures of Beverly


    Beverly figures out her friend is part of a magical along with her parents, then becomes part of a team and try to defeat the main villain

  • Bienvenue à Beverly Hills

    Bienvenue à Beverly Hills

  • The Real Villians Of Beverly Hills

    The Real Villians Of Beverly Hills

    This is not apart of the MCU!!!!!!!When 16 year old Alton Swift accidentally lights a whole school down a mysterious man claiming to be Loki Of Asgard tells him he is just like him no not a god an illusionist. Turns out marvel and the norse got it wrong.

  • Seen Zone Z

    Seen Zone Z



    (On Hiatus)I love you" doesn't always mean "I'll stay." {February 13, 11:59 pm}Lucas: It's all my fault. I'm so sorry. Remember that I will always love you my moonshine.{Sunday, 6:00 am}Erin: What are you speaking hon? Sorry, I fell asleep. Why didn't you come home? SeenErin: Hon? SeenErin: Why are you not replying? SeenErin: Please say something. Is it due to work? Or something else?Erin: I'll get back. I heard some loud noise outside the house. You better have replied and explained things when I'm back. Seen-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------During the night before Valentines', Luke Maygram sent a mysterious message to Erin Beverly. The next day the world turned upside down as a break out of zombies changed everything.Left with the only text she got from her fiance and the mysterious 'seen' in her every message, she decided to look for him.But will she able to make it and see Lucas again? when the world becomes a living hell?Will love still conquers everything on end?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. All the names and places you might find similar are purely coincidental. All rights reserved.A/N: This story is made by me, Lala_sanara, and my co-author and friend Ysaa.We are still newbies in the world of everything. So every vote, comment, and review would greatly help us.(Notice: This story will go to editing and some revision might occur too.)

  • Adventures of Beverly season 2

    Adventures of Beverly season 2

    Beverly and their friends enter a new parts of their lives

  • Posh and brokers of Beverly hills:twin blade

    Posh and brokers of Beverly hills:twin blade

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE



    “On one side is the law and on the other side is his deep love for me .He treats me like an empress but for me ,I sob each night because at the end of it all ,I will have to turn him into the authority so that the law deals with him .After all ,that was what I was assigned for !But my heart says elsewise .....!”26-year Jodi Sta.Maria was an underground detective who pinpointed out many crimes which were pending in the city of Beverly Glen .The new investigation carried out by the Criminal Investigation Department Group (CIDG)exposed the fraudulent and illegal activities of the Yap Art Paintings Cooperation which spread wide to almost all the continents because of its connections .The corporation which was now taken over by Richard Yap from his father,used art paintings as a cover to smuggle and sell illegal art crafts and archaeological discoveries which earned them millions .Alot of millions and lives were involved and so in order to bring the darkness to light ; Detective Jodi Sta.Maria was assigned the task to expose the illegal activities of Yap Art Paintings Cooperation .She uses her beauty to lure the young charming CEO Richard Yap into her seductive clutches with personal intentions of finding her family's true murderers and getting her vengeance.When they both couldn't control their feelings for each other anymore ,Richard wanted to elude with Jodi picturing that one day his illegal activities would be brought to light and Jodi would hate him for all the lies he had told her unknown to him that Jodi had just three days left to turn him in ,to the authorities or keep him from the authorities for the sake of her personal vengeance .Jodi is now stuck between her love and the law after thinking elsewise about Richard's innocence in her mission to gain personal vengeance.In the game of chances ,who will win and who will lose ?Love or the law or fierceful vengeance ?CRISIS OF LOVING HIM AND THE LAW(MY DETECTIVE CEO WIFE ]

  • MRS1 - Addicted

    MRS1 - Addicted

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE MAFIA

    Oriel Cadeyrn adalah pemimpin dari 4 mafia muda yang menguasai perdagangan narkoba dunia. Dia dikenal sebagai pria yang dingin dan kejam.Oriel adalah pangeran es, siapa saja yang mencari masalah dengannya bersiaplah untuk dibekukan lalu dihancurkan olehnya.Samantha Beverly, mawar berduri yang siap membunuh siapapun dengan kecantikannya. Beverly di didik sejak kecil untuk menjadi seorang pembunuh. Ayahnya tidak memberikan Beverly senjata untuk membunuh tapi ayahnya mengatakan pada Beverly bahwa senjata paling mematikan yang bisa wanita gunakan untuk membunuh adalah kecantikannya. Bahwa racun yang paling mematikan dari wanita adalah mulutnya. Suatu hari Beverly mendapatkan misi dari sang ayah. Ia harus mendapatkan rahasia dari seorang mafia berbahaya yang tak lain adalah Oriel. Dari misi ini Beverly harus masuk ke kehidupan seorang Oriel."Kau masuk sendiri tanpa aku undang. Kau tidak akan bisa pergi seperti ketikaseenaknya kau datang ke kehidupanku, Nona Samantha Beverly." Oriel Caderyn.

  • Reincarnation As An Evil Cousin

    Reincarnation As An Evil Cousin

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE CEO


    Beverly Park, Claudia Jin, Vincent Kang, George Noh, dan Teddy Shin adalah sahabat dekat sejak kuliah, namun mereka bertiga menyukai Rosa, perempuan cantik, anggun, cerdas, juga humble. Claudia dan Jacklyn juga sama sama mencintai salah satu dari tiga laki laki itu. Bedanya Claudia tetap berteman dengan Rosa, sedangkan Jacklyn memilih untuk memusuhi Rosa.Dia memilih cara yang licik dalam mendapatkan hati George. Jacklyn Kwon adalah sepupu Rosa, hidupnya penuh rahasia dan kebohongan.Salah satu rahasia Jacklyn adalah pernah menjalin hubungan dengan Nicky, kakak kandung Rosa semasa SMA tapi tidak pernah ada yang tahu tentang hubungan mereka dulu.Dulunya, Jacklyn adalah seorang guru SMA yang baik hati dan menyenangkan. Ketka ia melahirkan putri pertamanya, ia meninggal lalu bereinkarnasi menjadi sepupu yang jahat, tamak akan harta, serta selalu menginginkan semua yang dimiliki Beverly

  • Secret marriage With my BOSS

    Secret marriage With my BOSS

  • Dead End Email

    Dead End Email

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    After developing a deep friendship two women Beverly and Alice loose touch after collage. Beverly’s life has fallen apart after being kidnapped tortured and rescued by a mysterious and reclusive hero. Beverly needing an out let. Beverly pulls up the last email address she has for the one person who would understand Alice. She begins to send daily accounts of what happens to her thru her every day life. When it goes unanswered. Thinking the email is an unused account she begins to write her thoughts deepest secrets and desires. Unaware the past is going to come crashing in to her present at any moment and change everything.

  • Every Night

    Every Night

  • Lifetime of Trial

    Lifetime of Trial

  • How to Choose

    How to Choose




    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18

    Belle Pearson a successful lawyer at a really young age of 23years had a hard time growing up. But it bloomed her into a beautiful flower.Alan and Lee, commonly known as Crimson Brothers, are not actually blood related,in the sense.....step Brothers! were the only sons of Liam Crimson,the founder of country A's number one company- THE CRIMSON KINGS.When something troubled happens in the company and Belle was called for their rescue?Belle being looked down and being called a disgrace all her life,now achieved everything they said she wouldn't! What happens when Belle's past is related to Alan? and when the person who caused her pain was Alan that 10 years ago?What will happen when they sink their differences and work together only to unravel few things that no one expected. And what will happen when they end up in a love triangle?Join Belle on her journey and experience complete madness and unfold the truth!

  • Angel In Darkness

    Angel In Darkness

    Fantasy ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Running from bullies one night Narla runs into a saviour. sent from the worrior realm. kingdom of magical Warriors, to look for a demon who kidnapped his sister. Ryam prince of magical warriors pumbs into Narla and saves her from bullies against the rules because it would put him in danger of being discovered by the demons. She becomes a distraction to there mission. what will happen.... Dive into my book to find out nothing seems as it is. A twisted plot

  • Her Dark Heart

    Her Dark Heart



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE