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  • Gay or Bisexual

    Gay or Bisexual

  • Bisexual Blues

    Bisexual Blues

    Being a cop isn’t easy. Being a gay -- or even bisexual -- cop can sometimes add fuel to the fire.<br><br>For best friends Dino Parelli and Norris Bander, friendship quickly morphs into much more. But things are more complicated than either man wants to admit. Dino must contend with his bisexual desires while acknowledging he loves Norris. For Norris, coming out is something he eventually wants, though even he finds himself wondering if maybe he’s really bi, as well.<br><br>Both men soon discover they aren’t alone on the force. When they learn two female officers are just as sexually adventurous, Norris and Dino must learn to navigate the relationship waters ... with the women as well as with each other.

  • My Bisexual Boyfriend

    My Bisexual Boyfriend

  • Bisexual Diaries

    Bisexual Diaries


    A confused man about his sexual orientation, so he goes to a psychiatrist, to begin the journey of knowing himself

  • diary of a bisexual??‍♀️

    diary of a bisexual??‍♀️

  • She's Bisexual

    She's Bisexual

  • Even If I'm Bisexual

    Even If I'm Bisexual

    When i was in mid school, i knew to myself that i'm attracted to woman. Until I met a guy who turned my worlds upside down, he changed me. I changed myself because of him. But he destroyed me. I'm Alpha Joyce T Valdez and they call me "Jake".

  • Matters of a Depressed Bisexual

    Matters of a Depressed Bisexual

  • Mom, I’m Bisexual.

    Mom, I’m Bisexual.

  • How I Figured I was bisexual

    How I Figured I was bisexual

  • Strawberries and Bisexuals

    Strawberries and Bisexuals





    Renji Isamu. Male, 29 years old. Bisexual. Number 1 celebrity gay novelist in Japan. Handsome, thick wallet, professional, but live in sorrow. Renji is used to doing one night stands. With mens. With girls. With friends. With whores. For him everything is same. In the past, Renji wasn't like that. Deep disappointment has changed him. His father hates him being able to love men too, Renji is separated from Veer and his family from Netherland. He fled ... And then lived alone in Japan. In Japan Renji falls in love with Jean. A girl. But, he fell broken again. When he was about to get serious with Haru, a guy, reality had slapped him hard. Two failed marriages. Renji doesn't want to live a life of romance and fuck everyone. However, one day Renji met Ginnan Takahashi. A gigolo. Male prostitutes in a 24 hour bar. They met accidentally. They stare at each other without a plan. And they fell in love with so many stories. . . . .A POETRY FROM GINNAN TO RENJI: ["I could be anything in the world, but i wanted to be his"] ["I don't believe in magic, but they said 'You will, when you see him"] ["He is a mess, but he is a masterpiece"] ["And how dare the world to take him"] ~ Amsterdam, Midnight. . . . Follow My IG: @er_himmel

  • “McDo” A Bisexual Love Story (Complete Chapter)

    “McDo” A Bisexual Love Story (Complete Chapter)

    !(First Best Bi Story na mababasa nyo)!Ang magpapatunay na Love Has No Gender, Kung tunay na mahal mo ang isang tao walang ano mang makakahadlang sayo para maipakita lng sa kanya ang iyong pangmamahal. Ito ang magpapatunay na kahit ilang beses man tayong nasaktan, kailangan padin natin buksan ang ating puso dahil may mga tao padin na handa tayong mahalin. At ito rin ang magpapatunay satin na kahit ilang beses na tayo lokohin o iwanan ng taong minahal natin ng lubosan kailangan padin nila ng pagkakataon para mapatunayan kung minahal nga talaga niya tayo o talagang mahal na mahal nga talaga nila tayo.. /-Ang Taong subrang hinahangaan mo at di mo akalaing magkakagusto sayo, ay makakasama mo na habang buhay, Dito mo matutunghayan na kahit ano man kahirap o kadaming pagsubok na dumating sa buhay mo, ano mang relasyon meron kayo di mo kailangan itago at ikahiya, basta para sa taong mahal mo gagawin mo lahat, maipaglaban mo lamang siya.Hali kayo at maging saksi sa kwento ng buhay ni Kenneth at Raymond. Handa ka na bang kiligin at umiyak?-/Acknowledgement:This story is inspired by Popular Bisexual Love Story (McDo). Dahil sa Subrang napaganda ng Story nakapagdecide ako na dugtungan mula chapter 2 at gawing series hanggang Chapter 10. Chapter 2-10 is originally written by me, But the Chapter 1 I don't know who is the author! I want to give him a Credit but I don't know kung sino siya. Hello Author of Chapter 1 in case na mabasa mo to, pm me Fb:Chris Pasaporte Brinosa. You are the one who give me inspiration to extend your story and make it more meaningful.. ♥️ -Thank You-



    Forbidden Love, a forbidden story of Ariana and Sarah. Unexpected meet-ups, unexpected friendships, and unexpected relationships. People against of they're love, but still fighting for what they love.

  • Damned Bisexuals

    Damned Bisexuals

    The Damned Bisexuals are in trouble... again. Their power has already been on the decline for millennia. Now, they received another hard blow -- one that might truly spell their end: another elder has fallen. The enemy? It was neither of the enemy camps, the other "damned" subspecies of vampires. The greatest threat that Bisexuals have been facing since time immemorial, the enemy that depletes their ranks faster than they can be replenished... It was Love. *** This story has been permanently suspended because of dubious content. Kidding. I'll just be publishing it elsewhere. Thank you for your understanding.

  • I'm Bisexual: A true story of mine

    I'm Bisexual: A true story of mine

  • Bewitched



    Mohit Paul is a young and dynamic Fashion designer. He is sinfully handsome, having girls drooling over him but to their dismay, he barely gives them another look. He is bisexual, but prefers to be with men . Until one fateful night.... When he meets Srusti.Srusti is a simple, sweet and innocent girl. join their journey, to see who gets bewitched by whom....

  • The girl who found out that she was bisexual

    The girl who found out that she was bisexual


    a girl named Kelsey goes to a new school that she hates because she has a personality deficiency disorder. Kelsey finds a good girl's group and a good boy's group. She finds out that there is a girl in the grou that likes Kelsey. sooner than later, they are going out for the first time and her father said she was allowed to stay straight. what will Kelsey's father do if he finds out? Will he kick Kelsey out of his life or would he accept her sexual tendencies?

  • The Porter is Secretly an SS-Level Hunter

    The Porter is Secretly an SS-Level Hunter



    Disclaimer: MC is bisexual! Book One Finish! Warning: Arc One is terribly written; Arc Two is where the plot gets better. **** "I'm bored."  Neban Zaal, an SS-level hunter, was tired of being one. And even though he does not mind working all the time, he did not like fame nor being in the spotlight; plus, he never wanted to be a hunter in the first place.  He only became a hunter to provide for his son when he unexpectedly became a single father. But, after three years of being a hunter and making more than enough money to provide for his child for a lifetime, he is ready to quit.  So, he did what he finally wanted to since day one; he disappeared from the life of being a hunter.  But, he was always the type that had to work, or he would become too bored. He decided to do the next best thing to give him more freedom, but enough to make him feel like he is working: he became a porter.  Follow Neban in his adventure at keeping his SS-level a secret as he works as a porter while trying to stick to the shadows.  Remember, secrets always find a way into the light.  **** * Cover art commissioned from ukhyukhy 

  • She and He and Him Box Set

    She and He and Him Box Set

    In these steamy erotic romances, strong and sassy women know what they like in bed, and find themselves given the chance of a lifetime when they take on two men at once between the sheets. This book gathers together four of Shawna Jeanne’s best-selling MMF bisexual ménage stories in one red hot collection.<br><br>Contains the stories:<br><br><strong>For Pete’s Sake</strong>: Sheila has always known her husband Pete is bisexual -- his attraction to guys is part of what attracts her to him in the first place. But since they've been together, he hasn't been with anyone other than her, male or female. She wants to reward him for being so loving and faithful ... and she'd be lying if she didn't admit that the idea of watching her husband have sex with another man turns her.<br><br><strong>She Said Yes!</strong>: Marianne falls for Ben, but he's gay and introduces her to his hot best friend, Johnny. The two guys share everything, and before long, Ben wants to join Johnny and Marianne in bed. Johnny is afraid to ask, though. What if the thought of a threesome scares her away? It looks like she’ll have to take matters into her own hands if she wants both men between the sheets.<br><br><strong>Swing Both Ways</strong>: The only guy Jenny is interested in is her coworker Eric, but even though he seems interested in her, he’s in a committed relationship with Mike. The way he flirts with her only makes matters worse. Does he like her, or is he only being nice? When they invite her along to a Halloween party, will she be a third wheel, or will she discover the guys swing both ways?<br><br><strong>Turning Thirty</strong>: Lisa is turning thirty, and knows her youth is fading. So when her boyfriend Nick asks what she’d like for her birthday, she says a threesome. She knows he and his best friend Ray have experimented in the past, so getting them together again with her in the middle won’t be a problem. Nick treats her like a princess, but things heat up royally when Ray joins them in the bedroom.