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  • blackbelly miss

    blackbelly miss

  • [BL] Capturing my Demon King Costar

    [BL] Capturing my Demon King Costar



    [BL - Mature Content] Yao Shen is a struggling actor, virtually anonymous to the public. That is, until the opportunity to star in an anticipated new cultivation drama comes along, and it finally seems like Yao Shen's fate is turning. The only problem? He'll be playing the love interest of 'movie Emperor' Xin Hulei -- the big star responsible for all his difficulties in breaking into the entertainment industry. Things only get worse when a 'Demonic Capture System' is activated after Yao Shen's first audition with Xin Hulei. Worse becomes worrying when Yao Shen realizes the events depicted in the drama might not be so fictional after all, and that maybe there's more to it than the System is telling him... --- Yao Shen: "What do you mean Xin Hulei is one of the Demon Kings? And it's my job to send him back to the demonic realm? I'm just a D-list celebrity, how am I qualified for this?" System: "There are rewards." Yao Shen: "..." Yao Shen: "Tell me more" --- hardworking, down on his luck, determined and witty MC with a short fuse x cold beauty, calculating and sly, blackbellied Demon ML, hellbent on revenge.

  • The Blackbellied President's Beloved Housewife

    The Blackbellied President's Beloved Housewife


    From her father's house to her husband's, she has never had to work a day in her life. Trained since young, she was groomed to become the best wife. But how many would appreciate the value of a housewife in the modern world? It's the era of a dual income family, feminism, etc. etc. "Men want women with goals." "Do something real with your life. It's embarrassing that women are still wasting their lives and education on menial unfulfilling child care tasks. No educated women should be doing this--save it for the hired help. I have no respect for women who leech off of their husbands." After three years of marriage, her husband ran away with another woman; a vivacious career woman. Divorced and unemployed, what man can afford to marry a full-time housewife? Luckily, a certain blackbellied president has a job only she can do. "Be my wife." [Amamiya Anna, Housewife Lvl. 999] [Skills include: Cooking. Cleaning. Sewing. The Four Arts. Befriending her in-laws. Fighting against women in love with her husband, and his ex-wife. Taming her blackbellied husband and his sons.]

  • Quick Transmigration: Steal The Broken-Hearted!

    Quick Transmigration: Steal The Broken-Hearted!


    Shen Lihua, a successful woman with a dangerous secret, dies unexpectedly.But who cares about that! What she was more angry about was the fact that she could never find out why her relationships had never lasted more than a week!Shen Lihua: ( ಢ_ಢ )Why!? Aside from her having such a terrifying night life no one possibly knew about, what else could have chased her one-week-relationships away!?Was it because of her incredibly good looks?Her overwhelming intelligence?Or was it because she acted like a-Past Relationships: Man!Shen Lihua: ...Don't stop me, I'm going to kill them! (╬ಠ益ಠ)So, it was because she actively took the initiative to court, pamper, and love them that they had rejected her? Ah? Was there something wrong with her amazingly perceptive ears? Hmph! If they don't want me, then I don't want them!However, the next thing she knows is that she's still alive!System: Welcome mistress! Due to your unique ways of handling men, you have been chosen as the first Host of the new Reverse System, me!After that, she agrees to complete missions for the System as long as she was rewarded her demands.But the thing is... Why is it that in all the world's she goes to, the men acted like women, and the women acted like men!Shen Lihua: "What do you mean you're in pain?"Shen Lihua: "You're bleeding? How did you get injured there? Don't worry, if you need a doctor, I can help you."Him: " ...Who said I was injured! I am going through my cycle!"Shen Lihua: "Eggs and sugars!" (⊙_⊙)Previous Title(s):Quick Transmigration: The Reverse System!

  • Your System Begs You to Stop Dying

    Your System Begs You to Stop Dying


    As a System [in training], my one last practical exam before I could graduate with honours from System Academy was meant to be a stroll in the park. But what did you mean by blackbellied protagonist? What did you mean by reincarnated, time-travelling blackbellied protagonist??? My easy assignment suddenly became a tribulation to stop my protagonist from dying before he completed all of his plot points— —Because he kept courting death!!! We definitely must have had some sort of deep, dark and unresolved feud between our families. Nevertheless, I will keep fighting the good fight! For the sake of the plot, and more importantly, for my grades. Audience, please light some candles for me. I will livestream the death of my grades as I beg my protagonist to stop dying.

  • The Young Miss Lu's Secret

    The Young Miss Lu's Secret

    People always considered Lu Mingze's life to be the definition of the saying ' lived with a silver spoon in her mouth'. She would always ignore those people who wanted to harm her and her family unless they attacked first. She was no saint, she was a blackbelly.She would rather enjoy a trap someone set for her until she's ready to return the favor sevenfold.Qin Linhua was the heir to the Qin Empire who was hardly known by the public. One night as he was leaving the hospital, he obtained a rare gem. As he spend more time with this gem, they produced gemstones that he found he had to hide away before he was robbed.*******Hello, this is my first book so please be lenient.Feel free to leave some comments and rate the book.The earlier chapters are a little perverted, it you want skip chapters 2 .

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