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  • Shina the blackcat

    Shina the blackcat

    Realitas Magis ACTION R18 COMEDY

    Menceritakan Shina dan Yukishina adalah seorang anak yang punya kekuatan mengerikan dan memiliki rasa haus darah yang berasal dari kutukan setelah ayahnya mengembalikan sihir kedunia.Yuki adalah anak dari seorang Gristeria yang hebat, Gristeria adalah orang yang punya izin menggunakan senjata berbahaya untuk melawan kejahatan yang ada di negara magieval.

  • A Song for the Grand Duke

    A Song for the Grand Duke


    [warning : amateur works and unedited]'Yours' is a well known light novel story, a typical romance boys meets girl who fall in love with each other while the villain keep harassing the female lead. Anna, was a female protagonist. A poor noble from Viscount family lineage, an illegitimate daughter but loved by the viscount family because she was beautiful. She falls in love with the crown prince, Ferael Von cassius who had a fiancée named Beatrice Orthos. As you already knows, Beatrice would constantly harass the female lead like any other typical reincarnations' story. That was the important storyline of this novel. Then how about me ? Am I a protagonist ? Am I the vilest villainess ? But dear GOD !! I was an insignificant character !? You'll probably know, the ones who following Male lead and shouting 'Kya kya kyaaah' every time she meets the Male lead... or the ones who ended up being a stalker and creeping out the ones she likes ? Yess! That's her role, the ones that my soul possessing. [Art cover belongs to me (I made it, ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ))] P.S dear reader. Thank you so much for reading my story, I am apologize for the grammatical errors in it. and feel free to pointing it to me. It will help me so much. Love you All.

  • National Awakens: Ten consecutive sss-level talents at the start

    National Awakens: Ten consecutive sss-level talents at the start


    The world has changed and the red mist is coming!All of humanity is attracted to this game.Everyone can draw 10 types of talents to start the game!Chen Yi went back in time and directly obtained 10 SSS-level talents![Supreme Summon (sss level)]: The creatures you summon will be the strongest of their race![Supernatural Adaptation (sss level)]: Any environment and any damage can be adapted in the shortest possible time, and the corresponding attributes and toughness can be improved![Unlimited firepower (sss level)]: All your abilities will have no cool down time and will not consume energy, and the cost of taboo spells will be reduced by 99%![Lord of the Elements], [God killing and plundering], [Fake for real], [Miraculous Luck] ...Since then, Chen Yi, who has mastered 10 sss-level talents, has ruled the world and achieved the greatest achievement!Destiny? I am destiny!

  • Seeker's Quest

    Seeker's Quest


    Follow Hikari Kurayami on a mystical journey for love, friendship and justice. Read through the terror, heartbreak, joy and anger and follow along on this wonderful journey to save the kingdom.

  • Red Nights

    Red Nights


    She was an ordinary woman, or so she thought. Until one day, her life turned completely upside down.Raina Reed woke up after a car accident to find herself within a brand new world with people she didn't know hovering around her.Where was she and why was she in a different country? And more important, why was she blindfolded?Eric, the Vampire King, waited for his destined reincarnation for more then 200 years. But now that she was in front if him, will she accept her fate? Or will she seek another fate?******Author's notes: This is my first book and it took me a long time to get the courage to publish it. I am not an English native speaker, so please bear with me. I am not Asian, so the names are not of that origin, but they do have signifiance on their own.The characters in this book are mature, so don't expect virgins and blushing maidens.

  • Mellisa



    There is so many phenomenon in this world to be dechiphered, some still can be explained and another thing just doesn't make sense at all. In all things, we all knew well about zombie's; a fantasy thriller horror genre that watched by many. Its fun reality for her, the girl was devastated and tried to survive as much as everyone does but eventually death embraces all the living too well. Except for her.Forced to wake up in a damp iron bars, as she greeted by the same hunger; acidic fluids that burn her throat has been bothering for more than two years was no match for what she witnessed."Wake up!! You're all sold!"The entirely different situation just after she felt the burn pain from their rotten teeth. Cracked voice, bruised body, and beggar like appearance displayed herself."Where the hell I am ?"[Disclaimer : This is work of passion and I am not an english natives. Unedited work; Possibly of misspelling and grammatical error. Any way, thank you for reading.]

  • Erath: Tale of The Last Arcanist

    Erath: Tale of The Last Arcanist

  • The Saint Grace

    The Saint Grace


    Some says 'life is unpredictable, it changes with the seasons. Winter, Spring, Autumn, and the summer doesnt describe all the ride on your life. It keeps changing and time does make you for who you are now.' Pretty poetic, indeed. But not as good as it says. My life has been full filling at the very least, I had an enemy, friend, and a loving father. Its all going just fine, but its just go down to earth like nothing.I cant say no to it, because I was died. I thought i was saved, because i can breath again.But just trust me my dear friend, this new life was too much. [I am still thinking about the synopsis. I'll change it again in the future. Thank you(ノ*>∀

  • Meeting my Ex-Bosses in another world

    Meeting my Ex-Bosses in another world

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    Amateur works.

  • Hunters and mages

    Hunters and mages


    The right to participate in the struggle of the throne is the basic right of every demon.Demons fight against each other with their own legions and create their own sovereignty.Calius a young demon who was sold as a slave lost his basic privileges as a demon, so he lost the basic qualifications to participate.Follow Calius as he carves his own path to becoming a sovereign.

  • The path of evolution.

    The path of evolution.

    Magical Realism ACTION POORTORICH

    the year 2030 it all changed after that night the world was never the same.A mysterious black object at the size of pluto crashed into the moon.Moon couldn't survive the crash, cracks visible to the naked eye started appearing on the surface of the moon.The moon split into many pieces in the centre of it was a light blue coloured ball.The ball was still motionless. slowly the surface of the ball started melting, it melted completely resulting blue rain the entire night.After the destruction of the moon, the world began evolving.The earth eventually became a nod in the path. In the path of evolution.

  • Casos...


  • Moonlight: The Lost Prince

    Moonlight: The Lost Prince


    Jomin thought his life ordinary until he met a mysterious humanoid creature named Wanbu. She was lost from her party and was looking for someone who was lost in the Human world. The blackcats their enemy are after them and he could hardly believe the details and events happening before his eyes. And now he is involved with the adventures of the other world.

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