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  • Blood Elf Monarch

    Blood Elf Monarch



    Abandoned since birth, mistreated, exploited, betrayed, and hurt. This was all society had offered to Tristan. The day of his release from prison, he was transmigrated to the world of orcs and elves and forced to become the Legendary elves champion. The Blood Elf. [Blood Elf Monarch Innate Ability Activated] [Stage One Skill - Blood Extraction] [5000 Mix of low qualities blood cells found] [Extract Blood Cells] [2000 Blood Essence Extracted] [Battle power increase exponentially] Being the Undying Ancient Blood Elf during the war between races of humans and elves, will Tristan renounce his people to be part of the Elves, or will he follow his own resolve? Follow The Adventure of Tristan as he becomes the leading Monarch of the Universe ----------- Novel Video Trailer: Type "Blood Elf Monarch" in youtube Here are some of the things you will find here MC: smart but with questionable morals. Start OP but still have a deep of weak - strong growth World: Imagine Lord of the Ring with guns and spaceships System: There is a system but it will not be the focus of the story Harem: Yes, but I love romance, so there will be love interests and drama, not all about p3nus *The Monarch characteristic will not really show until volume 3, the MC will have some flaws at early chapters its part of his growth This is my third novel, my first novel was in the top 50, and my second novel is now Top 15 trending in webnovel, so hopefully, this third one will be even better.

  • Blood Assimilation

    Blood Assimilation



    Check out my other novel: Two Worlds: Same But Different!! If you like OP or a tad bit innocent protagonists and a little mystery here and there, then this might be the one for you....A young man without an ability in an ability holders’ world. Due to the sudden and catastrophic appearance of dimensional gates and rifts. The planet has undergone many changes. Those changes include but not exclusive to awakening abilities in humans. With these Awakened Abilities, the humans were able to fight back against the monsters, beasts, demons, and other creatures that poured out of the gates and rifts. A few decades passed with humanity’s survival through countless sacrifices and now, that brings us to our story. Randy, a young man who could not awaken his ability had to not only face the frustration of not being able to awaken his ability but also, the constant bullying of his colleagues at school. A chance meeting will change his fate for the better or for the worse? Only time will tell. Read to find out his rough beginnings and his rise to power and much more....To my new readers: Check below for important info.Chapter 1 - 8 of the novel is essentially just a prologue of the novel and it does not impact it too much, so you can skip it if you're averse to things like torture or anything that could induce negativity. Then again, I am not saying that chapter 1 to chapter 8 are less important but some readers might not like it as I've discovered. So I thought about putting it here just in case.But if you don't mind checking it out, then go ahead and read from chapter 1 at your own risk.-BMDR

  • APOCALYPSE: My First Skill Is Blood Manipulation

    APOCALYPSE: My First Skill Is Blood Manipulation

  • The Manipulated Villainess

    The Manipulated Villainess



    What was the nickname given by people to a woman who does many evil and bad deeds? A 'VILLAINESS'. But what if the villainess was never a villainous person, to begin with? What if she was a mere puppet controlled and manipulated by someone? What if she lives her whole life in fear of the real villainess? * * * Villainous, powerful, beautiful yet cruel were the words people use to describe the Chairwoman and CEO of Yang Group, Nicole Yang. At only 25 years old, she was the youngest and most powerful businesswoman in the country. She leads the Yang Group with an iron fist and her vicious methods. She was nicknamed the 'Iron Lady' and the 'Ice Queen.' She was feared by her employees and even her competitors! With a famous politician stepmother and a fiancé who was from a powerful family, no one dared to approach her. But maybe that's what everyone assumed! In reality, she was controlled, manipulated and used by someone! She was desperate to break free from the chains that bind her and tormented her each day! But no one saw her weakness or sufferings until he appeared in her life like a miracle... * * * Kind, handsome yet playful were what people labelled with Aston Kang, the famous top actor of the country. An orphan who hides his insecurities beneath his carefree smile, he worked his way from the bottom to the top on his efforts. Though he was only 27 years old, no one would understand the hardships of life more than him! He loves to flirt around to hide his loneliness. Maybe that's why people often mistook him as a playboy. He never treated any woman or relationship seriously until he met the so-called 'Villainess' who gave his once dull life a challenge to take on! * * * * * * * Note: All characters, places and institutions in this novel are fictional. Disclaimer: I don't own the cover photo. All rights credited to the real owner.....

  • Blood Evolution System

    Blood Evolution System



    Check out my second novel: Awakened: Evolving to Godhood ( Bullying, Evolution, Adventure, Action, Magic, Vampire, Demons, school life, System, Overpowered! Weak Strong! )There is a war going on between the dimensions of the living and the Hell Dimension!The creatures of hell have opened up the portal to the dimension of the living and started to invade it. They create Hell Paradise, a dimension magic that helps Hell Dimension overlap with the Dimension of the Living.The humans have banded together with the Demi-Humans and started to fight against the invaders.A Grand War Between Two Dimensions has Started!Vincent is a young orphan born without special powers in a world where those with ability are privileged. However, he still trains in the new world's profession, his family's martial arts and magic techniques to grow strong, hoping to one day fulfill his dreams of ending the war and bringing peace to the world. A treasure with unthinkable uses gives him a chance to change his fate, but first, he must prove himself worthy of the name "Sangue!"‹ Evolution process has started. The blood of the Vampire Progenitor, Kermis Idiouni De Sangue has been injected into the owner's bloodstream ›‹ Sangue Heart has been birthed ›‹ You've successfully evolved ›‹ Congrats on becoming a Demi-Human ›‹ You've extracted the power contained in the blood of the beast. The power of blood has been merged with the owner's body ›‹ Your magic power capacity has increased to 90 units ›‹ Your Strength has increased to 42 points ›‹ Your agility has increased to 37 points ›While he absorbs the blood of the beast, sunlight peeks through the green and thick canopies of the overgrown trees and shines upon his bloodied face as he comes to realize that he has become a monster lusting after blood.With the mysterious treasure of his family, how far will he rise? Will his hopes for ending the war ever become a reality? ORWill he lose himself to the darkness of pleasure and become a monster?!Read to find out!JOIN MY DISCORD:!----Cover Photo is not mine! Photo Creator, let me know if you want it removed.

  • Blood Bound

    Blood Bound


    Maya only wanted to complete her studies and get independent, she had no plans of falling in love or getting in a relationship. That is, until she meets her best friend's older brother, Yohan. A man so beautiful she couldn't take her eyes off of him.Yohan is a powerful werewolf, the current CEO of his family company yet not the confirmed Alpha of his pack. He's cursed by something magical and thought he'd never be able to meet his mate. That is, until he meets Maya, his mate, his destined love yet someone he can't have.

  • Dark Blood Age

    Dark Blood Age


    Chu Yunsheng, an ordinary white-collar worker one day discovered his family heirloom book shined a bizarre light by accident. Out of curiosity, he tried to study the heirloom book. After studying for a long time, he still only understood a few symbols written in the book. However, he was shocked when he figured out what messages the book tried to tell him: The sun will disappear, humanity will be doomed... He tried to spread the message but no one believed him; his family and friends even tried to take him to see the psychiatrist. Eventually, he gave up telling anyone but prepared for the apocalypse in secret... Until one day, the sun really disappeared… our discord channel is

  • The Story of Blood and Roses

    The Story of Blood and Roses



    [COMPLETED] "Are you going to shoot me, baby?" "Don't tempt me..Mia Vincent only wanted one thing: Kill Anthony Murray. Kill the person who murdered her parents. Only his death would satisfy her thirst for his blood.When she was assigned the task of infiltrating his gang, she agreed willingly and started plotting the ways to destroy him. Yet she failed... miserably at that. How could she fall in love with a man who caused her so much pain? So. she ran... as fast as the wind, hoping to never see him again.When Anthony met Mia, he fell in love with her feisty attitude and thirst for adventure. He loved her with every fibre of his being. Yet in his world, loving someone was a risk, a danger to his empire. So, he chose to hurt her... made her stay far away from him. However, he soon realized how important her existence was. He couldn't live without her.Betrayals. Mobs. Guns. Violence. Will Anthony and Mia survive the wild ride?- - - - -Read my other works: 1. Cornered by the CEO - Complete2. Autopsy of a Mind - Complete3. Alter Ego: His Sultry Lover - Complete 4. Phoenix in the Moonlight - HiatusStory Discord: Instagram: @sunscar9





    -- A small heads, early chapters have a quite bad grammar, I am fixing them asap, also the MC doesn't start as OP, he go through cultivation before it. -- "I always wondered until the day I died, why humans are such filthy creatures?" A Noble status, money, and power were the things that ruled this world, but Aaris Ralkier had nothing since the day he was born. His childhood was ridiculed by poverty and bullying by the nobles, hoping to change his world one day after becoming a great mage, his dreams were shattered because of his unique and miserable condition of possessing no mana. What he had in his life was his mother, the lowest witch who never wanted anything but his happiness, but she was taken away by the hands of aristocrats and the kingdom that was supposed to protect them. He lost everything, struggling to find his existence again he was betrayed and left to die at the hands of a dreadful demon and was framed even after his death. Reminiscing his life on his last breaths, he decided to take the demon soul along with his with the spell his mother forbid for him, Blood Silk. He lost his life too, but fate doesn't take mercy on him, his eyes opened once again, maybe a choice was given to him, suffer or fight. Like cursed blessing in his body, he set out on a journey to find his existence, lingering regrets, and goring grudges, in the realm ridiculed with divine curses & diabolical graces, everything is laid in front of him to quell or win. But red strings of fate only take it to weave a War, waiting to meet its End. P.s:- English is not my first language I am still a fledgling writer. reach to me on insta....zushe_sensei_016. Dis.:- I don't own the cover pic.

  • God Of Manipulation

    God Of Manipulation



    Follow the adventurous journey of the God of Manipulation as he takes what he wants manipulate everyone he wants and makes his wishes come true.HEY GUYS I HAVE STOPPED WRITING THIS NOVEL BUT IF YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE THIS NOVEL THEN COMMENT "MORE" IN THE REVIEW SECTION I WILL MAKE SURE TO WRITE IT AND MAKE IT EVEN BETTER IF I GET MORE THAN 100 COMENTSjust some advertisingThis software will help you promote your instagram much better. if you want try it -Insta Promoter - tiktok tutorial can help you get 1000$ per month guarenteed on tiktok. If you are interested link is below -Tiktok tutorial - you cant find the perfect trading platform for crypto curreny try this.It can bring a lot of traffic for your crypto buisness link is below -Crypto commision -

  • manipulation




  • Blood Borne

    Blood Borne



    Fabian had been crippled since he was a little kid...He had been made fun of and was a simple worker slave...But it was then he received a curse...A curse of being a vampire.But to him, this curse was like a blessing that made him a monster feared by all...

  • The Manipulation System

    The Manipulation System

    Emilia is starting to go to school, and right off the bat her day is going terrible, having to cut out gum after the first hour of school, but it couldn't get any worse. Right?

  • Game of Manipulation

    Game of Manipulation

    Teen ROMANCE




    A normal guy reincarnated in Tales of Demons and Gods with the looks of an angel and heart of a devil. ----------------------------X------------------------------------- WARNING - THIS IS A BL NOVEL. He got the powers attributed to the concept of manipulation. He wants to have a romantic life with Nie Li and will go to any extent to have him. MC - Firstly, I fucking died in a gutter full of shit. Secondly, they didn't give me any strong powers just this creepy manipulation technique which is complete bullshit. And now you're telling me that I get a system but it will only assist me in becoming strong and I have to do all the hardwork ? No starter pack, no gifts, one bullshit power nothing. Are you of any fucking use?? How will I win over Nie Li like this?? Cherry- The system is perfect for someone like you. But it will be of more use if you firstly remove the pornographic trash out of your mind. MC - cough......cough.......What are you saying ? My intentions are pure and sweet like angel. -----------------------x--------------------- This is a harem. So, Mc will have at least many partners [ max 2-3 ] - Both male and female. [ MC is bisexual ] Warning - MC is highly evil and manipulative and can even kill for proving his cause but will not kill anyone unless necessary. Get ready to read the story you never read before. Get ready to feel the power of manipulation. Get ready to ....OKAY. Read the story for more information. --------------------------------------x--------------------------------------------- FOLLOW THIS DEVIL WITH THE LOOKS OF AN ANGEL AND LOOK WHAT CHAOS HE CREATES IN THIS WORLD. And yes I do NOT own Tales of demons and gods or the cover so please don't sue me. (◕‿◕) Feel free to contact me in case of any query -

  • Joy Of Manipulation

    Joy Of Manipulation



    Main character Hyun-ki Quote "A Man Can Be Destroyed But Not Being Defeated" Hyun-ki is a high school student looking nerdy and good student but in reality, he is the most one you should be afraid of even the higher-ups in school are fearing him, all that because he is obsessed, he likes to control people lives, now you're thinking it's a superpower but in reality, it's just him playing with people mind with some tricks, but everything starts changing for our Hyun-ki when the transfer student named Mi-cha came to his school and because of his best friend Mun-hee he will become close to her and her new best friend Hyun-ae that has a past with Mun-hee and Hun-ki, the four friends will go to a university and that when their life journey changed completely and got really messy because of Hyun-ki, all this was in Hyun-ki plan to make that mess but something will happen that even Hyun-ki didn't make it in his plans. So what will he do to fix it? Is he going to change plans?

  • danmachi manipulator

    danmachi manipulator


    I don't own the cover.This is a story about a man who failed as a student, as a son,as a brother and finally in his life.He got reincarnated into danmachi world by a god due to unknown destiny.He is weak, but he has wit,knowledge and a cheat.He will manipulate people,their powers , their future into his profit.Money, power, Beauty he will have everything.He will climb up to the top.Note:mc is not antihero or villain.

  • Manipulation System

    Manipulation System

  • Era of Quark Manipulation

    Era of Quark Manipulation