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  • The Crippled Boss Loves Me

    The Crippled Boss Loves Me



    The once rich girl Shen Hanxing lost her mother when she was born. She was then dumped overseas by her own father when she was little to her own devices. Nineteen years later, her father personally took her home from overseas, and the reason was to replace her younger sister to marry her fiancé Ji Yan, who had lost his legs’ senses after a car accident. Father: “Know your place. You’re already marrying above your station when you marry Ji Yan with your status.” Younger Sister: “Thank you for willing to sacrifice yourself for my love~” Shen Hanxing smiled faintly: “Agree to my two conditions, and I’ll gladly marry him.” Afterward, she stepped into the Ji family’s home with empty luggage. The man in the wheelchair angrily roared at her in the dark room. “Scram!” Shen Hanxing quickly switched on the light, pulled open the curtain, and extended his hand towards the man with the light behind her. “Hello. Let me introduce myself. I’m your wife, Shen Hanxing.” When he saw her the first time, he treated her coldly. And then, he treasured her. Ji Yan looked at this woman that suddenly barged into her life. She used her strength to tame his wild and brash younger brother. She patiently and compassionately healed his fearful and introverted younger sister. She used everything she had to slowly support this cold family… And then, Shen Hanxing fell into a trap. Before she drifted into darkness, she saw the man that was supposed to be in the wheelchair running towards her in anxiety. When she woke up again, the man pointed at the washing board, the keyboard, and the durian and asked, “Hanxing, which one do you want me to kneel on?”

  • Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

    Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss


    The aristocratic Lu family has produced a joke, a beautiful one, but a joke nonetheless. The daughter they have been rearing all this while turns out to be an imposter! With the real heiress returning to take her rightful place, everyone is eager to know the outcome of the imposter... Will she be able to survive in poverty after living a life of riches? Having just transmigrated, Huo Yao imagines that this experience will be pretty interesting. However, imagination and reality are always so different! Dad: "Daughter! Take this black card. It has no limit! Use it freely." Mom: "My dear Yao Yao! If you don't like this jewelry, I'll get them to change it immediately." Huo Yao: "…" Weren't they supposed to be poor and ordinary? What is with this hidden lavish behavior? Her eldest brother, an investment company's CEO: "Sis, inherit my company!" Her second brother, a top lawyer: "Whoever dares slander my sis will face the full brunt of the law!" The third brother, an international genius doctor: "Bullying my sister? Should I display the prowess of my scalpel?" Mysterious fourth brother: "My sis is the cutest!" Huo Yao: "…" What happened to being a good-for-nothing person who lives off her parents? A top aristocrat secretly changes into his cheap clothes and drives his crappy old car to her. "Baby, my heart is yours. Why don't we get married to test if I'm telling the truth or not?" Everyone who knows about it, doesn't dare say it out loud. All they can do is curse inwardly: "Bah! Keep acting! No one believes it!"

  • I Become Baby Mafia Boss

    I Become Baby Mafia Boss



    Suddenly becomes a mafia boss in a superpowers world and you are only 3 years old?! Ainsley Sloan, a 20-year-old avid anime lover, suddenly transmigrated into a body of a toddler. The father eloped with a woman, and the mother was just a surrogate mom. The two left behind their 3-years-old baby girl to rule over a mid-sized mafia family! No, this can't be! Ainsley was forced to embrace the abandoned Sloan Family and bring their family to the top of the dangerous mafia world– else she died. But, worry not! With the power of ultimate luck, the help of her loyal subordinates, and the protection of her cats-becoming-human, Ainsley will kick any enemies coming her way! A late encounter with a certain system even paved a flowery path for her. With its help, Ainsley will be the best mafia boss, and an extraordinary one! When other mafia bosses smoke cigarettes, Ain has choco Pocky stuck in her mouth. When other bosses swirl their glass of red wine, Ain blows her cup of hot milk! When other bosses blow their gun after a fight...Ain changes her diaper. Watch the baby take over the mafia world with her unique baby charm! 7 years later. A certain shrewd mini boss: "Ain, how about becoming my fiancee?" The boy five years older than the toddler waved a limited edition BL pillow case as a bribe. A certain system: kiddo, accept his proposal! sucks his money! Wtf you two. Fiancee your a*s!! I'm only 10! PS: If you expect fast-paced bad*ss FL, face-slapping & heroic deed in the first 100 chapters, this book might be not to your taste _____ Ancient/modern setting books: 1. The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator (completed)  2. The CEO's Office Boy is a Girl (completed)  Baby protagonist series: 1. I Become Baby Mafia Boss (on-going) 2. I Always Become A Baby! (quick transmigration, on-going) Dating sim game book: 1. Mr CEO, Move On! (Dropped because of system issue not allowing to update more chapters after accidentally changing book status to completed) Follow my Instagram: @zehell2218 & @willhem_l Discord server:

  • The Side Character's Hidden Boss!

    The Side Character's Hidden Boss!


    A 20-year-old genius medical student transmigrated to a book she read during an experiment and became a female supporting character named Mo Li. In the book, Mo Li was originally a kind and good girl. However, she was framed and slandered by the white lotus female protagonist. In the end, she was betrayed and abandoned by her family. Her personality changed drastically, and she ended up in a tragedy. After understanding her situation, she decided to fight back and change her fate. Although she was only a medical student, her medical skills in the real world were 50 years ahead of those in the book world. Hence, with her unparalleled medical skills and his ability to foresee the plot… The brothers in the family who hated Mo Li initially all held Mo Li in their hands and treated her like a treasure in their palms. They all turned into crazy demons who doted on their younger sister. The leader of the underworld said, "Whoever dares to bully my sister, I will break his legs." The business genius's second brother, "My sister has a bad temper. If anyone dares to make her angry, I'll let him spend the rest of his life in the slums." The third brother of an international superstar, "I'm not free this month. Don't look for me for any activities. I want to spend the summer vacation with my sister." And the original female protagonist in the book finally met her opponent. After Mo Li exposed her various evil deeds time and time again, she eventually suffered the consequences of her own actions and was abandoned by everyone.

  • The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

    The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!


    Xiang Yi was most famous vase in the entertainment industry. The subject of ridicule on the world wide web, she suddenly announced: She was going home to farm. Her anti-fans: Hehe. She deserves it. The next day, Xing Chen APP started a live broadcast stream of Xiang Yi's rural life. Heh? Why did a top ranking lawyer stop by for dinner? Heh? Why did a doctor come to raise chickens? Heh? Why is a famous fashion designer here to dye cloths? And why is an esports legend installing a swing set? What, you're her brother? You're also her brother?? As the much anticipated grand slam actor Shi Sui made his grand descent into the scene, the anti-fans began to tremble as they weakly typed out on the screen: You... Are you also her brother? The film star calmly squeezed Xiang Yi's cheeks and says indifferently: I am her husband. The anti-fans: Unabletolaugh.jpg

  • The True Young Miss Is A Spoiled Boss

    The True Young Miss Is A Spoiled Boss


    The little princess of the Huo family, one of the wealthiest families, was mistakenly switched out nineteen years ago! The fake heiress is well-educated, talented, and doted on, while the real heiress is an uncontrollable girl who loves to fight, has a strange personality, and had dropped out of school very early… In her previous life, Xing Jiuan’s biological parents found her and brought her home at the age of nineteen. However, the fake heiress, Huo Chulan, still seemed to be the one-and-only young miss of the family while she was hidden away in the shadows. Xing Jiuan spent her twenty-first birthday alone. She was ignored and disliked by her real family. She stepped out of her house for the first time after a long while to see the world. However, she ended up dead by the roadside. After her rebirth, she is once again standing at the door, staring at her biological parents and two elder brothers. But this time, she says coldly, "I don't need a family." Surprisingly, the Huo family starts to shower her with limitless adoration. Everyone says that the Huo family is penny wise and pound foolish as they retained the incompetent real heiress of their family and chased the well-rounded fake heiress out the door. However, only Xing Jiuan's parents and elder brothers knew that Jiuan is the family member that deserves their love the most.

  • Coming of the Villain Boss!

    Coming of the Villain Boss!



    Imagine having the opportunity to be able to enter different worlds created by numerous novels and stories. Which kind of role would you like to play? Do you want to be the illustrious protagonist, either good or evil; or just be a supporting role standing behind the protagonists? Our villain boss Ming Shu would, however, choose none of the above. Claiming missions from the Harmony System, and driven by her endless passion for snacks, the world traveler, Ming Shu, embarks on the path to make the mission target hate her as much as possible by gaining Hatred Points. But it turns out she is not alone on her journey…

  • Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

    Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss



    Tan Rou only learned that she wasn’t the Tan family’s daughter when she was seventeen years old. She went from being a rich young lady to living in the slums. The parents she adored belonged to someone else, and this series of knockdowns was hard for a seventeen-year-old girl to accept. She wailed like a child for the sake of proving this was all a lie. The vicious words she spouted had hurt her biological family but she didn’t notice. She thought the Tan family was her real family despite them seeing her as an eyesore, and was even naive enough to want to befriend the Tan family’s real daughter, Tan Jing. Alas, the latter drugged her drink and arrange for a thug to rape her. Tan Jing even brought their classmates along to catch them in the act so Tan Rou was now tainted for life. After being reborn, she looked down at the man she was stepping on. Tan Rou swore not to be a useless wretch in this life or be bullied to death. She would stomp on those who wronged her and make it up to her real family. They wouldn’t have had to die tragically on the streets in the past life had it not been for her. Tan Rou turned completely evil after crawling back out of Hell. Everyone claimed that the real young lady was educated and talented, while the fake young lady was arrogant and incompetent. Tan Rou scoffed upon hearing this. She held back her brother from trying to stand up for her. “We have all the time in the world. Let’s just wait and see.” Just as everyone was waiting for Tan Rou to make a fool of herself… A top-class perfumer, a top scholar, a world champion… The fake young lady’s multiple identities kept getting exposed one after another, bumping her up to number one on the trending search, shocking the world. Wait, where was the promised humiliation?

  • My Wife Is The Final Boss

    My Wife Is The Final Boss



    There was a time when every living thing was decimated and the galaxy was forced to restart. All the lives were killed by a single thought from the evils. “The final boss is my wife?” Xu Changan exclaimed as he looked at his wife who was making dinner and shook his head. “The system has malfunctioned again.” Under the tree in his garden, Xu Changan wrapped his arm around his wife’s waist and said, “There is something I have to settle outside. I’ll be back soon.” “Okay. Stay safe.” After seeing the husband off, the wife raised her head to look at the leaves and said, “I think my husband is going to cheat on me soon. Should I… just restart this world?”

  • Marriage to The Mafia Boss

    Marriage to The Mafia Boss

    Their destinies start when she marries the most powerful person in this world by arranges marriage. Emma Lin was granted a second life after she was killed by her adopted sister. She is just an ordinary girl who believes in the fairy tale’s story. However, life is not always like a fairy tale. Emma Lin a prodigy in medical school is married to her love, Luo Han Zheng and wishes to lead a happy ending life with her prince charming. Don Vito Mancuso is the most powerful person in this world. In his cold hand, he manages the balance between his business empire and the underworld. He led all the mafia and all the affiliate organizations in the underworld. In her second opportunity of life, Emma is running to Vito Mancuso. She just wants to get the title of the madame of the most powerful man on this earth. She wants to use his resources to revenge on her previous life. Despite coming from the express marriage and their own agenda on their marriage alliance, Emma is determined to build her career as a surgeon. From clashing endlessly to gradually opening up to each other, Emma and Vito overcome any hurdle together as they learn to love and support each other as husband and wife. Can Emma have the courage and capability to avenge her and her unborn baby death? -------------------------------- please be kind as English is not my first speaking language. thank you

  • Wanita Sang Boss

    Wanita Sang Boss

    Romansa Fiksi Ilmiah ROMANCE


    Meta, seorang perempuan berusia 34 tahun yang masih lajang. Dia adalah lulusan terbaik di kampusnya, dengan segala predikat sempurna yang melekat pada dirinya. Namun, karena hal itulah membuatnya kesulitan mendapat jodoh. Hingga berkali-kali, tawaran perjodohan selalu gagal di tengah jalan. Rasa frustasi Meta akan jodoh, ditambah dengan keluarnya dari perusahaan, membuatnya semakin dilema. Hingga suatu hari, Kinan--teman satu kos Meta memberikan informasi jika di perusahaannya sedang membutuhkan seorang sekertaris kompeten. Tak butuh waktu lama, akhirnya Meta pun diterima kerja di sana. Dan siapa sangka, perusahaan maju, bergengsi itu dipimpin oleh seorang lelaki muda. Yoga, bos perusahaan itu, adalah jenis pria yang kolot dan selalu semua berjalan dengan sempurna. Kekolotannya sering membuat Meta keteteran dibuatnya. Hingga akhirnya, perdebatan-perdebatan kecil yang menjadikan mereka terbiasa, tak bisa lepas satu sama lain, dan menimbulkan getaran-getaran aneh di hati Meta.

  • Agriculture Escape: Ultimate Boss Has A Space Pocket!

    Agriculture Escape: Ultimate Boss Has A Space Pocket!



    # first daughter # figurehead # agriculture [space + ancient times kingdom building + escaping from famine]The big shot from the future, Bai Wutong, transmigrated to ancient times with her space pocket! Before she could feel happy, she found herself in a chaotic world! There was murder, robbery, schemes, sky-high prices, and many other things all around! She killed two people the moment she arrived. Then, she kindly saved someone, but was deceived and stalked as the person insisted on following her. If that’s the case, then don’t blame her for getting aggressive! After she finally managed to settle down, she was assigned to the frontier to open up the lands. The remote lands were out of anybody’s control, and there was nothing more that Bai Wutong could ask for. After a few years, Bai Wutong accidentally led the richest man of the previous dynasty, the prime minister, the commander of the secret guards, a great scholar of the dynasty, the holy maiden, as well as the divine doctor… and turned the barren land into a rich, noble town that everyone desired. When the emperor and his ministers came to admire the place, they were dumbfounded. That man who was pouring tea beside Bai Wutong… Wasn’t that the emperor’s eldest son, who had been dead for many years?!

  • My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

    My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss


    “Didn’t you want me to be with you when you bought me? I’m willing to do it!” said the cold business tycoon. He was unrivalled when he behaved like a bully. “You… You liar!” She was pissed. He set up this trap and lured her into it. Now, he blamed her. She could not tolerate it anymore. She wanted a divorce. “Fine.” Spoiling a wife had no limits. He accommodated her whims. “The corporation belongs to you; The house belongs to you; The car belongs to you; I belong to you.” Who is Ye Lanchen? An unbeatable business tycoon. Who is Ye Lanchen? An unpredictable, distant overlord. Who is Ye Lanchen? A devil who spoils his wife to the core.

  • Mafia Boss wife

    Mafia Boss wife


    Lara Carter, eighteen years old, was forced to sign a marriage contract at the age of sixteen to Scott Miller, a.k.a Blade, the person she feared, by her grandfather. After signing the contract, she runs away from home. Blade, a heartless Mafia Boss, killed and tortured anyone who crossed his path without mercy. His face was always cold and void of emotion, but everything changed when a high school student saved him on the verge of death.  He felt something he had never felt before, he felt his heart skip a beat, and her face won't leave his mind. Her eyes, lips, smile, and voice sound like a singing angel, pulling him out from the darkness. And he wants all those feeling, and he can only have them if he has her. He wants Lara Carter, and he'll do everything to have her, but how could he do that when just a mention of his name scared her? His men feared blade, but no one knew what he looked like except those close to him. He always had a mask on every time he faced his men.  Everyone thought that Blade was an ugly, scary man hiding behind his mask.  Let's all follow Blade and Lara's Journey in discovering each other secrets, fighting for their life, and love from the claws of Blade's enemies, as well as from Lara's hidden identity.



    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE R18 BADBOY DETAILED


    TAMAT! PERHATIAN +18!!! *** Daisy... wanita penuh dengan pesona di mata laki-laki. Pernah menikah, mengandung, keguguran hingga bercerai. Lalu hidupnya di pertemukan dengan beberapa pria yang membuatnya jatuh ke lubang yang nikmat, bahagia, dan menyakitkan. Kemudian ketika ia akan berubah menjadi yang lebih baik, Daisy di hadapkan dengan dua kebimbangan yang membuatnya dilema. Dicintai dan mencintai atau mengikuti nafsu yang membuatnya mabuk kepayang. Bagaimana pilihannya? Siapakah yang akan ia pilih dan bagaimana kehidupannya setelah akhirnya dengan pilihannya sendiri? *** Instagram: @karendebor Discord: @KAREN_DN#7561 Facebook: Karen Debora Natalia BACA BUKU BAHASA INDONESIA SAYA:- I Love You, My Best Friend [TAMAT].- Little Thing Called Love [masih berlanjut].

  • The Boss Behind The Game

    The Boss Behind The Game


    Lu Wu, an aimless video game developer, had been feeling perturbed ever since he found out he was the direct descendant of a king from the underworld. Other than the title, His Excellency, his ancestor hadn't passed down anything else to him. On top of that, all of his ancestor’s subordinates had rebelled against him and completely usurped his inherited territory. Under the circumstances, Lu Wu built a battle game server with the help of his new mysterious friend and transported gamers from the real world straight to the underworld using virtual reality. They then created the main quest, the character classes, the Instance Dungeon, the storyline, and the non-player characters for the game. Relying solely on these video gamers’ strengths, Lu Wu began his expedition to reclaim his rightful inheritance. What could possibly go wrong?

  • I Am A Legendary BOSS

    I Am A Legendary BOSS


    This thought had grown deep in William’s mind! This is the reason for his decision. He was going to become the strongest NPC ever. He will have the strongest armor and get beaten badly! Who said that NPCs will have to be killed by players? Who said that NPCs will level up slower than players? Who said that NPCs will only drop equipment on the ground dead? He could drop dead even more… Touch wood! Anyways, he will not die. With all of you weak players, I wouldn't even furrow my eyebrows once if I stand here and let all of you attack me!

  • My Crazy Boss !

    My Crazy Boss !



    Marlyna natasya, seorang pegawai baru yang bekerja diperusahaan Davidson Group karena sebuah keberuntungan. Gadis cantik yang memiliki sifat ceroboh ini tidak menyangka jika dirinya akan diganggu seorang lelaki mesum dikantor. Andra syaputra, Boss tampan sekaligus pemilik perusahaan Davidson Group. Dia adalah lelaki yang selalu memandang Marlyna dengan tatapan tak biasa, orang yang dengan mudah mendapatkan semua yang dia inginkannya dengan uang dan kekerasan. Namun dibuat kesal karena sikap licin Marlyna yang terus melakukan penolakan padanya. Kegilaan yang dilakukan sang Boss membuat Marlyna semakin resah, dia tidak ingin terperdaya hanya karena wajah tampan tidak berguna itu. Namun pada kenyataannya gadis ini sudah jatuh hati sejak ciuman pertama mereka, terlebih terbiasa dengan sikap arogan dan anehnya seorang Andra. Sebuah kenyataan mengejutkan pun Marlyna ketahui setelah cukup lama menjalin hubungan dengan sang Boss, apakah dia masih bisa bertahan bersama lelaki psikopat itu?!

  • Owned By The Mafia Boss

    Owned By The Mafia Boss



    His dark eyes stared into mine with no emotions at all. “Xav—” “Shut up!” I flinched and let out a shuddered breath. He came closer and took a hold of my neck as if trying to choke me or something. I stared at him and breathed heavily. “Just shut up.” I looked down and closed my eyes. “I own you.” His words resounded in the room. They were like torture to me and I couldn’t escape. I was trapped with him and there was no way out. ______________________ Join me on the roller coaster ride of love and hate, following Xavier Valencian -- a handsome, yet devilish mafia boss and his new interest -- Scarlett Walker. What happens when Scar's dad sells her to the mafia boss for three million dollars? Can she buy her back & save her life, or will she be always a prisoner to his little tricks? [Updated regularly. A long book with over 500k words intended, dark romance.]

  • A Contract Marriage With My Boss

    A Contract Marriage With My Boss

    A marriage bound by a contract, and she obliged to accept it. He was her boss, and she was his secretary.She gave him everything he wanted, but her love was neglected, but when she decided to leave, he offered her a contract marriage to make her stay. But, someone occupied his heart, and he couldn't offer anything to her except his talent on the bed.After their marriage, she endured the pain, but scheme after scheme destroyed her tolerance. Finally, she was ready to leave him, but suddenly he refused to let her go.Charles seemed to feel her sorrow, hugged her suddenly, and whispered, 'Sarah, you can trust me. I won't ever be with her. You are different from all those other women. I really want to be with you. If I didn't, then I wouldn't have cut off relationships with all other women. Don't you believe me now?"Sarah sobbed gently, 'If you have accepted that it's over with her, why do you still keep her photo in your wallet? Why do you still miss her? Don't you see how it's hurting me?"Charles stared at her, 'She's just another woman from my past!"The atmosphere between them became suffocating, and Charles said in a low voice, 'Sarah, have I told you that you could leave? Remember, I'm your boss. You are my secretary and my wife!"Angrily, Charles shouted again, 'Sarah, I'm your man!"'Uh? My man?" Sarah laughed and stared at him.Tears began to slip down her cheeks, 'Are you, my man? Mr. President, I am just a mere possession of yours and never become your wife! Set me free, I'm begging you!"