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  • letters of a brokenheart

    letters of a brokenheart

    For a boy who once meant the world for me, I will try to accept the fact that your in love with someone else now.To my soulmate... Our unforgettable journey together. those moments we made together will always remain in my heart, Goodbye..

  • ~ Brokenhearted ~

    ~ Brokenhearted ~

    Teen CRUSH

  • Brokenhearts


    Broken heart

  • BrokenHearts are Destined

    BrokenHearts are Destined

    Alona Elyse Montenegro and Ace Rui Alvez, they didn't know each other, but they do knows their pains, same victims of being cheated by their partners. Heartbreaks is the reason why they met, comforting each other with the same reason, they have. Alona's boyfriend cheated on their 2nd anniversy with her cousin that she trusted much, and also she have a heart disease, her life was too difficult because of secrets that her parents keep for almost 19 years, while Ace Rui's girlfriend cheated for almost 2 year's with his bestfriend, that actually his girlfriend ex boyfriend. This would be the story of BrokenHearts being destined.

  • BrokenHearts are Destined

    BrokenHearts are Destined

    Teen ROMANCE

    A two-person in one story, but have different pain knowledge that makes them met and hold each other to fight everything that makes them suffer in their past.How they can meet? if it's destined to heal the wounds and pain they suffer from the past, how could it be?

  • poems for the brokenhearted

    poems for the brokenhearted


  • Brokenhearted coupled

    Brokenhearted coupled

    Contemporary Romance R18

    the story is about a poor girl who falls in love with a rich guy, they both loved each other but will happen when his brother falls for that girl will he win against his brother's brother or will he lose to his brotherfollow the story of mike, Steven and lucy

  • Perfect Match, Secret Marriage

    Perfect Match, Secret Marriage


    Six years ago, she left the country brokenhearted and pregnant, after a one night stand. Now, she's back due to her grandmother's deteriorating health and trying to avoid all problems and problematic people from her past. Sadly, that becomes much harder when an aloof, rich and attractive CEO falls in love with her. But they both have problems to deal with that are much bigger than romance. Kang Jun, CEO of Kang Corporations and the perfect bachelor, is trying to get guardianship of a child and Lu AnLing, who once believed her search had reached a standstill, wants to find out the truth about what happened to her own child. In order to fulfill both of their goals, they'll need each other. "I need your help." Kang Jun: "Sure I'll help you, but you have to help me first." "Okay..." AnLing pursed her lips and then looked at Kang Jun shyly. "With what?" Kang Jun places marriage certificate on the table and then replied calmly, with a smile plastered on his handsome face, "Marry me." AnLing was left dumbfounded. _____________________________ Thank you for checking out the story. I appreciate every review, comment and stone you guys give the story. ❤️ There will be 14 chapters/week and a mass release of 6 chapters the 1st of every month. Tho depending on where I am on the rankings I'll be adding chapters as in Top 50 = 8 chapters, Top 20 = 10 chapters etc. The story is around 7 Volumes with 50 - 60 chapters per volumes. Discord: ____________________________ Please enjoy and I would appreciate reviews and constructive criticism. Also, If you don't mind. I would appreciate any and all support you're willing to give me. Ko-Fi: Patreon:

  • The Naughty Alpha and His Perfect Match

    The Naughty Alpha and His Perfect Match


    In twenty years of her existence, Martina Green never entertained any good-looking man in the whole town. Almost all of them came from a rich and well-known family that they were all ended up rejected and brokenhearted. She never felt guilty for what she did because she believed that true happiness never depends on other people especially other men. Martina is quite different from her colleagues. She has odd interests that she only understands like werewolves who existed thousands of years ago and other critters in the whole world. She is the only child living with her parents who were both popular dentists and they wanted her to be a fashion designer like what she told them when she was younger. But as time goes by, Martina took the outlandish path that entirely changed her life. _ _ One, cold night, Martina went on a quick vacation by herself with her favorite car when life became too ordinary for her. But along the way, she heard loud noises that echoed around the road surrounded by tall, old trees. The road seemed extraordinary terrifying but she pulled back the car and chased where the voices came from. Without her knowledge, Martina stepped into the legendary creatures’ territory where she shouldn’t trespass. But her wild imagination pushed her to go further into a deep, dark forest until she saw bright lights that caught her attention. She hurriedly ran closer to it, but the moment she narrowed her eyes, Martina was left speechless and terrified when a good-looking man laid his eyes on her.

  • Voice of Another Chance [BL]

    Voice of Another Chance [BL]


    ~This is a 'Whispers of a Heart' spin-off.~If you could have another chance at love, what would you do?After harboring an unrequited love for fifteen years, Asakura Ryuu finally decided to confess his feelings. However, his love interest, novelist Masato Keita, turned him down.Meanwhile, Imamura Sato is a young actor who has gone through a difficult time. His dream is hanging on a thin thread, while he struggles with his past. Will he receive a chance to heal, or forever remain trapped in his nightmares?This new work follows the story of Asakura Ryuu while he tries to make peace with the past and get his heart to beat again. Will he get another chance at love, or remain forever brokenhearted?EXTERP:~~~As if he was spellbound, Asakura stared unblinkingly, forgetting to move or even breathe. When he finally woke up from this stupor and spoke, his voice sounded gruff and thick with emotion."If I continue, I’m afraid I might not be able to stop halfway. Are you ok with that, Sato-kun?""I don't want you to stop."After giving this unexpected reply, Sato pushed himself up and wrapped both arms around Asakura's neck, pulling the man closer. Their noses touched and both of them felt a jolt of excitement run through their bodies."Are you sure you want this?" Asakura asked again, his magnetic voice coming out in a low whisper. His warm breath tickled Sato's face, making the skin feel hot and tingly."Yes."~~~Receiving the approval he needed, Asakura didn’t waste another second. He swiftly closed the remaining distance between them, capturing Sato's warm lips with his own.The ensuing kiss was tender and passionate at the same time, causing both men to become muddle-headed very quickly. Low, seductive pants escaped through their lips, coming in between shallow breaths.~~~Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance with real life people, names, actual events or organizations is purely coincidental.* The artwork for the cover belongs to its respective creator.Discord server:

  • You're more than a Treasure to me

    You're more than a Treasure to me

    Linda, having been brokenhearted by her ex ,vows never to fall in love again, unfortunately fate leads her to Josey , the CEO of one of the biggest company; who treats her like a queen. Will she agree to believe his love? Find out in this book.

  • Fight me, Aphrodite!

    Fight me, Aphrodite!

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE MYTH

    A brokenhearted man meets the Goddess of Love. Can she mend his heart?

  • Clandestine psycopath

    Clandestine psycopath


    Mari kita lihat sejauh mana Lo nahan baper, dua kata untuk cerita : NGERI SWEET!Psycopath memiliki empati yang rendah, untuk benar-benar jatuh cinta secinta-cintanya adalah mustahil. Karakter yang tercipta, murni khayalan semata.#5 in kisahsma, 5 Januari 2020#3 in fakelove, 10 Januari 2020#1 in psycopath, 14 Januari 2020#2 in teenfiction, 20 Januari 2020#2 in ngakak, 21 Januari 2020#2 in school, 28 Januari 2020#1 in school, 29 Januari 2020#2 in brokenheart, 31 Januari 2020#1 in brokenheart, 6 Februari 2020#1 in cogan, 6 Februari#1 in psyco, 8 Februari#2 in ngakak,14 Februari#2 in misteri, 20 Februari#2 in Riddle, 21 Januari#1 in misteri, 22 Februari#1 in humor, 6 Maret#4 in baper, 8 Maret#3 in SMA, 9 Maret#1 in putihabuabu, 24 April#2 in teen, 4 Mei

  • Broken without you (Tagalog)

    Broken without you (Tagalog)


    Authors SynopsisI always wondering why people easily leave me, even my parents. I asked God for give me a Angel that can heal my brokenheart but it happend. I think God for sending me a Handsome boyfriend. But then, you leave me like people does. You always at my side when im craying and broken But now, Im broken without you.



    I’m brokenhearted Malia on the day before a wedding goes for a soul searching journey

  • Eros (Erotes Duology #1)

    Eros (Erotes Duology #1)

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    [ EROTES DUOLOGY #1 ] He's Lex, a well-known love expert in town. He used to help people fall in love with each other. He's a soft, kindhearted caring boy, no wonder why people called him as a descendant of Eros. Despite of making their place a new city of love, he never had the chance to find his own Psyche. He's seeking and desperate to search for his own love, and little did he know that he'll find it to a brokenhearted woman, Via.

  • What was my fault?

    What was my fault?

    2 years after their marriage, he suddenly told her to move out, they were a happy couple and an ideal couple but what happened suddenly? why did they broke up?

  • The journey of heart and love

    The journey of heart and love

    Historical Romance ROMANCE

    This is about My journey. My love Journey,My brokenhearted,And some random thoughts inside my head. The way I try to heal until now.

  • Stuck With Her

    Stuck With Her

    What will you do to make your crush fall inlove with you?Step No. 1, be cute! Of course you want to get his attention and this is a good way to start. But if you are really desperate..."Rein, I love you!" There we have it, meet Lia, the girl whobhas the guts to confess to the hottest guy in school named Rein. She loves him like forever but there only problem is that-"I don't date ugly girls." Ouch. Rejected. With a brokenheart, Lia went somewhere to relieve stress.But will this story end this way? Will destiny let her brokenhearted or this will only start into something exciting!

  • Melting the Ice to Reveal the Purest Jade

    Melting the Ice to Reveal the Purest Jade

    The hero of the entire universe suddenly disappeared without leaving hints but after a few years, she is suddenly found in an unconscious state.It did not matter what people tried nothing seemed to work, not even gods were able to change that and gods decided to build something akin to a tomb to honor the hero who saved everyone humans, monsters, even gods worship her as their savior but the truth behind what happened remained unsolved until a certain goddess found her soul.(TAGS)Gender bender: just the prologue and a few chapters where she will dress as a male.Tragedy.Female lead.Strong lead (Overpowered)I will keep adding tags as the story continues.1-3 chapter per week (?)