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  • I got trapped in a dungeon brick

    I got trapped in a dungeon brick

    Basil got selected in a world transfer system between the gods, and a error happened causing him to become a soul sealed in brick.

  • Re: Life - Business & Technology

    Re: Life - Business & Technology



    From middle-class to running the most valuable corporation on Earth. Join a tired yet talented 23-year-old man working in the IT industry during the pandemic, who suddenly received the chance to relive his life a decade in the past (2011). Follow the story of Vince Dalton to pursue prosperity and fulfillment for himself, his sick mother, and friends. Money and power will not be obstacles; learned technical skills and future knowledge will prevail, not even hidden organizations and aliens can stop him! Science Fantasy, Bitcoin, Video Games, Business, Military, Politics, and more! Inspired by novels like Extraordinary Genius and God of Money "I discuss concepts such as different industries, globalization, armed conflicts, modern monetary theory, humanitarianism, mixed in with a slice of life, and sci-fi fantasy themes." -Viincentt Read the chapter titles to get a better idea of the themes and concepts in the novel. Check the comments for customer 3D characters I created Watch my Webnovel Writer Reacts to Comments on Youtube Check out the companion website here!




    Everyone wants to be me. Who wouldn't? I've got the looks, sexy body, money and Andrew Maru Ottave, my husband.But if they will only knew who I really am and what's happening in my life, I doubt that they want to be in my place. Since I was a child, I don't have a right to choose the person I want to be with, because my parents already arranged it for me.Its not actually a new thing with the elite. Because even my parents is a product of an arrange marriage. They marry for business and have a child for business. And just like my mom I will just also be a business wife.

  • Empress of Business World

    Empress of Business World



    Lu yan shu a girl who is broken by her past is now the biggest business tycoon that no one would dare to go against her. She is known for her tactics, cunningness, ruthless and heartless actions. The past which she tried to run away comes chasing her. Her past is the biggest nightmare for her. At the time, a man from her past approaches her with the name of love. Because of some incidents, she is scared of meeting people from her past. She is scared of falling in love. She is scared of men. In her opinion men are fickle. But we have to see whether she will fall in with him or not? If so how? What she will do to the people who came to find her from the past? Will she take revenge? To know the answers we have to join her journey.___________________________________________" Do you want to take revenge? " he asked" No," she said. " Then? Will you kill them? " he asked again. " Death is an easy punishment. I will not dirty my hands. I will just make them pay for their sins. I will make them regret their whole lives. " She answered without any emotions. He smiled at her answer. _________________________________________For advance chapters please join discord. You can read chapters for free. __________________________________________The cover photo is not mine. The credit goes to the original artist. And I got this from the net. If you want me to remove it,just dm me in the discord. I have created other penname 'priyabolagani'. I won't be publishing books from this penname anymore. Please show your love there too. Join the Discord: priyabolaganiTwitter: Ms_Anonymous012Facebook: Ms_AnonymousMy other works:other Works: 1. EMPRESS OF BUSINESS WORLD [Completed]2. MY NEW LOVER IS A PRESIDENT. [completed]3. CEO DADDY, LET'S GET MOMMY [ongoing]4. TEMPTING MY RENTED BOYFRIEND [ongoing]5. THE WEREWOLF SEEKING THE SUN [ongoing]6. HER TRUE SOULMATE. [ongoing]7. VAMPIRE KING'S WEREWOLF BRIDE [Coming on this platform soon!]

  • Becoming The Business Magnate's Spoiled Wife

    Becoming The Business Magnate's Spoiled Wife



    Qu Xiao unexpectedly transmigrated as the spoiled wife of a business magnate. Despite her good fortune, the original owner of her body failed to see that, and helped her maiden family to conspire against the magnate, even trying to divorce him and elope with a scumbag ex-boyfriend! Rolling her eyes in frustration with one hand on the divorce papers, Qu Xiao simply leaped into the magnate's arms while crying, "I would not divorce you!" Shang Liyan was stunned. "A-Are you still Qu Xiao?" Qu Xiao nodded fervently, and having the full script in hand, she wielded her omniscience as she wiped out all scumbags. Her ex was trying to seduce her? She sent him some hookers and secured compromising photographs of him, and sent him directly to the precinct! Her maiden family wanted the Shang family's stocks? She took their company instead! "Darling, you seem different from before!" Qu Xiao stared at the man before her, and swore to pamper him and love him in the place of the original owner of her body! She would protect the stoic magnate!

  • The Business of Wishes

    The Business of Wishes


    From ancient times, there existed businesses that sold wishes if the customer paid the right price. It didn't matter if the wisher was human or not. For more reasons than one, the current wish granted Xiao finds it is difficult to not get lost in the mysteries of his job and the world around him. There is discord brewing all around him.And, as the water thickens, so does the stakes for everyone involved. Magic might turn out to be not so magical after all as their worlds collide in his view. Not to mention, their latest acquaintance seems a little sketchy. And the dreams that haunt one's subconsciousness make everything much more complicated.First of all, this is BLThe new book with no romance is up called 'The architect of balance' is up so please check it out too.(Support me in Ko-Fi at or at and also buy Vol 1 there much cheaper and faster)(Official twitter : daygo.n. official instagram : @daygo.n.)




  • Business at 14

    Business at 14

    Kim Ji An is anything but normal. She is extremely smart, beautiful, and mature. She loves fashion and she knows fashion. She needs to start her own business, but there are 3 problems. Number one she is only 14. Number two she doesn't have money. Number three her school. So will fate be by her side.

  • Business Partner

    Business Partner

    Fantasy Romance CEO FAMILY BTS

  • Strictly Business

    Strictly Business

    Vanessa is a high paid escort with rules for the game, she knows how to handle her clients and how to give them what they want without giving them all of her. There is no doubt that Vanessa does her job well and is compensated as such. No one has ever made her lose focus or break her sacred rules. Until... One client in particular. And this one client is a man she simply can't get out of her head...

  • Online business

    Online business

  • Daddy Business

    Daddy Business

    At thirty-four, English professor Paul Avery cannot see himself as a father. In fact, he thinks children are little beasts. To his surprise, he meets two men with sons during the month of May and his negative view about children begins to unexpectedly change.<br><br>Enter Matthew Hildebrand, one of Paul’s students at Castling College. Matthew is twenty-two and the father of Aiden, a six-year-old adorable little child. Soon Paul is befriended by the father and son team.<br><br>Then Paul meets handsome and professional architect, Dugan Brae, who is thirty-five and the father of seven-year-old Colby, a gifted little boy. After much convincing, Paul agrees to go on a date with Dugan, and surprisingly, the two hit it off. Plus, Paul finds Colby irresistible, creating a fresh friendship with the child.<br><br>As May turns into June, Paul is pulled in different directions by both Matthew and Dugan. And in due time, Paul must make a decision. With whom does he fall in love? Either one gains him a son, creating an instant family. Through the daily trials and tribulations of dating, babysitting, and just having a good time, will Paul find the man of his dreams and become a happy father in the process?

  • business activitity

    business activitity

  • Family business!

    Family business!


    Phenix is what they call us. We are assassins or as some call us hitmen. This has become a family business but it wasn't always like that. We met on that fateful day my parents died and who knows where this family will go.

  • The Business Associates

    The Business Associates

    Contemporary Romance R18

    Excert from Chapter 11: " "You're killing me, " he groaned at the moon lite woman in from of him, as Rosalinda raised a brow and the smile never left her face. "How?" She asked curiously, as she knew she bugged him, but didn't think it was too bad. Maybe she'd be able to get her diner back if she kept 'killing' him? But, Alistair had other plans, or an idea on the word 'killing'. He took a step forward and gently grasped Rosalinda's face between his hands, his eyes flickered back and forth from her lips and eyes. He began to lean in, Rosalinda registering what he meant, but didn't catch on until his lips lightly pressed against her own. " ___ Rosalinda Scott is a woman who makes sure all of her hard work pays off. But, what happens when a billionaire businessman, Alistair Hamelton, is able to walk into her life and get her to sign away her hard work, causing the two to be business associates? Will the two make sure to piss one another off so one gives up and allows the other to have control? Or, will the two butt heads so much that they'll learn more about one another and fall in love? ___ Will try and update every week, hopefully on Mondays to start your week of nice with a new chapter if you're enjoying the story! I also am a writer who enjoys to write chapter at least 2,000+ words or more instead of writing short chapters and leaving things out.

  • Family business

    Family business

  • King of business

    King of business

    ia berlari terus menuju jalan yang gelap gulita, ia hanya sendirian dan tidak tahu ia berada dimana dan bagaimana ia bisa sampai disini. penuh dengan pertanyaan namun ia memilih untuk menggurungkan niatnya, ia hanya fokus berlari menuju sebuah titik cahaya. namun ketika melewati titik putih. seakan akan terik cahaya menyilaukan pemandangan beberapa saat, dan ia merasakan gelap gulita itu serasa hilang seperti beban yang selama ini ia rasakan hilang, ia melihat 4 seorang yang duduk di sebuah batu dibawah pohon kelapa. ia menuju ke 4 orang , ia seakan akan tidak percaya bahwa ia merasakan sebuah rasa rindu yang tidak bisa dibayangkan. ketika ia sampai ke 4 orang itu, ia menangis rindu. ia melihat ke wajah orang itu, mereka hanya tersenyum tanpa menanyakan siapa aku, seolah olah mereka tahu siapa aku. salah satu orang itu mengucapkan, ia berawakan berambut ikal, berambut hitam, berhidung mancung, berkulit sawo matang. "nak kamu tidak pantas berada disini, belum saatnya"berselang dari orang itu salah satu orang itu mengucapkan, ia berawakan berambut lurus dan berwarna coklat, berhidung mancung, berkulit putih. "kamu masih ada yang harus kamu lakukan diduniamu, belum saatnya kamu berada disini".ketika orang orang itu mengucapkan itu, aku terbangun dari tempat tidurku. ketika aku terbangun menuju sebuah jendela yang disinari oleh cahaya rembulan. ia menyadari tubuhnya bukanlah milik dia, ia mencubit, meraba wajahnya, ini bukanlah sebuah mimpi melainkan kenyataan, lantas ia mencoba mengingat dari lubuk memori anak ini. ia mengetahui nama anak ini adalah Sergei alexandrovich seorang pangeran dari kerajaan russia.

  • The Business Love

    The Business Love


    This book is about a fantasy, love, adventure and drama. This story evolves around a rigid, discipline-loving devil incarnated business man and messy, crazy, jolly but tragic fated girl. They trigger their hatred towards each other everytime they meet and end up getting binded up in a marriage later. Let me just tell you readers for now that this a forceful marriage. They have such opposite mindset and their characteristics run completely parallel, this makes them look like two different alians of two different planets sharing a spacecraft. Now which direction will this marriage spacecraft go? As mentioned earlier '... fantasy, love, adventure,... ' well, where is this love?Read the complete story to know what happens further. I don't want to spill the beans,hehehe.

  • The Business Man

    The Business Man

    Martial Arts ROMANCE ACTION R18

    *****PROLOGUE****TYRONE isang Business man at kilalang mayaman at nag iisang anak ni Mr. and Mrs. Callahan masunurin at mabait sa kanyang parents pero dahil sa pag iwan ng isang babae sa kanya nag bago ang lahat.masungit, womenizer, maloko, at higit sa lahat hindi na sumusunod sa magulang lalo na sa payong ng mga kaibigan dahil sa nakaraan.pero darating sa buhay niya ang isang dalaga na minsan na niyang nakasama at hindi nakalimutan pero mukhang nakalimutan na siya ng dalaga at gagawa uli siya ng paraan para mapalapit uli sa dating kaibigan na unti- unti na niyang minamahal ng hindi sinasadya. Anika sarah Vargas isang babaeng ang gusto lang eh. makahanap ng work dahil mag isa nalang sa buhay simula ng iwan siya ng parents niya dahil sa aksidente.

  • Business League

    Business League

    A Young man Addicted to Games Born into a Neighbor Hood of Crime murder and rape was he gonna do all those no but murder he will he always had dreams of creating a super phone and PC now his dreams came true