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  • Short stories by Alyssa Carlisle

    Short stories by Alyssa Carlisle

    Teen ROMANCE R18

  • I Married A Wannabe Supervillain

    I Married A Wannabe Supervillain



    All Maya Dean wants is to get out of crippling debt and get her life back after having her identity stolen and being blacklisted in her industry. Feeling she has nothing left to lose, she impulsively enters a marriage contract with eccentric billionaire Vincent Carlisle. She thinks he's weird but harmless enough and doesn't realize the dark reason why he married her or the extent of his plans. Did she bite off more than she could chew? Read on to find out! *cover art by polkadottedscrunchie*

  • Freakquency


    Sci-fi ACTION


    The world was suddenly tormented by a high concentration of static waves which people then named 'Freakquency' for its ability to turn humans who could hear it into monsters or heroes. Jet Carlisle, a cynical young man, is one of the unfortunate few who could hear it. But something troublesome attached herself to him. Though there might be something more to the pesky girl than meets the eye. And Jet would find out whether he wanted to or not. ~oOo~ Freakquency is a slow pace sci-fi, fantasy novel focused on Jet's adventures and mischiefs. ~oOo~

  • - I Accidentally Saved The Male Lead’s brother-

    - I Accidentally Saved The Male Lead’s brother-


    She possessed Charlotte Lania, an extra character that was not even mentioned much in the original.She thought the bloody socialite world and politics were only stories from another world. That was until she accidentally met the male lead’s younger brother and saved him.Theodore Heinst.The younger brother of the male lead, who was supposed to die at the age of three.If I didn’t save him, I could be accused of an assassination attempt and accomplice to a crime.In the end, Charlotte decided to take good care of the child and clear her name.However…“Theo wants to live with you!”The little kid started to refuse to go back home and yet,“Can you be the Lady of the Heinst House?”Carlisle Heinst, the male lead, who was supposed to marry the original female lead, proposed to Charlotte a contract marriage.Goodbye, extra character’s peaceful life.

  • To You of a 1000 Years

    To You of a 1000 Years

  • Herione's Maid

    Herione's Maid

    One night Kirísia is reading a novel about a bastard child and a holy night that was heavily criticized for the male lead being terrible to the poor female lead and the smart but dumb female lead for chosing the cruel male who treated her like trash over the second male lead who treated her right. She threw the phone down and cried in her pillow that night for the poor male lead and out of pure frustration of the terrible main character, but the next morning when Kirísia woke up she was in the body of a child and in a room she didn't recognize

  • rosario+vampire  vs fairy tale

    rosario+vampire vs fairy tale


    After the events of rosario+vampire the people from fairy tale find themselves in with the people of rosario+vampire. It has been 3 years after I got (outer, pink hair) Moka Akashia back and we got engaged which tore kurumu Kurono apart and then then things got weird not only am I a vampire ghoul but then these people come from the barrier between the human and yokai academy.

  • The life of Lucy

    The life of Lucy

  • Subject Containment: Stay Hidden

    Subject Containment: Stay Hidden

    Horror&Thriller ACTION DARK SCARY

    The Test Subject Containment Facility is part military and part Government business. The facility is tasked with surveying newly discovered Test Subjects and determining whether they are Safe, Minor Threat or Major Threat. After determining what threat level they are they are contained in highly secured, self catered containment areas. Dr H Carlisle the son of a higher up Dr P Carlisle works to contain and maintain the Test Subjects within the facility. It's only when his final mission leads him to be quarantined and discover he is now a Test Subject himself. How long will it take for the others in the facility to find out he is a new Test Subject. How will he react in Facility lockdown with other Test Subjects?

  • Wispy Fog

    Wispy Fog


    Carlisle West woke up, upside down and dangling from a burnt tree branch with ABSOLUTELY NO MEMORY of how he got there, why he's there and even what his name is. So how is he expected to know that hundreds of tracing creatures are after him and he has magic on his side to manipulate even reality?

  • Peri kecil yang kesepian

    Peri kecil yang kesepian

    Namaku Belinda Carlisle aku seorang peri yang sangat kesepian aku tinggal bersama seorang Ayah yang sangat menyayangi ku,sejak kecil aku menderita penyakit Sirosis Hati atau bisa di bilang Pengerasan Hati waktu hidupku sudah tidak lama lagi aku bisa sembuh jika ada orang yang mau mendonorkan hatinya untuk ku.Kesepian ku kini berubah ketika aku kenal dengan seorang pangeran, pangeran yang sangat baik kepada ku namun kedekatan ku dengan pangeran tersebut membuat pangeran jatuh cinta kepada ku tapi sayangnya aku tidak mempunyai rasa sedikitpun kepada nya karena aku tau hiduku tidak akan lama lagi jadi untuk apa aku jatuh cinta yang aku takutkan ialah ketika aku dan dia bersama aku harus meninggalkan nya untuk selamanya.

  • The Mischievous Heiress

    The Mischievous Heiress


    Clad with beauty, equipped with the lightning specialty.Shaye Lowes. That is her CURRENT name.Before, she also used to go by the names: Asia Carlisle, Elle Grey, Sally Cruz and many more. Her identities were made of lies.But who is she really?

  • Somewhere Trapped in Time: I love You Through Eternity

    Somewhere Trapped in Time: I love You Through Eternity


    "My love, even if you become a rotten corpse. I'd be your Ghost Groom. Then we would be Eternally Lovers." They say TIME is our greatest enemy. What if someone is actually manipulating it? ~ Violet Shang is always a daddy’s princess. But one day, her dad wants her to work on a big project with her archenemy, Allen Williams, known as the bored CEO.  To have a smooth partnership, she must make peace with him, which there was no way she would do it.  Despite being born to a prominent family, Violet chose to live in isolation, surrounded by her beautiful garden.  But then, the simple life she had lived all these years was disturbed when a mysterious man began living with her as her driver and bodyguard. How she could reject his charm when the more she spent time with him, the more her heart got into trouble.  One day, she found out his secret by accident. Since then, Violet could not decide what to believe.  Is she only living inside a dream?  ~ How does a scientist, at the same time an inventor, fall in love? Allen Carlisle Williams is not only a business tycoon but also a prodigy in technology. However, this one woman seems not impressed with his achievement. Every time he took one step closer toward her, she took a step meter long backward. How would love blossom if she kept pushing him away? ~~~ Warning: -This is a slow-paced drama and family adventure. Book Cover Commissioned: Chocotoon Fiverr Acct.: Choco2on

  • Fifty Shades of Corona

    Fifty Shades of Corona

    Ana Bingley is doing her best to ride out the global Coronavirus pandemic safely and responsibly in Seattle, but nothing seems to be going right. When she suddenly finds herself in dire straits, salvation arrives in the form of the wealthy and captivating Elon Carlisle, and Ana is left with no choice but to accept the handsome stranger’s help. Whisked away to Elon’s glass and steel fortress in the sky, Ana finds herself increasingly enchanted by her host. Surprisingly—and for reasons Ana can’t begin to imagine—the mercurial Elon seems drawn to her, too. A man deeply haunted by his past, Elon has vowed to keep his heart as guarded as his home. And up until now, his vast fortune and constant vigilance have served him well in both regards. But it isn’t long before Ana’s youthful exuberance and plucky antics begin to chip away at the glass walls Elon Carlisle so carefully erected around his heart. As hilarity ensues, and the quarantined pair attempt to navigate their undeniable chemistry, unexpected secrets are revealed, and unforeseen dangers arise.

  • The Swan Twins: Winter Solstice

    The Swan Twins: Winter Solstice

    Paisley Everest Clearwater-Swan has lived her entire life in Forks, Washington. Nothing has ever been more hectic then when Isabella comes to live with the Clearwater-Swan household. Join Paisley as she discovers a world of Supernatural and falls down the rabbit hole of love.This will have blood, cussing, violence, and potential smut. Oh and fyi, I know in the book vampires can't cry.. but the males can cum so in my book there's going to be tears.Olympic Coven Pairings:Jasper Hale/Paisley SwanEmmett Cullen/Isabella SwanRosalie Hale/Damian Voltaire Alice Cullen/Edward MasenCarlisle Cullen/Esme Cullen I'll probably be posting pretty inconsistently.

  • Unimaginable


    Callum Saxon wakes up to a totally different universe where all around him is water. Strangely he can breathe it as if it’s air. The bad thing is he can't remember how he got there. He can't remember himself, either.<br><br>Ainsley Carlisle is more than a man with long blond hair. He’s a unicorn shifter with secrets as widely stretched as the rainbow supposedly coming out of his rear. Ainsley won’t help Callum uncover who he is because Ainsley wants him to remember it himself.<br><br>In this new universe, Callum has to survive the creatures that live there, such as vampires, shifters, werewolves, you name it. But there’s more to Callum than meets the eye.

  • The Daughter Of Moon & Blood

    The Daughter Of Moon & Blood

    Fantasy Romance ISEKAI VAMPIRE

    A girl wakes up one morning in a strange place and not to mention with an unfamiliar body. On top of that, she doesn't remember her past lives before she woke up in that body. The body is none other than Nitya Ailith De Dashkov, The Sole Daughter Of Marquess Carlisle De Dashkov. She was the most weakest among the other vampires in The Empire Of Lune. Her life becomes even more chaotic when she finds out that she has a fiancé who hates her to death. Just how can she survive this life without her fiancé trying to kill her.

  • Lucky Me

    Lucky Me

    Lucky sa looks. Lucky sa talent. Lucky sa friends. Lucky sa family. Lucky sa layaw jeproks! Yan si Lucky Gonzaga. Ang pambansang bading. Ang ka look a like ni Cara Delevingne. Bakla pero hindi kilos bading. Mukhang babae pero kilos lalake. Kinaiinisan, kinaiinggitan, kinababaliwang transferee students ng Carlisle Academy. Hanggang saan nga ba niya kayang panindigan ang pangalan niyang "Lucky" kung bawat hakbang naman niya parati rin siyang "Unlucky". Unlucky sa lovelife. Unlucky sa paaralan. Unlucky sa kaaway. Unlucky laki ng problema sa buhay. Lucky siya para sa mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. In return, Unlucky naman siya sa sarili dahil sa mga taong umaaligid sa kanya. Uulanin sila ng swerte dahil sa kanya, tatadtarin naman siya ng kamalasan dahil sa kanila. Ang buhay niya ay series of unfortunate events. Lucky's Series of Unfortunate Events

  • No Longer In Progress

    No Longer In Progress

    Realistic Fiction BL

    While investigating the case of a serial killer, Detective Carlisle Mayes finds his perception of right and wrong tested when the deaths of the upper class victims seem oddly justified. With the help of his partner, Amelia Hackett, Detective Mayes delves into the case of this dangerous would-be vigilante as the crimes begin to gain faint public approval and the killer becomes a morbid sort of hero for the downtrodden and abused.Author's Note: Hello! This is my first story here and I'll try to work on it as best as I can. Please comment with advice, criticism, or any of your thoughts on the story. Most importantly however, please enjoy!As a disclaimer, I'd like to add that the images I used to make the cover are not mine, and credit for them goes to the artisits:The pillar image is an artwork by Lawren Stewart Harris The skull is by Eric Guidry:)*PLEASE NOTE that this story will contain themes like violence, murder, and graphic language. Please refrain from reading if such things upset you.*

  • Briskal, New Begining

    Briskal, New Begining


    Young August Carlisle, diagnosed for dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder (MPD), is held against his will and suffering test after test of experimenting which eventually led to his death... But wait, that is not the end apparently!? He is suddenly in another world? What does have fate in store for him?? That synopsis really sucks btw. Anyways, 1st novel, decided to write this and see how it goes, but before that there are some things you have to know:1- Grammar may suck, point it out and I could probably fix it, or not (I'm really lazy)2- If you perhaps decide that my story sucks, well, you can point it out in the most constructive way possible in a review. Or just say "Trash story, lmao, EXP"3- Be polite to each other and wear a mask4- This will probably suck.I don't own the pic