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  • Our Spring Day

    Our Spring Day

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    Noticing that he was dressed in a long black trench coat and hat, she asked, "Where are you going?" "Out," he muttered. "Where?" "For some work." Rian narrowed her eyes. "What work?" Hyunjae put on a smug expression. "To get my hair done," he lied with a pompous tone. "You had it done yesterday," she stated suspiciously. "You never go to the salon for more than once a month because you keep on saying that too many chemicals can cause hair fall." "I'm going for a haircut!" he lied, feeling nervous. He saw a glint of anger in Rian's eyes. "Don't lie to me," she said slowly, taking a step towards him. Hyunjae stepped back in fear. "Jo Sun said that you'd rather die than cut your hair short," she accused.Hyunjae was backed into a corner, shivering in fright. His back was against a wall. Rian might be small but she was intimidating. She put her hands on either sides of Hyunjae, caging him as she looked up. "Tell me!" she demanded softly. "I-I'm going on a date!" he declared, sweating profusely. What is this situation? He wondered. Aren't the CEO's of romance novels supposed to be caging the female leads in their arms? Why is the male lead getting caged instead? ........ Rian is a seemingly ordinary girl, with aspirations to complete her education. While everything about her looks normal on the surface, she hides a dark secret: she can see demons of a person. Every person is attached to a demon. The demons leech on their negative thoughts and take them to the extreme levels on inhumanity. Rian sees them all, whispering negative thoughts into the ears of their hosts while remaining completely invisible to everyone. Even Rian herself has her own demon, Lambark. But when Rian gets a job at TNT Corps, the leading fashion house of her country, she begins to notice a disturbance in the demonic energy. Hyuk Hyunjae, is the CEO of TNT Corps where Rian is hired. However, upon meeting the mysterious but flamboyant CEO, Rian's heart skipped a beat. He had no demon attached to him. Does that mean he was a genuinely good person? Or was he something more sinister? As Rian gets entangled in Hyunjae's web, a serial killer wreaks havoc in town. What was Hyunjae's secret? And why was Rian getting so attracted to this dangerous person? ..... "What do you want?" Hyunjae finally asked. "I want the Demon Seer," Changmin stated clearly. "I won't let you use her as bait." "Rian is not bait," Hyunjae said quietly. "She is an important asset. We need her to stop Boram." "Did you even tell her the truth about Boram?" Changmin demanded. "Hyuk Hyunjae, aren't you being selfish? You may hide behind that goofy persona, but I know your real face. It's the face of a demon." "You mean a handsome daredevil," Hyunjae corrected him cheekily. "As much as I would love to entertain you today, it is regretful that I will have to refuse your offer." "You can't," Changmin shot back. "The contract has been signed. If any of us terminate it early, the party backing out will have to pay fifty million dollars to the other one." "Oh no I'm not talking about the contract," Hyunjae waved him off. "Give up the best male model of the country? Do I look mad? That's business opportunity right there. Even if you're second lead material." Changmin felt his nerve twitch. "I am simply rejecting your offer of taking Rian away," Hyunjae leaned back with a smug look. ...... FYI THIS IS A GAG COMEDY/THRILLER WHERE THE FOURTH WALL IS CONSTANTLY BROKEN. Note: The cover is not my original one. Credits goes to the original artist. Thank you!

  • The Magians: Resurgence

    The Magians: Resurgence


    Lee Changmin never thought that Saturday night was his last day of him on Earth. Taking a bus on the way home, He awoke in a bizarre situation. He thought he was dreaming, but it felt so unreal. The following day, He realized that he had been reincarnated into the Newborn Earth. There, Changmin was reincarnated as a youth named Jake Windfield, an orphan who had lost his father when he was a child. Puzzled about how and why he ended up in an unknown, yet, modern world, Changmin didn't have a choice but to follow his path to glory while trying to uncover the mystery behind his father's death. P.S: This is my first work on English. As English is not my native language, likely you would find some grammar errors, poor word choices, or misused words, so please be lenient. Any advice is more accepted. Note: The cover isn't mine, if the creator want me to take it down, please inform me.

  • Tug-of-love-war


  • Tomatoes In May

    Tomatoes In May


    “Aoi! Aoi!” Yunho says as he holds his son in his lap with excitement.The three old giggles as he claps his chubby hands together as he stands with his chubby legs on his father's lap looking at the huge flat-screen television.“You see momma!” Yunho says as he holds his son upon his lap as they are in the backroom of the stadium watching Jaejoong perform.Fumikomu ze akuseruKake hiki wa nai sa sou da yoYoru wo nukeruNejikomu sa saigo niSashihiki zero sa, sou da yoHibi wo kezuruKokoro wo sotto hiraiteGyutto hiki yosetaraTodoku yo kitto tsutau yo mottoSaaYunho grins at his son’s excitement and he then looks at the television and he closes his eyes for a bit as the grin never leaves his face. “Look at my pooch shine,” Yunho says under his breath as he removes Haru from his lap and sits the child next to him.Iki isoide shiboritotteMotsureru ashi dakedo mae yoriZutto sou, tooku eUbaitotte tsukandatteKimi ja nai naraImi wa nai no saDakara motto... haruka kanata“Let’s go see momma backstage, Aoi,” Yunho says standing up and Aoi shakes his head with excitement and he jumps off the couch.Yunho puts on a pair of black sunglasses and he then grabs one of Aoi’s hands and leads him out of the backroom. They then start walking down an empty long hallway quietly as they make their way to the backstage area. Yunho walks with his eyes closed one hand holding Aoi’s and the other in his black fitted pants pocket.Yunho keeping his eyes closed hears another pair of steps other than his own and Aoi’s walking towards. Yunho slowly opens his eyes to see Changmin walking towards them with his lead guitar around his back and his hands stuffed into his pants pockets. Yunho smirks and he closes his eyes and continues to walk, and it was like time had stopped in slow motion as they passed each other.Changmin opened his eyes just a bit and he glanced at the child that Yunho is holding hands with.  A small frown graced itself upon Changmin’s face as he gazed at the child making Yunho smirk even further. Yunho then stops and Aoi looks at his father with confusion as to why they had stopped walking. Yunho then crouches down and he whispers something in Aoi’s ear and the child smiles as he runs ahead. Yunho then turned to fully look at Changmin and he slowly takes off his sunglasses to reveal his sharp hazel eyes.“Mhm, I see you recognized in knowing your place,” Yunho says under his breath making Changmin frown deep on his face.“You don’t love him- “Changmin starts but Yunho interrupts him.“And you do?” Yunho says with a light chuckle.“more like someone to please you the most,” Yunho says looking at Changmin with sharp eyes.“And like you didn’t do that as well. You don’t love Jaejoong you just want him around for your fucking ego…You only love yourself.” Changmin says with matching sharp eyes.Yunho shrugs his shoulders. “That’s funny because it sounds like you are describing yourself.”“You bastard,” Changmin says under his breath lowly.Yunho shrugs his shoulders again. “Call me what you want to cause in the end he came to me.” Says Yunho and with that he puts his sunglasses on and turns.“Ah, also you see whose's genes are the strongest,” Yunho says smirking as he knows he done hit a nerve in Changmin, and he starts walking away.

  • 10 second reset

    10 second reset

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE KPOP

    Highschool transfer student Choi Ara is your classic case of a cliche highschool girl. If this is the part where I tell you she is rich, wealthy, and beautiful you could not be more wrong. She is your cliche, average girl. With a talent for design, she works hard to achieve her dreams. With a goal of attending the famous college in Seoul, Seoul National University, and graduating with a degree and internship/job at a company. She won't let anything stop her, not bullies, boys, romance, or will she? But with every school you have your hierarchy, she just happened to stumble into the turf war between Lee Seongjae, and Park Changmin. Lee Seongjae, or Jae for short, was raised in the nicer area of Seoul. Top student in the year above Ara, a strong love for the arts and medicine. Natural beauty, overly sweet and caring to everyone. Park Changmin, was raised in the lower income area of Seoul. Was a top student in the same year as Ara. He isn't known to have a strong love for anything other than sports, a preference for basketball. Working multiple part time jobs, seemingly a cold shoulder type of guy.It can't go that bad can it? I mean it's only highschool, college, friendship, love and boys...right?

  • A Complicated Love Rival

    A Complicated Love Rival

    Perhaps he did eat something strange the night before. Or his roof fell off while he was sleeping. Whatever the reason might be, Su Jii found himself transmigrated into a romance novel as the infamous male leadHe never had any slightest interest in this body called Jin Won-Shik. Rather, he believed the one that deserves all the spotlight was the second male lead, the cold-like CEO Ahn ChangminHe just needs to do something opposite to the plot so his favorite character and the heroine can be together. After all, what can goes wrong?But diving deeper into the twisted plots, he somehow... had created a more complicated problem!?What should he do when his destiny as the love rival was changed to a love interest?"I think... I just destroyed the whole plot in the novel"

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