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  • Chara


  • Neta Chara

    Neta Chara


    1,34 juta pengguna dengan Horikawa Kento, seorang pria berusia 35 tahun dipindahkan ke dunia berbeda dengan keterampilan game online. Karakternya adalah seorang anak laki-laki berusia 15 tahun dengan skill yang absurd. [tampan], [terlindungi dengan baik], [wanita], [keajaiban seksual]. Untuk bertahan hidup di dunia monster ini, bagaimana dia akan menggunakan keahliannya?

  • Neta-Chara



    1.34 million user with Horikawa Kento, a 35 years old man was transported into a different world with online game skills. His character is a 15 years old boy with absurd skill. [handsome], [well protected], [womanizer], [sexual prodigy]. In order to survive in this world of monsters, how will he use his skills?This is a Translation Please Support the Original

  • Within 40 chara

    Within 40 chara

    A strong beautiful woman(Anastasia) who lives in the clouds , is pushed down by her enemies as she is one of the princess of the cloud kingdom and falls on earth. She gets to meet this handsome serious business man(George) who has no time for dating. She lives with him as he is the first person she meets and has no where to go. The man is forced to take food care of her and one of his rival in business (Casper) get to develop feelings for her. The hard hearted business man starts to notice her but the sister of his rival (Ginna) won't make him have Anastasia because she wants him all to himself. Anastasia has strange powers , when she is angry the clouds get angry and it starts raining, when she is happy the sky will be clear , the weather depends on her mood. Ginna notices that something is wrong with Anastasia and she tries to spoil her mood and George get stuck in between when he wants to attend an important business meeting and it thunders and rains. Ginna because of jealous traps Anna and make George think that Anna is an enemy and works with Casper. Ginna does this by exposing Anna to George that Anna is an allien. Casper because of his love for Anna takes her in and they live together and she becomes his assistant and when in business meetings George cannot control himself but stare at her because she is beautiful. Ginna sleeps with George but he mistakenly calls her Anna . George ends up realizing that Anna is not the enemy but Ginna and he begs Anna to take him back. Casper and George end up forming a Megger because they are good when working together than working against each other. Anna ends up finding her way home but returns after seeing that there is no place for her in the clouds.Ginna meets someone else who is more like her.

  • The Employed Empress

    The Employed Empress

    Historical Romance TRANSMIGRATION


    "An empress is employed! While the Imperial noble consort is the true love, ah!" What's so bad being a subordinate? As long as you do your work properly, you'll be paid and still have time to play. Responsibilities? we have our boss for that! if things go wrong they'll hold the sky for you. Don't want to? Ayaya, point your fingers to them and people will hold them responsible for you. If there's something, just say you don't know while redirecting the problem to them. When bad things come, you hold their thighs. Be a good underling and boss will shield you from the rain! Such simple logic! "Luckily the emperor is a good and powerful boss!" Wei Yi Yi happily plans how to make him take all responsibility to her ploys. ----- Tags #femalelead #slowprogression #slowromance #sliceoflife #flawedcharacters #GLpairing #BLpairing #ShounenAI #ShoujoAI ^because I like people guessing multiple shippable chara (evil laugh)

  • dio x chara

    dio x chara

    Sci-fi Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE R18

  • Chara x Frisk (first story)

    Chara x Frisk (first story)

  • Accession of the Devil's Assistant

    Accession of the Devil's Assistant


    Christian is marked from childhood as the vampire's assistant to serve the next master, but when he bumps into the current assistant who takes interest in him out of jealously, forcing him into the clan as food signing his life away in the process, but in turn of events Dominique decides to push Christian off a ledge to be caught by witches that gave him back to the people who raided his office. Dominique will do anything to claim the 'Devil's Assistant' including altering memories of members and putting the clan maid under lock and key. Christian soon will find himself running away from the clan to save Chara. WARNING: this book has mainly been experimental and surreal so please don't point out things if they make you angry xD

  • Ashteroth: The age of Abyss

    Ashteroth: The age of Abyss


  • DID


  • Love To Hate Me

    Love To Hate Me



    “Let go of the past but keep the lessons it taught you.” - Chara Gizzi A past is something everyone has. Some want to let it go, while some cherish it. This was the same for Soo Min and Ryan. They say that a mother is a daughter’s first best friend, but before Soo Min could embrace god’s greatest gift, it was cruelly snatched away. Losing her mother in an unexpected accident, Soo Min vowed to not let anyone else suffer and took up the world’s most noble profession. Now known as the world’s #1 cardiologist, Soo Min lived a life devoted to her career. Life in college was a bliss but turned into a misery just as quick. Ryan Song, a college playboy had lived an enviable life. Not ever serious and bothered, he lived a chill life, dating the beloved of the college. Just when life was going perfect, in a well planned murder that was made to look like a mere car accident, he lost the lives of his father and brother. Devastated by the sudden deaths, Ryan’s life was no more the same, his family’s company went bankrupt and to top that his girlfriend broke up with him. This was the birth of heart of stone Ryan Song. But life’s miseries didn’t stop him. Ryan Song, now the CEO of the well-renowned fashion company, Glamour and the most eligible bachelor, changed his miserable fate and brought his life back on track. Coincidence? or Fate? ____________________ This story is about an alliance between a cardio thoracic surgeon and a businessman, who are at odds with each other but are forced to comply to an arranged marriage brought by their parents. The two stubborn, rigid people collided constantly. But in the process of competing with each other, they grow, and at the same time, they find their own inner belonging in each other, and gradually fall in love. When I Hate You, Turns Into I Love You! When Enemies Became Lovers! ___________________ Updates: 2-3 Chapters per week **Cover does not belong to me. Credits to the artist! **This is an original novel by aria_dramafan. All rights are reserved to the author. Thank You! _____________ **Join My Discord **My discord username is aria_dramafan#1367. Just send me a quick text and I’ll add you to this novel’s server for updates and spoilers. Tags: #RichRomance #SweetLove #ArrangedMarriage #MaleChasesFemaleLead #EnemiesToLovers

  • One last breath, a new story

    One last breath, a new story

  • The Raven and the Phoenix

    The Raven and the Phoenix

  • Users Of Rame

    Users Of Rame




    A tragedy changed everything in Realmvieda Hope Cardinal. She lost someone dearest to her. Someone who broke her. It broke her more, when she lost herself, too. In the midst of miseries and pains, her hopes shattered, and wrecked by the unacceptance of her fate.The plot of all the miseries in her life twisted like a wild card -- chosen only for her. Na kahit siya ay hindi makapaniwala, na sa paglipas ng mga hinagpis niya, ay ibibintang ang mga nangyari, isasampal sa kaniya ang bawat detalye... at iipitin ng trahedya sa krimeng hindi niya ginawa.She has no choice but escape, dala niya noon ang paninindigang inosente siya sa lahat, ang takot para sa kaniyang kinabukasan, ang pag-asang maisasaalba niya ang pangalan sa halagang lalayo siya. She cannot risk the accusations, because she was never accountable to it. As she fasten her pace upon running with her dearest life to get saved away from all the chaos brought by the tragedy, napagtanto niyang hindi niya maipagkakatiwala ang buhay niya sa iba. That after all the love, there she have it him -- angry, brutal, ruthless and merciless, chasing her endlessly, catching up with her own pace, not to run with her, but to get a hold of her -- with the aim to put her behind the bars, dahil sa galit sa pagkamatay ng kaniyang kapatid. At least, that's what she thought. That is how she foresee the possibilities of his goal running after her. Afterall, the only expression he've shown her was the extreme anger to her all the means he can, without his knowledge... that it hurts, breaking her worse than she already is.She had so many questions, as soon as she arrived with the reality of every bit of her experiences. Who would have get Katalina died, and how things ended up pointing the blame at her when she was never guilty upon that certain crime accused to her? Has it something to do with her silent assumptions? How will Theo Archival convince her to go home herself, when what she all did was run away from his holds?

  • The Cold Blooded Romance

    The Cold Blooded Romance


    Faber disguised by the name Castell is a notorious assassin member in the underworld known with the title "The Cold-blooded Killer" She is part of a large powerful mafia known as 'Stallion' that specializes in many illegal activities.No one knows her real identity and only a few knows what she really looks like hidden within her mask;her cruelness and tenacity to complete any task given to her even if it may seem impossible is her greatest asset.Unexpectedly, she is a 19 year-old girl attending a private school like a normal college girl. Has a warm, loving family and a sweet older boyfriend.She's been fine for all this years,except for this one mission that may take away her normal life. Killing her boyfriend's older brother may prove to be the hardest mission she's ever got.

  • Emilia Jenswala

    Emilia Jenswala


    Emila tells a bitter sweet tale of how she met the love of her life five years ago in high school and how she found out about his darkest secret years after. A story filled with intense emotions of love and pain with sprinkles of Adventure and mystery

  • Yamada academia

    Yamada academia

    Teen COMEDY

  • ¿Quién soy yo?

    ¿Quién soy yo?

    Una chica,Llamada Belén,tratará de recordar y averiguar si Ellie es su verdadera madre o no.No se fiara de nadie hasta que consiga recordarlo todo.

  • The Steel Age of Man

    The Steel Age of Man