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  • A chefs beauty

    A chefs beauty

    Follow Westland as he go’s from beautiful male to disgusting orc... but despite the odds “I shall become a chef!”

  • Gourmet of Another World

    Gourmet of Another World



    In a fantasy world where martial artists can split mountains and creeks with a wave of their hand and break rivers with a kick, there exists a little restaurant like this. The restaurant isn't large, but it is a place where countless apex existences will rush into. There, you can taste egg-fried rice made from phoenix eggs and dragon blood rice. There, you can drink strong wine brewed from vermillion fruit and water from the fountain of life. There, you can taste the barbecued meat of a ninth grade supreme beast sprinkled with black pepper. What? You want to abduct the chef? That's not going to happen, because there's a tenth grade divine beast, the Hellhound, lying at the entrance. Oh, that chef also has a robotic assistant that killed a ninth grade supreme being with a single hand and a group of crazy women whose stomachs were conquered. --------- Releasing: Mon, Thu, Fri, and Weekends

  • Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce

    Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce



    Qiao Jinniang's parents passed away the moment she came of age. For the sake of inheriting a restaurant, she had no choice but to ‘recruit’ a husband who would take her family name. Who knew that her husband, who looked like a banished immortal, was an ingrate? He snatched her child away and left behind a divorce letter. Qiao Jinniang became the butt of every joke in Lin’an City. Seeing that her uncle was about to take her parents' blood, sweat, and tears for himself, the son of the Prefect of the Superior Prefecture wanted to take her in as a concubine. However, a horse carriage sent from the Marquis arrived in Chang'an City. An old lady servant clad in an embroidered robe walked up to her and called her "Young Miss". It was only then that Qiao Jinniang realized that she was the eldest daughter of the principal wife of Marquis Anyuan. Back then, when the marchioness gave birth to her, she encountered a robber. At that time, a jealous concubine switched out her daughter with the chef's daughter. Therefore, a divorced female chef who had already given birth entered the capital. Everyone was waiting to see this real heiress make a fool of herself. They were secretly guessing when the real heiress would be abandoned by the Marquis. Yet, they failed to expect Qiao Jinniang to open up a restaurant in Chang'an using her amazing culinary skills. Even His Majesty showered her with praise. She was pampered by everyone in the Marquis' residence. Those long-tongued women in Chang'an City said sourly, "So what if a woman gets pampered at home? She's long past the age of 18 and has already given birth. Who will marry her?" The Marquis found Qiao Jinniang quite a few husbands. However, despite many marriages being in discussion, none of them went smoothly. As the marchioness's face was covered in tears, the fake daughter said she wanted to give Qiao Jinniang her husband instead. Qiao Jinniang took the rolling pin and kicked open the Eastern Palace's main door. "Since you've already divorced me, why are you still ruining my marriage?" A certain crown prince said, "How can we let the mother of the royal grandson marry someone else?!"

  • Maverick Chef

    Maverick Chef


    Bai Lu grew up in a mysterious prison, where he learnt many interesting abilities. Also, he had inherited godly cooking skills and possessed exceptional culinary talent. In a stroke of fate, he arrived in the capital city and opened a shop. Since then, the world has gained an unconventional restaurant, with an eccentric chef, and many odd things have happened. The Maverick Chef, Bai Lu. ---------- Translator's note: This is Hammy here. Thanks for the support! There would be one chapter released per day. Please help to vote for this novel.

  • The Nihility Chef

    The Nihility Chef


    In a World of swords and magic, schemes and conspiracies and the looming threat of the fucking abyss can a chef truly survive and cook his way to the top?A young chef reincarnates into a fantasy world with his golden finger being his pseudo OP physique and bloodline. He strives to reach the peak of cooking and on his journey he becomes a legend, he becomes the strongest. In this world strength is all that matters. The strong rule and the weak serve. So tell me what are you, the strong or the weak? Will you control your own life or be at the mercy of others? Will you fight for your rights, for your freedom or will you surrender?I do not own the cover art :0

  • Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife

    Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife



    [LMD Status: Completed] [LMD 2: The Taste of Love Status: Ongoing] “You’re not taking me to bed. Ever.” “Who said it had to be on the bed?” “What?! You wouldn’t dare kick me off the bed, and I will not share it with you!” “The only reason I would force you out is so I can have you on the floor.” She gritted her teeth and glared at her grinning husband. “Go fuck yourself!” she hissed. “Only if you show me how,” he winked back. Once the tabloids released an article claiming business tycoon Shen Yi was gay, his family forced him to date and seek a relationship to stave off the false accusations. After many failed encounters, Shen Yi came upon Lu Xinyi. Orphaned since childhood, Lu Xinyi had no safe haven left the moment her boyfriend and her best friend betrayed her. Losing her only treasures left, she felt like dying inside as soon as she boarded that ship. However, after a week-long cruise with Shen Yi, she struck a deal with him. Now the Young Madam of the most powerful Shen family, Lu Xinyi turned into a better version of herself. She would not only fight back against those who had hurt her, but she had also taken a shot at accomplishing her father's broken dream. Attending the country's most prestigious culinary school, Silver Leaf Academy, Lu Xinyi was compelled to compete not only for herself but also for her husband’s pride. Through Shen Yi's love and support, she dreamed to emerge victorious one assault after another from a family that she had long abandoned. Oh, but love for food can be a dangerous thing! As Lu Xinyi and her friends struggle to survive the competition and schemes, more and greater challenges await her, putting her love (for food and Shen Yi) to the test. Little Miss Devil 2: The Taste of Love Despite inheriting the same absolute tongue her mother and maternal grandfather possessed, Shen Lingqing had chosen a different path and followed her father’s footsteps into the business world. “Such a waste of talent!” Chef He grumbled to himself and sulked in a corner, failing to convince the Shen princess to become his apprentice. “Cooking and preparing food is too tiresome. I would rather sit down and eat all the delicious food in the world.” She said in defense. On the other hand, the once prince of the Liu Empire, Liu Jinfei, lost everything when his uncle plotted against his family to overtake their family business. Manipulated by his wicked uncle, making him believe that he was the one responsible for his father’s death, young Liu Jinfei fled into exile. Living quietly as a commoner, Liu Jinfei pursued his dream to become the best chef in his generation. Several years later, the exiled young prince and the Shen demon princess crossed paths. In order for Shen Lingqing to win the final challenge her father set for her before she could qualify to inherit their family business, she made a deal with Liu Jinfei. What’s this deal? Why did she need it? Find out how these two unlikely characters got together and embark on a deliciously delectable adventure! --------------------- Little Miss Series (1) Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife (completed) (1.2) Little Miss Devil 2: The Taste of Love (2) Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel (completed) (3) Little Miss Sunshine: Conquer the Emperor's Heart (4) Little Miss Trouble: The Emperor's Rebellious Consort (5) Little Miss Heiress: The 30 Days Free Trial Lover (6) Little Miss Fae: Banshee in the Modern World (7) Little Miss Immortal: The Nine-Tailed Imperial Consort Official Website: Join our discussion on discord: Buy me a coffee: Donations: Follow me: Little Miss Devil Book Cover by Bizzybiin/ copyright 2019 anjeeriku

  • Back Then, I Adored You

    Back Then, I Adored You


    Original name: Prince Charming's Next Door, finished. One day, she slept with him accidentally. Two month later, she found herself pregnant, so they got married with baby. “Mr. Gu, I like the dishes of this restaurant.” Then the chef of that restaurant was hired as theirs. “Mr. Gu, I like the bags of that brand.” Then the designer of that brand was employed exclusively for her. She thought of herself as a stranger to him after marriage as she had always been, but in fact he doted on her totally beyond her imagination. He would satisfy all her demands, except letting her find a job. She kind of got anxiously bored at home, so she sneaked out to find herself a job. However, whichever company she was hired by would go bankrupt somehow or other. Finally, she got to know it had been always him who had done mischief surreptitiously. She went to question him angrily, but he gave her a job with a smirky smile. The next day when she went to take the office with delight, she found her employee ID card on the desk said ‘Name: Qin Zhi’ai, Position: Wife of Gu Yusheng’.

  • Chef Cobek

    Chef Cobek


    "Menikah dengan sahabat ayah, atau pergi dari rumah ini selamanya dengan adikmu itu." amarah Daris memuncak setelah Kanaya menolak perjodohan yang sudah direncanakan jauh-jauh hari. "Ayah, Naya belum mau menikah. Naya masih ingin memperjuangkan cita-cita Naya, agar masa depan Mauren terjamin. Sekarang umur Mauren masih 6 bulan yah, Naya akan bantu cari uang." tolak Kanaya, berusaha untuk sopan. "Alah cita-cita, ingin jadi chef? Sebelum ibumu meninggal, uangku malah habis cuma karena beli bahan masakan yang gak pernah jadi. Kalian bisanya cuma bikin hidupku susah, arghhh!!" Daris menggebrak meja yang ada di hadapannya, membuat Mauren terbangun dan langsung menangis. Begitu berat hidup yang dialami Kanaya, ia harus memilih salah satu dari dua pilihan yang diberikan oleh ayahnya. Dengan ambisinya akan cita-cita yang sudah ditanam seja kecil, tentu Kanaya akan memilih pergi dari rumahnya. Tapi, apakah Kanaya bisa membuktikan dan membungkam mulut ayahnya itu dengan keberhasilannya nanti?

  • The Dungeon Chef

    The Dungeon Chef


    " Wish Legacy " - A rouguelike adventure. Begin as a random class and traverse through the legacy of an ancient being, power through each level with your party and get to the 200th level! Hundreds of unlockable classes and each floor is procedurally generated. Thousand's of variable monsters, bosses, traps and more! Reach safe floors and revel in the glory of what you've made of yourself! Enjoy randomly generated gear and unlock abilities through the creativity of your talents! - On sale now 25% off - 45$" Hmm, sounds interesting. If I don't enjoy it for ten hours then I guess I can always return it. " Teyo pressed buy. He had saved just over a hundred bucks to splurge on the console when he got it. He logged out as he downloaded it and decided to watch some videos on the game online. Just a preface from the author here. The story will dabble into many types of genres as it progresses. There are main themes of violence, and obviously cooking. I don't want anyone to step into this with only those two types of ideas in mind so be ready for a multitude of mind bending, mystery, puzzle, and gorey sub themes. You may even find a smidge of romance. No Waifu's... well maybe. We will see hahaha you pervs.

  • Lucky Chef

    Lucky Chef

  • Immortal Chef

    Immortal Chef

    Fantasy COMEDY

    A chef gets too damn good. •all recipes are my own unless i state otherwise •

  • the chef hunter

    the chef hunter


  • Chef in a War

    Chef in a War


    What good will a chef be in an inter-galactic war?! No use, right? Try telling that to these guys. And they call themselves intellectuals!I was cooking fried rice in 2020, looking at the corona kill count, searching about Area 51. You know...the routine of any respectable citizen. Then what happens.BOOM! I am in 4020 where humans are fighting with extra-terrestrial beings! I was thinking that 2020 couldn't get any worse. Like....can't they just fight among themselves. Why go poking aliens from another galaxy?Yeah, the aliens do exist guys. Shocked? Wait for a trillion of them in this ridiculous journey of mine!

  • Way To Be a Chef

    Way To Be a Chef


    Have you ever allowed being pushed and pulled by the waves yet wishing for the shore? Have you ever bent until your spine brakes? Being overestimated just for you to disappoint till your HEART , SOUL , and MIND just ...- break? . . . Hello my name is Haruto Chiol , and this is the story of my Way To Be A Chef!

  • Dog chef

    Dog chef

    Contemporary Romance SWEETLOVE

    Shauna has been a pet chef for years.She makes excellent cuisines for every dog.But today she must go and look for the perfect ingredients to make her most challenging canine the best meal he ever had.

  • Chef's Return

    Chef's Return

    Miguel Franx, Who lived his whole life as an unacknowledge chef meet's an unfortunate end gain's a chance to relive his life. When he open his eyes he see's his mother and father who had died from a car accident from when he was in high school. He started crying loudly he feels really happy to see his parent's again.....Miguel decided to live his life to the fullest and to prevent his parent's from getting in a car accident in the future. Miguel's goal is become a top and popular chef and with the knowledge and skillsfrom his past life it will be a great help to accomplish this...

  • Chef's kisses

    Chef's kisses

  • Oui Chef!

    Oui Chef!


    Alexander Weaver 'WAS' a Prodigy in the Food World. Known for his Pastry and South East Asia Cuisine. Good looking, charming, and have a well-proportioned body.An IkemenHe Becomes a Professional Chef at the age of 11 and the Head Chef of Brasserie Les Halles in his 15. It's all good until he cooked at the UN conference, it's a disaster! Peoples are poisoned but luckily no one's dead. Did the prodigy make a mistake? sabotaged? or simply because he's not a 'Prodigy' anymore?.Then suddenly he's vanished without any explanation. Is he dead? did the Presidents kill him, he quickly becomes one of the most wanted men in the world. People dubbed him as the greatest shame of the Cooking World.As more Prodigies come and go, people started to forget him. And 3 Years later, there's a report that someone saw him in a Rural County in Indonesia?.Where was he in this 3 years' time? Isekai?.What? it seems he's gone crazy.I didn't know why I decided to write this shit. Maybe because of watching too much MasterChef/Hells Kitchen? LUL

  • Supreme Chef

    Supreme Chef

  • The Chef System

    The Chef System

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