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  • streets of china

    streets of china

  • China Doll

    China Doll


    A demon/human hybrid is forced to live in isolation with his abusive father and loving mother.After the death of his mother, the abuse only escalates.By chance he meets an American little girl in China in the eighteen hundreds. Seeing how they both don't exactly fit into their surroundings, they bind quickly and Sam feels a since of loyalty to her. Soon it becomes love.Sam must find a way to save them both from the abusive household.

  • My China World

    My China World

    Living in Airport and traveling in the world but you never thought that China is the best place for you, but of course even if it's the best place for you..there will be some times that you want to move out. what's the reason or let say..who's the reason?

  • Trapped At China Town

    Trapped At China Town


    It's 2077 and all around the world living in the Hi-Tech. But, you are trapped all the way on your way home to Marina Bay. But, a bunch of rebels group, knows you as white corruption people and you try to avoid them, because when you see them they will killed you. Can you survive the hunt?

  • China road bridge 38182

    China road bridge 38182


  • China National Security Agency

    China National Security Agency

  • Recarnated - Life in ancient China

    Recarnated - Life in ancient China

    Wang Ning dies in a car accident and transmigrate into a novel as the first princess. The only one who really care for her is her father, the emperor.With a empress for stepmother who is more power hungry then the emperor and a deep wish to kill Wang Ning, she is surrounded by schemes from all directions.The host was raised to be stupid, arrogant, vicious and hated by all nobles all around. The empress raise her to speak her mind and refuse to educate her, killing her in chapter 20 of the book.The emperor refuse to marry her off and give Wang Ning the choise of who she want to marry. In walk the most famously gorgeous man in the capital. He is the general and son of the marquis. He is loved by every girl in the city, but have no interest in getting married just yet.The story becomes more interesting when a mix of schemes, ancient mystic ring, a powerhungry empress, her children and a general who can annoy you to death.Enjoy

  • Meet love in china city

    Meet love in china city

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE

    "Bertemu Cinta"Takdir mempertemukan mereka dibawah Indahnya langit Malam~April seorang wanita yang teguh pada prinsip nya yang tak akan menjalin hubungan (pacaran)sebelum keinginan nya terwujud,bertemu dengan seseorang pria yang berbeda dari yang lain. "Lebih baik tidak perlu mengetahui nama masing-masing,agar sedikit bebas dan tidak canggung. Lagi pula kita cuma bertemu kebetulan,tidak akan bertemu lagi dan kemungkinan jika bertemu akan saling melupakan""Hn menarik (biasanya pria yg selalu memaksa ku memberitahu namaku dan mencoba mendekati ku.tapi,yg ini lain)"Apakah ia masih bisa yakin untuk tidak menjalin hubungan(pacaran)setelah bertemu orang itu??baca aja yuk^^➡️

  • Fallen Into Ancient China

    Fallen Into Ancient China


    Vicky lived in a depression after her father's death two years ago. Her friends decided to take her on a vacation in order to get her out of her apartment. Everything was going normal and her friends were ready to try sky diving. Sky diving was exciting and Vicky almost feel living again. Until... It became horrifying and her friend was struck by a lightning. Falling through a dangerous storm is a one dangerous way of time traveling.

  • The Husbands from the Republic of China

    The Husbands from the Republic of China


    MACHINE TRANSLATIONDescriptionA pair of married husbands living in the Republic of China suddenly transmigrated into the unknown modern era. It’s like a joke from God, but since they already arrived there, they still needed to live well.Liu Huaiyu didn’t have much to think about as long as his husband stayed with him. However, who knew that the identity his husband assumed was somewhat unusual. Looking at the group of annoying relatives, Liu Huaiyu turned a blind eye to. What!Gu Sichu hugged the little wife in his arms. In this strange era, he felt helpless. In short, as long as the little wife in his arms was peaceful and happy, he was willing to do everything.As a result, his little wife adapted very well, but his habiting of praising his husband seem to have gotten worse. Then he came to his little wife to get used to it, but the habit of praising him seemed to be getting worse.Liu Xiaoyu: My family’s husband is the best in the world, no one can compare!Liu Xiaoyu: My family’s husband’s fingers are long and white and are especially good-looking!Liu Xiaoyu: When my family’s husband speaks, his throat moves so beautifully!Liu Xiaoyu: My family’s husband…Associated Names 民国来的夫夫Author北茨TagsBusinessmen Doting Love Interests Family Business Modern Day Mpreg Showbiz Transmigration

  • The Protector of The Monsters of China

    The Protector of The Monsters of China


    Xia Han is a woman who all her life lived just a misery life.All because of one person that made her family betray her.When her family suddenly decides to marry her with another rich person,she tries to run away but is directly killed by a truck.When she woke up she was in the Imperial China in the fictional Xio Hi Dinasty.She soon founds out the only special powers she has are to see spirits.With these newfound powers maybe she can finally be someone.But what happens when she falls in love....?

  • Global Descent: 100×Reward

    Global Descent: 100×Reward


    The entire globe has transmigrated overnight! In countries filled with billions of zombies, killing zombies, chopping down trees, mining, building, and blowing up haunted houses are means to obtain survival resources. Lin Ye has awakened a 100×Reward talent, and he received a hundredfold of any reward received. Newbie Gift Pack: an ax, two loaves of bread, three bottles of water 100×Reward (selectable) 1) 100 axes, 200 loaves of bread, 300 bottles of water 2) a Desert Eagle, 2 pounds of beef, 3 liters of Red Bull With the construction of the bunker completed, the reward of four native workers becomes… 100×Reward (selectable) 1) 400 beginner native workers 2) 4 intermediate native workers When the camp is completed, a Ranger becomes: 100×Reward (selectable) 1) 100 female Rangers 2) an Elemental Ranger From then on, Forestry was invincible. While others are still mining and fighting zombies for survival, he has already led Death and the Titan army in attacks against cities. When others start to form an alliance to resist the zombie horde, he has already broken through the haunted house headquarters in China and stormed his way into hell.

  • Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

    Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower



    “Live the life you want this time.”A peerless assassin, codename: Hua, has already started her career ever since she was a child. Her mission’s record was perfect and whoever deemed to be her enemies would end up dead without knowing why.When war ended, she was sent to an institution where she was watched heavily. The doctor in charge gave her an ordinary wuxia novel to read.An avalanche struck after she had finished reading. When she woke up, she had turned into Nan Hua, the young miss of a powerful military family in the novel she read. The girl was also the former main character’s fiancée, who would die because of obstructing the main character’s love.Now that she had taken over, who would dare to act so presumptuously around her? They would never know how they ended up so miserably!But… main character, what are you doing loitering around her? Shouldn’t you focus on the impeding war and saving your female lead?Why are you trying all ways to win her instead, ah?...Story set in fictional world with similar culture to Ancient China.Join the discord to chat with the author and other readers: thanks to Flow07 who had made the beautiful cover *send hearts*...Other novels:-Flowers Bloom from Battlefield [complete]- Under the Veil of Night [complete]- 7 Path of the Lilies [on long hiatus]- 1 Year of Beginning [complete]- Villain Lady [complete]- Science and Fantasy [complete]- 2 Years of Restarting [complete]- The Quiet Empress [on going]...If you like my writing, I would really appreciate it if you can support me through either one of these:Paypal: me on IG: @sora100518

  • Shrewd wife of Lin brothers

    Shrewd wife of Lin brothers



    I got cheated on cheh ~ don't worry I have five men who dote on me .A stoic man who couldn't string two sentences ? I will make him rap watch me .A hot and cold tsundere who has a venomous tongue for opposite gender ? I will make him pour honey from his mouth .A stupid and childish man ? see how he flirts like a womanizer with me .A gentle scholar , cough he ain't gentle with me on bed A shy introvert ?see him become a wolf in sheep's clothing .Su Wan - a thirty years old divorced woman who was cheated on by her husband and step sister , spends a night drinking alcohol all the while watching how her ex husband and step sister makes a joke of themselves ." ahhh !You bastard ! You slag man you think this old lady won't have a man anymore ???Not only this great aunty will have a man ! I will have five men ! One to sleep ! two to roll and three to pamper !! " Amidst her alcohol intake she passes out only to find her self transmigrated over to a small village in ancient China and that too on her wedding day with The five Lin brothers !-Cover not mine email at to have it removed ( i edited it )

  • The First Ascended After the Founding of New China

    The First Ascended After the Founding of New China

    Magical Realism ADVENTURE XIANXIA

    To seek the heart of dao, there are two things indispensable: diligence and indifference. Why did he ascend laster than others? Why did he ascend faster than others?

  • Sword God in a World of Magic

    Sword God in a World of Magic



    The God of this world had grown angry and frustrated yet again. His world was supposed to entertain him! It was supposed to be fun to watch! Yet, every single guy in his world only practiced Magic all of the time! This was so boring! "Alright, that's it. I need someone else, someone who actually has some originality to show my world that there's more than just Magic. I need someone that is willing to destroy themselves and others on his path to power. I need someone that doesn't crack under any mortal danger." "I should check out that other planet. Yes, you!" Alex was an ex-fighter trying to come to terms with normal life. Sadly, his life ended in tragedy, but before he could enter the afterlife, he was pulled away by a God that wants him to fix his world. Watch Alex as he dominates the world of Mages and becomes the only Sword God in a World full of nothing but Mages! ----- 2 Chapters a day at 3 am China-time. This is my second novel. You can also check out my first novel, Lightning Is the Only Way. Discord link:

  • 10 days looking for you in china

    10 days looking for you in china

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    dulu pertama kali bertemu denganmu rasanya menyenangkan, meskipun kau sangat mengesalkan saat itu. ga kira kalo kita bertemu lagi setelah sekian lamanya lho, karena aku punya niat mencarimu selama 10 hari. kenangan itupun terbuat kembali~ (ini sebagian terdapat dari kisah nyata dan sebagian imajinasi saya, jadi mohon jangan diambil serius.) maaf jika ada kesalahan kata² atau cerita yg kurang menarik, tapi saya harap ini bisa meluangkan waktu anda.

  • illicit relationship

    illicit relationship



    Quote of the Main Character "In the future, I will be the wealthiest person in China and sit on my throne with beautiful women in my arms." *** please read the synopsis to the end so you know what to expect in this novel or in each volume of this novel. synopsis: One day, a handsome young man died in a car accident. He suddenly wakes up and find himself in an unfamiliar place, but what surprised him most is that he is taking over someone else's body. He is once again surprised when he knows that he is in a parallel universe with the same laws as his previous world. At first, he only wants to enjoy his life. But after learning his predecessor desires to be a successful person and make his family happy, he decides to continue his predecessor's dream. With knowledge from his previous life, he starts his adventure to become a successful person, and of course, he doesn't forget to seduce beautiful women left and right. Follow him as he embarks on his journey to become a successful person and conquer the hearts of beautiful women. * I haven't finished editing all previous chapters, so please bear with it for now. *Tags= slice of life, poor to rich, action, business, martial arts, gangs, leader gang, beautiful female lead, handsome male lead, older love interests, harem, cruel MC, multiple identities, secret identity, R-18, romance, modern-day, MILF, friendship, war between gangs, war against martial art schools, scheming, betrayal, genius MC, incest, strong MC (OP at the same level). *** plot - first volume = focus on relationship and business. The story is slow and full of slices of life at the start but it gets a lot better and the story progress faster later on.I made so many mistakes in early chaps, nut please give it a try. This is my first time writing a story, so I'm very inexperienced. Try it, maybe you will like it - second volume =Helping Lin Xing Xue and a little problem. - third volume = a lot of troubles this volume is full of troubles, fights and wars. ** This novel contains incestuous content, if you don't like incest, it means this novel is not for you. this novel also has R-18 content so please dont read my novel if you are not an adult. * Support me: I'm not the owner of the cover, I took it from Pinterest so if you're the owner of the cover and want me to take it down, please tell me and I'll immediately take the cover down.

  • Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

    Losing Money to Be a Tycoon


    I really just want to lose money! T_T Best boss ever, prodigy of the business world, genius creator, visionary of the century. These are the descriptions used for Pei Qian, President of Tengda Corporation. Ever since his rebirth, Pei Qian finds himself in possession of a system that rewards him if he manages to lose money. Instantly, a brilliant idea comes to mind — making crappy games! "If the game flops, all my investment cost will be lost!" "How difficult can it be to lose money?" Indeed... how difficult can it be? ------------------------------------------------------------ This book is highly popular in China and has set off a new trend. Webnovel has very high expectations for this book and has gotten the author to refine the first chapter as an exclusive for global readers. We hope everyone will enjoy reading it.

  • emy li , is a girl who lives in china with her family

    emy li , is a girl who lives in china with her family