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  • Chuunibyou in Cultivation World

    Chuunibyou in Cultivation World

    Eastern Fantasy REINCARNATION


    With the increased confidence and severity of her 8th grade syndrome and because of her other personality help, she who called herself Queen of Catastrophe dies to the hand of some mob character and reincarnated into the other world. Although she forgets almost everything about herself in the other world, as her age progresses, a lot of things will come as surprise in her life. No, let me correct that I mean a lot of things will come as surprise in HIS life.

  • Chuunibyou System

    Chuunibyou System


    "I spent my life hiding in the shadows, seen by everyone as weak, fragile, a glass made for them to break."It all began when I concealed my power. Everyone looked at me with disdain in their eyes. My friends all betrayed me just because I'm powerless. And I, Reishi Hatake, one of the people who dominated the world, am now concealing and suppressing my power because of a peace treaty that we, the world dominators agreed upon! If I can, I want to break free from this shackles that bind me. Chains that suppressed me, made me an object that receives hate.The peace treaty expired and I break free from the cage that locked me away! I will avenge myself and seek retribution to those who wronged me!

  • Chuunibyou: continued

    Chuunibyou: continued

  • A chuunibyou in another world

    A chuunibyou in another world


    An entire class got transported to another world.Everyone in this class has some strong superpower except one person Alex.

  • Chuunibyou from Another World

    Chuunibyou from Another World

    OK OK!I discovered that trying to focus on a single concept is REALLY HARD!Maybe I should just try to do whatever I have in mind. Nothing specific.The frequency of updates is really slow because I don't have Inspiration. I don't know what to write about. I'm inexperience. F*ck all the cringiness.I will write what i want to write.I don't get how this novel even got any collection but I'm a bit proud.This sinopsis will probably change multiple time in the future. The chuuni part will still be here, don't worry.

  • Chuunibyou gets isekai'd with almighty powers!

    Chuunibyou gets isekai'd with almighty powers!


    Chuunibyou Akari Hoshimiya gets reincarnated into another world with omnipotent powers. Will she be able to handle the burden, or will such power backfire due to her unstable personality?

  • Prodigy With Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System

    Prodigy With Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System



    In a normal and average modern world where a prestigious academy nurtures elites in a certain field who are known as "Supreme" such as [Supreme Inventor], Allen Walker suffers from being called 'average'. Allen Walker can't accept why he has to be average when a few are fortunate to be born as either a genius or prodigy. After a week of self-loathing, when all of his hope was lost, a sound snap him back to reality, or is it insanity? Ding! [A suitable host has been found! Prodigy System at your service!] Ding! [Hello darling! Chuu~ Harem Protagonist System at your service! Or do you want my service in bed instead?] Ding! [A wild Anti-loner System has appeared!] Ding! [Fiction fanatic, praise thee and thou shalt be graced with the Multiverse Traveler System!] Ding! ... Before Allen can even choose a system, another too familiar sound harassed his ears. Ding! [For achieving a thousand system requests which are a one in a decillion chance to occur, a Supreme Being was forced to use Divine Intervention.] [Merging all of the thousand systems to create the most versatile and advanced system... Merging complete! Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System has been obtained!] After accepting the Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System, Allen becomes a prodigy and the Chat Group's Admin and has no choice but to chat with beings from other universes. Beings with suspicious, delusional, and eccentric names such as [I Love Mathematics], [Lolicon Shota Cultivator With Soul Fetish], [Sword Forge From Chaos], [Self-Proclaimed Genius Goblin Hero], [Reality's Bitch], [Time Manipulator Of The Apocalypse], and [Delusional Modern World Chuunibyou] The chat group introduces Allen as [Supreme Order] as he chats with the otherworldly beings to find out the secret behind the Alternate Multiverse Chat Group.

  • There's Powers But No Heroes And Villains, So.. I Became A Villain!

    There's Powers But No Heroes And Villains, So.. I Became A Villain!


    I, an ordinary high-schooler with a severe case of chuunibyou died in a way my chuunibyou respected. I admired villains and anti-heroes. I saw a masked person stealing a bag from an old lady, my whole being didn't hesitate one bit and chased the thief, It was my time to shine as the background character and turn Into an OP anti-hero! It led me to an alleyway and found three of the theif's partners, I fought to the death with them and bled to death by a stab wound that I foolishly pulled the knife out of to continue fighting. I was reincarnated by a god that found my life amusing and reincarnated me into the person I fantasize myself to be! Now It's time to be the expressionless, mysterious OP Anti-Hero who stood in the background manipulating fate! {By: Remeddy}



    Ozawa family is a normal family the first daughter is a normal high school girlthe second son is an otakuand the third daughter 10year old is chuunibyoubut when the 10-year-old chuunibyou daughter create a magic circle in the room it got activate and send those three to another world in a separate location they all create their harem the first daughter create a reverse harem otaku son create loli harem everything was fine untell the third chuunibyou daughter decide to take them home because their parents are getting worried.Author Note: ahh I am so frustrated after reading some loli loli loli and reverse harem despoilment so I am creating this to vent up some anger here.

  • Antagonist Gets A Plot Armor

    Antagonist Gets A Plot Armor


    Having to have died an unfortunate death, Ben Li transmigrates into the body of Wang Xie; a character which he had written as one of the antagonist of his first novel since he was fifteen. Having to live another life, Ben Li must struggle with Wang Xie's horrible reputation, his made up Chuunibyou world and the life threatening destiny with the protagonist of his first novel. Will Ben Li grovel in frustration and anger under the heaven's will; or will he ascend to become the rightful God of his own written world?

  • My Disciple Are All Idiot Player

    My Disciple Are All Idiot Player

    After being isekai'd for four years, He Yi Ming has finally become a Sect Master, activated the Strongest Sect System, and started to receive daily login rewards!What the system is summoning the souls of people from my original world and giving them a body to become the sect disciple!The atmosphere of the whole sect suddenly changed! Dark Soul Players: Although the starter town monsters one-shot us, but as long as we roll skillfully, it's easy to beat without taking a single damage! Chuunibyou Players: If you don't even have a single power seal within your body what even is the point of life!? Come and take my crash course on how to seal power within your body!Tower Defense Players: The swarm of monsters is coming! Protect the Sect Master! Everyone gets in formation, the archer tower, frost tower, and the flying sword formation are all locked and loaded, if we let even one loose then we're all eating shit!............Raw Novel Source- Art Source-

  • Greatest Superhero

    Greatest Superhero

    MC is a chuunibyou and wants to become the greatest superhero. He makes a quite a name for himself but in search for greatest superpower goes to the Himalayas and meditate on a lone peak for years, at the end of the day he achieves something that he even can't explain and then jumps into the boiling lava. He also gets reincarnated into another world where cultivators and magicians go hand in hand.

  • I got Isekai'd with my Senpai

    I got Isekai'd with my Senpai

    Shun Ishigami is the main protagonist of the I got Isekai'd with my Senpai series and a high school student who got transported to another world by a woman called Serales. Shun and his Senpai Fumiko decide to explore the new world outside, hoping to find a new way back home.NOTE:I got Isekai'd with my Senpai is a Spin-off Novel of How to get a Girlfriend where Shun Ishigami a Chuunibyou character from the main series got transported with his senpai fumiko in another world.

  • Isekai 101 : Her Daily Life in Another World

    Isekai 101 : Her Daily Life in Another World


    Scarlet Li Marie Salvatore is your legendary chuunibyou and her greatest wish is to experience to be isekai. Ridiculous, right. But what if it will comes true. With 30% discount, god barge on her group and suddenly transported. What will happen to her. Well, let's all watch and listen about the story of a very unique girl and her daily life in another world.

  • How to Become the Strongest Princess

    How to Become the Strongest Princess


    Hellium Dexter is a drained, 26 year old, old man who believes that his sole reason for living is to overwork himself. Contrary to his lifestyle, his agemates had been busy making their lives successful, with both time and money, plus girlfriends. While he, on the other hand, had been assigned to an unreasonable boss and toxic officemates who seem to enjoy living trampling others.The only paradise he can achieve in this earthly hell was manga, anime, and light novels.Yes, Hellium is an otaku. A true hero of his generation! A man with the power to overturn life and death situations by willpower and shouting! A 26-year-old who still have chuunibyou. Not like he can use his will power and shouting in the real world though. For example, when he saved a child from an attempt of suicide by jumping off a bridge. A mundane effort!And thus, Hellium Dexter died. What a quick death! However, contradicting the feeling of dying, he opened his eyes. Only to find himself on an unfamiliar scenery with a body that could only move a little. A baby?! Did he reincarnate as a baby? He can’t believe it and was about to be swallowed by joy when he realized something is missing… why doesn’t he have that thing down there?

  • Rueuphoria



    For Ren, it was just one of his regular days being a chuunibyou.As he daydream in class, a spatial crack between the two worlds that should never meet appeared.The world were thrown into chaos.The demon race from the other world tried to dominate Earth. With their wings they roamed.The people were in a state of panic. But not Ren.He felt excited. He even made the first move to talk to one of the demons...Ren: "Can i touch your horns?"Shura: "No"Ren: "Wings?"Shura:"No"Ren: "Your Staff?"Shura: "No"Ren: "Your other staff?"Shura: "???"

  • Dragged into another world ‘hero’s’ revenge scheme

    Dragged into another world ‘hero’s’ revenge scheme

    Just a bit of random thoughts maybe let’s go with whatever happens happensJust as the name says. No there will not be much of an explanation for the revenge or about the character herself. I originally thought about this and the ‘hero’ should be a major chuunibyou she was already pretty into it before hand but now she desperately wants to return for three reasons 1. It is her favorite type of world a sword and magic fantasy 2. Revenge what sort of revenge fantasy is this without revenge 3. World domination (or just take over the country whatever works) she may have been summoned as a here but after her first trip this world has more to pay for than a countries kingProbably excerpt“Aurelia you have a plan right?!” -Dune the young boy was right over a raging battlefield atop an aircraft designed by Thier leader Aurelia. “We can win this right?!”“Of course we can win this!” -Aurelia.“WHY ARE YOU SO SURE HAVE YOU SEEN THIS!!!!”-Mashiro(I am trying to emphasize his panic)“Why wouldn’t I be sure!” -Aurelia . As she jumps down and shouts “I’m The Protagonist!!”

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