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  • ciel x sebastian smut

    ciel x sebastian smut

  • ciel phantomhive

    ciel phantomhive



  • sebastian x Ciel

    sebastian x Ciel

    Martial Arts ROMANCE

  • le ciel bleu

    le ciel bleu

    Teen ROMANCE

  • You Will Call Me Sir

    You Will Call Me Sir



    If you were given a chance to obtain Power or Happiness, which one would you choose?Kate once had it all. Clothes, food, a place to stay, and a loving family. However, it all ended when her parents were murdered by a mysterious organization. Stella, her split personality, was the reason she barely made it out with her life.A few years passed as she lived everyday in desperation. Tired, hungry, bitter, and on the verge of collapse, she was saved by a young boy when things took a turn for the worse. His name was Ciel Summers, her future dearest one.Things were going smoothly until she managed to pass the entrance exam to the prestigious Saint Claire Academy. Hidden schemes played behind the scenes as a serum capable of awakening the latent powers of anyone below the age of 15 was developed.They set their eyes on the elite students of the academy, and kidnapped Ciel, who became an unwilling test subject. It was the beginning of a series of events, which led Kate to discover the name of the organization that killed her parents and the secrets that were buried deep within her body.-----If you get tired of the Kiddy Arc and want to read their adult lives then feel free to jump chapter 327, but I doubt you'll understand anything at that point xD![Disclaimer: I will be changing POV's from time to time. This is how I wanted this story to be written. So please, bear with me. Thank you.]Updates: 1 chapter a day.Feel free to donate in my Patreon: with me on discord!: free to check out my other story!"Go! Go! Summons: Summoning the Perfect Boyfriend"[Fantasy Romance, Female Lead, Comedy, Slice of Life.]!-Go!-Summons!Special thanks to RedPandaChick for helping me edit my novel. Thank you very much!P.S Cover Photo is not mine. All credit goes to their respective owners.

  • His Name is Ciel

    His Name is Ciel




    Book 2 of the gxg collection of The Scents: Romantic but Irritating Mates of the Ciel Nocturne Kingdom. In another realm where all night creatures exist beyond the knowledge of the humans, there were three kingdoms that were supposed to be one and one of them is the Ciel Nocturne Kingdom. In the Ciel Nocturne Kingdom, the majority population living there were vampires which were the three family clans of Cross, Larouve, and Aspire lives. Each clan already passed the old teachings yet still respect and lived peacefully but the leaders of each clan have to find their beloved before the title strip down from their possession. Here it comes to one duchess from the Cross clan named Elrisha ‘Bakunawa’ Cross has to make a new type of medication for the creatures in their realm yet, a partner was needed which Mirna James was the best candidate. As for the Larouve clan, a lonely countess named Alwen Cris Larouve isolated her from the noises of the city and secluded herself from nature. But, the same old routine has to come to its end as Camila Montez turned the silence of the night into a restless one. Changes always occur at each land and there’s no exception in the Aspire Clan when the princess of the family named Syrina Aspire came cross with pain in the ass patient Maxine Rei Creed at her own hospital which turn their usual life in one kind of a ride. Either of the head of the clans foreseen what store of them as they came cross with their other half or what they call it. But as love came knocking in their hearts, their fate in love were already been sealed and there’s no one could break what meant to be. All Rights Reserved

  • Ciel Ryūjin: I Found

    Ciel Ryūjin: I Found


    Seven strangers. Tousuki leads a life filled with hospital trips, Emile has a hard time fitting in since he’s “delusional”. Veronica and Jamie are being hunted by the government. Johanie kills whatever she touches. Alakai is a rich boy with problems and Joelle Young is just a loner. They all have one thing in common, they are all weird. Coincidence?! I think not!(On Hiatus)

  • Ciel x Sebastian smut

    Ciel x Sebastian smut

  • Le chemin vers le ciel

    Le chemin vers le ciel

  • I love you, Ciel

    I love you, Ciel


    I am BL fan.

  • Ciel sûr (Safe Skies)

    Ciel sûr (Safe Skies)

  • Terre Et Ciel
Bumi dan Langit

    Terre Et Ciel Bumi dan Langit

    Kehilangan sosok ibunda tercinta membuat Terre terpukul akan hal itu. Belum lagi dia harus menerima kenyataan pahit bahwa sang ayah berselingkuh bahkan jauh hari saat ibunda masih hidup. Ini membuat dia menjadi pribadi yang tertutup,jarang bicara dan tidak percaya kepada cinta dan pria. Langit yang seorang murid pindahan yang dijuluki "Si Pembuat Onar" disekolah lamanya mencoba untuk mendekati Terre yang baginya cukup menantang untuk mendapatkan seorang gadis misterius seperti Terre. Apakah Langit berhasil menaklukkan hati Terre? Apakah Terre akan menjadi pribadi yang terbuka setelah bersama Langit? Apakah mereka akan bersatu atau hanya beriringan seperti bumi dan langit? Beriringan,tapi tak pernah bersatu.

  • When I See you again ~Ciel x !Depressed!!Abused! Reader~

    When I See you again ~Ciel x !Depressed!!Abused! Reader~

    Y/n was only a little girl when she had her first child with her twin sister. both Girls got heavily abused. but when Y/n's sister Ashley takes her own life, Y/n's life get a bit more complicated. With her and her sister's children getting ripped away from her. and not to mention attempting to leave the world to meet her sister. Even when a little blue hair boy enters the picture.

  • A Wizard's Romance

    A Wizard's Romance



    "Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who changes everything" -- " Let's leave," Arthur said. Vladis crouched down on land and gently asked Camy to hop on his back. Although she wasn't injured she happily climbed on Vladis back because she felt safe around him. "Big brother you need to give me 1,2 no,10 packets of candy. Promise?" Vladis chuckled. "You sure have a sweet tooth. Your teeth will rot if you continue eating sweets like this." Vladis commented with a slight smile. Camy totally ignored her sister and talked non stop with Vladis. Vladis didn't deny her and got engaged in her sweet nothings. Witnessing Camy ignoring her and the sweet interaction between Vladis and Camy Ciel pulled a dark face. She glanced at Arthur and pouted in frustration. Arthur was very much enjoying her expressions but after remembering about Ciel injured leg he stopped being mean and he too gently crouched in front of Ciel. "Come on what are you waiting for? Just hop on. With your tiny and injured legs, there is no chance that we will cross this forest before dawn" Ciel got furious after listening to his comment and wanted to scold him but decided against it. She was not a fool and understood his kind intentions and thus forgave him this one time as she quietly hopped on his back. ------- "Long Enchantment spells, freaking orbs, taming dragons, fighting demons, sorcerers, witches, all these got me bored Chesire. Suggest something interesting." A certain fluffy grey cat swayed on his master's shoulder and whispered, “why not fall in love." " And you think it's a good idea kitty, a certain smug wizard spat." [ sigh! only if he knew very soon, he would love this idea, clashing with the time and with magic itself for his beloved] --------- Arthur is the wizard King of Reinstels empire who is surrounded by various mysterious enemies. Amidst of all the dangers he has a task to protect the love of his life from an unknown enemy. Will he be able to win over Ceil? Will he be able to protect her from him or will he lose her? What if his brother like a buddy betray him? Will he able to solve this complex game of emotions.? Let's find out. Join us for a magical romance story. ------ [ I don't hold any copyrights of the image above; it is just a random image chosen. If any of you have copyrights then do tell me, I will give the credits.]

  • Fox Girl In An Apocalyptic World

    Fox Girl In An Apocalyptic World


    Lieutenant Reia a fox girl and a squad leader, comes back from a highly dangerous mission that involved the retrieval of a highly confidential file. Reia looked into the files themselves while on the mission and discovers a blueprint of a generator for a new source of energy that could potentially wipe out the entire world. Upon returning to her quarters she tries to figure out what the military plans to do and how much time they have before they need to leave. However, the military already made their move and sent someone to assassinate Reia and her squad. Reia knowing exactly what they were here for decides to push forward the plan to run away from the military. Killing the general that came to kill them sets off the military to hunt Reia and her squad forcing them to leave. Reia and her squad then attempt to escape but while they are escaping, the middle of the military base began to erupt. Massive cracks formed across the military base and the city, these cracks then began spewing green lava. This green lava had an effect causing everyone that was touched by the lava would turn into a mutant. Half humans became a much bigger version of their animals and humans became an elongated version of themselves. Their bodies would turn into a black oily slime substance and lose all logical thought. Reia and her squad manage to make it to the city without being infected but were separated in the process. Now being alone each of the members must survive on their own and find a way to regroup. Reia knew how strong her squad members were and believed they could survive, but now it was her mission to find her members again and find a safe place to survive the apocalypse. ------------- Updates are normally every 2 days This story is both a Yuri and a F/M ------------- Server: Join the discord if you have any questions and want updates as well as some extra stuff about the world. Support: The cover was made by Ciel (@DangoAoi on Twitter)

  • The Youngest Royal Has Left

    The Youngest Royal Has Left


    Ciel hated boredom, so his pursuit in life was to find interesting things. When he died, he died. It wasn’t painful anyway. When he woke up, he found himself in the novel ‘The First Saintess’ as the main character’s obsessive stalker. The only good thing was that he was still a child. Ciel, who had become five feet shorter, contemplated life and came to a solution. “Stalking someone’s not interesting at all. Should I just leave?”

  • Duda Itu Kekasihku!

    Duda Itu Kekasihku!


    Balas dendam terbaik adalah berbahagia. “Iya, bahagia dengan Bapakmu.” -Calluna Rassciel. Gadis yang kerap kali dipanggil dengan sebutan Ciel tersebut adalah gadis yang sangat ceroboh dan bodoh. Hampir semua barang yang dipegangnya hancur berkeping-keping. Meski tergolong sebagai gadis yang cukup bodoh, nyatanya Ciel merupakan seorang mahasiswi jurusan kedokteran. Ya, keberuntungan mengalahkan kebodohannya. Suatu ketika, Ciel patah hati. Dia memergoki kekasihnya bercinta dengan perempuan lain. Hal itu membuat Ciel harus menelan pil pahit berupa perselingkuhan. Di tengah rasa sakit di hatinya, Ciel diam-diam menyusun sebuah rencana. Dia akan membalas dendam. Yaitu, dengan cara berselingkuh juga. Hanya saja, Ciel berniat untuk berselingkuh dengan ayah dari kekasihnya yang berstatus sebagai duda. Akankah Ciel berhasil mendapatkan perhatian dari Alesander Morozova, ayah dari kekasihnya sendiri?

  • The Legend of Saga

    The Legend of Saga

    At the age of twenty, aspiring designer Blair Clarielle had to leave behind her dreams of opening her own store because she did the stupidest thing possible: got pregnant. Now, five years later, she's back on her A-game because of a chance benefactor that gave her enough money to finally open it. The catch is... the condition is that she has to marry him within a year if she can't pay back twice the loan amount. Dealing with hot guys on her design team? "Easy peasy lemon squeezy." Shutting down all the girls who try to take her down in petty ways? "*Yawn* Can I have a challenge?" Stopping her benefactor from brainwashing her child to tell her to marry him? "Not that much of a challenge!"Amazing cover by WolfQueen_YuNa. Go read their novels!My Kofi: Patreon: